The British Columbia Muslim Association

cc1The BCMA Liars Club Proclaims itself….

“The BCMA is currently the largest Muslim organization in the province representing 75,000 to 80,000 Sunni Muslims. The Muslims in British Columbia are experiencing exponential growth. British Columbia like many other communities in North America brings together Muslims from all over the world. Our Muslims are the first and second generation immigrants from Africa, Arab countries, Asia, Bosnia, Fiji, India, Pakistan, Turkey. Globally this is a unique situation as no other location in the world brings together such a diverse group of Muslims.”

mrThe Rats of British Columbia

“The brown rat is referred to as common rat, street rat or sewer rat and has now spread to all continents except Antarctica. These odious, squabbling, obnoxious disease carrying vermin have become a problem in British Columbia, but are most highly concentrated in the Vancouver region. The brown rat is the dominant rat in many European and North American city ‘mixed ghetto style enclaves’. With rare exceptions, the brown rat lives wherever humans live, particularly in urban areas. Left unchecked they can literally over-run an area to the point where it becomes unsafe to leave infants unguarded day or night due to foraging rats. It is imperative they be brought under control before such a point is reached.”

Wake up Canada. It sounds like they are describing the Muslim invasion here!

According to Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey there were 1,053,945 Muslims in Canada and 79,310 in British Columbia. The numbers have increased since, but also from my other postings it has been shown that the official numbers and the estimated numbers given by the government are quite a bit higher due to immigration influx since last census and all the illegals hiding about the country.

In general almost every Muslim country in the world has sent immigrants to Canada. The fertility rate is higher for Muslims than that for other Canadian immigrants which has also swelled their ‘social services’ gouging numbers and constant tug on the tax payers purse strings. Every major Canadian metropolitan area has a large Muslim community, including Vancouver (73,215), where more than one third is of Iranian descent. The Majority of Muslims in Canada follow Sunni Islam, while a significant minority adheres to the Shia branch. As the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees freedom of religious expression, Canadian Muslims face no official religious discrimination.

The Muslim community in Canada is diverse with well over 60 ethno-cultural groups that largely express themselves through city-based associations. These groups deal mainly with issues pertaining to their home city, while supporting national associations that are not ‘grass roots’ organizations but rather form coordination bodies between the local associations.

Now, this is hard core fact: as of 2014, all persons convicted under the 2001 Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act have been Muslim. The truth of the Islamic jihad driven groups has been exposed to the degree that it must no longer be left unchecked in any manner. The new legislation introduced by the Conservative Government is claimed to significantly expand the powers of police and spy agencies to stop terror plots before they unfold. Is that not what we want, to prevent damage and casualties before occurrence? Yet, BC Premier Christy Clark expressed concern saying that Bill C-51 could diminish Canadian’s personal freedoms in order to protect Canadians against unknown threats. ‘When you give up personal freedoms, it’s very hard to get them back’- B.C. Premier Christy Clark, Evan Solomon, CBC’s ‘Power & Politics’.

Do not get matters essential to our nation turned about Premier ‘Twisty Christy’ Clark. Once again for the record, there are no personal freedoms under sharia that the Islamic factions are trying to fully establish in Canada. Continuing along a pathway of compromise with Islam will result in further erosion of your personal freedoms until you have given them all up. As was shown in my posting ‘Who Cares?’ the BCMA is an integral member of the ‘Islamic jihad mess kit’ and definitely tries to stay dry under the same umbrella of deception.

We shall now point out some matters that should grab your attention through a brief foray among the rats scurrying about the British Columbia Muslim Association. (BCMA) BCMA Head Office – 12300 Blundell Rd Richmond, BC, V6W 1B3 (604)270-2522

tfThe Sunni and Shia factored in…..

The BCMA in their quote of where all the Muslims are coming from makes no mention of Iran and yet more than a third of the Muslims of Vancouver are from there. Also, Iran is a Persian country and cannot be lumped in with the Arabic countries. This non-disclosure of the reality of the Iranian presence is significant for many reasons, but I am going to look at it from only two:

The ‘Eternal Struggle’ between Sunni and Shia……

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) highlights the ages-old Sunni-Shia conflict the two major branches of Islam carry with them into the lands they enter. Both follow the same Qur’an and practice the same Five Pillars of Islam: the belief in one God, daily prayer, fasting, charity, and hajj (pilgrimage). Where the main problem arises is in their battle to be ‘king of the Islamic garbage pile worldwide’ for both claim to be the legitimate heirs to the throne held by the prophet Muhammad who founded Islam and died in 632. The Sunnis claim the right for the prophet’s friend Abu Bakr and the Shia give it to the prophet’s son-in-law and cousin, Ali bin Abu Talib. If one is telling the truth then the other is a liar or under spiritual deception. So which one of our potentially ‘deceived liars’ has the true pathway to leadership? If you are so brain dead as to choose to follow Islamic practices which one is necessary to your fullness of obedience to Allah? I would think neither, for our erstwhile camel jockeys are simply involved in an Islamic leadership power struggle which also reflects in them each having their own religious holidays, customs and shrines.

Both groups are spread about the Middle East and remain today in what appears to the Western mind to be a ‘political battle’ between Muslim governments or countries at odds with one another. This is true in one sense, but the bed rock issue is tied to the rule of either group through ‘legitimate religious succession’ from Muhammad onwards. They exhibit a state of satanic confusion in their alliances and like drunken sailors at times appear ready to leap into the arms of the first sharia driven whore that will offer them solace. Look at the mess called Sunni majority Syria under President Bashar al-Assad whose regime is a close ally of Shia dominated Iran. Toss into this mix the Shia majority dominated Western excursion into insanity called Iraq and you would logically assume that Shia led Iraq and Shia led Iran would be joining arms in their ‘battles for the pearls and the girls’. But Islam does not function logically so we also see Sunni majority Saudi Arabia that should be supporting their Sunni brothers of Syria actually in an opposite camp and trying to get after Iran. We have a bunch of messed up Muslims killing Muslims and it would be nice if one side would totally exterminate the other for it would leave only one group of jihad morons to contend with. But that is not the way it is going to act out as prophetic time limes fall systematically into place. But for certain we do not need their traditional battle lines between Shia and Sunni messing up our Canadian streets, educational and political systems any further.

Sunnis comprise about 80-85% of the world’s Muslims but all Muslim countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bahrain and Lebanon have significant Shiite minorities. This compounds the confusion for many ‘wannabe analysts’ that try to draw logic in a conflict along political lines and alliances for the conflict remains at its roots a spiritual authority conflict among the boys. The events only appear to be more political while being driven by an ideological system called Islam that is a global religion-political ideology that has significant strategic and military interests being acted out by groups trying to be ‘king of the road’. Unfortunately, they are acquiring the methodology, technology and weapons from the West, Mother Russia and ‘save my face at all costs’ China. So from this simply described basic background we know that the BCMA could have failed to acknowledge the existence of the Shia from Iran that comprise over one third of the Vancouver Muslim community simply because of the traditional battle lines. Or they may have been holding back the information to advance the cause of Islam to the point where they could wipe out all Shia opposition as well? It does not really matter for the case against them has already been laid out through their umbrella the NCCM. But, what does greatly matter is this: while the Shia are a Muslim minority in nearly all nations, including ours, the Shia are a direct link to Iran for Canada and also comprise the world’s greatest threat from Islamic extremism.

Outnumbered about 9 to 1……There are approximately 120 million Shia Muslims living in the world and 940 million adherents of Sunni Islam. Iran is the main Shia country where it constitutes 90% of the population and functions as the leader of Shia Islam in world. Iran along with Iraq and Yemen serve as the three primary countries for the delivery system of Shia Islam terrorist jihad designs to the world. Iraq’s Muslim community is 65% Shia and Yemen’s 45%. Other countries where the Shia comprise a percentage of the Muslims within their nations are: Azerbaijan (75%), Bahrain (70%), Lebanon (65%), Syria (15%), Kuwait (35%), Pakistan (20%), India (23% of Muslims), Afghanistan (15%), Saudi Arabia (18%), Turkey (20%), United Arab Emirates (16%), Qatar (15%), Albania(25%). These are the percentages they comprise within the particular overall Muslim communities. In some of the countries even though their percentage is low, their influence over the society they live within manifests as if they statistically had a far greater percentage. Shia Islam is a force to be reckoned with on the world stage and everything you could possibly need to know about this branch of Islam is in the following link.

The presence of Iranian Shia evidences the greatest threat from Islamic terrorism….

Why? It truly is simple. Islamic terrorism is the greatest threat facing us and the crux of the problem is that it is Iranian Muslims that are the most determined to wipe out Israel from existence and dominate the Western world through jihad and sharia. So we shall be looking at the structuring of the Shia in Canada and how their activities fit into the pattern of the Four Stages of Invasive Islamic Jihad. We will document how they have forwarded Islamic designs and strategy in using the education, government and business institutions to serve their own ends.

But first, Iran’s ongoing quest for nuclear weapons is not being hindered by the Obama methodology of negotiation. It simply reinforces the Iranian pattern of stalling off serious military action as it continues to work and moves onward toward its goal. But even a ‘dirty bomb’ in the hands of Iran is a potential mega-nightmare, Think about it …the Canadian ‘Via Rail boys wanted to trigger the Yellowstone biggie volcano’ if they could secure the means. Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missile program continues to move forward, and while ‘economic sanctions’ have hindered and upset the Iranian economy which faces recession right now, this will not stop Iran. The killer nation has been dealing with sanctions of one form or another since 1979 and is still staunchly moving forward because of the religious motivated determination to proceed onward no matter the cost. One cannot simply agree to some modified or lesser nuclear development program with Iran. Some nations have grasped this fact, including a few among its Middle East neighbors under Muslim rule. The reality of just who has their fingers stuck into ‘nuclear pies’ is in the following link. There are so many factions at play that it would seem moot that Iran would be pursuing them except for the fact that Iran is pursuing them with full intent of employment against Israel and all kafirs.

Israel certainly knows this fact and I thank God that Prime Minister Netanyahu was returned to the helm through election March 17 with his resolve to stand against Iran in place. I also am glad that circumstance of re-election brought him to the point that he will not negotiate with ‘Hamas-Abbas-Palestinians’ regarding a Two State Solution to Israel-Arab conflict issues. This has been jumped upon as an election ploy, but we shall wait for events to transpire before passing comment. On March 3 Benjamin Netanyahu stated quite clearly that if Israel has to stand alone to do so it will not allow Iran to gain nuclear weapons. As to the Middle East foment and supporting the factions in the manner that is being done by Obama he said: “the enemy of your enemy is your enemy”. All the Islamic factions scrapping in the Middle East were, are and shall remain the enemy of Western freedom and ideology as they are under the doctrines of the Qur’an and sharia.

Netanyahu put forth 3 points to bring about a ‘new policy’ ensuring effective positive change in removal of the Iranian nuclear threat. The Kerry stooge immediately scoffed at the points while totally missing the point that the ‘new policy’ was the true enforcement of cessation of Iranian nuclear programs all together. Agreements with Iran when violated by them have never been enforced in a manner that they can ‘break no more agreements as usually done’. These three points should not be negotiable with Iran: 1) Iran must immediately stop all aggressive measures against its neighbours in the Middle East. 2) Iran must immediately stop its support of terrorist organizations worldwide. 3) Iran must immediately stop trying to annihilate Israel. The ultimatum must be given by the free world that not to do so shall entail direct military action to ensure Iran has no further means of nuclear development or military capability of retaliation for the taking of such measures. There is no alternative to military action with Iran as it is a desired goal of Iran to have military confrontation no matter the cost for it is through such action they ensure the return of the Mahdi, to institute the peace of worldwide sharia. The Qur’an and hadith make it clear that that Muslims must have such apocalyptic event to prove their recordings and the prophet Muhammad true. You might as well look to getting the battle started now and lessen the body count by ensuring the ‘enemy of your enemy’ cannot see to its increase of death through weapons it currently does not now hold. Any weapons in the hands of the Iranians will be employed to achieve their destructive ends. Iran does not care how long it takes, nor the methods necessary to ensure it secures the weapons it desires and the Obama administration is highly supportive of such through supporting all ploys of invasive Islamic design. Comfortable with it or not this is a spiritual battle for a ‘Holy War’ is already underway with Islam. It was activated with the ideology of the Qur’an and we are simply dealing with the events necessary to the evolution of Islam at this time. It is time to take the fight directly to the enemy while it is still your advantage to do so… as he certainly is intent on bringing it to you.

Now, we return to the BC Rat Packs trying to ensure the achievement of the Islamic fundamental desire for universal sharia. And for certain, we are not going looking for ‘the good guys versus the bad guys’ among the Sunni and Shia….for there are no ‘good guys’ in their ranks….as they are all Qur’an sanctioned liars… and they are all jihad driven bastards unable to disguise the stench of death leaking from the same cesspool of their evil intent.

shiaThe Shia network…..
There are an estimated 300,000 Shia Muslims in Canada with the strongest presence found in Ontario and second place delegated to British Columbia. In our examination of Shia organizations we find the Vancouver Chapter of the Shia Muslim Youth Association is a group trying to build itself up as the ‘umbrella organization’ for all Muslim Youth groups. ( Head office is in Toronto under National Youth Co-ordinator Zaheer Abbas Karim and the Vancouver Chapter under Murtaza Batchu. They make no pretense about even trying to uphold the Canadian standard of desired separation of Church and State and openly express to whom all Shia are to direct their loyalty. Their web page states “There is no separation of state and church in Islam as every Muslim seeks to please and serve only Almighty Allah “ This is what the Islamic youth are indoctrinated into from coast to coast. Canadians should not be aligning themselves with such people as this, persons with no genuine allegiance or loyalty to Canada.

For certain the Churches and other ‘do-gooder organizations’ need to check up on themselves if they have been assisting Muslim immigrants into Canada under the The Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program. Some BC groups involved in this are the Armenians, Anglicans, Baptists, Lutherans, Free Reformed Church, Rehoboth Eritrean Church of Vancouver, Roman Catholics, Pentecostal Assemblies, Presbyterians, United Church of Canada, East Kootenay Friends of Burma, Hohite Semay St Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, Oromo Refugees Resettlement Services Network and the Etriene Community Association of Vancouver.

If such groups are genuinely intent on looking to national security and not their own personal ‘politically correct spiritual positions’ they will actively assist monitoring all Muslim persons that have immigrated into the nation. Former BC NDP premier and federal Liberal cabinet minister Ujjal Dosanjh received the inaugural Wallenberg-Sugihara Civil Courage Award for his advocacy on anti-extremism last month. Dosanjh has recently spoken to the Senate National Security Committee, calling on the federal government to implement better oversight of religious institutions and private schools to fight extremism. He stated he does not believe more oversight would interfere with religious freedoms or the right to free speech. “There has been evidence over the years that there might be hate being taught in certain institutions. If there is, I think the government needs to ensure that there is rigorous and more oversight,” he told The Early Edition’s Rick Cluff. In reference to religious freedom and free speech he said: “What it gives you is the right to say is ‘this is the way to go to God,’ but if you say the way to go to God is by killing infidels, well that’s, in my mind, crossing the line.” “I think the government not only has an obligation that hate is not being taught anywhere — including public schools or private schools — but in fact we have a right to ensure that the hate is not being taught. …. as long as private institutions receive public funding, the government should have some control over what is being taught.”

Mr. Dosanjh is correct and the Churches and religious institutions need to immediately awake to the facts. Adhering to the Islamic faith assures you are across the Dosanjh line so continuing assisting potential killers into the nation establishes you there with them. As long as I can recall the Churches have been touting their need to build ‘Unity’ among themselves and to reach out to other faiths. However, there has been the appearance of a competition among them to prove who is the best and most ‘Christian’ in doing so. In their assistance of Muslims into the nation they have unknowingly invited rattlesnakes into the house with them. You can live in a house with a rattlesnake, but there is never any peace in it for you never know for certain where amid the furniture of your society it will slither out to strike your family. Such is the case with Islam and the times of Church ignorance in this matter are being ended now through the new legislation. The increase in oversight through bill c-51 will certainly decrease ‘radicalization’ and threat of terrorism through further restriction on Islamic ability to advance sharia. This they know and thus cry out against it.

Delta BC Imam Balal Khokhar has stated opposition to Dosanjh calling for greater oversight of religious institutions and private schools to stamp out extremism. “It’s going put those particular denominations that have nothing to do with extremism at all under the pressure,” Imam Balal Khokhar told The Early Edition’s Rick Cluff. “Those kinds of statements, what is does is kind of puts all the different people who belong to different denominations in one basket, and people start to think that all people are like that.” Khokhar says when an issue does arise within a community, it should be members of that community that deal with it — not the federal government.” But, as has been documented within numerous postings, including my own on this web site, is that the Islamic community is not, will not and cannot deal appropriately with the issues because of the tenants of the faith they adhere to. It is only the followers of Islam that are being put under pressure, and quite frankly, deservedly so.

The Dosanjh comments have also raised the hackles of Cara Zwibel a lawyer with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. “We don’t believe in the state spying on residents and we’re concerned about the strong protection for the freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of religion that we have in this country and what this kind of idea might do to undermine those freedoms,” she told Daybreak South’s Chris Walker. If you have the time go to my posting February 18 ‘Evil Times’ and you shall see why Cara Zwibel in this matter is simply spouting more ‘Islamic trash talk’ and what her ‘kind of ideas’ are assisting to do within the nation. It is time to get out of the Islamic trash can Churches before the lid is welded and sealed shut to your escape eternally. “I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.” (2 Timothy 4:1-2)

The Land of Shia……

If you connect to the Islamic Centers – Ahlul Bayt Assembly of Canada web site you will find a comprehensive list of Shia Muslim Centres planted in 11 Canadian cities in Quebec, Ontario,Alberta and British Columbia. This is followed by a larger listing of Other Muslim Centres in Canada and the total of both grouping comprises 262 various Islamic organizations. You can take a random sample of ten% from among these and start into investigating them, their policies, the people involved and you are going to find out facts that confirm the true nature of the Muslim adherents to the evil of the Qur’an. Such is the reality amid the Rats of BC and the organizations I selected to look into, including some spin-off trails I went on.

r1The noble sounding declarations of intent abound…. such as The Vancouver Muslim Community Centre Society striving to: “Educate the Muslim community to practice their faith and to participate fully in the civil life of Canadian society. Provide support to new immigrants to integrate into the social and professional life in Canada. Alleviate poverty and suffering to needy individuals and communities in Canada and abroad. Cooperate with other non-profit organizations in Canada and abroad in similar activities and programs to improve the delivery of services.” All this is being done to benefit the Muslim community and advance sharia as their mosques remain centres for radicalization at their core.

Most groupings such as the Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre under President Mohamed Ladak and Director of Public Relations Mahmood S. Jaffer strongly press using sports and recreation to ‘build their community’……….and the ‘community attitudes’ being built have seen graphic demonstration in both America, Europe and Brazil with its on the soccer field decapitation.

Both organizations and individuals make full use of local, national and international Boards and business associations to advance their interests. Local yokel Ray Salama and VanEx will exemplify. “The Vancouver Executives Association (VanEx) was founded in 1920 by a group of Vancouver’s leading businessmen who decided to form a group for the purpose of assisting each other’s business success through cooperative networking.”

Some individuals such as Hassan Khosrowshahi and his relatives have created rather massive financial empires that permeate and spread their influence worldwide. Persis Holdings

Most organizations are making good use of all the available electronic and multi-media sources to further their goals both locally and globally. Individuals such as Darian Shirazi prove to be innovators and controllers of technology and companies that affect your life daily. Darian Shirazi

And…..many of the Islamic charitable ‘fund raising umbrellas’ with their ‘service delivery organizations’ such as NASIMCO and the ALIVI Foundation have been found to be involved in fraudulent activities.

urNASIMCO (North American Shia Ithna-asheri Muslim Communities)

NASIMCO is an umbrella organization for the followers of the Shia faith in North America and the Caribbean. Its mission is to provide a common structure and framework to meet the religious, cultural and social needs of the Shia within its area of operation. At my count there are 8 offices in Canada and 9 in the US tied into a worldwide ‘network’. The Canadian groups have a strong presence on the Executive Council for the 2012 – 2015 term. (President Gulamabbas Najafi – Toronto / Treasurer Syed Imtiaz Naqvi – Toronto / Councillors – Ms Shyrose Jaffer Dhalla -Toronto / Ms Siddika Jessa Vancouver)

NASIMCO states it “will harness talents and resources available in member communities for the greater good of global humanity and our communities.” That it has a role to “promote and encourage innovative intra-faith and inter-faith relationships at local and national levels….to establish and/or support Islamic institutes of higher learning that can respond to the needs of our communities.” Amid its Islamic values it claims “honesty and integrity….equity and justice…transparency and accountability.” This is an absolute fabrication and a lie as the organization along with other ‘umbrellas’ like the Al-Mahdi Islamic Foundation, the ALIVI foundation and the IDRF have documented ties to fraudulent and corrupt practices in their raising, purposes for and dispensing of funds.

Irregularities in NASIMCO’s Stated Finances – by David Murrell, August 26, 2012 professor at the Department of Economics, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton clearly shows such facts. From the document: “In this short paper we show serious financial-reporting shortcomings, by the North American Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities Organization (NASIMCO), in its submissions to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). Our paper shows the following: • most importantly, we show that funds declared as transferred to NASIMCO, by its constituent Shia associations, far exceeds what is declared as transfer income by NASIMCO itself. For example, for 2010, the five member associations contributing money to NASIMCO contributed a total of $1.25-million to NASIMCO, this according to the five member associations’ tax files. Yet NASIMCO declared total revenue from other contributing charities equal to only $83.5-thousand.In fact, NASIMCO in 2010 declared total revenues (from all sources) equaling only $169.7 thousand; • while NASIMCO claims to have given money to overseas charity work, there is no evidence in its CRA reports that it has done so. NASIMCO’s 2010 tax returns stated that it donated $0 for overseas work; • we also list other red flags we found in MASIMCO’s CRA reports. The discrepancies in NASIMCO’s work are so large, we feel there needs to be a government audit of their books, at the very minimum, or a larger investigation into this charity’s practices.”

Such groups as these are terrorist fund raising and support organizations in one form or another. Everything underway with the Al- Mahdi Islamic Foundation (Iranian) is constituted toward the fulfillment of the Iranian Shia prophetic call to institute worldwide sharia and return of their Mahdi to bring it into alignment. You can dig into it through the links following which also show the rat tracks of corruption in the ALIVI Foundation. “The Alavi Foundation is a private not-for-profit organization devoted to the promotion and support of Islamic culture and Persian language, literature and civilization” Caught by the tale-tails you hear the standard Islamic chant: (4/19/2014)Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham …underscored that the Alavi Charity Foundation has nothing to do with the Iranian government, and described the US court’s verdict to confiscate the Alavi Foundation’s properties unwise and politically tainted. The Iranian spokeswoman stressed that the recently issued verdict by a court in the US on confiscation of properties, belonging to the Alavi Charity Foundation, is based on fake documents, and thus lacks creditability and value. Afkham said that the issuance of a court verdict in accordance with anti-Iranian political propagations along with confiscation order against the properties of a charity fund that has absolutely no relation with the Iranian government raises questions on the credibility of the US judiciary system.” Islamic Organizations – The Alavi Foundation Iran Prepares For Appearance Of Apocalyptic Islamic ‘Mahdi’ Wake Up To The World! This is a PROPHECY ALERT: Islamic Mahdi Iran Leader: The Islamic Messiah Is Coming To Free The World | The …Iranian Gov’t Front Group Funded Over 60 Islamic Sites in U.S.

cpinWe have rats burrowed in everywhere……

Is the stench in the news, media and entertainment industry giving you headaches? Some of the source of the stench follows in the Maniac Muslim Media. The individual links take but a small peak at the burrowing into the journalism and broadcasting fields by people who follow an ideology that demands submission to sharia and declares our country to be a land of war until such submission is fully accorded.

Jian Ghomeshi – Canadian broadcaster, writer, musician and producer….and Iranian sexual pervert.
Irshad Manji – Canadian feminist, author, journalist, activist…and openly gay Muslim pervert.
Omar Sachedina – Shia Ismaili Muslim, Anchorman and journalist-CTV……..
Tarek Fatah – The ‘double-minded’ Canadian Muslim “reformer,” writer, broadcaster…
Haroon Siddiqui – Islamic propagandist Canadian newspaper journalist, columnist, and a former editor of the Toronto StarOmar Sachedina  – Canadian television journalist, currently a news anchor and reporter for the CTV Television Network…… Ismaili Muslim….
Ali Velshi – Canadian-American television journalist best known for his work on CNN….Ismaili Muslim…and son of Murad Velshi
Omar Sachedina – Shia Ismaili Muslim, Anchorman and journalist-CTV……..

Or they can ‘entertainment you’ into stupidity and oblivion….

Rizwan Manji – notable for his role as Rajiv in the now cancelled NBC Universal TV series Outsourced an Ismaili Muslim…….
Dawud Wharnsby – Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and one sick and twisted 1993 convert to Islam….
A’maal Nuux This tattooed Somali Muslim twit should be bagged in a burqa and sent back to Mogadishu…
Nazem Kadri This Lebanese Muslim loonie certainly does not have ‘his spiritual stick on the ice’…..
K’naan – Canadian singer-songwriter Muslim singing the notes of Coca-Cola and the Qur’an…..
Sweet Rush (band) This pair of sick sisters out of a ‘traditional Muslim’ home should be avoided at all costs…
Zarqa Nawaz – Don’t be lulled into complacency through the deception of this ‘chuckles the clown” claiming to be a Canadian woman and creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie

prrDoes the political scene make you feel like you are being poisoned?

Look into the reality of a few of the characters scurrying about the land politically poisoning the Canadian system with Islamic sharia ideology. It is important to read the information about Taleeb Noormohamed who volunteers extensively within the Vancouver Ismaili Muslim community…..and has a had a major impact through the Liberals and what has been planted in CSIS, the RCMP and programs that are facing correction now.

Taleeb Noormohamed
Amir Khadir – politician in the National Assembly of Quebec (MNA)
Mobina Jaffer – Canadian Senator representing British Columbia
Rahim Jaffer – former Canadian politician and a former Member of Parliament
Naheed Nenshi – current mayor of Calgary, Alberta
Yasmin Ratansi – Canadian politician and a Member of Parliament
Alykhan Velshi – lawyer, policy analyst, and ministerial assistant
Murad Velshi – former politician in Ontario, Canada.
Patricia Arab – Lebanese politician, member of the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly (2013–present)
Mac Harb – Lebanese politician, Canadian MP (1988–2003) and later senator (2006-2013) facing fraud charges
Hassan Husseini, Lebanese leader of the Communist Party of Ontario, 1998–2001
Larry Shaben – Lebanese politician, first Muslim Canadian government cabinet minister
Omar Alghabra – Former Canadian Member of Parliament for Mississauga—Erindale (2006–2008) and former president of the Canadian Arab Federation. Member of the Liberal Party of Canada
Rahim Jaffer – Former Canadian MP for Edmonton–Strathcona (1997–2008). First Muslim MP and Shia Ismaili Muslim member of the Conservative Party of Canada
Wajid Khan – Former Canadian MP for Mississauga—Streetsville (2004–2008). Member of the Conservative Party of Canada
Shafiq Qaadri – Member of Provincial Parliament (Ontario) for Etobicoke North (2003-). Member of the Ontario Liberal Party
Abdihakim Mohamoud Haji-Faqi – Former Minister of Defense of Somalia

cassBut what about the fine cultural associations? Have the rats made their ways in there as well? Afraid so…. we shall take a wee peek through the ‘Lippy Lebanese’ window…

lfThe Lebanese – Facts and Statistics

Population: 3,971,941 (July 2008 est.) Ethnic Makeup: Arab 95%, Armenian 4%, other 1% note: many Christian Lebanese do not identify themselves as Arab but rather as descendants of the ancient Canaanites and prefer to be called Phoenicians.  Religions: Muslim 59.7% (Shia, Sunni, Druze, Isma’ilite, Alawite or Nusayri), Christian 39% (Maronite Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Melkite Catholic, Armenian Orthodox, Syrian Catholic, Armenian Catholic, Syrian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Chaldean, Assyrian, Copt, Protestant), other 1.3%. Language in Lebanon: Article 11 of Lebanon’s Constitution states that “Arabic is the official national language. A law determines the cases in which the French language may be used”. The majority of Lebanese people speak Arabic and either French or English fluently. The People: There has deliberately not been a census in Lebanon since 1932, before its formation as an independent nation. This is due to the political consequences a major shift in the population dynamics that an accurate census could have. The population is generally viewed in terms of religion. The predominant differences between people are those between Muslim and Christian sects. The proportion of each is politically sensitive so estimates from different sources vary widely. What is known is that approximately 90% of the population is urban rather than rural. Religions: Lebanon is a religious mish-mash and this has ultimately been the cause behind social tensions and the long, drawn out civil war. The government officially recognizes 18 religious sects of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Religious differences are built into government and politics. Christians are guaranteed 50% of the seats in parliament. The President is always a Christian and the Prime Minister and Speaker of the House are Muslims. The Druze are awarded 8 seats in parliament. The government maintains that this system prevents one community from gaining an advantage over the others. Religion affects almost all areas of culture. Family laws such as divorce, separation, child custody, and inheritance are handled in religious courts and there is not a uniform system for all citizens. Loyalty to a Group: A person’s name and honor are their most cherished possessions. This extends also to the family and wider group. Therefore the behaviour of individual family members is viewed as the direct responsibility of the family. It is crucial for the Lebanese to maintain their dignity, honour, and reputation. The Lebanese strive to avoid causing another person public embarrassment. This can be seen when they agree to perform a favour for a friend to maintain that friend’s honour even if they know that they will not do what is asked.” Lebanese Canadian Business Association The Lebanese Community in Canada Canada-Lebanon Relations – Welcome Page | Page d’accueil Lebanon – Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette | global-etiquette

Note: And, in this culture lies the great Middle Eastern problem of face-saving honor no matter the faith thy may profess, the expediency of agreeing to do something when they know they will not do what is asked. They will all lie but the matter is compounded with the Muslim for their jihad doctrine demands they lie to advance its cause. The majority of Canadians of Lebanese origin are Christian. In 2001, 42% of the Lebanese community in Canada said they were Catholic, while 11% belonged to a Christian Orthodox sect and another 10% belonged to a Protestant denomination or other Christian group. At the same time, 30% of people with Lebanese origins in Canada said they were Muslim. And within the Muslim element we find two examples of Lebanese Bad Boys that merge well with the sample of jihad filth from Montreal to Vancouver called Canadian al-Qaeda…… …..all have one element in common….Islam! Faker Boussora Mohammed Jabarah Abderraouf Jdey Ahmed Khadr Amer el-Maati Ahmed Ressam and two Lebanese Bad Boys Fauzi Ayub (1966–2014) the Lebanese influential member of Hezbollah and Mohammed Hassan Dbouk, the Lebanese Muslim journalist, con-man, thief, liar and alleged member of Hezbollah.

But the billion dollar question is how much buggering around in business have the fur backs been up to? Let us take a look down some BC rat holes for there have been rat a tat-tats heard burrowing in through Canadian business…….

r2Rich rats, poor rats, rink rats, sewer rats are all the same to God, they only having varying degrees of influence among men. The Lord opened the mouth of the apostle Peter and through him said “of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: But in every nation he that fears him, and works righteousness, is accepted with him.” (Acts 10:34-35) There is nothing righteous in the actions of Islam and there is nothing righteous in according any man greater respect than another simply based upon their worldly achievements.

I often refer to Muslims as Morons or to Moronic Muslims and other terms disparaging in the mind of a natural man. Referring to them as such is not because of their intelligence for great numbers of them are highly intelligent and industrious people. They are ‘children of this world’ and the Bible shows them to be wiser in the ways of the world than many that call themselves Christians, “for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.” (Luke 16:8) They are wiser in the ways of unrighteousness and evil methods of garnering mammon. But, as to the dictionary definition of a moron it is listed as the state of a “very stupid or foolish person, a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment and as a term once used in psychology to denote a person affected with mild mental retardation, one generally having communication and social skills enabling some degree of academic or vocational education on their part. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.” Whatever, I do not believe a true Spiritual Moron such as evidenced by staunch followers of the Qur’an realize the seriousness of the plight they are in. And offending them in some manner is no concern to me as they are an offense to the God I serve. Many dictionary synonyms for moron follows…..but my personally ascribed synonym #1 is Muslim.

But, here is the choice for you: “fool, idiot, ass, blockhead, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, imbecile, cretin, dullard, simpleton, clod, nitwit, halfwit, dope, ninny, nincompoop, chump, dimwit, dingbat, dipstick, goober, coot, goon, dumbo, dummy, ditz, dumdum, fathead, numbskull, numb nuts, dunderhead, thickhead, airhead, butthead, flake, lamer, lamebrain, zombie, nerd, pea brain, birdbrain, scissor bill, jug head, mouth-breather, jerk, donkey, twit, goat, dork, twerp, hoser, schmuck, bozo, boob, turkey, schlep, chowder head, dumb head, goofball, goof, goofus, galoot, lummox, knuckle-dragger, klutz, putz, schlemiel, sap, meatball, dumb cluck and mook.” If any of you ‘scissor bill Muslims’ would prefer one of the 72 above choices over my #1 choice simply select it for they all are spiritually applicable to you. So once again you bunch of ‘spiritual numb nuts’….. حذائي هو على رأسك.

With my position clearly stated we shall now look at some knuckle-dragger types that have achieved a marked degree of economic worldly success in their quest to be secure in advancing the cause of Allah. Perhaps we can determine who is King Rat amid the ‘dipsticks’ brought to my awareness. And, first out of his burrow is Dilshad Karim the Vancouver representative for the IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation)  In IDRF-Canada you find examples of Muslims employing ‘good-works’ to advance the Islamic cause. Many such characters have embedded themselves in private medical systems, Government medical agencies and educational institutions as ‘launching pads’ for their Foundational designs. The IDRF bunch did such nationally and then internationally in 2012 when it announced the opening of its first out of country office of IDRF Pakistan. Now, there are a great number of persons listed as Dilshad Karim in many countries. But our Islamic Dildo appears to be the ‘accounting professional’ to be found in Vancouver. Our IDRF Dilshad can be gotten to at (604) 733-2205. Make a connection and let him know his days of ‘Islamic disguise charity jive talk’ are coming to an end. He truly is going to give a ‘professional accounting’ to the Lord Jesus Christ very soon.

???????????????????????????????We next face quite a putrid smell when examining the spiritual fool James (Jamshid) Hussaini Enterprenuer and the Canadian Hussaini Association (Afghani) Cached T

This Islamic idiot writes himself up as ‘Mr. Benevolence or Saint Jamshid of Afghanistan’ whose “ultimate goal one day is to go back to Afghanistan; use his experience and knowledge to assist his people in building cities and communities.” There is probably not a member of the Afghan Islamic West Coast Rats that does not know who this fellow is even though his main burrow is in Toronto. Born in Afghanistan, on March of 1989, Jamshid left Afghanistan at a very early age and has proven himself to be a skillful organizer and champion of the Afghani causes.

Among other things he is the Co-Founder and Board Member, Canada Afghanistan Business Council pressing forward the idea that “although education generates wealth, currently in Afghanistan financial assistance is required, which in turn with the help of financial assistance, education will be provided to the people of Afghanistan. Therefore, at this point, economy is the main factor that can change Afghanistan. To achieve education we have to start with establishing and bringing money to Afghanistan.” Along with his associates they have used the Canada Afghanistan Business Council to foster the Business Match Making Conference (BMMC) in Toronto to create partnerships. For more details visit

He is an organizing Member of He is a member of the Organizing Committee for Afghanistan Independence Day. He is a member of the Afghan Emergency Relief Fund. He is a Board Member of ICAC (The Community of Afghans in Canada) where he also founded the ICAC Youth Section . He is also a member of the ‘Cultural Committee’ at ICAC which is the blood line for Community of Afghans in Canada. It organizes all events and prepares the intellectual direction of the organization.
A very clever opportunist, he was the initiator and Organizer of the Tsunami Relief Fund with the Red Cross when he came up with an idea for his community to collect funds for those who suffered in the Tsunami. Through his community he raised a lot of funds which were matched by the Government of Canada. He states that ‘compared to most other parts of the world, we here in Canada are well off and blessed with opportunities. Therefore when things happen and the media creates an environment of sympathy, we should take advantage of it immediately.’ This fathead will always use the circumstance, no matter how adverse, to his own community advantage in whatever format will advance the Islamic cause.

As a member of the Organizing Committee at ABAC, Jamshid envisions that all organizations, regardless of their beliefs can come together under one umbrella. Unfortunately the Jamshid umbrella they must come under is Islamic where their beliefs will be eroded and ultimately must concede to sharia. This spiritual dolt can give of his time, his money and manipulate that of the Canadian taxpayer but he cannot disguise the ultimate design of evil Islamic intent.

Jamshid is definitely  a cleaver real estate rat…..with ability to push forward Islamic intent….

Homelife Dreams Realty Inc. Brokerage* (former Broker of Record) In 2006 Jamshid implemented the idea of having his Home Life Dreams Realty Inc. Brokerage establish within the retail area of a mall beside Wal-Mart. Aside from serving his own clients, he was now able to service walk-in shoppers in their Real Estate transactions and process. As a result Home Life Corporation is now one of the main franchise players in the world, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area, with offices all across the globe. Alongside his partner Neelofar Ahmadi, Jamshid is the only Afghan in Canada who has his own Real Estate franchise. They established a very well-designed office in Markham and are currently managing over 100 Sales Representatives.

Chairman & CEO of Crystal Group   In mid 2007 Jamshid and his partner Aziz Amiri inaugurated Crystal Group, a Real Estate Investment Management company. Crystal Group is the only company of its type in the Afghan Community and in a very short time, it established its branch offices in both Dubai and Afghanistan. Its focus is mainly on creating wealth through Real Estate. Its ability to facility jihadi intent is on a par with the ability to create wealth through Real Estate.

Further, Jamshid states he believes in the power of education and philanthropy to affect positive change in his business, personal life and in the lives of those he meets. Thus he sought to to bring about basic changes in the way the brokerage business operated. He is thus President and founder of Realty Point “which is a revolutionary Franchise Model that helps brokerages to run an effective and efficient business without the administrative hassles or the hefty monthly expenses.” Business Point: Toronto’s Business & Community Development Complex. More info:

These are the primary ways this spiritual ass has gouged out the money to further first himself, his country of Afghanistan and goal of all Canadian real estate becoming sharia-estate. You can contact James at (416) 510-3000 or by sending at email to: 240 Duncan Mill Road, 6th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3B3S6.

So contact this spiritual cretin and tell him, his partner and all those associated with them to ‘Jamshid their posturing disguises and to stuff all matters of business  up their Islamic dust busters’. Organizations like the Red Cross must avoid all formats of partnerships with this ilk and the Canadian Government should look to investigation of all monies that have ever transacted through this character and associates. Evidence will be found to expel them and their jihadist ideologies back to Afghanistan and remain their permanent!

pdrRay Salama is the President of Atticus Financial Inc. (2001), one of the premier lease origination companies in Western Canada. He has been in the leasing industry for more than 25 years, both operating a private leasing brokerage firm and as part of the leadership team of one of Canada’s largest leasing companies. Ray has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, business executive, sales professional, manager, and professional trainer and coach. Having a presence in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto and Ottawa…..Atticus are members of the Canadian Finance & Leasing Association, Vancouver Executives Association, Fraser Valley Executives Association, the Better Business Bureau of Mainland BC and the company’s principals are members in the Rotary Club and Canadian Progress Club.

Ray is past president of Vancouver Executives Association, past president of Canadian Progress Club of Vancouver and he is currently a board member and the 2014/2015 Chair of the Better Business Bureau of Mainland BC. He has many years of volunteer experience in various community groups, including ten years of coaching youth soccer. The Islamic idiot is very adept at furthering the invasion of his ideology and one and all clearly need reminder of what this man in truth represents: jihad in its invasive format that will ultimately give Islam a lease on your life that no Canadian can afford. If you want to continue to play in any manner with ‘Pay Day Islamic Blockhead Ray Salama’ then suffer the ultimate consequences that you face. I recommend you contact this low level clod and tell him you are breaking your lease permanent. Compared to the persons we are moving toward now the spiritual ninny Ray Salama is but small potatoes……but still a potato you can choke on!

Atticus Financial Group (2004) 1220 E Hastings Street Vancouver BC V6A 1S6 Phone: 604-251-5674 Fax: 604-251-2946 Email:

Is this KING RAT or Just a Top Contender?

krHassan Khosrowshahi Philanthropist Future Shop   Among other things he founded the recently scrapped Canadian electronics retailer, Future Shop. A man with definite ability to burrow deeply he was born in 1940 in Tehran, Iran. He is ethnic Persian with Canadian citizenship and resides in Vancouver, B.C since 1981. His personal net worth is estimated at US$ 940 million, but this is in no manner reflective of the massive financial empire over which he holds sway in one form or another.

He founded Persis Holdings Ltd. in 1981 as the holding company for the Khosrowshahi family. His endeavour was first known as Inwest Investments. Persis has made substantial investments in several sectors including land development, high rise development, shopping centres, retail real estate, pharmaceutical royalties, entertainment royalties and retail. You will get a glimpse at just how extensive an empire this is through looking briefly at three of the associates-relatives involved with him. But, first take a look at his real estate holdings http://www, which remains a subsidiary of Persis. Three key figures here are Kevin Layden (President and CEO), Henry Rutgers (Chief Financial Officer) and Randy Zien (Deputy Chairman). Positions of influence held by these three include presence with the Retail Council of Canada, the United Way Campaign, the Board of UDI-Pacific Region, ties to Price Waterhouse, membership in Financial Executives International and being on the Board of UBC Properties Management, the organization that develops and manages the land owned by the University of British Columbia, the Coquitlam Builders’ Trust, Collingwood School, Big Sky Golf Course, and the Urban Development Institute, a real estate development industry board. One has been a past Governor of the Canadian Tax Foundation and an adjunct professor at UBC Law School.

There seems nowhere the boys around Hassan and the minions surrounding them have not been able to grasp positions of influence in Canada, the United States and worldwide. As example, in April 2007 Hassan became chairman of The Fraser Institute’s board of trustees. He sits on the board of the Leading Edge Endowment Fund and is a Member of the Executive Committee of the Business Council of British Columbia. In 2012 he received the Order of British Columbia for his entrepreneurial and philanthropist career, as being an immigrant from Iran to Canada, he supposedly personifies the ‘great Canadian dream’. This dream will fully mature into a nightmare if Canadians do not wake up to just who this Iranian nut bar truly represents. Contact the old Islamic nitwit Chairman of Persis at 604-694-8810 or

Now, let’s take a look at some of the relative interests and other ‘economic’ extensions of our man Hassan….

ddaraDara Khosrowshahi has served as CEO of Expedia, Inc. from August 2005. Under his leadership, Expedia has extended its global presence to more than 60 countries worldwide through the Expedia,, and Hotwire online booking brands, and the travel community sites of TripAdvisor Media Network. Expedia operates over 70 booking sites and 20 full-service Expedia-branded booking sites. Under his leadership, Expedia, Inc. has grown to become the largest online travel company in the world. Khosrowshahi also serves as president of the Brand Expedia business, where he is responsible for the overall strategy and operations of the Expedia brand globally, with a focus on driving innovation and positioning the Expedia brand for further international growth.

Previously, Khosrowshahi served as CEO of IAC Travel, a division of InterActiveCorp. Khosrowshahi was instrumental in the initial expansion of IAC’s portfolio of travel brands, which now comprise Expedia, Inc. He served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of IAC, overseeing all of the company’s financial matters, and also held the role of Executive Vice President of Operations and Strategic Planning at the company. Prior, Khosrowshahi served as President of USA Networks Interactive, having joined the company in 1998 as Vice President of Strategic Planning.

As Chief Executive Officer, President, Director Member of the Executive Committee and President of Expedia Worldwide he had a stated $US12 million at the time of his divorce. There is some form of deception here for his total calculated compensation for 2013 alone was $US 7,467 million. He is connected to 36 board members in 4 different organizations across 11 different industries. See Board Relationships

Dara is one dangerous Iranian dog that has amassed a ‘leadership team’ to extend his Islamic designs. Go to the link following and look into the deadened eyes of Barry Diller and read his biography. You will start to grasp the degree of influence that ‘King Rat’ runs out through this avenue. Check a few of the characters out and ask yourself if they partnership with Dara through design or deception?

Now we encounter daddy rats ‘baby boy Behzad’….

dbbBehzad Khosrowshahi the son of Hassan is President (Chairman) and CEO of DRI Capital. Phone: 416-324-5700 Email:

DRI Capital Inc. is a Toronto based healthcare royalty fund manager, a type of private equity fund. Its CEO is Behzad Khosrowshahi, the eldest child and only son of Hassan Khosrowshahi. [It specializes in purchasing robust and predictable royalty streams from established pharmaceutical drugs, providing a consistent and diversified revenue stream to investors. In September 2013, the firm closed a third fund of $1.45 billion. This is the largest healthcare royalty private equity fund ever raised. As of June 30, 2013, the firm had purchased 41 royalty streams from 29 different leading pharmaceutical products. managing directors are Ali Alagheband, Craig Shepherd and Andrea Sotak. AUM US$3 billion in 2013. DRI Capital is a pioneer and global leader in healthcare royalty investing. Founded in 1992 as Drug Royalty Corporation, DRI Capital is the oldest and the largest healthcare royalty private equity fund manager in the world.

In 1993 Drug Royalty Corporation was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and remained publicly traded until 2002 when it was purchased, taken private and converted in to a global private equity fund manager business model. Headquartered in Toronto, DRI Capital is a fully-integrated team of 30 investment professionals with deep life sciences industry expertise drawn from a variety of disciplines. This is a money making and influence wielding machine for its Iranian masters.

And finally a ‘relative of very grave concern’……

br1Darian Shirazi was born December 23,1986 and is an entrepreneur, angel investor and founder of Radius. In 2008 Shirazi launched Fwix , a hyper-local news aggregator that crawls the web to curate a range of business data. It gathers everything from license registrations and Yelp reviews to Facebook likes, Twitter posts and Foursquare check-ins.

Google offered Shirazi $35 million for Fwix in 2012, wanting to prioritize Fwix’s local business data for lead generation. Shirazi turned them down and pursued the idea himself at which time Fwix was rebranded as Radius. Radius tracks 26 million small businesses in the United States in real time and has over 50 billion pieces of data, which include: social data; government data; people data; business listing metadata; daily deals, like those found on Amazon local; news articles and reviews. Radius surfaces this information for customers in CRMs. Shirazi is founder and CEO of Radius, and also writes about small businesses, entrepreneurship and startups for Forbes. Aside from Darian’s position at Radius, he manages a private investment fund and has invested, advised, or founded several other companies including: Homejoy, Udemy – the online education platform, Wedding Party – guest photo albums for weddings, MessageMe – great mobile messaging, and 50cubes – the creators of Mall World on Facebook.”

Darian completed some funding acquisitions in Feb 2015… showing he remains on the move with “offering the Radius sales teams insight into more than 26 million small businesses in the U.S., compiling data from disparate web sources to identify opportunities across new and established companies, as well as delivering advanced lead-generation tools as stand-alone SaaS offerings or integrated with services. Radius clients can assemble lead lists based on filters that include location, vertical, web activity, consumer reviews and ratings, ad spending, revenue and company size. They can also access up-to-date business information like phone numbers, e-mail addresses, owner names, employee head count and revenue. Pricing starts at $99 per month.”

This boy is secretive surrounding personal financial matters and highly adept at collecting the data and information that is also used by those of Iranian jihad intent. While a spiritual imbecile he is a genius in accessing what are the patterns of your activities that can be turned to his advantage. He is perhaps the chief asset in the battery of weapons in Hassan Khosrowshahi’s economic arsenal. Founder of Radius Intelligence, Darian Shirazi: Sales Intelligence … Darian Shirazi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

But, does all this make Hassan Khosrowshahi our King Rat in Canada? Perhaps not, King Rat may be lurking in the sewers of the Chinese Muslim Association…you try crawling into that sewer through such persons as …. Xinging Bai Yimp Zhong Baolin Zhu Hongwu Shu and Dan Yu….and see if you can find out. Personally, I do not care as they will all soon be dead rats if they do not submit to Jesus Christ!

a9The Educational system factored in…..

Indoctrination to its ideology through taking over the Educational system of a nation is not strictly Muslim. It was a policy under the Nazi regime of Hitler and the ploy of Communism from inception. Take over the mindset of the children and youth and you take over the nation fully when they grow into their time of governance. It is thus the BCMA has been active in establishing a Muslim institutional presence in British Columbia. It is also reason that their student-led initiatives are generally well supported and successful, including annual events such as MuslimFest and the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference, the largest Islamic event in Canada.

Every rise in ‘Islamic Spirit’ increases the abuse of Academic Freedom by dunce followers of Islam that must be terminated in Canada through actions at all levels of government. Issues that exemplify this are the anti-Semitic activities such as the boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) campaigns on campuses. Attacks on Israel (often used as a synonym for Jews) have become an accepted discourse in the academic world and the sole objective of BDS advocates is to delegitimize the one Jewish state. It is time to stop the charade of pretending that the BDS movement is an expression of free speech aimed at improving the lives of Palestinians or promoting peace. It does neither and BDS advocates are simply engaged in puerile hate speech. The BDS movement is anti-Semitic and should not be permitted on any campus that claims it does not tolerate bigotry directed against students because of their faith, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

Academic freedom is an important tradition that deserves protection but the biggest threat to this freedom comes from inside the universities where ‘ideological faculty’ have stripped the scholarly component from the term and exhibit claimed freedoms of speech only for themselves. Many faculties abuse their positions to promote personal political agendas and disseminate erroneous knowledge unsupported by realistic facts and evidence. Professors have no inherent or legitimate right to press their personal political views on regional or religious issues through the classrooms. Too many people ignore all stated checks upon their conduct because there appear few true consequences for their propagandizing, as most academic institutions have created the bulk of their own ground rules. Universities basically assert the right to police them-selves and object to outside interference. Their self-policing efforts ‘suck wind’ to say the least and their personal claims to hypocritical non-accountability roar like tidal waves. Hundreds of US professors signed a petition calling for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions under the guise of exercising their academic freedom, but when their names were publicized, the boycotters had the temerity to accuse their critics of McCarthyism. Shouting McCarthyism has become an all-purpose slur to discredit anyone who challenges the hypocritical, misleading or inaccurate content of professors’ opinions.

Islamophobia? College campuses have long been places in North America where anti-Israel activity and anti-Semitism has been tolerated. Jews, despite their status as a minority, and their history of being persecuted, simply are not afforded the same protections or consideration that other minorities receive on campus. A recently published survey reported that 54% of Jewish students had experienced or witnessed anti-Semitism on campus during the first six months of the 2013-2014 academic years. Suffering physical assault, being called a “dirty Jew” or having a swastika painted on the campus Hillel should not be tolerated by university administrators. Jews will remain targets so long as administrators refuse to treat them with the same zero-tolerance policy they have for attacks on women and other minorities.

Anti-Israel activists at the University of California Davis recently heckled Jewish students and shouted “Allah Akbar” at them during a student government vote endorsing a boycott of the Jewish state. The context of this chant is the belief that Islam should dominate the world and that Jews (often referred to by Islamists as descendants of apes and pigs) and other infidels should be subjugated. (Recently, South Africans were less subtle and shouted kill the Jews at a BDS protest.) Meanwhile, campuses across the country are holding their annual Israel hate weeks during which Jews and their homeland is reviled in films, by speakers and through demonstrations.”

The invention of “Islamophobia” by Muslim factions is meant to silence criticism of radical Islam. A phobia is an irrational fear, but it is not irrational to fear that radical Muslims want to replicate 9/11, or that they are beheading our citizens, or joining jihadi forces fighting in Syria and returning home radicalized. The promoters of “Islamophobia” ignore the data that shows Muslims are far less likely than Jews to be victims of hate crimes. Many of the academic institutions take money from Islamic malefactors such as Saudi Arabia and have become apologists for radical Islam. Some universities have gone so far as to set up campuses in Gulf States where freedom of any kind is virtually nonexistent.” (Dr. Mitchell Bard)

It is time that all Canadian public educational institutions supported by taxpayers funding be held to accounting for supporting Islamic ideology in any fashion as it goes against all true democratic ideals. As to the private institutions not answerable to the taxpayer they can be brought into alignment through their donors and the students (and parents who pay) tuitions for their structural support. Not to do so is to continue to fund Islamic structural mechanisms that will continue to work towards submitting you to their sharia.

A superior system…… The BC Muslim schools consider their system superior due to Islamic ideology. “The purpose of Muslim Schools is to provide a superior standard of education, to foster academic achievement, and to cultivate an Islamic spirit in each student. The schools expect of its pupils high standards of academic achievement, commitment and integrity combined with respect, self-discipline and code-of-conduct based on Islamic teachings. The BCMS meets and surpasses all curriculum requirements set by the Ministry of Education and as such is accredited and receives full funding pursuant to the Independent Schools Act from the provincial government.”

Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy (8580 No.5 Road, Richmond, British Columbia) strives to offer superior education in an environment rich with Islamic morals and values. The mandate of the school encompasses greater responsibility than only quality curricular education. It includes the spiritual and moral intelligence of every child. Our aim is to meet our children’s religious, academic, emotional, social, cultural, and physical needs. The graduates of Az-Zahraa Islamic Academy have a strong Muslim identity and the skills and values to be positive contributing members of both the Ummah and the larger Canadian Society.

Again, there should be no tax payer funding of these Islamic institutions that teach an ideology bent upon the eradication of our system of education and government. Contact your political representatives to see that all funding is terminated. Start on-line petitions to facilitate and expedite this necessary cessation.

Arabic language classes should not be condoned nor taxpayer funded….

The IQRA Islamic School in Surrey BC Iqra Islamic School stresses the “primary objective in teaching Arabic as a Second language at IQRA Islamic school is to enable students to communicate with verbal and written competence in Arabic according to their respective levels. The student is moved gradually from kindergarten to junior high towards this objective through the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The curriculum presents teaching Arabic as a Second language in an integrated manner where all four language skills are systematically integrated. IQRA Islamic school also provides a comprehensive Qur’an curriculum that includes proper recitation skills, memorization skills, as well as meaningful lessons learned from respective chapters of the Qur’an. The main goal of this program is to help students adapt Islam as a way of life.” Reality is that these students should be undergoing the teaching necessary for them to become truly functioning Canadians not ‘honor killing’ extremists.

The Ministry of Education has also approved Arabic to be taught as a second language at the B.C. Muslim Schools. The BC Muslim School (12300 Blundell Road, Richmond, British Columbia) BC Muslim School: Home “The purpose of BC Muslim School is to provide a superior standard of education to foster academic achievements and to cultivate an Islamic Spirit in each student.” This cultivation of spirit is done through a a taxpayer funded ‘Accredited Arabic as a Second Language Program’. Arabic as a second language in Canada is only good for teaching of their Qur’an and hadith! Why should we fund their hate propaganda and pay for them to be indoctrinated into desiring our domination or death?

The Surrey Muslim School (119-7475 135 Street Surrey BC) “As a school, we desire a reciprocal and supportive relationship with our community. In essence, the Surrey Muslim Schools vision is to cultivate students who become ambassadors of Islam and strive for success.”

The Al Madinah Academy and Masjid Al-Imam in Victoria BC. (Masjid Al-Iman The Academy’s goal is to strengthen and empower the future generations of this Ummah with authentic Islamic knowledge, fostering a correct understanding of Islam and a sense of pride in the Muslim identity. The nincompoop cesspool is strongly under the dumdum Saudi command of Sheikh Younus Kathrada, a graduate of the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia. “He has been involved in grassroots da’wah with the Muslim community of Canada, and of BC in particular, for the last 15 years. He has presented many topics on Islam at Universities in BC and Alberta for Islam Awareness Week, and also presents “Introduction to Islam” courses for high school and middle school students. He is currently acting Imam at the Masjid Al-Iman Mosque in Victoria and was previously Imam of an Islamic centre in Vancouver. He is also the founder and teacher of al Madinah Academy in Victoria, B.C. This dipstick is intent on training strong knowledgeable individuals who will work in the Victoria community in the field of Dawah, through sharing Islam with non-Muslims by initiating effective Da’wa programs aimed at converting the island communities to Islam.

You will find that the Islamic goobers squawk like seagulls scrapping over rotten fish if their jihad through education and in particular their Arabic language programs necessary to Qur’an propaganda are dislodged in any manner.

Also, rest assured these Islamic ignoramus will continue to push for special concessions due to their religion until they are forced to close their jihad driven doorways permanently. Canadians of genuine love for this land know it is time to seal these doorways for ever.

x6Still dropping behind them what you do not want to step into….Islam in its designs to create a completely Islamic world if compromised to uses effective invasive techniques through the business community, the Government and the educational system. One cannot deny the success they have had, a success it appears as far greater in the USA then in Canada. Thus it appears Canada must take the lead in stemming the evil tide as the American eagle has been molting on its roost with halfwit Barak Obama by turns preening and brooding as he leads the States along a clear pathway toward Islamic domination. Over the course of the Obama administration there has been deliberate economic, political and military erosion of the US influence worldwide. Obama has effectively surrendered to terrorists and jihadists in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan through abandoning much of former US leadership and thus power. He has also enacted policies that clearly serve the interests of the traditional enemies of democracy and Christianity.

Russia and China are the perennial adversaries of the U.S. and both are determined to dominate and expand their spheres of influence globally. Through economic growth China has aggressively expanded its military capabilities and financial stranglehold on the Asia-Pacific region. With impunity Russia continues to support terrorism worldwide and is on a policy of reintegrating its neighbors into its traditional buffer zone of states. They continue onwards in such patterns but the greatest deception in this mess surfaces in the fact that while they outwardly appear at loggerheads they remain in full cooperation surrounding the international space station, joint rocket and supply ventures. You can read my book ‘Thinwah’ for a clear explanation of what is truly transpiring as the matter is too massive to place in a ‘blog posting’.

Continuing, we see three of the foes of America …..Iran, Turkey, and the Islamic State…..lie in the powder keg of the Middle East. Simply put, Iran is a Shiite Islamist theocracy that wants to be the dominant Islamic sect in the world and needs to defeat its Sunni rivals to carry jihad onward to the rest of the planet. Thus it pursues the building of nuclear weapons, which due to the Obama administration ‘talks facilitation’ over the past six years or more has moved them closer to achieving. The recent Iran agreement surrounding the curbing of their nuclear development is just more of the same old tactics employed by the dope regime. In effect, with the removal of economic barriers they shall now develop their bombs for deployment even more quickly.

Looking at Turkey you see a quasi-secular democratic descendant of the Ottoman Empire and its current leader Erdogan trying to return his nation to both its former political and religious heights. He truly wants to wipe Israel off the map and desires the nations on his periphery to repudiate the West in everything and to look to Turkey for guidance.

The simpletons of the Islamic State see themselves as the seed of a new caliphate that aims to lead the expansion of the Arab domination worldwide. These dullards revel in the spotlight of Islamic terrorism, gruesomely slaying both non-Muslims and Muslims alike on a regular basis. They will continue in their bloody rampages until eradicated by a stronger force. All these anti-Christ forces think they can continue onward because of the state of the USA spiritually and thus physically. However, they are in a process of being set up for a dramatic culling by my Lord Jesus Christ. Have no fear of them for they are going down to defeat as “the things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” (Luke 18:27) You can hasten such defeat by taking an active part through eradicating the “Rats of BC” or continue onward to share in their ultimate destruction.