The Canadian Military Muslim Chaplaincy Badge – ISIS?

Connecting the Dots….. “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.” (Proverbs 22:1) The ‘good name’ of the Canadian Military and Prison Chaplains has become a deceptive blackened branding of Islam and playground for spiritual perverts. Originally the word “chaplain” referred to representatives of the Christian faith, but now it is also applied to people of other religions or philosophical traditions acting as chaplains serving within military forces, universities, schools, prisons, police departments and hospitals. The office of ‘chaplain’ was originally held to be the official territory of Christian members of the clergy but evolved to include priests, pastors, rabbis and imams. A further evolution took place with many lay persons receiving some professional training in chaplaincy and such individuals have come to work alongside the fully qualified ministers. With a lack of the true professional spiritual ministers being available many semi-qualified and even unqualified ‘spiritual leaders’ have come to occupy the chaplaincy offices. Through this process we have seen the chaplaincy become one of a “generic, multi-faith, secular, humanistic” conceptualization strongly evidenced within the prison, military, educational and healthcare systems.

“The Royal Canadian Chaplain Service is supposed to contribute to the operational effectiveness of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) by supporting the moral and spiritual well-being of military personnel and their families in all aspects of their lives, during conflict and peacetime. Chaplains minister to the needs of all members of the CAF and their families, whether they attend church or are of the same religion – whether they have any spiritual beliefs at all. CAF chaplains have dual accountability, to ecclesiastical and military authorities. As faith group leaders, chaplains come under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of their denominations and faith groups. As commissioned officers, they are subject to the code of service discipline and are responsible to their military superiors. The Royal Canadian Chaplain Service is headed by a Chaplain General who advises the Chief of the Defense Staff and reports administratively to the Chief of Military Personnel.”

M-2This is the Primary Canadian Military Chaplaincy Badge. By 2006 the Royal Canadian Military Chaplain Service had disintegrated to the point where their badges reflected the evolution of multi-cultural deceit. At this time the Primary Badge became the three ‘multi-faith symbols’ following.

M-3                                 Christian                   Jew               Muslim

Wow: Through a process of social-spiritual degeneration we have evolved to the point where Canadian Military are wearing and serving under the ISIS symbol of the crescent. Their ‘military superiors’ are responsible to see this terminated. But, it is the ‘multi-faith’ incursion through sexual perverts into the military and prison networks that has been used to advance Islam and their pernicious “faith based sharia”. The Qur’an has much to state against sexual perversions, but the Muslim has no problem employing ‘perverts’ to advance their cause. This is typical Islamic ‘jihad deceit’. Thus, disintegration through moral perversion has evolved to the point whereby Brigadier General J.M. Fletcher is the first ‘openly gay’ head over the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service and Muslims such as Imam Sami Metwally pander to his whims. Elements within the Jewish tradition have proven no better.

M-4The Goof Troop
(L to R): Rabbi Barry Schlesinger of the Agudath Israel Congregation, Iman Sami Metwally from the Ottawa Main Mosque, and Padre John Fletcher, Chaplain General of the Canadian Armed Forces take part in an interfaith service in Ottawa, October 2014. Not a one of these men has any genuine knowledge of the Truth of God or relationship through the Lord Jesus Christ, but it is the faggot on this end that is the worst offender as this ‘queer dear’ actually holds itself up to be a Christian. The primary aspect to this writing is concern with the Islamic incursion but it is the ‘moral disintegration” through manipulation of ‘multi-culturalism and sexual orientation’ that has allowed the incursion to evolve. Many amid the ‘multi-faith Rainbow bowel movement of Satan’ have in fact strongly pursued it and continue to do so.

“Cursed be he that does the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keeps back his sword from blood.” (Jeremiah 48:10)

M-5The Royal Canadian Chaplain Service is a personnel branch of the Canadian Armed Forces that has approximately 192 Regular Force chaplains and 145 Reserve Force Chaplains. It is a disgrace to the Government of Canada that Muslims be permitted to any longer carry out the office of military Chaplains and the uniform hat insignia with the Islamic crescent must be withdrawn from them and obliterated. Nine years of history has more than shown the true colors of Islam and the jihad designs of all aspects of their interaction with our Canadian Government in any sector.

On 24 September 2006, the Department of National Defence issued a press release indicating that, “In order to better represent the diversity of Canadian society, and reflect the multi-faith nature of today’s chaplaincy”, the current branch cap badge would be replaced with three new badges. The new badges would retain the crowned wreath of red maple leaves and central blue circle; the Maltese Cross behind the circle would be removed. On the circle would be “a different symbol for each faith tradition: for Christian chaplains, the Maltese Cross which has long been associated with Christian chaplaincy. Jewish chaplains will wear the symbol of the tablets of the Law and the Magen David (the star of David) and Muslim chaplains will wear the crescent.”

There is great significance to these changes for the earlier badge that was altered precedent to the 2006 enactment also had the motto In Hoc Signo Vinces (In This Sign You Will Conquer) which is attributed to Constantine the Great when he embraced Christianity. The Maltese rendition of the Christian Cross which was removed as the singular Primary Badge Emblem also has great historic military connotation as it was the badge of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, also called the Knights of Malta. Members of this monastic order of chivalry heroically defended Malta against the Ottoman Turks in 1565. The Turks defended against were Muslims and the desecration that has taken place in removal of the Maltese Cross as the Primary Badge Emblem is obvious.

At some point a scroll with the motto Vocatio Ad Servitium was placed upon the current Primary Chaplaincy Badge. This motto means “Called to Serve”. Playing upon a policy of multi-culturalism and diversity being a central element of our Canadian society the forces that have brought about the disintegration in the Military Chaplaincy state it is their “policy of multiculturalism that has enabled Canadian Armed Forces chaplaincy to become a leader in the management of this Canadian diversity. Even though Jewish chaplains served during the Second World War, it was only in 2003 with the hiring of the first imam, Suleyman Demiray, that the Canadian military chaplaincy opened the door to a multi-faith chaplaincy. As there was still no specific crest for Islam, our first imam wore the crescent on his tunic in order to identify the religious group of which he was a member. In 2006, the Governor General of Canada officially approved the new badges for the Canadian chaplaincy: three badges united by a common theme and at the center the religious symbols. In March 2007, the first Jewish chaplain since the end of the Second World War, Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn, enlisted in the Reserve Force. In addition to a military hat badge with the symbol of the tablets, he also had the tablets on his tunic. In 2011, the Canadian Forces finally adopted a new primary badge which incorporates the symbols of the Tree of Life and the sun, which represents light. This badge is used as the primary badge of the Canadian Forces Chaplaincy. The chaplains must still wear the military hat crest of the religion to which they belong. However, the primary badge of the chaplaincy is worn on the chaplain scarf (sign of office) that is worn by the Chaplain General. Today, the Chaplain Branch is made up of chaplains from more than twenty Christian denominations, as well as Muslim and Jewish chaplains.”

However, as I stated, on the earlier badge precedent to the 2006 badge altered to three there was a Latin insignia of In Hoc Signo Vinces which means “In This Sign You Will Conquer”. This motto certainly cannot be allowed to be associated with the three badges, nor can the Islamic Crescent for it is exactly what the Muslims believe will ultimately fly as the flag over all of Canada and the world. Getting rid of this garbage now is necessary for Sept. 16, 2014 the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Chaplain Branch was renamed the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service. This was its older, historical designation precedent to the badge of 2006 that inaugurated the Canadian three badges and Islamic disgrace of our Canadian War Hero’s.

The claim is made that the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service designation has been restored to honor and commemorates the Branch’s long and proud history of providing spiritual care and support to CAF operations, our military members and their families. Unless there is also restoration to the former singular badge Islam has achieved another jihad four stages to victory invasion. No one can be permitted to walk about anywhere with Canadian military insignia upon them with a statement that under the sign of the crescent we will conquer. That is what shall take place if the very original motto of In Hoc Signo Vinces through some multi-cultural pandering ends up the motto inscribed on the three badges.

The minority Harper government was in power on 24 September 2006 when the three badges carry forward legislation was enacted. Changes to the military and prison chaplaincy have taken place since then, and God willing the Harper government will see to absolute removal of all Islamic symbolism in association with our Canadian government and military. For a certainty neither Mulcair nor Trudeau will do so for they pander to Islamic interests. Our military and secret services have given their lives in places like Bosnia, Afghanistan, Africa and continue to do so fighting against the forces of Islam in the Middle East. They are our national hero’s and what do their relatives and loved ones think when they see the Islamic Crescent on Canadian military insignia? The Islam that took these Canadian lives is in no manner a source of ‘spiritual counsel’ to our soldiers in the field or their widows, orphans and loved ones at home.

A news headline read on Oct 07, 2012: “The Canadian government is canceling the contracts of all non-Christian chaplains at federal prisons.” Dig into the facts surrounding this issue and you will see this action in no manner was taken to enhance religious discrimination. In fact the opposite is true. And, no matter what, Islam belongs nowhere in any Canadian Chaplaincy service. Eradicate both the symbols and the Muslim presence in our military and all government services now! As for all adherents of Islam and their dhimmi supporters I state: حذائي هو على رأسك

M-6Back to the Future

For a historical perspective to the evolution of the Military Chaplaincy see the article by Colonel Guy Chapdelaine, CD, the Director of Chaplain Strategic Support in the Chaplain General Office at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa. “Working Towards Greater Diversity: A Blessing or a Curse? The Experience of the Canadian Military Chaplaincy” Canadian Military Journal Vol. 15, No. 1

Wow: This article is nothing more or less than a propaganda tool of the multi-cultural, interfaith movement that supports the Muslims and the deception and disgrace they represent within the Canadian Chaplaincy service. And the author Colonel Guy Chapdelaine is an unrighteous hypocritical dog that should be prosecuted for his treasonous advance of Islam within our nation. I will demarcate my Wow comments within it.

Chapdelaine states: “Throughout the history of the chaplaincy, diversity has been an inescapable reality. Canada’s management of religious diversity has been unique, due to the federal policy of multiculturalism. Canadian multiculturalism is one of the key characteristics of the Canadian identity. It is both a means to integrate immigrants and promote cultural plurality, as well as a fundamental Canadian value. In 1971, Canada became the first country in the world to endorse an official policy with respect to multiculturalism. This policy enables Canadians to maintain their cultural identity and to be proud of that identity, and, in turn, this increased exposure makes individuals more open to various cultures and more tolerant of them.” Wow: The stupidity of the misapplication of a policy that results in the inroads of a sworn enemy infiltrating our society, government and military does not deserve further comment than you demand an end to it through the current election process.

“Even though there is a separation between the various religions and the State, Canadian society recognizes the supremacy of God, which is noted in the preface to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The national anthem also refers to the divine reality. Furthermore, because of its multiculturalism policy, Canada supports religious pluralism.” Wow: The Canadian rights of religious freedom that have entered under disguise of “diversity is desirable” cannot be extended to Islam, no more than the rights of the family cat to enter the house can be extended to a poisonous snake. And the crux of the ‘Canadian diversity policy’ is that it has been a ploy to promote acceptance of sexual perversions of the Rainbow Coalition whose ‘divine reality’ is Satan.

“Diversity is not limited to the religious world only. On the contrary, diversity is a term which encompasses various elements, such as culture, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, disability and socio-cultural realities. As for homosexual chaplains, they are accepted and do not face any discrimination, in accordance with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It should be mentioned that the policy regarding homosexual soldiers changed suddenly in 1992. Please note that the policy “Don’t ask, don’t tell” never existed in Canada. There was a radical change from prohibition to unconditional acceptance. Furthermore, in February 2012, the Chief of Military Personnel announced a new policy concerning the management of transsexual soldiers in the Canadian Forces. As a Canadian institution, the Canadian Armed Forces has approved the policy on multiculturalism and encouraged diversity.

The Canadian Chaplaincy is considered a world leader with respect to the management of religious diversity. It remains to date the only integrated military chaplaincy that brings together the chaplain services provided to the three military services (Navy/ Army/ Air Force) under the supervision of a single Chaplain General. From the military operations point of view, it is important to underscore our belief that a single multi-faith chaplaincy serving the three elements is easier to incorporate into operations, and it better manages all the chaplaincy resources.
The Chaplain Branch is an example of diversity as espoused by the multiculturalism policy. To further illustrate this diversity, our Chaplain General, Brigadier-General John Fletcher, is our first openly gay Chaplain General. Brigadier-General Fletcher’s installation as Chaplain General occurred a few months after the first openly gay woman assumed the position of Premier of the Province of Ontario. The winds of change are sweeping the Canadian Armed Forces Chaplain Branch. I see it as a sign of the times.”

Wow: This Chapdelaine queerly makes a national disgrace appear as a morally sound desired Canadian value by both its military and citizens in general. But respecting political forces, the Harper Government is the only one with the moral values above your basic Canadian feedlot style, mass-production political farm hog wallowing in their own swill. Remember that the Harper government was not in power when “the policy regarding homosexual soldiers changed suddenly in 1992.” Like the claimed “radical change from prohibition to unconditional acceptance” stated by Chapdelaine” is propaganda, so was the manipulation of the government and public opinion that led to some policy change reflective of the same methods. A small highly vocal homosexual element has made itself appear as larger and dominant like a rotted puffer fish. What this group really was reflective of was a further decline of Canadian moral values and standards that took strong root during the Pierre Elliot Trudeau era.

Sexual perverts and their policy manipulations through our military had become so ingrained that by “February 2012, the Chief of Military Personnel announced a new policy concerning the management of transsexual soldiers in the Canadian Forces.” But, as a Canadian institution, the majority of the Canadian Armed Forces personnel has truly not “approved the policy on multiculturalism and encouraged diversity” that promotes such sexual trash. It certainly is not reflective of the soldiers I interviewed from ‘coast to coast’, from CFB Gander to CFB Esquimalt. These defenders of Canada while forced to interact with such elements neither desired their presence nor wanted their families exposed to the rot as being somehow a ‘normal lifestyle’ to be supported and pursued. The Canadian Military Chaplaincy may be considered ‘a world leader with respect to the management of religious diversity’ in the minds of the sexual perverts, but this mental illness is not accepted by the average soldier, be they Christian or not. And, from ‘the military operations point of view’ the ‘single multi-faith chaplaincy’ has allowed the enemy to walk about with its crescent insignia on a Canadian Military Badge!

‘The winds of change’ that Chapdelaine believes are sweeping throughout our military and our land is nothing more than hot air blowing out his wart ridden anal butt. What he sees as ‘a sign of the times’ is this same putrid agenda that has two homosexual provincial leaders openly fighting against the policies of a Harper government that will ultimately purify the basic rights of all Canadians of to practice a religious diversity that does not destroy our society. Chapdelaine as ‘Director of Chaplain Strategic Support’ has his nose lodged in the butt hole of ‘Chaplain Brigadier General’ J.M. Fletcher. In his advisory capacity how far into the anus of Lieutenant-General Chris Whitecross the ‘Chief of Military Personnel’ does Fletcher have his head lodged? And, there must be a rotten stench emitting from the pair of them fighting for room in the ‘glory hole’ of ‘Chief of Defence Staff’ Lieutenant-General Jonathan Vance, the replacement for Tom Lawson. What has PM Harper been up to? I believe life is about to become a ‘real bummer’ for such a ‘politically derelict lot’ as the creator of the universe clearly states that all sexual perversion is an abomination to Him.

It is time to truly support our soldiers through flushing the ‘political-military crescent shaped’ turds out of the ‘crap can’ called Ottawa. So, Canadians be very careful where you ‘stick your voting nose on October 19, 2015’.

Phinehas     (Nam Bilong Me – Bik Pella Won Tok))