Stop Looking For The Obvious


‘What do Baird and Blaney think we’ll find under here?’ ‘Cluck, beep, chirp = I don’t know!’

It’s Above Ground Fellas

Remarks: The following extracts come from ‘Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development: Canada Terrorism’ with link attached for full examination. I have extracted some ‘key points for quotation’ and will clearly demarcate my personal Remarks: as such.

“Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada is responsible for the conduct of Canada’s affairs abroad, including leading Canada’s responses to terrorist incidents abroad and providing consular assistance. It uses its broad international network to enable counter-terrorism cooperation with other states and its role within multilateral organizations to ensure that Canadian interests and values are reflected internationally, and to enhance the security of Canadians and Canadian interests. Within Canada, it ensures that domestic policy is informed by the international context and respects international obligations.

“Canada is not immune to terrorism. A number of international and domestic terrorist groups are present in Canada. Some are engaged in terrorist activity here, while others are active beyond Canada’s borders. In the past few decades, several hundred Canadian civilians have been killed or injured in terrorist attacks, from New York City to Bali to Mumbai. The global terrorist threat is becoming more diverse and complex. Canada’s approach to addressing these threats must be adaptable and forward-looking, so that we can react to emerging threats but also identify and understand emerging trends.

Terrorism is a long-term global challenge. It demands a consistent, comprehensive and coordinated international response based on common goals, values and institutions. It also demands a response that is consistent with our international legal obligations, including international human rights and humanitarian law.”

“Canada’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy, Building Resilience Against Terrorism, outlines the first priority of the Government of Canada: to protect Canada and ensure the safety of Canadians at home and abroad.”
All the relevant branches of government must work together to: Prevent individuals from engaging in terrorism; Detect the activities of individuals and organizations who may pose a terrorist threat; Deny terrorists the means and opportunity to carry out their activities; and Respond proportionately, rapidly and in an organized manner to terrorist activities and mitigate their effects.”

Since 1963, the international community has elaborated 14 universal legal instruments and 4 amendments to prevent terrorist acts. These UN-sponsored terrorism-related international conventions and protocols address such specific terrorist acts as hostage taking, hijacking, terrorist bombings, and terrorist financing.

As technology evolves and increasingly integrates trading and financial systems, terrorists’ ability to collect and move funds between jurisdictions develops as well, complicating the task of tracing and confiscating their assets. The Criminal Code, the United Nations Afghanistan Regulations (UNAR) and the United Nations Suppression of Terrorism Regulations (UNSTR), provide the international community, including Canada, with strict measures to identify terrorist entities and to freeze their assets.

Quote: “State Supporters of Terrorism – The Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act (the “Act”) allows victims of terrorism to sue perpetrators of terrorism and those who support them, including listed foreign states, for loss or damage that has occurred as a result of an act of terrorism committed anywhere in the world.

The Governor in Council has the authority, upon the recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and in consultation with the Minister of Public Safety, to list foreign states that have supported a terrorist entity named pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada. On September 7th, 2012, Canada listed Iran and Syria as states that support terrorism.”

Remarks: Our Federal Government should immediately confiscate all Iranian and Syrian held assets of any kind in Canada. It should liquidate them and use such revenues to further the war on terrorism. We should allow no transfer of funds from Canada to any nation supporting a terrorist entity in any format, whether on the designated nations list or not. Anyone attempting such transfer should have all personal assets seized and face immediate extradition to their attempted terminus of transfer. Anyone with any ‘format of link’ to a domestic or international terrorist group should face immediate revocation of all Canadian citizenship claims and deportation to their country of ethnic origin.

Canada should immediately designate Saudi Arabia, the greatest perpetrator of terrorism worldwide, as a ‘terrorist foreign state’ and treat it accordingly. Canada should permit no more Saudi funds to be channeled into the nation to support and grow their Islamic network, rescind all Saudi or Saudi sponsored student visas and seize their passports. We should educate no more Islamists within our schools and remove all Islamists from government employment of any kind.       

Quote: “All of our domestic and international efforts must be grounded in the rule of law and support good governance. Our counter-terrorism measures must be consistent with international law, in particular human rights, humanitarian and refugee law.” Remarks: Canadian good governance is not necessarily contained in the International UN sponsored ‘14 legal instruments and four amendments’ since 1963 designed to prevent terrorist acts. Self-designated International Community ‘entities’ think they can impose their will upon us through such measures , but no international community has any right to govern conduct within our nation. Look at those that have imposed these international measures upon us’ that in some manner are assumed to supersede what is right for us internally. These ‘entities’ do not have the human rights standards that Canada models for the world. It is great to assist and co-operate but not in such manner that it denigrates the common sense surrounding what is best for Canada internally.

No, our measures must be first consistent with Canadian human rights and what we establish as humanitarian and refugee law enacted for our soil. International ‘common goals’ must first be established upon standards that rise to those of Canadian values and institutions. International legal obligations only exist to the degree that they do not implant an expectation of violation of Canadian standards and that which is morally good for the country. The only ‘international obligations’ that should be honored are those that do not violate Canadian domestic policy of ‘good governance’.

(John 8:32) “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Canada can Prevent individuals from engaging in terrorism by preventing any further spread of Islamic creed within all Canadian Institutions. Canada can Detect the activities of individuals and organizations who pose a terrorist threat through fully monitoring all activities conducted in and about mosques and other Muslim gathering points. Canada can Deny terrorists the means to carry out their activities by removal of all funding for Canadian Cultural support programs to Muslim organizations and those that assist them in any manner. Canada can Respond proportionately and rapidly by clearly stating now that the actions of Al-Qaida and ISIS reflect clearly the fundamental beliefs of Islam that all Muslims are required to follow.


Momma buys the new underwear….boxers, briefs or bombers…only one choice with Islam!

Raising Up Killers

(Amos 3:3) “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” What are the true values of Islam that are common with Canadian values? Do we believe in raising our children to be suicide bombers and that they are blessed by God for doing such horrendous acts? Canadians do not, but followers of Muhammad do. The evidence of male children used as jihad soldiers and suicide bombers is indisputable and we are seeing an increasing frequency of females being used in such manner as well. Girls as young as 10 years of age are being used in such fashion. This poses no problem to the Muslim faith that also employs girls of such an age as brides and sex slaves. The Qur’an and Hadith demand growing up of children to be utilized in such fashion when necessary to glorify their Allah.

The parents were raised as such children themselves and they are also prepared to kill their own children for not following the true tenants of Islam. This has been designated ‘honor killing’ and truly has nothing to do with ‘common Canadian goals’ that we should be embracing in any fashion domestically or looking to partner with in some fashion ‘internationally’. Given the evidence ‘common sense’ clearly states that the only ‘common goals’ the Muslim truly embraces is for your ultimate submission to following its faith. Whatever, I quote from an article by Debbie Schlussel which hits Canada’s malaise surrounding ‘honor killing’ squarely on the head. It would do you good to read the entire article.

“Alia Hogben, executive director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, believes “the system” failed the three because they were treated as “exotic” minorities rather than “ordinary” Canadians. “Exotic,” indeed. Um, sorry, but as much as Muslims–and their apologists like Wall Street Journal “reporter” Alistair MacDonald–would like to think of themselves as extraordinary and better than all of us, they are as “exotic” as “exotic” dancers and the poles around which they gyrate (with apologies to both the strippers and the herpes-infested pole for the degrading comparison). And even more phony. Ditto for Wall Street Journal apologist MacDonald’s pretense at reporting.

Canada lets these Muslims in. And so do we. Why, then, are we surprised that these honor killings go on? It’s obvious which religion brings this murderous practice to our shores. And it ain’t Buddhism.The problem in this case and so many others like it is not “immigrants,” it’s MUSLIM immigrants. And, frankly, just plain Islam, native or foreign-born.”

Remarks: Yes, Islam is the problem along with Canada’s continued stance of not calling it for exactly what it is. Islam is evil as it brings up killers from one generation to the next as required of its true followers. But, do we finally see some ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ of Islamic deception spread about our nation?

Quote: “A Canadian teenager is facing terrorism-related charges after a robbery at a convenience store. He allegedly robbed the store, so that he could have enough money to fly overseas to join an extremist group.”

Remarks: Read the article and it sounds simply like More Muslim Mush for the father that ‘blew the whistle on his son’ was simply furthering the ends of promoting a cloud of deception called ‘moderate Islam’. The father is either a hypocrite to the call of jihadi Islam or simply biding his own time for action. Perhaps the son is simply protecting his father? Wake up Canada. The Muslim is rewarded for all lies necessary to establishing their caliphate! What ‘common values’ do you hold with such spiritual garbage cans? The ‘true moderates of Islam are in reality the extremists of Islam’ for it is they that do not interpret the Qur’an correctly. They must twist the Surah and Hadith through philosophical, mystical and allegorical interpretations to try to justify remaining and stating faith in Allah. Are they truly in deception or simply biding their time until they can take the upper hand? See to the recommendations for ‘solution’ given in ‘It’s Above Ground Fellas’ as Baird and Blaney do have Constitutional means to see them enacted rapidly.

Somalian Sleeping Sickness?


Blind Buddies………falling into a ditch together!

Or Canadian Somalian Stupidity?

Advisories: Last updated: August 6, 2014 14:24 ET Still valid: January 14, 2015 08:01 ET Somalia – Avoid All Travel
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada advises against all travel to Somalia. If you are currently in Somalia despite this advisory, you should leave immediately. The security situation in Somalia is extremely volatile and the threat of domestic terrorism is high, particularly in south-central Somalia and in the capital, Mogadishu.

Remarks: Why would anyone of sound mind desire to travel to Somalia?

Canada has one of the largest Somali populations in the western world. The official NHS figure for Somalians in Canada was last listed at 44,995, but the unofficial estimate has been given at 150,000 persons. This means that 2/3 of the Somalians in our country are illegals. It also implies that the other 1/3 are abetting them in some manner as is shown with the excuses made in the Somalian community for their criminal behavior; and , or through stating that their terrorist activities are due to the fact they have fallen under the influence of wrong elements within Islam. There are two aspects of Somalian activity in Canada that need to be dealt with: Criminal Activity and Terrorist Activity. They are intertwined like a ball of snakes through their Muslim heritage, but this approach may, God willing, serve to bring some true discernment into a society under a blanket of Christian and Multi-cultural deception.

Criminals – It is statistical fact that African people are more likely to enter psychiatric care through the criminal justice system than through contact with the health services. As well, the Somali community is rampant with cases of juvenile crime and asylum fraud. “About two dozen Somali-Canadian young men have been killed in Alberta over the past half-decade, overwhelmingly Canadian-raised and involved in drugs. Somalis call them the ciyaal baraf, or children of the snow. It’s a kind of insult – neither truly Somali nor truly Canadian.”    This article is informative but never addresses one key factor that makes it easy for Somalians to engage in drug dealing and other aberrant behaviors: their brand of Islam!

It is their religious beliefs grounded in their form of Islam which is the major influence on their lives. They are Sunni Muslims of the Shafi’ite rite, with great interest in Sufi spiritualism, characterized by chanting, whirling, chewing qat, (a narcotic leaf), and falling into a trance as a way of communing with Allah. Getting stoned to communicate with their format of God makes it easy for them to employ all manners of drugs and to sell the same for profit. Like a pack of misguided Roman Catholics they also include the veneration of Somali saints in daily religious worship. These Somali Muslim mortal spirits are called jinn said to be descended from fallen heavenly spirits. These superstitious rats fear jinn can cause misfortune and illness or can help humans. They also believe that poor, weak, or injured persons have special spiritual powers given by Allah. For such reasons the Somalis try to kind to the less fortunate in hopes that they will not use their power for evil against them. They are driven by fear in their Muslim faith and fear is a common driving force in all Islam. God, the father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob quite clearly states He has not given his children a spirit of fear: (2 Timothy 1:7) “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Our boys in question clearly do not have a ‘sound mind’, only love to the degree of honor killing and when able to grasp power will carry out any evil action the Muslim faith calls for. Whatever, not common to all Muslims is the Somalian belief that their religious and secular leaders have the power called Baraka given by Allah which allows them to bless and curse whom they choose. This makes them  more easily manipulated by Al-Shabaab, ISIS and Al-Qaida.

Terrorists–   Remarks: As Steven Blaney stated in the 2014 Public Report: “Terrorism remains the leading threat to Canada’s national security.”

Quotes: “A Canadian Security Intelligence Service report recently obtained by the National Post under the Access to Information Act calls foreign travel an ‘important part in the radicalization process’ of Islamist extremists. Those who have jihad experience are often transformed by it and return to their home countries enthused with a zeal to convince others to share their new-found desire to defend Islam,” reads the report, marked Secret. This combination of enthusiasm, charisma and … tales of jihad can be a potent mix that can be used to draw the vulnerable into violence. The influence that these veterans can have in their communities is significant. The top-secret government report obtained by the National Post says Al-Shabaab, which emerged from the heavily armed chaos of Somalia in 2006, is using a variety of methods to entice Canadian youths to its camps.”

“Islamist extremists are radicalizing and recruiting Somali-Canadian youths within Canada to travel to Somalia for jihad training,” says the Integrated Threat Assessment Center report, titled “Al-Shabaab Recruitment of Youths from Canada.”

Remarks: The press is replete with reports of individuals from the African and Somalian community tied to terrorist activity. For examples in March 2011: “Dozens of Somali Canadians returned to their ‘homeland’ to receive ‘jihadist training’ from Al-Shabaab. Coming back to Canadian soil they have been involved in fund raising and recruitment for global jihad.” January 16-2013: “The Algerian Gas Plant Attack had among the 40 armed Islamists four ‘school mates’ from London Ontario. Al-Shabaab, the Somali terrorist group with ties to al Qaeda that claimed responsibility for the Nairobi mall attack, has been able to attract Canadians in recent years.” And, “As of early 2014, the federal government was aware of more than 130 people with “Canadian connections” who had traveled abroad and are suspected of engaging in terror-related activity, the report says. These included involvement in training, fundraising, promoting radical views and even planning terrorist violence.”

One would need to have their head buried underground to not recognize what was underway with all the ‘warning reports’ over the years. The terrorist recruiting program is not finding many recruits in the Christian community but the CC is truly guilty of abetting the ‘threat to Canada’ through their blind-eyed ‘good works’. A relative of mine bragged how his Saskatoon church had been integral to getting over 500 African families into Saskatchewan. Hand in hand with the ‘multicultural mob’ such religious factions blindly continue to promote and assist the growth of both criminality and terrorism within our nation. “Am I therefor become your enemy because I tell you the truth?” (Galatians 4:16) It is time to deal with the Somalian community in a manner that is right for Canada, and not bend to Muslims who do not hold our ‘common goals and ideals’! Demand our politicians speak as Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot and tell them ‘to assimilate into our culture or go home’ and ‘there will be no Sharia here’. If you think that your cost of living will go up through handling Islam head-on realize this, your chance of living at all goes further down each day you keep your head buried in the ‘sands of Multicultural and Religious deception’. Case closed!

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