Coast To Coast WANKERS


oneThese Jokers Are Wankers

Wanker is a term of English origin that has become a general insult for a person that is contemptible, a jerk or an idiot and is really stupid while still thinking they are the greatest. However, wanker in root definition is stated as being a male person; one who masturbates or is full of them self and egotistical. This is a highly sexist definition and why do we not hear the girls screaming out for their right of inclusion for this equality with the male? Probably as many females masturbate as males and there is no doubt the perverted lesbian membership of the Rainbow Coalition is as egotistical, stupid and delusional as your average Canadian male that thinks sin in any format is a joking matter with God! This attitude does not infect all as the recent burning of the Rainbow Flag at the University of BC illustrates. “The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.”  (Proverbs 8:13) God has no love for unrepentant Coalition Cockroaches that raise their banner of rebellion in His face and whoever burnt the flag should be commended for their hatred of such sin.

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twoSIN: a Joking Matter?

It is according to Jeremy Hall our Mr. Clean Cut Buttons and Badges ‘instructor’ that was removed as Fire Chief from the regional Bay de Grave fire department, which serves several communities in Conception Bay North Newfoundland. Jeremy is a wanker that feels a little video pornography is the best way to cap off the day after one of his firefighting training sessions. Hall was heavily criticized for trying to defend his porn video, saying it was meant to let the firefighters “blow off some steam” at the end of a long hard day of training. The video featured a couple engaged in sexual intercourse and concludes with the female spraying ejaculate across the room.

Jeremy effectively ejaculated himself across the nation exposing the spectre of sexual harassment that snickers its evil in our national mist for Brenda Seymour, the only female on the town of Spaniards Bay fire brigade was in the room with the boys. Battling Brenda ignited a blaze that was to scorch Jeremy’s butt, levelling allegations of sexual harassment and mistreatment by both fire department and town council. There has been subsequent mass resignation of more than 20 firefighters, the town Council Manager and protests against sexual harassment at St. John’s.

“Jeremy Hall was terminated as an instructor last week by the province’s fire and emergency services agency. On Monday, we learned he has been fired as chief of the South River-based Bay de Grave fire department. He is still allowed to work as a volunteer firefighter.” What remains problematic here is that the group instilling the discipline are in all likelihood as hypocritically wankers and spiritually corrupted as the one they castigate.

The depraved human love of gossip around sexual indiscretions ensured this story would get top billing on Canadian newscasts. But, do not think this is simply a ‘small town Newfoundland government’ corruption problem. Corrupt people are continually seeking election to office at all levels as exampled by the six candidates trying to gain entry in the Edmonton Ward 12 By-election having had proven run-ins with the law.    Are people going to continue to condone this garbage? Are the Canadian masses so spiritually sick it requires a major overhaul to heal the land from all its political, financial and religious diseases? It certainly appears so, but there is hope for Canada according to God if His people will take heed. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14) So, where are His people who are called by His name as being Christian? And what do you think are the wicked ways such Christians are to turn from?

threeNewfie trans-gender Dane Woodland with her-his message that ‘you got to love yourself’ certainly fits the bill as being wankers and one of the diseases that infect our land. The federal government provides funding for transgender mastectomy and other queer cross-over programs that simply poison one and all. Such people are evil and bringing on their own destruction for “evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.” Psalms 34:21.  It is time for Christians to completely shut down all their wicked processes that support this sickness in any manner.

fourPedophiles priests like the accused Anglican Gordon William Dominey are all wankers if they think passage of time can hide them from an all knowing God.  The charges currently leveled against this man are from 26 years ago and his supporters say there has not been the stench of accusation around him during this period, and thus they infer somehow this evidences his innocence. George Cadman, chief legal officer for the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster, says Gordon William Dominey underwent regular legal screening as all priests with the Anglican Church of Canada do. ( Men like Cadman hold themselves up as watchmen or guardians of the Church and yet pedophiles do not appear to diminish within it.

 A problem that riddles the Christian church however is that “His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.”  (Isaiah 56:10-11)  Such Christian wankers have lost the ability to judge and cleanse themselves with the righteousness demanded by God. Our Lord simply will not heal our land and remain His essence of Holiness if Christians do not turn from such wicked ways. The following connection shall take you an article and video links that could help you start a new walk so you can know how to truly deal with the plethora of Dominey Types in Canada and perhaps your own wanker self.

fiveThe pornographic pervert Kevin Michael Owad and all involved in this crime laden people killing industry are totally wankers. “A Calgary man has been sentenced to seven years in prison for sexually assaulting a child more than 1,500 times. Kevin Michael Owad was convicted of distribution of child pornography, sexual assault and sexual interference. He was originally identified in an international child pornography sting called Project Spade — a Toronto police-led investigation that ended in 2013 with the arrests of nearly 250 people and rescue of 350 children in 50 countries. Included in those arrests were police officers, religious leaders, school teachers, foster parents, doctors and dozens of children volunteers.”

Our Hockey Official Owad is too familiar a Sporting bedtime story theme amid the athletic idolaters. Click on (Azov Films Prosecutions – Canada – BoyWiki ) and read about some of your neighbours caught up in the legal system for perpetuating the sick pornographic mess and sexual molestations bred by their types. I have chosen to post the following surrounding Bruce Edward Karlenzig from my home province and Saskatoon. (  This site has top level resourcing if you are at all concerned with the issues being presented.

BRUCE EDWARD KARLENZIG   Man Pleads Guilty To Child Porn Possession After Ordering Dvds –  Company Distributed To 94 Countries – By Hannah Spray, The StarPhoenix – Jan 24/13

“A Saskatoon man who ordered child pornography DVDs from a Toronto company has to wait a few weeks to find out how many months he’ll spend in jail.

Bruce Edward Karlenzig, 56, pleaded guilty Wednesday in Saskatoon provincial court to possession of child porn. He admitted to making a number of online orders for DVDs from the Toronto company between January 2010 and March 2011. The company was shut down by police in May 2011, when they raided the business and found a “massive enterprise,” said Crown prosecutor Mike Segu. The business distributed videos – featuring young boys from Ukraine, Romania and Germany – to 94 countries worldwide, making $1.6 million in profit in a two-year period.

Toronto police then obtained the customer list and shared it with police units in communities where customers had purchased videos. One of those customers was Karlenzig. When Saskatoon police searched his home in July 2012, they found 91 DVDs with child pornography videos and 683 still images. A number of other DVDs classified as child erotica were also seized.

Police, in reviewing the materials that were seized made the comment to me they actually observed one of the boys growing up in the videos. That’s the time span involved in the videos being sold to people like Mr. Karlenzig.

After Karlenzig was charged, he immediately resigned his position with an education organization because he didn’t want to embarrass the organization. Karlenzig was never involved directly with children’s education, his defence lawyer Ian Wagner said. His focus was continuing adult education. Up until his arrest, Karlenzig – a person with a social conscience who has volunteered with people who are disadvantaged and often exploited – was “wilfully blind” to the fact children were being exploited in the videos he was watching. Wagner noted the child pornography Karlenzig possessed is on the lower end of the range in terms of depravity.

This is a smart guy who is always moving forward in his own education, but he wants to get some greater insight,” Wagner said. He does know that this offence is related to things that happened to him in his childhood. He hasn’t elaborated on that with me. That has to be part of his treatment program and he wants to go down that route as quickly as possible.”

So what do you think, eh? Who was employing this porno-pervert? What is his treatment program to be? Karlenzig simply gives the standard I am a victim excuse crap’ for his actions and tries to scuttle back into the shadows of the social workers and bleeding hearts programs he knows exist that will enable him to hide out until he can be “wilfully blind” once again. Child sex crimes are not decreasing and Stats Canada recently reported child porn increased 36% in one year, and all aggravated sexual assaults increased by 56%. In Ontario alone, 10,000 cases have been investigated since 2006 and more than 3,600 charges have been laid against 1,219 people for internet sex crimes. Every photo states there is a victim and every download indicates there is a sexual predator of some format in your midst. Universities and the money sucking programs they spew forth are infested with the Karlenzig Sickos and unless you are wankers stop funding this crap or be drug into the light of full exposure along with them.

Bruce Karlenzig was employed through the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education (The Beginning Teachers Project) of the University of Saskatchewan in joint study with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation – (306) 373-1660 or 1-800-667-7762  Fax: (306) 374-1122

I have not located a photo of Karlenzig (post it if available) but here are but four of the multitude of typical sexual sick-psychos wandering about the City of Bridges.

 sevenRobert Wallace Street

 No information on specific crimes, but Saskatoon City Police issued an alert stating that Street has a history of committing sexual offenses against young males under the age of 16 years, with whom he comes in contact. Mr. Street has been known to groom his victims and their families by befriending them and gaining their trust in order to gain access to his victims. Conditionally released in Saskatoon Feb, 2011.  Read the SK Government release       Read the CBC News Saskatchewan article

 eightJefferey Allan Cromarty

Crimes: multiple sexual offences against boys and girls under 10 years old
Released January, 2012 – Residence then: Saskatoon, SK
Read the Government of Saskatchewan Public Notification
Read CBC News article

nineJustin Gerard Gryba

Crimes:  Possession and distribution of child pornography
Sentence:  2013, Jan – 2 years prison less a day plus 3 years’ probation.
Location:  Saskatoon, SK
Read the Leader Post

tenMichael Jeffery

Crimes: Child porn distribution.
Sentenced in February 2012 to 14 months, plus 3 years’ probation.  Residence was then Saskatoon, SK
Read the StarPhoenix article


elevenJust what University impacted treatment program do you think will make your poor misunderstood neighbours the healthy, wealthy Sons of Saskatchewan that you believe all are entitled to? What treatment will truly make your community safer? This is one treatment opinion I found posted on-line: “Once guilt is establish beyond ANY doubt there is only one solution for these animals – a rusty tin can lid to the testacles and leave them to bleed to death!” Guilt was established with sentence so I assume persons of such mindset are on the streets of Saskatoon looking for rusty tin cans amid the Saskatchewan prairie summer dust and dirty winter snow. I believe I can present a better option for such persons as it preserves their democratic right to free speech, freedom of choice and use of the same free will they employed that now has them facing rusty tin cans.

twelveThe option was given mankind when Jesus died at the Cross to set sinners eternally free with His resurrection from the grave.  No matter how contemptible ones actions may have been God says “come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. I, even I, am he that blots out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins.” (Isaiah 1:18; 43:25) All one needs to do to secure eternal life and a peace within their life is to freely acknowledge that they are a sinner; that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for their sin when he went to the Cross and ask Him to be Lord in their life. With such action due to His grace one becomes a member of the family of God and no longer under the torments of lusts that drove them in the past.

Salvation is freely given by God and truly this simple, but to reject the eternal salvation offer given through the Lordship of Jesus and bought with his precious blood at the Cross will result in eternal damnation to the lake of fire. The option of choice remains that of each individual caught into the blackness of sin whether it be a mother or the child she raised from her womb. In September 2015 it was posted that 67-year-old Sandra Louise McFadden, the mother of Brian Way the Toronto man selling child porn through his website and owner of our notorious was extradited from the United States. She is facing charges in Toronto for her alleged U.S. marketing roles in a multi million-dollar child porn operation run by her son. Mom and son have headed up a system that has spawned evil but may still know eternal peace individually should either or both choose. But what choices have you readers made?  You can make that choice now by repeating the following prayer.



sixAre you feeling sexually harassed in any manner as Canadians or are you among the worldwide wankers that think the society you indwell is normal and in some manner righteous with God? Do you sometimes feel like you are being bred off your corner of the planet by morally decrepit scum that have infiltrated the land? And what do you think of our CBC and the Muslim Jian Ghomeshi’s` sexual assault-harassment case currently highlighting before the courts?

The trial has seen unprecedented media and public attention and afforded an unusual opportunity to scrutinize a legal system that many believe still places sexual assault victims on trial if they try to hold their attacker or attackers accountable in a criminal court. Why the Jian Ghomeshi trial may change nothing for sexual assault survivors | Toronto Star  Guilt is supposed to be beyond a reasonable doubt and to establish that doubt at any cost the bulk of Defence Lawyers continue to follow a policy of attacking the credibility of the witness. Such appears the case that took place with Ghomeshi and we shall see on March 24 when presiding Ontario Court of Justice Judge William Horkins reconvenes what sentence is handed down.

As you are being faced with judgment calls we shall first give you some synopsis of your man Jian from the Wicked Wiki-Jian Report

Early life……

Ghomeshi was born on June 9, 1967 in London, England to Iranian parents Farhang (Frank),[9] a civil engineer,[10] and Azar (Sara) Ghomeshi.[11] According to Ghomeshi, he grew up in  a Muslim household[12] but elsewhere noted that his family was secularist and even celebrated Christmas and Easter. His family moved to Canada when Ghomeshi was seven and lived in Thornhill Ontario. He attended Thornlea Secondary School where he was student council president. His older sister Jila Ghomeshi is a professor of linguistics.

Ghomeshi has written that, during his teenage years, he ensured that his clothes smelled of cigarette smoke to give him “social credibility” even though he was a non-smoker, dressed “new wave” and listened to music from David Bowie, Talking Heads and Rush.

Ghomeshi attended York University beginning in 1985 in the theatre program and subsequently graduated with a B.A. in political science and a double minor in history and women’s studies.  According to a former York University student, in 1988 residence advisers at York warned a group of students that Ghomeshi had allegedly hit a couple of students.[4] In 1989, Ghomeshi unsuccessfully attempted to overthrow the student government at York.[1] In 1990, he was elected president of the Council of the York Federation of Students with a record-breaking number of votes and subsequently renamed the federation the York Federation of Students. As president, Ghomeshi promised increased funding for the Women’s Centre, supported increased safety measures for women on campus and co-founded a pro-choice network.[1] Jim Hounslow alleged that in the 1990–91 school years when Ghomeshi was president and Hounslow was communications coordinator for the York Federation of Students, Ghomeshi grabbed Hounslow’s genitals through his jeans while the two were in an elevator.[4]

Criminal charges and trial……

In 2010Q producer Kathryn Borel approached her union, the Canadian Media Guild, reporting[48] that Ghomeshi had repeatedly sexually harassed her starting in 2007. She also reported that there was “…emotional abuse, too: gaslighting and psychological games that undermined her intelligence, security and sense of self. Sometimes that hit harder than the physical trespassing.”[49][50] Borel declined to start a union arbitration or formal grievance but met with the executive producer of the show informally. Borel says that her union representative and the producer “did nothing.”[49][50] When Borel’s allegations became public in 2014, CMG national president Carmel Smyth described Borel’s experience as unacceptable and stated that sexual harassment is now a priority for the union.[51]

In 2012, journalism students at the University of Western Ontario were advised not to pursue internships at Q due to Ghomeshi’s rumoured inappropriate behaviour toward young women.[52]

In 2013, journalist Carla Ciccone published an account of her date with a Canadian radio host to XoJane titled “I Accidentally Went on a Date With a Presumed-Gay Canadian C-List Celebrity Who Creepily Proved He Isn’t Gay.”[53][54]Ciccone refers to the personality under a pseudonym but Toronto Life identified the individual as Ghomeshi. The article describes the radio host as making unwanted physical advances.[55] Ghomeshi did not deny going on a date with Ciccone and claimed not to have read the article, but stated that much of it was untrue from what he had heard.[54]

In 2014, a Twitter account named for Ghomeshi’s teddy bear, Big Ears Teddy, made accusations of abuse against him; these accusations included an April 9, 2014 tweet signed “every female Carleton U media grad.”[56]

In the spring of 2014, Ghomeshi advised his employers at the CBC that the Toronto Star was looking into allegations by an ex-girlfriend that he had engaged in non-consensual rough sex and that he denied this accusation.[46] The crisis management firm Navigator was hired to work for both Ghomeshi and the CBC.[57]

In early summer of 2014, reporter Jesse Brown contacted the CBC and warned that Ghomeshi’s behaviour may have crossed into his work environment. The CBC investigated and concluded that there were no workplace complaints against Ghomeshi.  According to an investigation by the CBC’s The Fifth Estate, “almost all known staffers on… Q said they were not contacted by CBC management as part of any investigation.”[58] Ghomeshi denied the accusations again and the Toronto Star declined to go forward with the story at that time.

In October 2014, Brown tweeted that he was working on a story that would be “worse than embarrassing for certain parties”.[57] Brown later said that he was referring to another story but Ghomeshi requested a meeting with CBC on October 23. During that meeting, the CBC viewed what it later described as “graphic evidence that Jian had caused physical injury to a woman”. According to Vice, Ghomeshi showed his bosses lewd text messages on a CBC-owned phone and graphic personal sex videos.[59]

On October 24, Ghomeshi announced he was taking an indefinite leave of absence from the network to deal with personal matters.[60] Two days later, the CBC terminated Ghomeshi’s employment,[35] with a CBC spokesperson saying “information came to our attention recently that in CBC’s judgment precludes us from continuing our relationship with Jian.”[35] Ghomeshi subsequently released a “lengthy Facebook post” [61] saying his dismissal was motivated by fear of an alleged smear campaign by an ex-girlfriend that according to Ghomeshi could release private details about his sexual life.[62] Ghomeshi also said he refused an offer by the CBC to “walk away quietly.”[58] Chris Boyce, the head of CBC Radio, denied that such an offer was made.

Ghomeshi filed a $55 million lawsuit against the CBC, alleging that the broadcaster misused “personal and confidential information provided to it in confidence”.[63] He also filed “a union grievance alleging wrongful dismissal and defamation,”[64]and stated through his lawyer that he “does not engage in non-consensual role play or sex and any suggestion of the contrary is defamatory.”[65] Ghomeshi withdrew his lawsuit on November 25, 2014.  The terms of settlement stipulated that Ghomeshi will pay the CBC $18,000 in legal costs.[66]

Following his firing, the Toronto Star published allegations by three women who said that they experienced violence from Ghomeshi without consent, along with allegations by a former CBC colleague, who later revealed her identity as Kathryn Borel,[50] who said that Ghomeshi had sexually harassed her in the workplace. A fifth woman gave an interview to CBC Radio’s As It Happens on October 29, 2014, also revealing that Ghomeshi physically abused her on their first date.[67] By December 16, 15 women and one man had approached media outlets with abuse allegations against Ghomeshi.[1][37][69]Actress Lucy DeCoutere was the first woman to agree to the publication of her name in conjunction with the allegations,[70]followed by author and lawyer Reva Seth.[71] Jim Hounslow later came forward publicly accusing Ghomeshi of sexually assaulting him while the two were students at York University in the early 1990s.[68]

On October 30, Ghomeshi was dropped by Navigator and the public relations firm, Rock-it Productions, ended their association with Ghomeshi.

On November 26, Ghomeshi turned himself in to Toronto Police and was charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking, after an investigation that began on October 31. The charges concern three separate women.[72][73] He appeared in court on the same day[72][74] and was released on $100,000 bail on the conditions that he surrender his passport, stay within Ontario and live with his mother.[6]

In 2015

Ghomeshi appeared in court again on January 8, 2015 and was charged with three additional counts of sexual assault related to three more women.[6][7] In a court appearance on February 26, 2015, a judicial pretrial was set for March 27, 2015,[75][76] and was later put over to April 28, 2015.[77] His lawyer, Marie Henein, stated that he would plead not guilty to all charges.[78]

Both Carleton University and the CBC launched private investigations into allegations against Ghomeshi.[79][80] The CBC investigation was led by Janice Rubin, a prominent lawyer and leading authority on workplace harassment,[81] and the results were released on April 16, 2015.[82] The report stated that Ghomeshi “consistently breached the behavioral standard… of CBC by yelling at, belittling and humiliating others” and it referred to the “sexualized conduct and comments of Mr. Ghomeshi” in the workplace.[82] The report stated that “management knew or ought to have known of this behaviour and conduct and failed to take steps required of it in accordance with its own policies to ensure that the workplace was free from disrespectful and abusive conduct”.[82] The report stated that “it is our conclusion that CBC management condoned this behaviour.”[82]

As a result of his firing and the accusations made against him, Ghomeshi was named QMI Agency‘s newsmaker of the year.[83] On January 5, 2015 the CBC placed Boyce and Todd Spencer, the executive director of human resources and industrial relations for English services, on indefinite leave of absence because of the Ghomeshi scandal.[84] The CBC announced their dismissal on April 16, 2015.[82]

On October 1, 2015, Ghomeshi pleaded not guilty to one count of choking and four counts of sexual assault.[85]

The trial of Ghomeshi began on February 1, 2016.[86]

Personal life…..   Ghomeshi was diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder in approximately 2009 after suffering a panic attack. He began seeing a psychologist on a weekly basis.[54] At the urging of his therapist, Ghomeshi purchased a teddy bear to replace his childhood toy and help him deal with his anxiety.[87][88]    Ghomeshi has a tattoo of his father’s signature in Persian on his right arm.[89]

 And a further good starting point for this matter is the CBC Fifth Estate video production The Unmaking of Jian Ghomeshi hosted by Gillian Findlay.

fourteenMeanwhile I will be giving you four links that shall encompass all factors and onward clicks surrounding this trial about sexual assault, sexual harassment and the man Jian Ghomeshi with his deviant sexual practices. Read them and you shall see that a major piece of evidence providing Ghomeshi’s motivation has been skipped over or deliberately sidestepped by both the judicial process and the CBC. BDSM is simply an umbrella term that encompasses practices that were all formerly categorized as Sadomasochism and destructive anti-social sexual behavior. Ultimately you will find it is not that Ghomeshi style sexual deviance needs further proof as motivator of his actions. You will see the basis of his entire existence has a foundation of deviance from Canadian societal norms and it is for this reason the defence chose not to have Ghomeshi testify.

Ghomeshi is a ‘culture-obsessed extrovert’ raised within an Iranian Shia Muslim family whose music and media career became a highly visible public identity in 1982. Testimony has shown that his outward good-guy façade cloaked a highly controlled, manipulating personality coldly driven to achieve his own self-gratification.

The highly intelligent and purpose driven Ghomeshi helped launch Q, a daily arts show on Radio 1 in 2007. Pushing himself to centre stage Ghomeshi was soon the star of this domestic hit for the CBC and Q became syndicated on public radio stations in the U.S. and a highlight of CBC television. Jian the Jerk certainly knew how to navigate the waters to success within a nation desperate to assert its own identity in media through Canadian Content. Playing the CC card is a familiar ploy of the CBC to extract more taxpayer money to fund all kinds of fruitcake and special interest ventures of the executive administration. Ghomeshi was exactly what they needed until he swung completely out of ability to control his actions and the disclosure of his sexual identity.

Ghomeshi became a liability and his career as an author, broadcaster and music manager came to a crashing halt on Oct. 26, 2014, when he was fired after CBC executives saw what they described as graphic evidence that he had physically injured a woman.

On the same date Ghomeshi posted a 1,590-word explanation of why he was fired by the CBC that day. He moronically included some details about his BDSM sexual preferences, including role play, dominance and submission. He also arrogantly suggested there was a plot to undermine him being carried out by a ‘jilted ex-lover.’ Initially he had some supporters but after spending 25 years building his celebrity profile and succeeding at almost everything he turned his attention to Ghomeshi’s fall from grace took less than a week.      Jian Ghomeshi spent years building star brand, but his fall from grace took less than a week – Toronto

Details of allegations against him by three women pertaining to his sexual violence turned the tide. Ghomeshi became a media circus as his high profile friends, book publisher, promotions firm and musicians he managed fled from his association in the tsunami of his own creation. A month after incubus he was charged with five counts of sexual assault. The disguise was being shred from our boy who stated it was not unusual for him to engage in “adventurous forms of sex that included role-play, dominance and submission.” At university Ghomeshi had tried to hide his true nature by taking leadership roles in women’s issues surrounding consensual sex. He now desperately tried to play the ‘all my engagements were consensual card’ and grasped for a high profile female lawyer Marie Henein to shuffle the deck for him. In a calculated move he chose her in spite of a supposed joke she made at his expense during a gala dinner a month before he was her client.  “As criminal lawyers we represent people who have committed heinous acts. Acts of violence. Acts of depravity. Acts of cruelty. Or as Jian Ghomeshi likes to call it, foreplay.” Henein said, according to the Toronto Star. I do not think she was joking at that time, but rather mocking the man for what she knew the Muslim male to be as she was born in Cairo to Maronite Christian upbringing. But, when it comes to her own legal career she could care less what Ghomeshi is or is not. She is addicted to ‘high profile sexual transgression cases’ and determined to win them to advance herself no matter the cost to the society around her. As a result the Ghomeshi’s defence team led by Marie Henein has gone after witnesses for going to the media first and police later. “A famed Canadian novelist says the Jian Ghomeshi trial is retraumatizing abuse victims across the country because of the aggressive tactics defence lawyer Marie Henein has used.”

Many legal mental midgets are now giving their opinions as to the evidence and how the case has been or should have been handled.    But it simply is too late to contradict the common sense evidence at hand through Ghomeshi admitting he is a Sadomasochist in his sexual relationships. He has thus stated himself to being a sexual pervert incapable of healthy normal male-female sexual relationships. If our society was not so spiritually sexually poisoned he would probably simply be hospitalized and treated for mental illness. Ghomeshi is currently on trial on a total of seven counts of sexual assault, and one count of overcoming resistance by choking, against a total of six women, and faces a maximum possible sentence of life in prison. In late 2014, he was arrested and charged with four counts of sexual assault, and one count of choking, in relation to three complainants. He was charged with three additional counts related to three more women on January 8, 2015. On October 1, 2015, Ghomeshi pled not guilty to one count of choking and four counts of sexual assault.  So what can the Crushing Gushing Ghomeshi possibly face conviction of if common sense does not overtake the legal system and Judge William Horkins in particular?

According to Statistics Canada, aside from attempted murder sexual assault trials have the lowest conviction rates of violent crimes in the country. Because of victims being stigmatized a small number of cases make it to trial with about 45 per cent resulting in a conviction. A 2012 study found that for every 1,000 sexual assaults, only about 33 are reported, 12 result in charges and six go to trial. We have a national disease that the nature of Ghomeshi both feeds upon and fuels.

 fifteenThe Nature of Jian Ghomeshi is that of your typical arrogant Muslim male following the tenants of the evil called Islam. The links given will show you from Qur’an and Hadith in impeccable authoritative writings the crayons that color the mindset of Jian Ghomeshi. Ghomeshi was driven to his aberrant sexual behavior and justified in his own mind in doing so by a religion that sanctions criminal pedophilia, incest, rape, subjugation of women and unquestionable supremacy of the Muslim male. Ghomeshi is guilty as charged and following are the motivating factors for his actions. These are the beliefs of Jian Ghomeshi that his defense team did not want exposed in court and reason he was never permitted to testify in any manner. These are the foundational beliefs of the Muslim males that roam your streets Canada.  The Evil Commandments Of Allah On Women

 sixteenHow Islam’s Ghomeshi views women…..

No Muslim scholars question the validity of stating that Islam places women on the same level as a donkey or dog. The Surah state that when a man is praying if a woman, a dog or a donkey walks in front of him he has to wash himself again and repeat his prayer. Otherwise, his prayer will not be accepted by Allah. This dehumanization of the female makes it easy for the Muslim male to subject them to all their carnal desires in any format of their choice.

The subjugation and enslavement of women is the life-blood of Islam and foundation for the Sharia Legal System. The dignity and liberation of women is a threat to Islam itself and there is more at stake for Ghomeshi than what publically results from his trial under our legal jurisprudence, for he has been demonized to living out his Islamic religious roots. And, when you enter the land of Islam you leave the sanity of our universe and tread an alien landscape where murder, massacres, terror, plunder, violence, incest, pedophilia, enslavement and rape are no longer crimes against humanity. Also, they are no longer sins against the laws of God but are the very laws of Allah.

Ghomeshi is a slave to Islamic ideology.  Islam means Submission and by definition a slave is the most submissive of all people, for a slave will submit completely to his or her master. Islam leads to Jihad which leads to Rape and Sexual Slavery as ISIS continues to display worldwide.  Sexual Slavery leads to Submission versus Death and Submission means Islam. The cycle of evil begins and ends with Islam which fuels the Ghomeshi Machine that strives for his “adventurous forms of sex that included role-play, dominance and submission.”

Sex on demand…

The truth is Islam oppresses and humiliates women and nowhere purports in any manner that consensual sex is a requirement for the Muslim male. The opposite is true for Qur’anic verses gives the husband the full authority to demand sex from his wife whenever he wants to but also in any desirable sexual position of his preference. As example, Surah 2:223 states “Your wives are as fields for you. You may enter your fields from any place you want.”

Marital rape is not a crime in Islam, and gratification of the sexual desires of the male without concern for the emotional makeup of the female as sanctioned by Allah effectively permits Muslim husbands to rape their wives. The Surah teach that if a wife does not engage in sex with her husband when he demands her for it that even the angels of Allah will curse her.

Islam is a Religion of Rape and consensual sex as you define it does not exist in the Ghomeshi world where Allah has given the right for males to rape females. Rape is viewed as a serious crime in all civilized societies but it is sanctioned by Allah in the Qur’an. According to the edicts of Islam, rape is jihad and it is not considered a sin to have forced sex with a woman as long as she is a non-Muslim, a captive or a slave. In fact, it is encouraged in the teachings of Islam. Jihad somehow mystically transforms all forms of rape into acts of virtue and Islam is the only religious-political system in the world that includes rules and the divine authorization of rape in its theology.

Rape is often called sexual assault as in the Ghomeshi case, and constitutes an assault by a person involving sexual intercourse against another person without his or her consent. As such rape is a physical invasion of a sexual nature committed on a person under circumstances in which the victim is unable to prevent or stop the violent assault. Statutory Rape is the term often applied where the victims are in no position to resist and the absence of objection is not of itself regarded in any manner as constituting consent. Victims can be under many different formats of duress making it either impossible or extremely difficult to object.

We look at War rape as a typical situation where absence of objection may occur for women captives of war and sex slaves. Allah approves Muslim men to rape women who are taken captive in war, purchased by money, received as a gift or the female offspring of the slaves in their possession. But the duress that women are under in the context of war rape is no more real than the duress of the circumstance that the Ghomeshi victims found themselves in. What is absolutely clear in Qur’anic verses is that Muslim men do not have to “restrain their carnal desires” in any manner with women be they captives of war or wives. Through the Qur’an and Hadiths there emerges a clear picture of divine authorization of rape, adultery and fornication. Take your blinders off and read Islam – The Religion Of Rape .

17In Jian’s world the woman is at the bottom of the totem pole…..a lesser life form to be hammered into what he wants her to be.

The lower status of women is not confined only to her sexual position in the marriage union but women as a whole are dishonored and looked down upon in Islam. “Men have a status above women. God is Majestic and Wise.” (Surah 2:228) This phrase references the superiority of the Muslim men over the women and gender discrimination in Islam is evident in many of its teachings. Discrimination extends to the ludicrous claim that the majority of the inhabitants of “Hell” will consist of women because of their ungratefulness to their husbands. How can a woman be grateful for being repeatedly raped? Perhaps Ghomeshi can explain why simply being born as a woman predestined more women than men to be punished with hell. His prophet Muhammad states it simply is “if there is any evil omen in anything, then it is in the woman, the horse and the house.” Ultimately the woman is no better than an animal or inanimate object in the Muslim mind.

Islam states the male is of twice the value to Allah than the female. The Qur’an gives double share of the inheritance for male over female and a woman’s testimony is half the value of a man’s testimony. “Call in two of your men as witnesses. But if two men cannot be found, then call one man and two women out of those you approve of as witnesses, so that if one of the two women should forget the other can remind her.” (Surah 2:282) This verse implies that a woman’s mind is weak, suggesting that only women are forgetful whereas men are not and disparages the very nature of womankind.  The Prophet said, “Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?” The women said, “Yes.” He said, “This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.”  Muhammad simply believed and taught that women have deficient minds. Is this true and the reason the Ghomeshi defense team has been attacking the victims in court? What a quandary for Marie Henein to be defending a man she knows espouses such ideals. In the photos of her and Ghomeshi in the media posts she always appears downcast. Can it possibly be her finally coming to the realization that Jian was asserting his domination over her and vengeance for her earlier joke? Jian has effectively made her nothing more than a piece of property like his house and she became his cash for hire legal horse to be ridden for she is an evil in his mind that must be dominated. I believe she knows she has been ‘one-upped” but must now defend him like a viscous cat to maintain her own duplicitous legal career. C’est la vie for the ‘weak minded female’ is it not Marie? Enjoy your walk in the land of ‘Gotcha Ghomeshi’ and continue to see to the freedom of perverts that are destroying our society. Daily take a ‘Gay Pride’ in your profession knowing full well that “as a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.” (Proverbs 26:11)

Marie it is your type of fool that has released pedophiles and the likes of Street, Cromarty, Gryba and Jefferey to the streets of Saskatoon. Is the legal notoriety-fame and cash accrual worth the damage you are causing us? What are you lawyers doing to yourselves? “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”(Matthew 16:26) You are ending up the losers chasing your Golden Calf of Worldly Fame and Fortune. It is time to cleanse the legal system.

As to the creeps you defend and free, if they were Muslims and tried under sharia they would never see a day behind bars for pedophilia is permitted by Allah, was practiced by Muhammad and his Companions and Muslims today continue along the same evil path. In accordance with Islamic theology Muslim men are allowed to marry young children to engage in sexual intercourse with them. Pedophilia is prevalent in most Muslim countries disguised as child marriage. Categorizing this shameful act within the context of a marriage the surah legitimizes pedophilia for Muslim male perverts. Surah 65:4 clearly states that Muslim men can marry (and divorce) little girls who have not yet reached the age of menstruation and testifies to the undeniable reality that the raping of such minors is sanctioned in Islam. Is this the reason Ghomeshi was seeking out relationships with minor females? Sex with minors is called “Criminal Pedophilia” and children are being sexually abused by Muslim men who are old enough to be their fathers or even grandfathers. All of this practice is grossly wicked and to support Islam is simply to support pedophilia. Again, take off your blinders and read

Allah Sanctions Sex With Minors In The Qur’an

Multiple sex partners for Jian are no problem as Muslim men are permitted to be polygamous and told “If you fear that you cannot deal fairly with orphan girls, you may marry women of your choice, two or three or four.” Surah 4:3: Muslim men are allowed to marry up to four women at the same time and permitted to replace any wife with a newer one as long as it is kept within the limit of four at a time. The faithful Muslim wife is required to share her only husband with the other women. Essentially Islam turns wives into nothing more than prostitutes with a wife being like a piece of purchased merchandise that a husband can easily replace.

In addition, Muslim men are also allowed to have sex with many different categories of females for through the Qur’an the Muslim male has a very perverted definition of who is a wife, how they become a wife and for how long the female qualifies as being a wife. All of this is in relation to satisfaction of the male’s carnal sexual appetites. If a man desires to exchange one wife for another or to rape little girls or sodomize other males it is of no consequence to Allah and it appears to be the same for Ghomeshi.

And BDSM for our Muslim Media Star is normal for Muslim men are authorized to beat their wives….

As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them.  As to those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them. (Surah 4:34)

On the revelation of this single Qur’anic verse domestic violence and wife-beating became an acceptable form of behavior in Islam. The daily horror stories surrounding the extreme violence being done to women by Muslim males under the sanction of their Islam does not need repeating.

So now we have Jian the Repeater Beater waiting March 24 and one of his bail conditions is that he lives at home with his mother. I wonder just how much of a momma’s boy our Teddy Bear hugging, anxiety ridden Jian truly is for Islam condones incest. Maybe one should check momma for bruises to enter into evidence?  Perhaps his father’s name is tattooed in Persian on his right arm as from time to time that is who he thinks he is? The man’s Islamic roots certainly have produced a wanker in all its negative contexts.    Allah’s Approval Of Incest In Islam

Any Canadian that assists Islamists of any form to enter or remain within this nation is just as wankers as Jian Ghomeshi. It is time to start booting them all out if they do not repent from the heinous crimes of Islam that poison our land. You can repent and start by first sending the 25,000 Syrians that are Muslims back out the doorway you opened for them. It is time for Canada to become a Muslim Free Zone.

18Do you think Old Phinehas has become your enemy because he tells you the truth?  “A prudent man foresees the evil, and hides himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” (Proverbs 22:3)  If you do not deal correctly with Islam now Canada you will see ever increasing punishment by God until you do.

Even dogs have the instinct to know who loves them, but what about you? I love you enough to tell you the truth that the Lordship of Jesus Christ is the only means you have Canada to escape the living hell you become in greater measure with each passing day. So Repent!






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