k1What can you do with a drunken sailor….?

I had a very bad alcoholic Newfoundland drunk as a close friend a great number of years ago. My buddy Al worked for the Canadian Coast Guard in the company of a lot of other bad drunks and drug addicts. Poor Al simply was never able to overcome his addiction no matter how many AA meetings he attended, no matter how many sponsors took him in tow or times he stated his belief in a ‘higher power’ as he had come to know him. The last time I heard of Al was a report that he had just spent an extended period of time drunk in a Thailand whorehouse. I saw him once after this falling down, drunk at the bottom end of Cook Street in Victoria British Columbia as I was passing by. I did not halt in my passage and Al was a man that I loved and had genuinely warned many times about the demonic ties that were trying to choke out his life.  He would always agree in some manner, but could never truly listen and take the actions necessary to his spiritual benefit. I believe he was ultimately found a dead drunk.

Al was a bit of a ‘goofie-newfie’ that everyone liked, with a twisted sense of humor for he was always cracking jokes about the frogs and the niggers. People were not so politically correct back then. But Al had a genuine dislike and disdain for both racial groups and mocked them through his humor. He could project his voice in an excellent style of broken English with a French Quebecois accent and truly sounded like any arrogant but stupid Francophone of that era. In essence I guess the character he projected might be termed a ‘wanker frog’. Whatever, he would often start his ‘froggie went a courting routine’, dragging out the words, saying: “I speak two language……English duh best!” Perhaps it was his genuine disdain based solely upon racial characteristics that kept him a prisoner of the alcoholic addiction he never escaped.

k2Whatever, I chose this ‘two language factor from Al’s alley’ to give you a warning that has been spoken to many times Canada. And, if you cannot hear any better than Al you too will probably end up ‘too soon dead meat’ due your own mental addictions. Do not attach Muslim to a particular race of people for it is the term that applies to all people from all races and ethnic backgrounds that follow Islam.

 Hati-Hati is an Indonesian term which means be careful, cautious, canny and prudent in your thinking or actions. And kafir is an Arabic term that is applied to anyone who is not a Muslim. They simply are all unbelievers and infidels whose lives are of no value to Allah or Islam. They are garbage to the Muslim and if you are not a Muslim you are a kafir.

k3This Christian couple are kafirs, parents of four children and were booked on charges of sending blasphemous text messages to an Islamic cleric. Both have been given the death sentence. Hati-hati kafirs…. I am simply hollering out a final warning to you while passing by to let you know what you really are as a kafir.  “Islam makes a sharp distinction between Muslims on the one side and everyone else on the other. Their laws distinguish this too. In Shari’a law, a Muslim can testify in court against a kafir, but a kafir may not testify against a Muslim. In Shari’a law, it is illegal for a Muslim to kill a fellow Muslim, but it is not illegal for a Muslim to kill a kafir. A kafir is an unbeliever, an infidel.”

k4 This Yadiz girl is a kafir once forced into sex slavery by ISIS.

“Political Islam has a good definition also: Defining Kafir, complete with quotes from the Koran describing how Muslims ought to deal with kafirs. It’s not pretty.”   Wake up Canada. There is nothing pretty about Islam and the Syrians you have just embraced are going to further ugly up our nation.

k5Now here is an image you should remember, the batter’s box line up of kafirs all dressed in orange for mass execution.

“Answers.com defines the term this way: Kafir is an Arabic word literally meaning “ingrate.” In the Islamic doctrinal sense the term refers to a person who does not recognize Allah or the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad and hides, denies, or covers the truth. In cultural terms, it is a derogatory term used to describe an unbeliever or an apostate from Islam. It is usually translated into English as “infidel” or “unbeliever.”

“The word kāfir is the active participle of the root K-F-R “to cover”. As a pre-Islamic term it described farmers burying seeds in the ground, covering them with soil while planting. Thus, the word kāfir implies the meaning “a person who hides or covers”. In Islamic parlance, a kāfir is a word used to describe a person who rejects Islamic faith, i.e. “hides or covers [viz., the truth]”.   In quotations   Posted by Citizen Warrior

Well, I pray that the next time you look in the mirror this has been enough to get you thinking correctly about Islam. Or you can act like a drunken sailor in the wrong port and end up dead meat by the hands of those that view you as a kafir. The main difference in linguistics between Alcoholic Al and ‘yours truly kafir’ is that I only speak one language and that is the language of Truth. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and he delivered me from the stranglehold of alcoholism and self-deception perhaps greater than that of falling down Al.  Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Truth that sets men free from all bondages of addictions. Perhaps the greatest addiction that has snared you Canadian kafirs is your addiction to thinking you can shake hands with a snake. You refuse to stop thinking that you can ‘social program’ a rattle snake to becoming like a human being with good healthy social democratic values. You need to listen and take actions to quell Islam or face horrendous personal results. The evil snake of Islam has no hands but you certainly are going to hear Muslims rattle loudly from coast to coast: Death to America….Al’ahu Akbar as they run about your neighborhood. And our degenerate political process continues to pay to prepare them to fully do it. So, toss yourself at the feet and mercy seat of Christ, truly repenting of your sins; or you shall certainly not enjoy summer 2016 and will burn in discontent for remaining as a pack of Canadian wankers that continued to embrace Islam.

k6Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”  (Galatians 4:16)

Following Jesus Christ is your only way out of the Canadian spiritual mess kafir.  Phinehas

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