cg1Time Has Run Out
A newly released survey suggests a large number of Muslims living in Canada will not disown Al-Qaida. The study, conducted by the MacDonald Laurier Institute, found 65% of Muslims questioned said they would “repudiate absolutely” the terrorist organization, while 35% “would not do so”.
“From a security perspective, it is difficult to know if a 65% rate of repudiation of Al-Qaida is re-assuring or a 35% failure to repudiate troubling,” wrote study authors Christian Leuprecht, associate professor of the Royal Military College of Canada and Conrad Winn, Carleton University professor and president of COMPAS, a public opinion research firm. The report also states support for extremism is just as high among Muslims born in Canada, or other Western countries, as it is among those hailing from oppressive dictatorships.”

Simply put, 35% of the Muslims in Canada are potential walking ‘jihad time bombs’ and our Government’s claim that the ‘greatest threat’ to Canada is coming through ‘international terrorism’ is wrong. The ‘greatest threat’ is not from the external source but from Islam and Muslim followers of the pernicious faith embedded within our soil. Time has run out for anyone not following Islam to keep their ‘head’ buried in the sand and trying to avoid this fact. With heads buried such fools desperately look for some means to deny the fact that it is Islamic followers of the Qur’an and Hadith that are the root source of evil growing from a poisoned soil. The greatest threat to Canada is for the Nation to continue to ‘sell soft culturally and politically safe programs’ as solutions. Such efforts only occupy one as ‘a nest of snakes continues to breed and destroy the land’ for all but themselves! Canadian need the links to reality contained in the points that follow, for refusal to eradicate the threats from within now ensures destruction from that which has been claimed to be entering from international soil without. “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” and it is God’s purpose that allowable time for your procrastination has run out now. (Ecc 3:1)

cg3 (1)Canadian Jihad Time Bombs
The link to ‘Canadian Jihad – Prime Time Crime’ will give you a well-documented look at an unsavory batch of ‘Middle Eastern Canadians’ involved in terrorist intents on Canadian soil and outside the nation. Most Canadians seem oblivious to the facts presented and Muslim Organizations pursue a deliberate legal-cultural policy of quelling any reporting of a nature that ‘criticizes Islam’. They twist and make use of the existing laws surrounding hate crimes and the Canadian Human Rights Commission to try to curb free speech that shows them and the true threat the practice of their faith is. Remember this, 35% of the Canadian Muslim community will not repudiate the actions of Al-Qaida and ISIS led groups. They refuse to reject or separate formally from them and state that their actions are wrong. They will not state that the terror groups do not follow the true tenants of Islam. They cannot do so without violating their own creeds and facing retribution for doing so within their own community. Also, note this link does not give a picture of the African Canadian Jihad Time Bombs that scurry about our land. The second link ‘Terrorism Threat to Canada’ will give a bit of African Canadian exposure and further flush out the Middle Eastern Canadian Muslim Mutts. Read on and then speak out against the insanity of not taking the 35% to an accounting while you still can! Speak loud, clearly and without fear “for if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” (1 Corinthians 14:8) And whether you like it or not you are in a battle for both your freedom and the genuine cultural identity of Canada.

Terrorism Threat to Canada – updated list of Canadian terrorists and suspects of involvement in terrorism, October 24, 2014

cg3 (2)Getting Down To Business
The link to the ‘2014 Public Report On The Terrorist Threat To Canada’ is attached. (Steven Blaney – Minister for Public Safety) The Government released “Building Resilience Against Terrorism: Canada’s Counter-terrorism Strategy” in February 2012 to explain Canada’s national approach to countering terrorism. This single, comprehensive Strategy guides more than 20 federal departments and agencies to better Prevent, Detect, Deny and Respond to terrorist threats. Maintaining an approach that is flexible, forward-looking and adaptable to evolving threats is critical for countering terrorism within our borders. This approach is equally important for guiding the Government’s response to extremist travelers who pursue terrorism-related activities elsewhere in the world. This year’s Report looks at terrorism developments in 2013 and early 2014 that matter to Canadians and how the Government has responded on their behalf. Remarks: All following is clipped and pasted from the 2014 Report outside of what is directly stated as my ‘Remarks’.

The Canadian Definition of Terrorist Activity: “The Criminal Code defines terrorist activity to include an act or omission undertaken, in or outside Canada, for a political, religious or ideological purpose, that is intended to intimidate the public with regard to its security, including its economic security, or to compel a person, government or organization (whether in or outside Canada) to do or refrain from doing any act, and that intentionally causes one of a number of specific forms of serious harm.”

“Global violent extremists, particularly al-Qaida, its affiliates and its sympathizers, have identified Canada as a target for terrorist attacks. Although al-Qaida itself has been weakened, it still plays a strategic and inspirational role among diffuse regional affiliates and potential lone actors. Al-Qaida remains a direct threat to Canada for the foreseeable future. Africa-based terrorist groups are proliferating. Their growing inter-connectivity and continuing desire to attack Western targets, coupled with the region’s porous borders and limited state counter-terrorism capacity, are increasing the terrorism threat across the region.”

“The report includes a Feature Focus on the Government’s response to violent extremism and travel abroad for terrorism-related purposes. Canadian “extremist travelers” have gone abroad to participate in terrorism-related activities. Canadians were both perpetrators and victims of terrorist attacks in Africa in 2013. As of early 2014, the Government was aware of more than 130 individuals with Canadian connections who were abroad and who were suspected of terrorism-related activities. These included involvement in training, fundraising, promoting radical views and even planning terrorist violence. Some extremist travelers remain abroad. Others have returned to Canada, while still others are presumed dead.”

“Radicalization to Violence: Radicalization to violence is a process by which individuals are introduced to an ideology that encourages movement towards extreme views which, in turn, lead to violence. Radicalization to violence can occur anywhere: in religious institutions, schools, prisons, online and any other place where like-minded people come together. Mentors, ideologues and other influential relationships are major determinants of whether radicalization occurs. The approach to radicalization to violence must be grounded in prevention and should begin long before people decide to carry out violence. Building on existing trust and goodwill between Canadian communities and law enforcement agencies is essential for Canada to become more resilient against violent extremism.”

“The “Prevent” element of Canada’s Strategy seeks to prevent radicalization to violence from happening in the first place. It involves addressing the factors that motivate individuals to engage in terrorism-related activities, in turn reducing the risk that they will become extremist travelers. The Government is committed under the “Prevent” element to building partnerships with Canadian communities over the long term. The focus of these partnerships is to develop resilience and foster critical thinking about extremist messaging, and to help devise effective means to intervene during the radicalization-to-violence process.”

“The means to help prevent violent extremism ultimately lie within communities. The Government works closely with law enforcement partners to prevent violent extremism by building prevention capacity in local communities. Where appropriate, this includes targeted early intervention with individuals who have not yet crossed the threshold to violent extremist activity. A comprehensive understanding of violent extremism by all key players, including community members, government and law enforcement and intelligence agencies, is the foundation of targeted, community-based intervention strategies. The process of radicalization to violence may be indiscernible to outsiders like law enforcement and government officials. As a result, family members, peers, religious and community figures, teachers and medical and social service providers are crucial partners in recognizing and responding to the subtle indicators of radicalization. Discussing the emotionally-charged issue of radicalization to violence with community members is bound to be difficult. It is, however, an essential conversation.”

“Canada remains at risk from violent extremists within Canada acting in small cells or as individuals. Terrorism is still the leading threat to Canada’s national security, but by adhering to our principled approach, firmly rooted in respect for the rule of law and human rights, Canada will remain resilient against this threat. The Government will continue to take all appropriate action to counter terrorist threats to Canada, its citizens and its global interests.”

Remarks: Nowhere in the 2014 Report is there a word directly stating that it is from within the Muslim community that the ‘greatest threat’ emanates and that it is toward such community that 90% of its ‘strategy’ must be directed to toward. This deliberate ‘head in the sand pandering to Islam’ only increases the ‘greatest threat to Canada’s security’! The Report is replete with standard Government dogma as silly as the Obama “yes, we can” rhetoric continues to prove itself to be. The ‘crucial partners in recognizing and responding’ to the ‘community approach’ stipulated as the great preventive-corrective measure ensures its failure. 35% of the ‘Muslim critical members’ to such approach will in no manner co-operate or rebuke the terrorist actions bred by Islam.

Quote: “Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, a foreign national or permanent resident may be declared inadmissible to Canada on security grounds for involvement in terrorism or other serious offenses. The Government of Canada makes it a priority to prevent high-risk individuals who pose a threat to Canada’s national security from entering the country. In 2013, the Canada Border Services Agency denied entry to a number of inadmissible individuals and removed 11 individuals from Canada.”

Remarks: Mosques remain the ‘hotbed’ for promotion of Islamic extremism. Any Muslim community associated with promotion of such action through invitation of external speakers, the statements of their Imam or other local leaders should be immediately closed under the War Measures Act if it remains enforceable. All assets should be confiscated including those of the Imam and other key leaders and they and all immediate family members extradited to their country of origin ‘due to their association with terrorism’. The proceeds from assets should be utilized for furthering the ‘war on terrorism’. This is not to be a drawn out matter before the courts, but an action immediate upon the recordable evidence received from two witnesses that such association has transpired.

Quote: “Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Multiculturalism Program includes grants and contributions that support multi-year projects and community-based events. These promote intercultural and interfaith understanding, equal opportunity for individuals of all origins and institutional responsiveness to the needs of a pluralistic society. The Program promotes acceptance and integration into, and participation in, our society of Canadians from all ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds and acts to reduce isolation and exclusion”   Remarks: It does not appear to be working or of any true value in the Muslim community. All current and future grants under this program to both organizations and individuals professing to follow the Islamic faith should be immediately cancelled until the Muslim Community can unequivocally prove it no longer has the spectre of the 35% raising its ugly terrorist head. Under the Qur’an and Hadith this is an impossibility thus we should see an ability to further fund the ‘war on terrorism’ when this measure is enacted.

Final Remarks: Of prime importance to Canada is that the current ‘legal handcuffs’ be immediately removed from Canada’s Law Enforcement agencies, in particular the national force of the RCMP. Specifically, whatever CSIS requires to ensure the RCMP can carry out all effective offensive-preventive actions necessary to enable Canadian security must be put forth by a Direct Action of Cabinet. As spoken: “Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for men stealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine; According to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, which was committed to my trust.” (1Timothy 1:9-11) Get rid of your silly ‘restriction of civil liberties fears’. What is there to fear from police forces if you are not among the lawless, if you are not in support of the 35%? Most importantly, action needs be taken immediately “because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” (Ecclesiastes 8:11) The hearts of true Islamists are not about to change as the records show. It is  the time to “get down to business with them” as reality demands and pull all political heads out of the sand.

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