oneFRANCIS and FRIENDS…….  This sad faced trio just caught their first ‘online’ broadcast of the SonLife Broadcasting Network program ‘FRANCES AND FRIENDS’. These boys certainly have been ‘upstaged’ when it comes to speaking the Truth about Jesus Christ and the Message of the Cross.  Tune into   http://sonlifetv.com/watch.html  and give a listen.

Our Francis the Fruitcake appears a bit distraught carrying the ‘Weight of the Cross’ on his head through repeated Papal attempts to downgrade the reality of who Jesus Christ truly is.

Then again, while looking out upon the Roman Catholic faithful jammed into Vatican Square and trying to sort out who is messing around in his personal Vatican Bank account he may simply be singing a different hymn in his own head.    “Clowns to the left of me and jokers to my right. And, here I am stuck in the middle with you.”  Oh well, at least we know he has predicted a short term in office for himself.  However, FTF states the same basic laments and desires as the Canadian Muslim Killer Kid Omar Khadr of Guantanamo Bay fame. With a big Khadr style grin Francis states:  “The only thing I’d like to do is to be able to go out one day without anyone recognizing me and go get a pizza,” he said, laughing. I guess there should be similarities for Khadr is just ‘another Muslim brother by a different mother’! By the way, where is the Killer Kid right now? Perhaps he is welcoming some of his Syrian buddies into Toronto if he is still walking around there recently unshackled from any electronic surveillance by another asinine Canadian female judge.




twoPropping up Papal fallacies is nothing new for the Cardinals…..for they are the true ‘power mongers’ of Roman Catholic Corruption. Old Bend-Over-Benedict XVI seems to have a tipping forward problem perhaps caused by the weight of his tall hat.  Whatever, the day they announced his resignation as the Vicar of Christ upon the earth we do know that lightning struck the Vatican. It is unfortunate the strike had not grounded out through his ‘rod and sceptre’…..it might have jump started the old fart into an upright position and capable of doing the We’re Together Again Tango with his then soon to be replacement Francis the Fruitcake. It may have slowed FTF down in becoming such a lover of doing the dance with his Muslim brothers. It is highly unlikely though for historically the Papal lineage has never been known to be one Spiritual Unity. But, I guess the Vatican is trying to make all our boys look better by Canonizing to Sainthood the first of The Vatican Trio.


threePrecedent to our Mad German we had our thespian Polish Pontiff John Paul II who prior to reading for his ‘religious career’ as God’s representative upon the earth was a bad actor at best ‘as an underground seminary student named Karol Wojtyła’. As one continues looking historically backward the Papal lineage only continues looking blacker. Thus, I again thank God for the Truth of His Word: “Better is the end of a thing, than the beginning thereof.” It is good to know that Francis the Fruitcake will bring to an end the Romanized Rot that must come to its fullness precedent to the return of my Lord Jesus Christ.


Three strikes and you are tossed out of the eternal ballpark of my Lord and not a one of this Vatican Trio had or has a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Roman Catholicism is not Christianity, never has been and never shall be. Get out of it and also tear loose from the embrace of the whore daughters it spawned. If you do not exodus you shall suffer loss eternally.  Case closed.

 “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”  (Galatians 4:16)



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