DAY 33


DAY 33Wednesday September 18.2019

Today we will touch upon a couple of unsavory PPC characters and how they popped up on my radar to begin with. These men are Matthew Walsh and Mel Smith.

First you will need to know about an ongoing investigation I had underway at the time to know why I red-flagged them for follow up. Both are tied to negative matters swirling around Johanne Meanie Mennie, for I had knowledge of her and Soros long before these men came up.


I have written an interactive book called ‘The Kid from Redvers’ which deals with the Klan, Nazi and White Supremacists based from Saskatchewan. You can read the documentation of how I became involved with this motley crew in our province- Ultimately you will understand my concern about such men as Smith and Walsh advertently or inadvertently allowing such poison to seep into the PPC,



In chasing down the Nazi-Supremacist Travis Patron I had concern about his eternal soul which I made blatantly evident to him

My associates think your eternal destiny does not look good if you do not repent Travis. They do not think you will repent and I prefer they are proven wrong.

If you can just humble your self now and cry out – ‘God, please let me follow your path and not the damnation of my own’ – you will know true peace here and Eternally.

Do not cling to unbelief and fear of the shame for your actions. Walk in the newness of your life purposes being to the good of your fellow man, not the ‘Nazi Nightmare’ it will mature fully into otherwise.

It is fully possible for you to choose the ‘light and not the darkness of evil’.

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believes.” (Mark 9:23)

So, my associates – ‘Can this Travis Patron truly repent and become our brother in Christ?’

 “And Jesus looking upon us said, with men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27)

We shall see what the Lord decrees, but pray for Travis to repent as ‘It’s Hell for him without Jesus’. And, his silence thus far means he remains on his way to 


My first knowledge of Travis Patron and the Canadian Nationalist Party came precedent to some weeks allotted to transit through Brisbane, Australia in 2017.

Pitter Patter Patron had come unexpectedly popping up while I was researching Canadian Immigration Policies and matters of Islamic Incursions. We appeared to be stating the same points of view in these issues and I thus determined to connect with the person.

To do so I activated a Facebook Account and joined his Red Ensign Paper and Party through their web page. I felt that amid the garbage Political choices that were being presented Canadians that Patron presented perhaps the best candidate for the next Prime Minister of Canada.

I also posted a couple of items to Facebook stating that his people needed to get about simply seeing him elected within his own riding, that the office of PM would ultimately depend upon the highest % of popular vote within the individual ridings and not number of candidates elected by each party. This appeared to get a few of his “Friends” excited.

I then investigated to see who were stated as being Friends of Travis on Facebook and got the general “temperature of the crew”. In addition, I posted information about my Christian beliefs and that I would not be responding to Facebook inquiries to be “Friends”.

I had determined long past not to be another “Zucker-Sucker” and both the Facebook and Birdbrain-Twitter would be eliminated from my life as much as possible.

I only used Facebook to establish my ‘contact with Patron’. Attempting to employ a phone number to directly connect with the person was a confusing, secretive and an almost impossible task. The standard CNP numbers and links only led to answering systems that would not provide a direct contact or personal cell.

(An aside: This I found to be a similar circumstance when I started on the tracks of Mennie the Menace,)

I was however, to ultimately gain his personal cell due to his ego. And this ego  was massaged greatly through my Facebook posts and the events that transpired subsequent.

So, November 2017 found me on my way to Tabubil, Western Province of Papua New Guinea to complete a ‘bucket list’ retreat to a prayer mountain to get alone with God.  Bucket List or Basket Case? Posted on September 17, 2016  The venture had been ‘on my books for quite some time’.

I had planned a stay precedent in Brisbane to familiarize myself totally with the area due to it becoming the center for International Meetings of persons looking to institute One World Government upon us.

I had but a cursory knowledge of the region from my several trips through the area over as many years. But, I was to have an encounter with Aussie Immigration that was to send me back to Canada in time for an unplanned meeting with Travis Patron and the KKK.

On my way back to Canada I sought the Lord as to why He was returning me to the Hell of a Canadian winter in the manner He did. The answer came up PATRON.

From Canadian Nationalist Party propaganda posts I knew Patron had some form of Party Meeting by Invite scheduled for Party members in Regina.

So, on my return path through Victoria I borrowed some heavier clothes and proceeded onward to Regina to find my way to meet up with Patron and put him to the Test of 1 John 4: 1-4 to see exactly who he was. Was he of the Anti-Christ or redeemable through the Blood of the Lamb? It was an answer I first needed to see if I could work with him in any manner to unseat the abomination of the Trudeau government and his Muslim promoting practices.


Victoria Club -1300 Victoria Avenue, Regina Sask – S4P 0P1 (306) 522-9765

My first Personal Contact with the Travis Patron crew was on Friday November 17 and Sabbath November 18, 2017 in frigid, rigid snow dump Regina.

 The Victoria Club property was buried in crunching, slipping under your frozen toes snow when I got off the city bus for the early Friday meeting.

On arrival there was no one present in the hall that was laid out for a large gathering. But, there were tables of food and refreshment on the right of the stage along a wall between the bar-kitchen area again to the right. The only tables present were strung in a row across the stage.

I always have need to utilize writing time, so I set up at the most distant table, closest to the bar and got at it. After some time in came the Travis Patron Fur Backs Association.

I was surprised at how tall, skinny and unkempt Patron looked in person with a thin tie hanging almost to his waist.

I immediately arose and introduced myself, commented on his height and got about the business I was there for. I opened with an embrace and my ice-breaker line of “I’m Grey, Not Gay”. This normally brings a grin or chuckle as it did in the case of Patron. So first I dealt with Patron and then the balance of the men. All made confession of Jesus Christ Is Come in the Flesh except for the Fat KKK Security Moose Jaw Man. This simply meant that they were redeemable by the Blood of the Lamb if they asked Jesus to Be Lord of their life. I never got to take them into the arena of His Lordship as the meeting was to get officially underway.

As to the Fat Mouthpiece, he may be of the Anti-Christ for all I know as I never got to put him to the test.

Travis, recall that before the meeting started I was informed that your Eric was the head over the Canadian Ku Klux Klan. Because of my vehemence toward Islam, drugs, immigration and willingness to defend Canada to the death he assumed that we must have associates in common in the States. We don’t, but it did get him to open up to me in a ‘friendly manner’.

He also expressed his irritation and anger at the fact no one had turned up for the meeting beside yourselves Travis, the executives of the Canadian Nationalist Party movement. While I thought it was pretty dumb to be scheduling a meeting on your standard ‘its Friday night, time to get stoned and drunk, and I’ve earned the right to do so Canadian weekend entry to oblivion’ I didn’t tell Eric so.

There seemed little point in irritating him further and aside from being a dumb KKK Racist, the man did come across as intelligent, highly personable and physically in the best condition of your pack.

As stated in writings prior, ‘when I first met you at the Victoria Club in Regina you and your small group were pretty mouthy and made a lot of bold statements while you fur-backs scurried around holding ‘Secretive Controlled Party Member Only Meetings.

It was because of your ego Travis Patron that I entered your meeting with impunity and also acquired your cell phone number. You just had to make certain a man that thought you should be the next Prime Minister and was coming to meet you from as far as Australia should be at your Regina Organizational Meeting.

Yep, you started calling me from your cell phone you bozo, to make sure we would have contact at the Victoria Club. “You can meet up with us if you like. We are going for food. Call me 438-863-3700. TP.” I imagine you will change your personal cell contact now that the Nation knows how to contact you direct, eh?

It was easy reeling you in Senor Pavo Patron. At all times I simply maintained an attitude of independence. I stated this to you singular on more than one occasion and to your crew on our “first date night”: “I am proceeding onward to get Trudeau with or without you.” It was easy for me to maintain this attitude as I meant it and obviously I still do, eh?

I imagine by now I have become part of the Big Black Boogey Man of Fears that infests the minds of your overweight KKK Security Moron from Moose Jaw and your Mr. Ku Klux Klan Eric St. Cyr supposedly of Akia Mechanical with a phone number 306-313-0182.

Neither the Company Name or phone number given came up at first as being ‘valid listings’ but I found with direct dial that KKK Eric answers the phone in the Moose Jaw area: “Is Eric around?” “This is him, who’s calling?” The voice sounded very gravelly and not as I remembered it. Perhaps his ‘hood was on too tight, eh? I simply hung up. He will probably change the number folks following this publication so give him a call before he does. But don’t sweat it as I will at some point provide the home address for this KKK Bad Ass Dad so all can go knocking on his door should they desire.

But we do know the elusive Eric St. Cyr paid the $200.00 deposit for the Victoria Hall on the 16th of August, 2017 and whatever balances were necessary in person. When I offered to donate to the costs he said it was all taken care of and that inclusive of the ‘Outside Caterers’ ran to about $1000.00.

Is this enough documentation about who, what, where and why I unexpectedly ran into the Canadian Ku Klux Klan Leader and the rest of you fellows in Raunchy Regina on the dates stated Senor Pavlo Patron.

If anyone wants to verify the dates, deposits and meetings call (306) 522-9765 and speak to Brenda Kudelis the Manageress of the Victoria Club between 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

If pressed I guess I could provide the names and contact details for the rest of your motley crew now, but I want one and all to sweat it a bit. It may not be necessary to fully expose their Bare-naked Nazi Loving Buttocks if you should choose to REPENT Travis.

Repent Travis and they can simply crawl back into the cracks, fester and wait for their next attempt at Political Conquest in Canada.

Whatever, back to some more about Our First Date Senor Pavlo Patron.

Elusive Eric chaired the meeting and gave an introduction of those already known to one another to the rows of empty chairs in the room.

Next you gave a practice speech Travis and tables were then strategically arranged for the strategy to advance the Party discussion that ensued’.

Basically, it was hyped and boring boys stating how they were advancing the Party Cause intermixed with confederates from ‘Calgary conference-calling’ to state their anti-Ezra Levant, anti-CBC and anti-Media in general.

Travis, you made certain that all funds raised were to be deposited into your account and I got the group excited by mentioning the Ku Klux Klan and such ‘activity types’. I was told never to use any reference to the Ku Klux Klan at any time in any meeting of The Party.

It was obvious The Party was trying to hide the ‘association’ with the Klan. I was also certain they were trying to avoid the ‘code words’ that satellite computer security monitoring would certainly pick up. This is a precedent machined program analysis that could “transfer their speech and communication links” to a live monitor for analysis and potential follow through.

I was happy with early adjournment and relieved as I no longer had to listen to bombastic diatribes intertwined with racist aromas.

I trudged off in the bone numbing wind and crunching snow as the Fur Back Association departed for Moose Jaw apparently to recruit memberships.


Friday night was fine but the Moose Jaw Security Moron had been festering in his juices overnight. So, events were to take another turn on Sabbath morning.

Again, I was first in line to be at the Font of the Ku Klux Klan strategy out pouring. But we soon were joined by the Frosty Fur Backs.

Tables were set with four men on the stage and now four of us below looking upward at the ‘upper echelon’. The Fat Son of Security Moose Jaw was to my far right, Senor Pavo Patron to my immediate right and some new character to my left.

Looking down on us were from left to right: The Skinny CNP IT Man and/or She-Male, the Fort Mac Alberta ‘Potential Preacher’, Mr. Ku Klux Klan Eric and the Festering Fat Boy.

I assume I pushed Festering Fat Boy over the line when I gave him the bag of ‘garage door security components’ I had found on the walk to the am meeting. I guess he did not like it much when I suggested he could perhaps make use of it in his “Security Work”.

Whatever, the group was trying hard to avoid National attention that had them linked with their ideological base. As you will see in the following news posts Travis Patron was and still is attempting to dispel the obvious. The obvious was being protested at home in Saskatchewan and Eastern provinces.

The Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism hosted a teach-in and vigil against white nationalist violence in Regina. Troy Fleece / Regina Leader-Post

Concerns over hate as Sask. man tries to organize Toronto…

Sask. man behind controversial nationalist rally in Toronto |…

From the onset our Senor Pavlo was trying to scurry around and justify his racist ideology based upon the sentiments of the Ku Klux Klan.

Early in the start of our morning date, for several reasons, but as stated in installment Travis Two – “I fully popped the cork in the ‘Moose Jaw Fats’ bottle of White Supremacist Liquid Crap when I stated that all I did was due to the action of God and following the direction of the Holy Spirit. That the Power All Belongs to God and to His Glory.”

Festering Fat Boy demanded a vote that I be ejected from the meeting, that he didn’t trust me and all raised hands in agreement that I should be ‘persona non-gratis’ except for you Travis. I wonder how this fact registered with the ‘Party Faithful’, if it registered at all in their cloud of ‘emotional outpouring’ elicited by my presence. It is obvious now that you should have as well Travis, eh? But your ego just did not want to let go of the massage therapy I had provided you…….. After all, from as far away as Australia someone believes I should be the next PRIME MINISTER.

I stated that “I certainly was not going to let my presence be a cause for disruption of the ‘Unity’ they were now trying to achieve. Offered again to pay for my ‘snack’, was told to forget it and left.

I do not know what ‘mutter and splutter’ took place among you after I left, but I certainly know the ‘squealing and scurrying around’ that is taking place now, eh?

We shall be covering the AFTER MATCH at length later if you continue to refuse Repenting Travis.

At this juncture suffice it to state the same evening a young Regina ‘business woman’ correctly read your mail and delineated where your 20 Points Program and other writings were clearly Neo-Nazi racism.

In spite of all this I was still looking for some way to make use of the Canadian National Party to eradicate Trudeau. And there was of course the matter of your potential redemption by Jesus Christ. But, by November 21, I was back in Victoria and more salient matters than you took center stage for me Senor Pavo Patron.

 So, I put you on the back-burner Senor Pavo Patron, trashed most of your useless communications and headed for Costa Rica to pursue Espanol.  In Spanish turkey is a very simple word to translate: pavo. But wait, there is more! Pavo is not the only word in Spanish for turkey. In Cuba you say guanajo, in Mexico guajolote and cócono, in Colombia pisco and finally in Guatemala chompipe.

But, you have to be careful with these words Senor Pavo Patron because depending on the context it can also simply mean a dumb person.

You have to be a very dumb person not to repent Travis Patron.

Do so now and you will find Jesus Christ embracing you with a call upon your life. Jesus does not want your money Travis. He wants intimate relationship through your time and life. Jesus wants to redeem your eternal Soul.

Listen to His Voice Travis Patron and become a man, tell the ‘skinheads and fur-backs to wake up’ and that like you they can have eternal salvation.

All of this was to no avail with Patron as he continues on his Nazi-KKK ways as do his cohorts in Moose Jaw. And, this is where it appears problematic for the PPC – when Will Smith as Provincial Coordinator was done his deliberate disruptions of the PPC in Saskatchewan, and these were done at the behest of Johanne Mennie, he ran immediately to become the Campaign Manager of Chey Craik. Our boy Chey is running in the home turf of the head of the Canadian KKK. We shall provide you some considrations surrounding this.

We will also provide the scenario of deliberate disruptions of the Saskatchewan PPC in our next Daily.  But  HEADS UP! YOU NEED TO  DEMAND AND KNOW EXPLICITLY  HOW MAX BERNIER INTENDS TO DEAL WITH SUCH GROUPS AND PERSONS BOTH INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE PPC. 

It is quite clear that Trudeau and Scheer do not have a clue how to eradicate such threats within the Nation and in fact are perpetrators of the same or worse in many manners.

But, what about Bernier? Is he truly fit to lead us? Or, is he so caught into the euphoria of the rise of his Party that he does not even know who is lodged in his midst?

Is he prepared to have to accept dealing with the necessity of publically getting rid of Mennie the Menace and state: “After Juliette Couillard….Mennie the Menace is the second biggest mistake I have ever made.” 

If not, he shall go back to being the mockery in the press that he was when headlined as “Two Boobs and a Briefcase“.

As to Mennie. She knows she is going down, but she is going down fighting for a certainty. Her ‘Career Bureaucrat’ days and fear of failing Soros in his scheduled designs for Chaos leave her no other choice.

For quite some time the Wicked Wench has known I have proof of the things I state and write about. So do the other miscreants of misdirection in Saskatchewan and elsewhere. I await with interest for the next stupid mistake they make in attempting to institute their evil designs for Canada.

The recent actions by the Mennie Menace as Divine Director of Disaster in our arena are I find quite pathetic for a supposed ‘professional’.

Better rethink this one George Soros. Is the screwing you are giving us through Canada worth the liability this woman is becoming to you?

When googled about PPC Party cleansing activities we find that suddenly we have old news being updated to appear more current. It is made to appear that ethnicity is not a reason to stop Fawzi Bidawi’s political career from ending before it began. First published a month prior it was update July 25.2019 > Fawzi Bidawi PPC Fired For Linking To A Neo-Nazi Website On…

At the same time period 2019/08/30 we have > People’s Party fires St. Catharines member over neo-nazi…     And Mennie Menace propaganda that Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada has fired the head of its St. Catharines riding association over alleged past ties to a neo-Nazi group in the United States.

 Ah, our Queen of Chaos is prepared to cleanse the EDA ranks for the good of the Party. Ah, what a good Mennie we have.

“PPC spokeswoman Johanne Mennie confirmed Thursday evening that Shaun Walker, the CEO of the party’s St. Catharines association and spokesperson for local candidate Alan deRoo had been fired for not disclosing his past.

“A background check only yielded Canadian results and Mr. Walker did not disclose any information in our ‘non-embarrassment’ pledge about his past in the United States,” Mennie wrote in an email in response to questions from The Standard. “As of today, Shaun Walker is no longer part of our organization.”

Mennie did not answer follow up questions from The Standard about whether the party confirmed allegations of Walker’s past ties to the National Alliance or a 2007 criminal conviction for arranging assaults on non-white people in Salt Lake City five years earlier. Nor did she answer questions about the pledge or how the PPC vets employees.

Walker did not return multiple interview requests made by The Standard.”

But our Mennie Menace has extensive background in the matters of clearance and vetting. She also played a major role in setting up the process for the PPC.

And – Standard, do not feel affronted – Mennie never responds to anything she does not want to unless it furthers her personal designs. Particularly, she does not like being queried about who approved who and accepted into appointment persons of organizational importance to the fledgling Party. The case of Saskatchewan shows her up for what she is beyond any shadow of a doubt.

But on September 13-2019 things had gotten even better, depennent upon your perspective, when Brian Misera asked Maxime Bernier to denounce racism in his ranks and was ousted as a potential candidate > PPC ousts candidate who asks Bernier to denounce racism in ranks  “Coquitlam–Port Coquitlam candidate Brian Misera said he was tired of being called a Nazi. He posted a series of videos on Twitter Sept. 10, calling on the party — and Leader Maxime Bernier — to distance itself from racism. He said he was trying to find out why “there is human garbage in our ranks,” saying it’s not enough to just “expunge racist idiots.”

In a video, he had said the party needed to be clear about how they are different from hate groups, or he would leave.

“I don’t want anything to do with that crap. If you can’t be adamantly clear about that, I don’t know how the hell you expect me to campaign for you. You’re putting the onus on me to show that we don’t do this,” he said in a video.

“I mean, you should understand how hard it is to go out and canvass and talk to people. I don’t want to be berated by people who think I’m an actual Nazi.”

Well Brian, what can I say?

This – the first Saskatchewan Regional Coordinator was Ethan Erkiletian a known racist and diagnosed mentally unstable person. Mennie Menace and all others in the PPC queried by me refuse to answer as to who planted this character in the ranks to begin with and why.

Guess we will lay it out tomorrow. But no matter what – this ‘turmoil’ serves the purposes of Soros, which is Political Chaos in Canada. Keeps Mennie in the Soros good graces we have to assume, eh?

But, then again, perhaps tomorrow I shall choose to lay out the matters surrounding my letter to Maxime on July 20-2019 at 2:29 p.m. surrounding his embrace of Islam and Islamist candidates.

Maxime –    “Shades of Justin Trudeau” – How many seats are you trying to lose? Someone obviously is lacking knowledge surrounding matters of Islam, ISLAMISTS, Sharia, Surah, Hadith, jihad, ISIS et al and has slithered into your advisory camp.  There is only one Islam.

You will be the next Prime Minister of Canada as stated on my PPC – The Final Frontier promotions van. You can have a sweep into office such as never has been seen in this Nation prior, but this Islamic inclusion Max is guaranteed to cost you some seats. Unfortunately, it will be my activities that will precipitate such loss and my activities will not be curbed in relationship to Islam and Canada.”

It is my choice what I choose to produce tomorrow for you, just as it is my choice to put an end to the Political Chaos in this Nation in every manner I can.

It is also my choice to call you out for the treasonous bitch you are Johanne Mennie and to tell you that you are on your way out and headed for a jail cell.

Meanie Menace – it is best to simply hop a jet to some Soros hide away and let Max figger out how to vet you out and stem the rising sewage within the Party Ranks.

Trying to figger out how to revoke my Party Membership and survive the fray Mennie?













Mennie the Menace is ‘the mother of all delaying tactics.  She only once ever responded to my queries about the EDAs contact information, who the Regional Director for Saskatchewan was, who the Candidates were and who had accepted any of the people involved I had identified and appointed them to their different roles.

From a quick count of the number of messages I sent direct and in the combinations with other in joint communique designe