Excommunication Fools


These excommunication fools Imam Syed B. Soharwardy (right) and Imam Hafiz Muhammad Zareef Naeemi spoke about an Islamic edict issued by 38 Canadian Imams at a press conference in Calgary on Wednesday, March 11, 2015. They issued an Islamic edict called a fatwa condemning followers of the Islamic State as non-Muslims and “outsiders” to the faith, for trying to attract supporters to its war in Syria and Iraq. They claim the Islamic State is violating Muslim law and anyone supporting them will no longer be considered to be Muslim. These boys are simply blowing the hot air of self-deception and spiritual delusions.

Reality is that ISIS is fulfilling to the T the demands of the surah and lifestyle of the pedophile Prophet they emulate. Soharwardy is noted for his grandiose claims to representing of Islam in Canada, but the buffoon once again marks himself for disdain. His words have no effect upon ISIS or fundamental Muslims in Canada or anywhere else. “They have been excommunicated from the Muslim community and those who will join them — they should be excommunicated from the Muslim community and they cannot be considered as Muslims at all,” said Soharwardy. The goof also had harsh words for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the federal government for equating ISIL followers with jihadists. Are the additional several months of ongoing jihad activities worldwide since these excommunication fools uttered their edict enough evidence for you dim witted supporters of such men that there is no such thing as moderate Islam according to the Qur’an. Their violent Islamic laws include capturing opponents and beheading them, killing Muslims who disagree with their actions, destroying mosques, burning enemy soldiers alive and encouraging Muslim girls to join them in rampant sexual activity.

M-5Soharwardy has also stated that “one of the factors in the rise of terrorism is because of  the misuse of words by government officials.” Unfortunately, terrorism continues to rise because of such fools as himself, misusing words and trying to get Canadians to adhere to Islam in any format. These types need to repent, ask Jesus to take Lordship of their lives and help eradicate the evil called Islam from our land.



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