1Greetings once again from Francis and Friends…   As your new Papal nuncio I tell you Roman Catholic faithful once again that ‘although my hat may not be as tall and with no ring that fits my feet you remain free to start kissing my closest proximity’.  And this is today’s admonition for you wicked spiritual munchkins. “Let favor be shewed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness: in the land of uprightness will he deal unjustly, and will not behold the majesty of the Lord.”  (Isaiah 26:10)

 2So today we shall take a peek at HIS HIJAB HOLINESS….. For many strange and unholy sounds continuously emit from the VatiCan through Francis and Friends…..a truly gaseous and wicked crew!

We know Pope Francis’s Christmas message praised countries taking in refugees and helped the newcomers “build a dignified future for themselves and for their dear ones, and to be integrated in the societies which receive them.” This is absolute Papal lunacy for followers of Islam do not integrate into the societies that receive them. Statistical records have proven this fact. In Canada, with the Liberal government aiming to take in 25,000 refugees by the end of February, Immigration Minister John McCallum is an even bigger fool than Pope Francis.  This McCallum Moron has simply raised the level of terrorist threats within the nation through what he is doing.


As to Francis, no matter whether he is endorsing rock albums or faced with a hover boarding priest he will find the means of employing evasive speech that simply panders to the unsaved masses. He in no manner will speak the truth of scripture that will ensure salvation of their eternal souls. It is impossible for him as he has no such salvation himself.

“Hover board priest” has been delighting people around the world since Tuesday when a video of his Christmas Eve mass in the Philippines went viral. Originally uploaded to Facebook by a Colombian radio station, the video shows an unidentified priest riding through church on a self-balancing scooter while singing May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You into a microphone for nearly three minutes.

The video had been viewed more than 14 million times by Tuesday afternoon, prompting the Roman Catholic diocese of San Pablo in Manila to issue an official response.  “The priest said that it was a wake-up call for him; he acknowledged that his action was not right and promised that it will not happen again,” reads the statement, as published by Filipino news site Rappler. “He will be out of the parish and will spend some time to reflect on this past event. He would like to apologize for what happened.”  Pope Francis has yet to comment on the situation, though some on Twitter have suggested he’d probably be OK with priests riding hover boards in light of the church’s efforts to connect with Catholic youth.

But, it is the Papal efforts to fully connect with their Islamic buddies that is so scripturally unsound on the Rocky Roman Catholic Path of Hijab Holiness………..  

 3“I spy with my beady little eye…. a fine pair of ‘lederhosen’ on that chubby Syrian Muslim refugee over there….  I wonder if Angela Merkel could get me a pair of those in orange and another in traditional camel hair.  Camel brown would be good for my retirement party and orange would more suit my nights out with Francis and his crew later.” And with such thoughts in mind Benny the German Dickmeister doffed his hat to wave to one and all….and visions of his personal stein at Oktoberfest danced like sugar plums in his head…..!

Yep, appears good old Pope Benedict XVI, Francis’s predecessor, did a half-hijab blessing presentation of sorts for Islamic appeasement during a visit to the U.S. on April 15, 2008. (Reuters)

4Was the wind of the Holy Spirit covering this famous Brazilian face in shame? Or, might it be that current Pope Francis was simply waving to a crowd from the Pope Mobile, in Vatican City, on May 19, 2013 attired with a full frontal hijab of appeasement and deference to his Muslim brothers? (Reuters)  It does not appear the boys with him are paying much attention to whatever he is up to does it?  It would seem they have little concern as to the antics of their new “papa and vicar of Christ upon this earth”.  However, it looks like “Mighty Mole” in the lower left may have spotted Benny the German Dickmeister trying to sneak out of the assembled faithful in his orange lederhosen…..or, perhaps it’s that damn chubby Syrian Muslim refugee that Francis keeps inviting to his parties. I believe this nuncio report highlights just how ludicrous Francis and the VatiCan are. In 2016 take a look around you and see how the girls in the garb displayed following have been “integrated in the societies which receive them”.

Posted on March 1, 2015

All Muslims are clearly commanded by their faith to enter a process of ‘naturalization fraud’ when they seek Citizenship of our nation. The case is closed and no time remains to stop ‘bleeding heart cultural based’ immigration policies that have been enacted by the Trudeau government. But, you do not have to personally embrace them through welcoming Muslim rats, snakes and dogs into your home! https://zoupio.lexum.com/calegis/rsc-1985-c-c-29-en

The true intent of Islam is one that follows surah demanding concealment until ascendency permits exposure through domination. Stephen Harper did not care about the hijab any more than the turban or the babushka worn by an old woman painting Easter Eggs! His genuine concern was about national security to a degree that few seem to grasp and fewer even have the courage to emulate. Following are the “integrated Syrian and other Islamic girls” that continue to skulk about our Canadian streets. The Syrian refugees are just a further opening of an evil tap that was turned on long ago.

5Hijab is the noun form of the Arabic verb meaning “to cover” or “to shelter.” In general, hijab refers to any clothing a Muslim woman wears to fulfil the religion’s requirement for modest dress. However, the word has come to describe this headscarf that covers most of the hair and neck, and sometimes the shoulders. While this garment normally identifies the wearer as a follower of Islam the facial recognition identity is not hindered that would enable easier criminal behavior or security breaching. However, being ‘face free’ does not alter the fact that these individuals will deliberately lie to advance the cause of Islam.

6A khemar is a headscarf that covers the head, neck, shoulders, upper body and arms, leaving only the face exposed. Khemar is the word used in the Qur’an when it refers to a veil or headscarf. Once again we see the general factors as with the hijab. However, being face free does not alter the fact that these individuals will deliberately lie to advance the cause of Islam.

7The chador is a full-length garment made from a semi-circle of cloth draped over the head and open in the front. It is held shut with the hands or teeth and tied at the waist. The chador doesn’t have openings for the hands. It is usually associated with Muslim dress in Iran. A greater degree to concealment is evident. Does the Qur’an demand closure with the teeth so the hands can be free to carry a concealed bomb or to ensure the woman cannot clearly speak out? If held closed to such position with the teath the men have double protection of the girls not speaking rebellion in any form. I call this the ‘chador bomb free closure hold position’. It is bomb free as long as granny does not have it strapped to her torso. In any case, none of this alters the fact that this individual will deliberately lie to advance the cause of Islam.

8Our notorious niqab is a headscarf that covers not only the hair, but also most of the face, leaving only the eyes exposed. You have already assumed this is a woman shown. Why? This could be an effeminate, homosexual or cross dressing transgender Muslim convert-pervert Liberal of some sort. In any case, none of this alters the fact that this is exactly what defines just another died in the wool liar advancing the cause of Islam. It there times to get your ‘head out of the bag babe’ syndrome and castigate the Liberal Lunatics that foment this garbage in Canada? It is easy to keep dragging your tails outward, simply latch onto one of lizards following Francis and friends and continue to follow them. Your choice!

9The bulky burka is a head-to-toe covering seen often in Afghanistan. Women appearing in public were required to wear this covering, usually coloured grey or blue, during the country’s Taliban rule. The entire body is concealed, including the eyes, which are covered with a fabric net that allows the wearer to see. In Canada you normally run into these covered in black. Whatever the color does not alter the fact that these girls (if they are girls) will deliberately lie to advance the cause of Islam. I named this garb ‘La Bomba Bag Express’ which could be kind of appropriate given the increasing numbers of Islamic female suicide bombers.

Is the connection sinking in? This garb is not a ‘cultural or civil rights issue’ but represents a basic belief system that is at war with the Constitution and Traditional values of Canada. Stephen Harper was not anti-any-culture, but simply was about ensuring Canada’s national security. National security is the #1 concern Canada faced and still faces.

The primary spiritual enemies of all mankind remain the double edged sword of Satan called Islam and Roman Catholicism. “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly” so get away from both of them. (Proverbs 26:11)  “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14) Without Jesus in leadership 2016 will only bring increasing physical-social destructions in Canada!

5“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”  (Galatians 4:16)





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