Open Letter of Warning to All Muslims


Your choice: follow the Lord Jesus Christ or your own pathway to the eternal Lake of Fire!

Hypocrites – Same Eternal Destination

Why do you Islamic hypocrites lie through not speaking the truth about what the Qur’an states? The Qur’an states 1) that all will go into hell fire that do not believe in Allah as a monotheistic god. 2) That Jesus Christ as the son of Mary is a false God. 3) That Islam forbids the worship of Jesus in any manner. 4) That Islam forbids anyone from trying to convert its followers to another faith. Why do you not tell the truth of the Qur’an that for the non-Muslim to violate surah related to these matters can result in fatwah, jihad and their execution? Simply put you Islamic hypocrites are the rebellious and disobedient to your Allah through not living and defending the surah of the book of lies you claim to follow. That is, you are hypocrites unless you are simply hiding behind the surah that permits you to lie until you can gain the advantage to enforce the will of your Allah through whatever violence is necessary. You either lie under a state of deception or from deliberate intent: in either case you are simply a liar headed for Hell fire along with your Christian buddies who are in no better position of understanding or intent. All of you are wicked with the pride of Satan indwelling your hearts and “every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished.” (Proverbs 16:5) All of you hypocrites refusing to repent are guarantying yourself eternal torment and this is YOUR LAST VOICE OF WARNING!

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