The Fuddle-Duddled Kid

fdThe TRUDEAU Legacy

“Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine and strong drink: Woe unto them which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!” (Isaiah 5: 20-23)

One Sick Puppy…. Impacting us today are the three most destructive political events in Canadian – North American history. All of them were and remain a direct insult to the God of all creation. In 1962 prayer was ‘taken out of the schools’ and communication with our God terminated.  In 1968 Pierre Elliot Trudeau enacted the legislation that has informal definition as the ‘Asshole Bandit Act’ and formally unleashed the legalized perversion of the homosexual forces in our midst. Then in 1973 we saw a woman’s legal right to murder cast in cement when Abortion USA was enacted. This is the garbage that Justin Trudeau and Canada was ‘weaned on’ and presently has a large part of our current population in a state of spiritual confusion. Justin Trudeau remains but ‘one sick Liberal puppy’ and an infected litter is desperately trying to make ‘leader of the pack’.

Spiritual Heritage…. Justin’s primary inheritance is the Perversion of Pierre the vilest of men through his legalization of sodomy for the debauchery of such sexual perverts, drunks and gluttons destroys individuals, families and communities. And, Canada you are on a path of self-destruction you cannot escape outside the grace and mercy of the God you stupidly reject. Examine yourself and stop your excuses for “every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed.” (James1:14-15) You cannot endorse abomination in God’s eyes and escape unscathed. It truly is this simple: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. “ (Leviticus 18:22) The Trudeau Legacy is one of disastrous moral positioning and spiritual poisoning and you should not desire to have such leadership ensconced over you.

Our society is a religious perverted distortion as an online survey on religion in March by the Angus Reid Institute suggests that the percentage of God-denying Canadians has doubled from six per cent of the population in the 1970s to 13 per cent now. About one in four Canadians say they’re inclined to reject religion, but rejecting religion does not always mean that one rejects God for much of man’s distortion called religion should be rejected. But, to outright deny God as stated through our three events quoted has had the obvious results in our societal disintegration. Rampant moral decline worldwide is evidenced as well in typical headline reports as follows for God is sifting the dregs to form the Great Apostate Whore that is currently being led by the head of Roman Catholic Spiritual stupidity: Francis the Talking Fool. But, the Roman Catholic Whore is but one part of the Babylonian slime seeking to destroy the Kingdom of God.

Whether you look at the sickness of LGBTO advocates such as Sarah Millar, or openly gay Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne who is pushing the sex-sex relationships education for grade 3 students upward, you are looking at the typical perverts that Baby Justin embraces and his daddy released. Thank God that some are openly fighting against them.


Trudeau Is a Double Minded Man and “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  (James 1:8)

In my writing SON OF A FUDDLE-DUDDLE posted on July 27, 2015 we have clearly shown that Baby Trudeau does not have the political acumen nor mental capacity to deal with our nation’s needs at this time in history. The ability to juggle a couple rubber balls and blab the old Robin Hood ideology of ‘tax the rich to give to the poor’ certainly does not qualify him for office. At times he can parrot his party line speeches to the degree that he is not a complete public embarrassment to the Liberals, but where does the lunacy of statements like “we have to rethink the universe” emerge from? Later we will show such an inherited madness comes from his ‘momma’, but first some of his apparent ‘dada conflict issues’.

flipsTrudeau ‘flip-flops’ between glorifying the shadow of his father and trying to flee its affects upon both his life and that of our nation.  From interviews we read: “Harper has turned Ottawa into a partisan swamp,” Trudeau said, accusing the prime minister of “promoting partisan interests at the expense of public trust.” “It wasn’t like that before,” he said, harkening back to the time when his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was prime minister.  “To use an example from my father’s day, ministers didn’t attack Supreme Court justices just to raise money and whip up support,” he said.

And yet we read: “Justin Trudeau says he would loosen the tight grip the Prime Minister’s Office has come to have on government, reversing a trend he admits began with his father, the former P M Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Justin Trudeau said the party that receives the most seats on Oct. 19 should get the first chance at governing, a position that puts him at odds with his father but in line with his political rival Conservative Leader Stephen Harper. Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau, during the 1979 campaign, suggested that it’s not automatic and that the governing party has a right to see what its options are before ceding power.”

“Well, one of the things that we’ve seen throughout the past decades in government is the trend towards more control from the Prime Minister’s Office,” Trudeau told CBC chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge in an interview for The National on Tuesday. “Actually it can be traced as far back as my father, who kicked it off in the first place.”  Our Baby-T definitely had and still has problems with control and authority as evidenced in the life of the despotic Pierre.

Baby Trudeau was raised in a dictatorial immoral swamp which appears to have placed him in a form of the classical psychological “approach-avoidance conflict” surrounding dada. Pierre’s great need to be in control and absolute inability to control the public mental-immoral aberrations of his wife ‘mother Margaret’ conditioned baby’s brain like a ping pong ball until he is still trying “to rethink the universe”. Justin’s relationship with his father was marred to such a degree that Pierre would not even allow his family members to inform Baby T that he was dying of prostate cancer prior to his ‘death bed’. If any genuine love or healthy emotional relationship existed it cannot be deduced from Justin’s published memoirs precedent to this election. Why? Because, like his ‘memoir writing mother’ with her publicized accounts, the memories are based in delusions and excuse building lies that contradict the reality of both their lives.

And our flipper man also seems to be flopping on coalitions with the NDP…. at one point stating that he might be open to it, but not with Mulcair as leader. At other times he states he is going to work fully with the NDP on his ‘PET’ issues but never as a coalition government. Perhaps Mulcair has too many personality defects similar to Pierre Trudeau as “absolute truth, morality and Mulcair’ are not words found in the same dictionary.

Whatever, “Mulcair, during a scrum with reporters, gave a familiar NDP line in response to an equally familiar question about whether he was worried that the Liberal and NDP are starting to look similar with their respective platforms. “Well, imitation is the highest form of flattery,” he said. He added in French that Trudeau, for years, had no solid policy ideas and then suddenly introduced a whole raft of them, including ones he voted against over the past several months.”

shakyTrudeau’s continued economic drivel shows he remains ‘one sick puppy’ for there have been over 35,000 jobs lost in the Canadian oil industry during the most recent economic downturn and the trend dribbles on. ‘Duh big Obama-lama deal with Iran’ continues to be bad news for the Canadian oil industry.  Iran can buy and sell again which means Iranian oil exports to the West can resume, leading to expectations that world oil prices will remain lower. This may be true and perhaps good for world economies in general, but certainly not for oil producers like Canada. The slide continues as Shell has recently announced it is ceasing all arctic explorations for the foreseeable future. It would seem the people that have to produce the money to run the economy obviously see something that Baby-T cannot.

The Baby-T ‘political-mental-intestinal disorder’ surrounding Iran is a strain of the Obama Virus. Nothing Obama has done addressed the core of Iran’s problematic relations with the West, much less settled any of the region’s multilayered conflicts. His historic deal supposedly concluded between Iran and world powers did not stunt the Mideast nation’s nuclear capability and actually put a nuclear bomb closer to its reach. What does this Trudeau man truly offer in his planned support and dealings with Iran? You go read the foolishness of his conjectures, the planned support for Iraq, Iran and his restrictions of our military. What universe does this Trudeau Twit live in? It shall be no different next year in Iran on their “Qods Day” during the fasting month of Ramadan. It will continue to be observed in Iran as “Death to Israel day” to show support for Palestinians, to protest against Israel and to chant slogans against the “Great Satan” of the United States.”  Death to our closest neighbor is death to us and the admittedly dangerous neighbourhoods of the Middle East and the Americas is truly no safer. In a public address U.S. President Barack Obama said the deal is “not built on trust; it is built on verification.”  How do you verify truth from lies, fact from fiction with liars like the Iranians and Obama doing the talking? The track record has established them for what they genuinely are.

Conservatives and Jason Kenny have stated “Iran continues to be a significant threat to international peace and security owing to the regime’s nuclear ambitions, its continuing support for terrorism, its repeated calls for the destruction of Israel, and its disregard for basic human rights.” It was made clear that Canada will examine the deal further before taking any specific action. Jason Kenney recently noted Canada is among the countries ISIS has singled out for attack. “It is simply unthinkable that we would not ensure that our Armed Forces are able to help defeat this serious threat and protect our country,” he said.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has said he would act swiftly to end Canada’s role in the U.S.-led coalition that’s currently bombing militant positions in Iraq and Syria, opting instead for a humanitarian option focused in part on helping Syrian refugees. Mulcair has insisted the mission does not fall under the purview of the United Nations or NATO.  (So, I ask who cares? Why is Canada supposed to place itself and personal security under the direction of the United Nations? The corrupted mob is directed by the same forces that are intent upon destroying our democratic way of life. Mulcair likes to employ the word humanitarian, but the idiot appears oblivious to the fact that the forces he embraces have no genuine humanitarian values.)

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has proposed what he calls a “balanced and reasonable position” that would turn the Canadian mission into a training exercise to help Iraqi fighters fend off ISIS.  (And this Trudeau position is reasonably balanced in absolute lunacy….. so what’s up doc?)

cartoon-pig-55762When it comes to outward appearances, the primary food of the foolish mindsets, anyone can see that Baby-T has a ‘classical physical appeal’ that supersedes that of the ‘bare faced Happy Harper and the Mulish Mulcair hair facade’. According to his madcap momma we are not to misjudge him because of his “boyish good looks”, but what kind of a lunatic are you if you think you can run a nation based upon shallow outward appearance? You may have no genuine spiritual heritage and still maintain some fairly decent moral values, but there’s just no way you can put lipstick on this political Trudeau piglet or his momma and survive.

 Is Trudeau The Definition of a Lunatic?       A lunatic or person affected by lunacy ranges from those considered mentally deranged persons or simply a very foolish eccentric person that may just be acting real crazy or wildly foolish. There are a great number of synonyms for lunatic: preposterous, unsound, whacko, daft, foolish, dippy, flaky, screwy, irrational, nonsensical, idiotic, insane, freaked out, fried, balmy, bananas, bonkers, cracked, kooky, loco, psyched out, psychotic, schizoid, demented, deranged…..flipped out! How many of these terms can be applied to Baby-T and whacko Margaret, for our Boy Justin is mentally ill, having an inherited illness, the ‘legacy of a lunatic’, sharing fully the ‘madness of his momma’. As to his poppa’s claim to being a strong Roman Catholic one need only state: “Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog, into the house of the LORD thy God for any vow: for even both these are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” (Deuteronomy 23:17-18)

Margaret and Pierre Trudeau in a May 3, 1971 file photo.  The Prime Minister and his wife were traveling with the Royal family on route to Victoria, B.C. (CP PHOTO/Bill Croke)

Margaret and Pierre Trudeau in a May 3, 1971 file photo. The Prime Minister and his wife were traveling with the Royal family on route to Victoria, B.C. (CP PHOTO/Bill Croke)

Margaret Joan Sinclair Trudeau Kemper (born Sept 10, 1948) is the former wife of Pierre Trudeau, the 15th Prime Minister of Canada.  She has a legacy of precipitating one of Canadian politics greatest ‘sex scandals’ and at her time of marriage was essentially nothing more than a ‘politically high class born ho-on-the-go’! Just another cute, cuddly and curiously sick Vancouver Vixen of her day. Her father was a former Liberal member of parliament and Minister of Fisheries. At 18 she met Pierre Trudeau, thirty years her senior, while vacationing in Tahiti and the “free spirited flower child” captivated the old dog. Still a bachelor and howling at the moon glinting off Maggie’s derriere Trudeau astonished the country by marrying the 22-year-old Sinclair on March 4, 1971 after keeping their romance private to such point in time. With typical Trudeau arrogance he prided himself on his “progressive” views and youthful vigour while it was straight sexual lust driving the old man’s wagon into Maggie’s barnyard of delusions and lies. In his great claim to releasing the ‘sexually sick’ into the nation he always stated that the “Government of Canada had to be gotten out of the bedrooms of the nation”. The bedroom and exposure he wanted it most kept out of was his own and the Canadian political system was used to get the job done. But, his façade of normalcy was not sufficient to blanket the disruptions to sanity that ‘his main squeeze’ brought forth.

Margaret was also at the Whitehouse in 1977 with a favorite American ‘junkyard dog’ Jimmy Carter and his mate Rosalyn. The Whitehouse opened the doorway for our little ‘bipolar ho on the go’ to have an affair with US Senator Ted Kennedy which she admits to in her books. But, as spoken “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”  (Exo 20:14)  So, from inception the Trudeau marriage façade rapidly fell apart and Margaret made headlines through such events as smuggling drugs in the prime minister’s luggage, tearing apart a tapestry in the prime minister’s official residence in Ottawa because it celebrated “reason over passion” and making scantily clad appearances in nightclubs.

The ‘stress and bipolar depression excuse group’ accept her explanation for her separation from Pierre in 1977 when she became a much-talked-about jet-setter. The Maggie Mouth piece gave many “tell-all” interviews to Canadian and American magazines and appeared in two motion pictures, but it was Pierre Trudeau who won custody of the children, and at time of divorce in 1984 he did not pay any spousal support. Margaret had a difficult time earning a living after her divorce and complete severance from Pierre. But, with divorce she put an end to her cash flow woes through publically hopping into her idea of the ‘marriage bed’ with Ottawa real-estate developer Fried Kemper in 1984, with who she had two more children.

Margaret claims the death of the Trudeaus’ youngest son Michel in 1998 devastated her to the degree that she suffered another major depressive episode that ultimately led to her second divorce. The woman does not grasp fact from fiction with one lie compounding another. When Pierre Trudeau died in 2000 from Parkinson’s disease and prostate cancer Margaret was at his bedside with their surviving sons, Justin and Alexandre. In 2010 when talking about her marriage to Trudeau she said: “Just because our marriage ended didn’t mean the love stopped”. What definition of love does this crispy critter think is supposed to be embraced? It would appear the love she had for Pierre on their sixth wedding anniversary is what never stopped with the demon infested damsel.  The love that Justin comprehends is based in such garbage for Margaret Trudeau decided to leave her husband on the night of their sixth anniversary, the same night she hung out with Mick Jagger at the Toronto club El Mocambo.


lipsSo in 1977 we had Margaret Trudeau spending  her sixth wedding anniversary without her prime minister husband, instead partying with the Rolling Stones at a Toronto nightclub and later in Mick Jagger’s limousine. The rendezvous sparked rumours that she was having an affair with the band’s front man with whom she later disappeared with to New York. The scandal signalled the end of the couple’s tumultuous marriage, but Margaret Trudeau denied having affairs with any members of the Rolling Stones, later telling a conference on mental health, “I should have slept with every single one of them.” Oh, Maggie, can you even recall all you have slept with? If ever penis that ever entered you suddenly popped to the surface you would probably look like a human porcupine.  As spoken “your sins shall find you out” for Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood, author of a new autobiography about his life in the famed British rock band, has revealed fresh details of his 1977 encounter with a “lovely, dark-haired woman” at a Toronto hotel who happened to be Margaret Trudeau, the just-separated wife of then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

“From the moment I met her, we spent as much time together as possible,” Wood writes suggestively in Ronnie: The Autobiography, which was released Tuesday in New York.  “No one in the band judged me for what I was doing, but they recommended I be cautious. We both knew it was something that couldn’t have a future, but we shared something special for that short time.”  As liver lips Mick Jagger has stated: Margaret Trudeau was “just a very sick girl in search of something. She found it — but not with me.” This from the mouth of a sicko geriatric who still sings ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’.

Margaret is twisted and cleverly opportunistic in using her flaws to advance her own ‘social monetary cause’. In 2006 she announced that she was suffering from bi-polar disorder and has engaged in ‘speaking across North America about reducing the stigma of mental illnesses and has become the ‘honorary patron’ of the Canadian Mental Health Association. She has of course written another money making memoir about her being bi-polar. In her writings Mad Maggie speaks about ‘forgiveness, gratitude and wisdom’….whew, the ongoing stench from the wench is unbearable. Does she suffer Alzheimer’s disease as well?

Canada’s most famous political mom now talks about her own aging process and states she is not looking forward to the attack ads about Baby-T. “I think it’s straight out bullying, and I’m ashamed of Canadians for doing this — having this as part of their platform,” she said. Oh, momma, shame for Canadians? But you have no shame for yourself, only finding more lying excuses for your own activities. You claim that “Justin has a wisdom… I’m very biased as his mum — but Justin’s been through an awful lot in his life, and he’s grown up on the knee of one of the world’s great leaders.”  Now Margaret Trudeau praises her late ex-husband for his gifts as a father and suggested that this contributed to her son’s political skills. “Pierre was an extraordinary teacher — he really was one of the best, and he raised the boys so, so well; to have a global view, to have compassion, to be humanitarians, to really be concerned about alleviating suffering,” she said. “He’s been on this path for quite a long time. Justin, from the time he was a little boy, was a born leader, he always led all the family things, all the games, all the huge things that we did with the children, he was always the leader.” This is just another bout of contradictory mouth from what has been stated prior by this well publicised liar.

While you have to feel sorry for Justin and progeny being birthed through such a bed of perversion and lies as that of Pierre and Maggie., such compassion does not mean you can permit twisted little Baby-T to take our country further down a ‘Highway to Hell’ his poppa drove us along. And, Opportunistic confession is a family trait for Justin made his memoirs published precedent to this election. But, know this…. Baby-T does not represent half the hypocrisy that Mulcair and his band of spiritual fruitcakes puts forth. There is only one choice for a person of ‘spiritual and moral conscience’ in this election and that remains Harper and his Conservative cronies. Have you been smart enough to figure out that the Conservative policies are the ‘best line of defence’ we have in these problematic Islamic days foisted upon our earth? If not, then prepare for jihad to erupt in your streets Canada before the end of 2016.


notleyAll Trudeau-Mulcair Style Political Tramps are summed up in the eyes and face of Alberta’s Premiere Nutley-Notley. The Trudeau legacy is one of debauchery and Baby Boy is “running on empty” surrounded by the same category of fools as was ‘dada’.  I look forward to the day that Liberal ‘Old Pepper Spray Chretien’ and all NDP fools are prosecuted to the fullness of the law for their extreme corruption through political office and traitorous actions currently underway in this nation. Do not smirk boys and girls as “your sins have found you out” for they are blatant in the eyes of God. “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” (Ecc 8:11)  Your hearts are evil and judgment is now coming upon you  “for the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers,  for whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for men stealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine; according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, which was committed to my trust.”  (1Timothy 1:9-10)

Bill C-24 is the legislation responsible for the changes to the Citizenship Act that came into effect in May and enables the revocation of citizenship for terroristic treasonous actions. The NDP and Liberals have both said they would repeal Bill C-24 if elected on Oct. 19. If you did not shout HURRAH at the fact that our government can now revoke the citizenship of those convicted of terrorist activities then you are clearly a traitor to this country.  Further, as PM Harper stated at the recent leaders when asking Trudeau:  “Why would we not revoke the citizenship of people convicted of terrorist offences against this country?”  “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian,” Trudeau responded. “And you devalue the citizenship of every Canadian in this place and in this country when you break down and make it conditional for anybody.” And NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has said that the revocation of citizenship would create two levels of citizenship.

There are no two levels of citizenship in this matter and no supposed Canadian whether born in or outside this nation has right to destroy it through enacting their religious ideals. Such persons are not Canadians, never have been Canadians and have no ability to ever become Canadians. Practice of Islamic belief simply does not permit it and never shall. As well, ‘jet streaming Syrians’ into our nation is insane. Giving ‘the benefit of the doubt’ to those who might be a threat to our country can no longer be tolerated. Making an error in denying admittance of persons to Canada based on giving priority to safety first must be the accepted policy. The cost of wrongly admitting of jihad bent individuals is potentially far too great. We can never sacrifice our freedoms in order to defend them, but we cannot let our enemies exploit our basic Canadian decency any longer. People who come to this country are free to live as they choose within our democratic guidelines, but they are only free to do such provided they don’t attempt to steal that same freedom from others.  So, stripping the citizenship and extraditing traitors to their ethnic base of origin is a very just protective measure of the true Canadian identity. Removal of passports of those with dual nationality and curbing their travel from overseas is simply common sense. It is clearly now stated: “If someone holds a dual citizenship and is convicted of a serious terrorism charge or carries weapons against the Canadian Armed Forces, they don’t deserve to be in our country and they will be deported, assuming they hold a dual citizenship.”

HURRAH!  “Presently our government can revoke the citizenship of dual nationals — that is, of Canadians who hold a second citizenship — and who have been convicted of high treason, terrorism, engaging in an armed conflict against Canada and other terrorism-related offences with respect to matters of national security. Citizenship can also be taken away from a person who is found to have obtained it fraudulently. It cannot take the citizenship away of a person who only holds Canadian citizenship, because that would render them stateless under international law, but it can seize the person’s passport, preventing them from travelling abroad.

Revocation of citizenship requires a terrorism-related conviction, but not necessarily from a Canadian court. A foreign court could convict a Canadian citizen of a terrorism-related offence, which could be enough for Ottawa to strip someone of citizenship. That decision is left at the discretion of the immigration minister. Under the recently revamped Citizenship Act, the immigration minister has the final say in decisions to revoke citizenship surrounding foreign fighters. Only complex cases such as “war crimes, crimes against humanity, security, and other human or international rights violations” will be decided by the Federal Court.  HURRAH!

Adios: There shall be no further postings from me employing ‘get your attention linguistics’ surrounding our Canadian ‘political-spiritual’ destiny from this point onward. I have employed somewhat ‘corrupted communication terminology’ for it is the common terminology of your society today. I thank God this ‘humanistic communication tool’ can now be placed fully in the darkness of the shed where I pray it remains.

Make your choice carefully Canada.



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