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Anyone giving serious consideration to election of the Liberal ‘baby bonehead’ to leadership of Canada will have to be dumber than a Muslim prepared to jihad because you say his camel is not better looking than his wife.

To solve problems existing at the root of such potential confrontation evoking disastrous results for these typical goofs you must grasp some facts. For once the Muslim is probably telling the truth and thus being faced with an obvious khafir liar he must rise to fight from some format of his distorted vision. Distorted because he cannot truly discern what has been bedded down with and bagged up in his Islamic view of the truth. And, the Islamic demand for submission of all to sharia makes as much sense to a rational mind as the insanity of some fool assuming that the ‘burqa bagged babe’ must be better looking than a camel. Such thinking supports the politically correct moronic assumptions of Islam being uttered by the Great White Hopelessness of the Liberal Party….the ‘Son of Fuddle Duddle and Mad Maggie’……Justin Trudeau…. Wake up time Canada!

m1Current Liberal Idiocy Surrounding Islam… and the Canadian Political Muslim

The barbaric practices of Muslims make them no better than out of control animals and such ‘animules’ continuously seek to find themselves strategic positioning about our Government whether it be Federal or Provincial. Their poisoned philosophical garbage has found its way into the ranks of civil servants, MP’s, MLA’s, MHA’s, the Senate and influential positions amid cabinets of all. Whether you like it or not at the heart of this Federal Election is the matter of Islamic incursions into the nation. For certain the government which you support will determine the degree to which you face future destruction of your basic Canadian freedoms or rescuing of the same through return to the Christian basics it was founded upon. As in the days of Jeremiah I tell you “thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, we will not walk therein.” (Jeremiah 6:16) Are you going to be one who rejects the call to true Christian values or one that thanks God that the Muslim presence like the life of a mule cannot regenerate itself naturally and freely? The mule has to be deliberately bred to continue its animal characterises onward through the breeding of a horse of some type with a donkey. The sperm of a mule has no more life producing qualities than does the ideology of Islam. Thus Islamic incursions can be ended now through no more of the Liberal donkey stupidity of Justin Trudeau politically breeding with Muslims in any format.

Logically examine the case of Muslim Lawyer Hussein Hamdani for it highlights the fact that to vote Liberal is sheer lunacy: “A Hamilton lawyer who has been suspended as an adviser on Muslim issues and security for the federal government says his removal is politically motivated because he is supporting Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney suspended Hussein Hamdani from the Cross-Cultural Roundtable on National Security this week. Blaney’s office is looking into questions raised by the French TVA network about politically charged statements it alleges Hamdani made as a university student, and allegations about radical organizations that it says Hamdani had associations with.”

Opponents of sanity immediately attacked Blaney for simply fulfilling the mandate of his office and rebuking them is appropriate. “Be ye not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle, lest they come near unto thee.” (Psalms 32:9) Do not confuse the matter of Canadian Public Safety with ‘party politicking or political maneuvering of some sort’ by the Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney. This ‘kind of nerdy appearing fellow’ is truly as concerned about the safety of all Canadian families as he is about his own and simply deals with matters in the order of importance they appear in front of him. And, Blaney is extremely good at his job just as are the Horsemen who arrested the Muslim businessman Othman Ayed Hamden (Noex Contracting) in Fort St. John this week. This ISIS supporter is charged with counseling to commit murder for the benefit of a terrorist group, counseling to assault causing bodily harm for the benefit of a terrorist group and counseling to commit aggravated assault for the benefit of a terrorist group. You better recognize the fact Canada that the lying lawyer Hamdani is Muslim to the core and following the pathway he finds most effective to ensconce his Islamic ideals. And Canada, while that odious pathway of mule droppings appears most frequently being trod by the Trudeau Political Liberal tramps, old ‘side saddle Mulcair’ is certainly holding his own in the Grand Crown Race Supporting Islamic Stupidity. Be careful politically correct morons in trying to stuff your faces into the feedbag of the public purse for laws surrounding treason toward this nation were on the books long before Bill C-51 was introduced and the Horsemen are very good at equitably enforcing the law in whatever order that ‘lawlessness presents itself before them’.

So, what does the Muslim think about the Canadian political system and what do they work toward…read and heed the quoted taste I’m giving you below as found in this link.  MPs: Who do they represent?

“Thus, it is clear that an MP does not in actuality represent the people, but rather represents the party agenda. It is also public knowledge that MPs will be expelled from their party for failing to cast their vote along party lines. We must also consider the influence of the capitalist elite in the political process. The reason is that going along with the will of the people will harm the economic interests of the elite. In other words, Canada’s policy in Afghanistan is ultimately dictated by elite interests – not the will of the people.

Given the above facts, it is no wonder that the Canadians are fed-up with the system. Consider the following: …47% of people do not vote (Globe & Mail) …75% of youth do not vote (CTV) …86% of the Canadian population believe that politicians lie to get elected (CRIC). Although a significant section of Canadian society does vote, Canadians are increasingly realizing that the votes they cast actually do not count: only 28% of the Canadian population thought that the average citizens had influence with government (Participatory Democracy Group). However, it is important to understand why the democratic system is so flawed. The answer lies not in some superficial rules that attempt to curtail the influence of lobbyists or increase transparency. Rather, it lies at the heart of the democratic system: its Aqeedah. (Inserted definition: “Aqeedah refers to those matters which are believed in, with certainty and conviction, in one’s heart and soul. They are not tainted with any doubt or uncertainty.”) The secular Aqeedah is based on the separation of Deen from life; (Inserted definition: “Deen means religious compulsion in obedience, custom, matter, law and politics.) meaning man designs his own systems – he does not take guidance from Allah. The problem with this approach is that man is incapable of legislating because of his natural limitations. He is limited in his capacity to think and is easily influenced by his environment.

In contrast, as Muslims we believe that the systems that govern man should not be based on the whims and desires of people. Instead, these systems should solely be based on what Allah has revealed. Allah revealed: “The right of Rule is solely for Allah.” [TMQ 12:40] And, as Muslims we must “Rule between them by that which Allah has revealed to you, and do not follow their vain desires.” [TMQ 5:49] This is the reason that the Islamic political system, the Khilafah, is the only system suitable for governing human beings. We should use this election time to bring this to the attention of Muslims and non-Muslims. Ultimately, the secular system is flawed because it is based on the weak minds of men. We should instead, turn to the guidance as revealed by Allah: “Say: Allah’s guidance is the only guidance, and we have been directed to submit ourselves to the Lord of the worlds” [TMQ 6:71]

After all, what is guidance? Is Allah’s guidance only restricted to the spheres of personal worship and individual morality? As stated in the ayat, we submit completely to Allah. (Inserted definition: Ayat is an Arabic plural term for ayah and means ‘evidence’ or ‘sign’. In the context of Islam’s principal scripture, the Qur’an, ayah is used to mean ‘verse’, i.e. each statement or paragraph marked by a number.) That is, by surrendering our will to Allah, we recognize that we need His guidance to run not just our affairs in the personal sphere, but also our affairs as a society. Therefore, when a politician is running he is actually claiming to provide guidance to humanity. The Liberal Party is saying that they are the best guide for humanity whereas the Conservatives think themselves to be the best guide for humanity. The reality is that only Allah can be the guide for humanity. We would never believe that any of the party leaders that are running for office has better guidance than that revealed by Allah. Therefore, we must stay true to our covenant with Allah. When Election Day comes, we need to comply with the above ayat by stating clearly that only Allah’s guidance is the guidance for humanity and submission is to none but Him. Insh Allah, if Allah accepts our deeds and is Merciful towards us, we will be happy that we maintained our covenant with Him by steering clear of the ballot box which does not recognize Allah’s complete authority.

“And it could be that you hate something and it is good for you, and it could be that you love something and it is bad for you, and Allah knows and you know not.” [TMQ 2:216]

Comment: Have you caught what is being spoken you poor delusional Canadians that believe Islam is just another ‘spiritual faith’? The sharia law of Islam is what is best for you according to the devoted Muslims and believe me you shall have it implemented whether you like it or not if you do not completely root them out of the political system. Do not let the format of Islamic speech patterns confuse you… “we will be happy that we maintained our covenant with Him by steering clear of the ballot box which does not recognize Allah’s complete authority.” They are not stating not to vote or make use of the democratic system to achieve their ends. In fact they are intent upon ultimately taking absolute control of the ballot box and urging full force ahead in this election. And this factoring remains clear…“According to an Ipsos Reid exit poll from the 2011 election, 12 per cent of Muslims who voted supported the Conservative party, while 46 per cent voted Liberal, and another 38 per cent voted NDP.” The Conservatives are clearly the least popular with the followers of Islam and are increasingly becoming more so due to their stance against Islamic terrorism both inside this country and without. In contrast you find the Islamic elements that undermine all Canadian values are embraced strongly by followers of both Bonehead Trudeau and Mush-mouth Mulcair.

Oh, politically correct and emotional tugging is evidenced in all camps, but it appears the Conservatives are the most intent upon cleaning up their ‘rank and file’ and instituting the reforms necessary to the safety and ‘cultural values’ of Canada. And do not think that the matter of the ‘hijab’ is a minor issue as the following link intimates. The activities of Mahwash Fatima and her ideas espoused are extremely hypocritical to many of the fundamental beliefs of Islam.

Go to my posting of March1, 2015 ‘Muslim Bosniak Maniacs” and scroll down to ‘The Canadian Islamic Identity Crisis’…the wearing of the niqab. I demarcate the insidious reality of this issue, the importance to our Constitutional values and why the Harper government has been forced to handle it in the manner necessary to protect Canada.

The political doorway you walk through this election is the most important one you have ever entered and even if you choose to look at the “wikki-wits” you will see that the majority of Muslims shown ensconced under Politicians are Liberals.    List of Canadian Muslims

From the link following we find Canadian Senator, Salma Ataullahjan says that “the Muslim community is a vital part of Canada and must be recognized for their contributions to the country. When I represent Canada abroad people are often surprised to see me, a Muslim woman of Pakistani origin as a Canadian senator. It is testament to the great country I reside in where we are judged by not by our ethnicity or place of origin.” She is correct for Canada is a great country that does not judge individuals based singularly by ethnicity or place of origin. But she is 100% wrong stating ‘the Muslim community is a vital part of the fabric of Canada and should be recognized as such’ and the truth coming to light daily proves her wrong and simply another ‘Islamic faith based liar’. Appointed to Senate by Stephen Harper in 2010 I would imagine that he has regretted this action undertaken during the early days of his ongoing education to the reality of Islam. It is now up to PM Harper and crew to see to the full cleanup of the Senate now underway and the removal from ‘office’ of such tripe as Salama Ataullahjan. The Islamic ‘hogs and dogs’ cannot be permitted to feed from the public purse they rend in their own Islamic causes. There must be repayment of every cent they have ever received and no benefits of office they should never have been permitted to occupy.                                                                                

So, PM Harper has some ‘tainted meat’ that must be removed from the Conservative Cupboards, but it is very minor as compared to the mound of Islamic bones that continue to be planted in the political graveyard the Liberals et al continue to dig for us daily. And certainly we shall fall into an open grave called sharia if we follow the Son of Fuddle-Duddle during the days ahead. Go to my posting of March 14, 2015: “Toleration is Not Acceptable” scroll down to ‘With Iran – Compromise is No Solution’. Read it for the truth about an Iran that Trudeau lunacy simply does not comprehend. You will find what is written here has been validated by the recent nuclear agreement announced in Vienna and in Tehran, Iran, on Tuesday July14,2015. The ‘agreement’ has only increased the security risks to the free world and furthered divisive reactions amid the nations.

d4Iran…..duh…… “If the Liberal Party claims victory in the next federal election, Justin Trudeau says, his government would end Canada’s bombing mission against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and restore diplomatic relations with Iran, in a dramatic departure from the path taken by the Harper government on foreign policy.” Trudeau ruled out committing combat troops to Iraq, even as the security situation there deteriorates. ISIS now controls more than a quarter of Iraq including Mosul, the country’s second largest city. ISIS fighters recently took Ramadi, a city about 100 kilometres away from the capital of Baghdad.

Trudeau also said he’d move to normalize relations with Iran. The Harper government abruptly closed the Canadian Embassy in Tehran in 2012 and expelled Iranian diplomats from Ottawa. “I would hope that Canada would be able to reopen its mission, as I understand it, there were security concerns that led to the closing of the mission, but I’m fairly certain that there are ways to re-engage,” Trudeau sa

Wow: “As I understand it, there were security concerns that led to the closing of the mission”….What world is this Trudeau living in? Security concerns have escalated not lessened; and ‘to normalize relations with Iran’ demands you close your ears to the Iranian population chanting ‘death to America’ and denial of what its leadership speaks within their nation daily.

Wow: “Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau told CBC News he believes if there is an expansion of the ISIS campaign the subject needs to come back to the House of Commons for debate.” The ISIS campaign is under expansion daily and there is nothing to debate about. Fight the Islamic horde with every means possible in the Middle East and other sectors of the world or sit around debating about it until you must fight them full force in the streets of our land.  Polls suggest broad support for combat role against ISIS – for now

jcThe Pepper Man…. “For me, pepper, I put it on my plate….

When it comes to being a liar we find former Prime Minister ‘Old Pepper Spray Jean Chretien’ of the same mindset as Fuddle-Duddle Trudeau. Chretien described both himself and his trainer PierreTrudeau when he stated: “To be frank, politics is about wanting power, getting it, exercising it, and keeping it.” Trudeau denied using the words “fuck off” and Chretien denied knowledge of ‘mace/pepper spray’ being used by police on protestors at the APEC conference he hosted. Watch the November 25, 1997 video and see his disdainful sidestepping of stating the truth. He both knew what ‘pepper spray/mace’ was and fully condoned its use.
Video on YouTube   It appears the Pepper Man is still capable of spreading the same political drool out one side of his lying mouth as in the past.

jc2Jean Chretien has a coward’s heart propelling his words when he supports Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s decision to oppose Canada’s air combat mission in Iraq. He calls the deployment of fighter planes a “very marginal” response to the crisis caused by Islamic State invasions of Syria and Iraq. Perhaps this is similar to his ‘marginal response’ at the invasion of the official residence by the head case André Dallaire, who heard voices instructing him to kill Chretien. Dallaire startled his wife Aline at their bedroom door. Either our mighty Jean barricaded himself in the bathroom and deployed his wife Eline to ‘handle security’ or simply snored on as she ‘duked it out’ with the intruder and contained the breach until the security forces arrived. Reports go to both stories and it is difficult to ascertain the facts when dealing with a power groveling liar manifesting a murderous vengeful temper. But this is the truth: “When a stalker breached security at the Prime Minister’s residence in the early 1990s, his wife, Aline, rendered him unconscious with an Inuit soap stone statue. This made him the subject of ridicule by Canadian Comics and the incident reflected badly on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.”

It was very public knowledge that ‘Old Pepper Spray’ had great hatred for any one he perceived as blocking his path to power. Such was the case in his dealings with John Turner as reflected upon by Ed Broadbent an NDP leader of this era. ““Ed Broadbent later recalled that Chrétien harbored a marked degree of animosity towards Turner and that “I noticed that any negative comment Chrétien could make about John Turner in the lobbies, he would do it. I didn’t like that”. Such was the same rancor manifested by Chretien in 2003 toward his opponent Stephen Harper and simply resurfacing now.   ISIS: Justin Trudeau’s Iraq position backed by Jean Chrétien …

Chrétien claims there was no louder critic than then-Opposition Leader Stephen Harper to his decision to keep Canada out of the Iraq war. He has stated that while the “Islamic State’s atrocities must be stopped … Western countries must be cognizant of the region’s history in deciding how to act. Harper did not understand that history in 2003, and he does not understand it today. The legacy of colonialism in the Middle East was exacerbated by the Western military intervention in Iraq in 2003 and the current rise of ISIL is in large part a result of that war. He says that is why he supports the position taken by Trudeau. ”

Wow: If this critter truly believes “the current rise of ISIL is in large part a result of the Iraq war” he is even more delusional than he was in 2003 and knows nothing of the root causes to the battles now underway amid the forces of Islam. And further the pepper solution to the Middle East is even more moronic for “he believes the best contribution Canada can make to the U.S.-led ISIS mission is by engaging in ‘massive, not token, humanitarian assistance.’ (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press) Chrétien said “Canada should offer to immediately take 50,000 refugees fleeing the Islamic State and allocate $100 million for the World Food Program to help feed refugees facing a harsh winter.” Does Trudeau continue further onward with his mentor’s opinion? It appears he does and these morons need to be ‘immediately reminded” that as I posted on January 21, 2015 Time Has Run Out

NNA newly released survey suggests a large number of Muslims living in Canada will not disown Al-Qaida. The study, conducted by the MacDonald Laurier Institute, found 65% of Muslims questioned said they would “repudiate absolutely” the terrorist organization, while 35% “would not do so”.
“From a security perspective, it is difficult to know if a 65% rate of repudiation of Al-Qaida is re-assuring or a 35% failure to repudiate troubling,” wrote study authors Christian Leuprecht, associate professor of the Royal Military College of Canada and Conrad Winn, Carleton University professor and president of COMPAS, a public opinion research firm. The report also states support for extremism is just as high among Muslims born in Canada, or other Western countries, as it is among those hailing from oppressive dictatorships.”

Simply put, 35% of the Muslims in Canada are potential walking ‘jihad time bombs’ and our Government’s claim that the ‘greatest threat’ to Canada is coming through ‘international terrorism’ is wrong. The ‘greatest threat’ is not from the external source but from Islam and Muslim followers of the pernicious faith embedded within our soil. Time has run out for anyone not following Islam to keep their ‘head’ buried in the sand and trying to avoid this fact. With heads buried such fools desperately look for some means to deny the fact that it is Islamic followers of the Qur’an and Hadith that are the root source of evil growing from a poisoned soil. The greatest threat to Canada is for the Nation to continue to ‘sell soft culturally and politically safe programs’ as solutions. Such efforts only occupy one as ‘a nest of snakes continues to breed and destroy the land’ for all but themselves! Canadians need the links to reality contained in the points that follow, for refusal to eradicate the threats from within now ensures destruction from that which has been claimed to be entering from international soil without. “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” and it is God’s purpose that allowable time for your procrastination has run out now. (Ecc 3:1)

So Jean you Jerkoff … figure the numbers we are supposed to immediately take into our country 17,500 persons that are nothing more than potential walking ‘jihad time bombs’? And, ‘Mush Puppy Trudeau’ we are according to you, in our best interests, to fully ‘engage’ ourselves with these devils seeking our destruction!

It is self-evident that foreign policy and national security issues are the major electoral policy issues for Canada. It is also self-evident the official Liberal policy positions articulated by Pierre Trudeau, aped by John Chrétien and partly parroted by baby Justin Trudeau are the root causes for what we face today. I say partly parroted because Baby Trudeau is very erratic in his behavior. He dances between bragging upon his father’s political record and trying to escape the reality of what the Trudeau legacy truly entails. I shall detail what this legacy is in a second and final posting about this Liberal Looney and then will desist from any further comment about this ‘sick puppy’ until the polling booths close.

But old Fuddle Duddle must be rolling over in his grave with what his misguided sperm did on February 4, 2015. Let Bill C-51 highlight this Liberal’s loose-bolts pattern for he states his party wants changes, but the content is too important to vote against it. “Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says his caucus will vote in favour of a bill to vastly increase the powers of Canada’s spy agency — with or without the improved oversight civil rights experts are calling for. The announcement, made Wednesday afternoon, seems particularly odd because the bill includes a measure that would let the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) apply for a warrant to ignore the charter. The charter is indelibly linked to Trudeau, as it was written and enacted under the Liberal government headed by his father, former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.” My gosh, if the content is too important to vote against then National Security is our prime issue. So, why does it appear Trudeau advisors and star candidates retired general Andrew Leslie and Omar Alghabra, former head of the Canadian Arab Federation may be leading our boy deeper into waters endangering our national security? Leslie has made blatantly false claims of Israel “indiscriminately” shooting at women and children in its defensive war against Hamas terrorists. And certainly no one with a brain stem intact wants to ride on seeking national security with any camel jockey from the Canadian Arab Federation. Liberal anti-Israel foreign policy has them desperately pandering for anti-Israel votes and courting the Muslim vote in Canada. And courting the Muslim vote is about the worst thing you can do if you truly care about Canada and this policy is what Trudeau is totally committed to do. He is emotionally and mentally one sick puppy and while surrounded by mainly tired dogs is barking up many wrong trees.
Anti-terrorism bill to be supported by Liberals, Justin Trudeau says

g4Justin Trudeau is engaging Muslim radicals, telling them he accepts them and their values and the rest of us had better accept these killers, too.

“Justin Trudeau appeared on CTV and Bob Fife asked him about his visits to mosques run by Muslim extremists. Trudeau answered, “I would like to ask the prime minister and his public safety minister, can he please give us a list of mosques that politicians shouldn’t be visiting?” Trudeau also stated that they were “promoting Islamophobia.”

Earlier this summer Trudeau told Sun News that he was “proud” to have campaigned for votes in a Wahhabi mosque in Montreal that was listed by the Pentagon in a classified report in 2008 as a place where terrorists are recruited. Trudeau visited the mosque in March 2011, one month before the Pentagon report was made public. (An imam in 2011 told a newspaper the allegations were outdated and outlandish.) According to a major CBC expose in 2006, that mosque routinely propagates anti-Semitism, and the belief that gays and “dishonourable” women should be killed. Until the police shut down a mosque Trudeau will keep campaigning there for votes.

Fife also asked Trudeau about the growing problem of Canadian Muslims joining terrorist groups – an estimated 150 have done so. Trudeau got even mushier, claiming that “engaging” Muslims was the answer. He used the word four times. But what engagement does Trudeau have in mind? Military engagement? An attempt to deradicalize them? A public information campaign to explain to newcomers that we don’t believe in violence in Canada, even if an imam calls for it?

Here’s what Trudeau said when he spoke to a Muslim conference in Toronto – a conference originally sponsored by an extremist group the Canadian government says sponsors terrorism: “Canada has now moved beyond the goal of mere tolerance, because saying I tolerate you is to grudgingly allow you to breathe the same air, to walk the same earth… in Canada we are beyond that. So let us not use the word tolerance. Let us speak instead of acceptance, understanding, respect and friendship.”

Wow: So that’s it Canadians. If you believe in democratic freedoms you couldn’t have a clearer choice in the next election. Stephen Harper has made it crystal clear that Canada under his government will side with democracy every time. It matters not whether he has to stand against Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the Hamas’ war against Israel, Islamic State terrorists in Iraq and Syria, or Islamic Terrorism here at home. Islam and the tenants of the Muslim have no democratic basis to them whatsoever and this is what Trudeau and his Tamps are embracing most strongly.

And further Canada, Justin Boneheads taxation-financing is not going to be available as he espouses or work to handle the economy even if it was. It is as muddled as his positioning toward our nation’s security.

What’s Up Doc….? Nothing more than the survival of Canada as a free nation outside of all Islamic bondage!