I don’t know what kind of winter you personally had in Canada , but to complete the spring thaw and warm you for what is now coming birthed out of the frozen Stormy Forests of North America give a listen… Richie Havens – Here Comes The Sun – HD – Original 7″ Mix -1971, Stormy Forest Records


From out of the land of the ‘frozen chosen’ we mush on ‘taking care of the businesses’ of making Canada a Muslim Free Zone! With spring now officially upon us we are heading toward a ‘hot time, explosive summer in the city’.   Canada is going to feel the heat increase from coast to coast as spiritual pressure comes to bear upon all things Muslim that were predicted for 2016. The evil of Islam brings about its own destruction and “evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.” (Psalms 34:21) Islam is comprised of evil Muslim beasts that must be quickly herded from our shores if you love God or freedoms you have enjoyed in this nation. Take command now and “you that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserves the souls of his saints; he delivers them out of the hand of the wicked.” (Psalms 97:10)

 I have been physically delivered out of the hands of the wicked in other nations and this shall carry forward as I have openly expressed public hatred of Islam for many years now. Muslims, I know how to track you, invade your territories and dispatch you in manners you simply cannot comprehend. And worldwide a hatred for Islam only grows stronger along with intent of turning up the heat dramatically in 2016. Muslims, there is no longer any place you can hide or feel secure in this nation of Canada as you try to establish sharia.

 MT2I have hunted, fished and trapped wilderness areas of Canada since my boyhood. I have mushed dog teams, bedded down in the deep snow along forest trails in 40 below, arose with the frozen dawn to bannock and steaming tea. Checking traps, emptying snares, cleaning fish, eating rabbits, rag-pail bathing in winter log cabins, stretching hides, dreaming of naked women once embraced and other events and places I wished I had never been. All the time talking to God, myself, dogs, mouthy ravens, chattering squirrels and past memories about where I might find myself the next morning. Always listening to the weather while examining the signs of the flats, muskegs, forests, hills, animal droppings, oiling my guns, sharpening axes and razor edged knives. Always looking for the tracks of the animals in the area I was entering or those that were passing through following their necessary prey. There is nothing evil in a pack of wolves savagely killing, taking down a deer fawn or matured moose, ferociously and instinctually ravaging it to quell their clawing hunger and appetite for blood-hot quivering flesh. It is the nature of the wolf. But there is nothing but evil in the pack of Muslim dogs that take down the defenceless female from child to grandmother to satisfy their lust and sexual appetites. It is the nature of the Muslim male.

 MT3It is much easier to see the tracks of man or animals in the snow than under the cover of summer trees. But experience through time grows you to the point where you function in similar fashion as to the presence of critters be it night or day. All your senses enhance in the wilderness and this becomes just a natural state of being. There is nothing supernatural in this as there is found in the gift of discernment, an empowerment of the Holy Spirit that alerts you to the presence of all spirit beings, good or evil, be it night or day; and whether you are lodged in the wilderness or insanity of the world’s largest cities. I have lodged in both for extended periods and have been blessed by God in maturing to a Man Tracker in both the natural and spiritual realms of His creation.


MT5Over the past few years in dealing with the evil of Islam I have sent thousands of messages to individuals, groups, associations, organizations and institutions. I have also walked the same message into locations like the Vatican and remote jungle villages of Indonesia. In it all I have sought the leading of the Holy Spirit. I am going to show you a bit of what I have been doing through some of the ‘electronic responses’ I have received and the picture that has developed from the messages dispatched. All of it I hope conveys to you the necessity of your being daily observant to the individuals and groups moving about you. It is my desire this somehow helps you train yourself to defensively analyse events to a degree whereby you know how to quickly and actively live a policy of terminating all threats to Canada from Islamic activities.

MT6The Political Monkey…. I have messaged every locatable federal and provincial politician in Canada of every political persuasion. This has also been extended into particular city and municipal governments. Some have received single contacts while others were dispatched several messages. In general I received no response, an automated e-mail response or Assistant Reply Personal Response that was nothing more than a redirect or stalling methodology that ensured they never had to follow up on any concern expressed. I shall give you two odious Manitoba Monkey examples to help highlight what is being stated.

MT7 A typical ‘Flunky Monkey’…..   Most MLA’s and MP’s are/were in a state of denial surrounding Islam and using it as simply a topical arena to promote their own economics and partisan politics. The ones who were expressing genuine concern about the internal security of the nation I found constantly under attack in the media. Of the low life we select for office one of the worst examples is the ‘number 13 man from Gimli’ seen to your left, Peter Bjornson.  I messaged this man on July 31, 2015 and ‘thank God and Greyhound’ he resigned from office August 7, 2015. Peter Bjornson resigns as MLA for Gimli – Winnipeg Free …  This self-serving political miscreant has obviously gathered enough bird seed to flee political life and chirp his poisonous tunes elsewhere.

On Jul 31, 2015, at 9:19 AM, Kenneth Gran <> wrote:   Greetings Peter Bjornson
Internal security ‘threat levels’ and issues are escalating daily within our nation. Beyond shadow of a doubt we face the most important election in our nation’s history. To maintain Canadian democratic freedoms there can be no compromise within Church or State with Islam. I document clearly on my web site posting: “Son of A Fuddle Duddle” dated July 27, 2015 why following Justin Trudeau ensures your democratic demise. Access it and take whatever actions you then deem essential to protect Canada from this man and stem the tide of Islamic infiltration and violent incursions that threaten us daily.   

Offer counsel if led to and thank you for your time in securing the Nation.       Phinehas

Bjornson, Peter (NDP) <> To Kenneth Gran       07/31/15 at 9:29 AM     I don’t subscribe to the fear mongering of the conservatives.  Please do not send me any more of this nonsense.

 FEAR MONGERING and NONSENSE?   Tap back to Brand 13-Posted on March 15, 2016   Brand 13 Kids- Posted on March 20, 2016   Political flunkies like Bjornson need to forgo every pension economic benefit they have stolen from the coffers of Canada. If they were claiming to be Christians they have been Biblically well defined. “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, sees the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep, and flees: and the wolf catches them, and scatters the sheep. The hireling flees, because he is an hireling, and cares not for the sheep.” (John 10:11-13) Elections and troublesome times will ultimately expose the hirelings and at the Federal level we clearly see this to be the case for Peter MacKay the former Conservative Minister of Justice. He did not care one iota about the potential damage he was doing to the nation at such time. From inception his own pockets and groin were the driving factors in his life.

MT8A Main monkey man.... The less than honorable premier of Manitoba Greg Selinger has been elected to four terms of office. A revolting man of broken promises  Bruised Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger says he can be …   he wants to further self-destruct sunny Manitoba. The character actually states he can be trusted. In the political ball game of this province four foul balls should be enough to qualify for a trip back to the slimy dugout he crawled out from. I guess this will depend upon the degree of Portage and Main frostbite the brain cells of the average Manitoban have suffered. Damn cold on that winter wind swept corner, but it is better than the corner of Hell our hypocrite is headed for if he simply does not stop being such a blatant liar of any sort.

Some messages were sent Selinger prior and then the one you will read following. This was  before I factored off to the entire legislative containment like Bonehead Bjornson. Note that on this message there was a cc: to the Calgary Herald and three members of the British Columbia Teachers Federation. This cc: ploy definitely got his “personal assistants” wondering enough to send me the first reply ever in behalf of old Bison Breath himself. I worked basically the same methodology on many of the main monkey crew in both political and economic sectors to determine just how shallow, unreliable and easy to manipulate they truly are. Electronically tracking such critters to their dens and water holes can be very time consuming, but it is a necessary task if you are looking to see who has been poisoning the water supply of one and all.

From: Kenneth Gran   Sent: Saturday, July 04, 2015 5:44 AM
To: Premier
Subject: Execute Khadr                                                                               Greetings Premier Selinger    Internal security ‘threat levels’ and issues are escalating daily within our nation. The Islamic terrorist and convicted war criminal Omar Khadr is now poised to go before the Appeals Court, seeking full release to enable further venting his evil upon our society. To maintain Canadian democratic freedoms there can be no compromise within Church or State with Islam in this matter.

I have documented this issue on my web site posting: “Don’t Eat Khadr Ka-Ka Canada” dated June 29, 2015.  Access it and take whatever actions you then deem essential to protect Canada from this killer and stem the tide of Islamic infiltration and violent incursions that threaten us daily.   Offer counsel if led to and thank you for your time in securing the Nation.          Phinehas

Premier <>  To  ‘Kenneth Gran’    07/07/15 at 3:39 PM

July 7, 2015    Dear Mr. Gran:   On behalf of The Honourable Greg Selinger, Premier of Manitoba, I would like to acknowledge your email.  We appreciate you taking the time to put your thoughts in writing.  Thank you for your email to Premier Selinger.    Sincerely,   Kristine Derksen,   Correspondence Assistant to the Premier

MT9Say What? What brought a reply of any sort at this time from sincere Kristine?  In 90% of my messaging of any type sent to politicians I linked them to news sources and vice versa as shown following. Through such means I goaded a multitude of sources to expose their positions or confirm matters I believed to be true. I also used the same basic linking of media and politicians in combination with religious groups. Such linkages extended into international contact points as well. In many instances it deliberately created an atmosphere of someone, known or unknown, reading your mail or keeping an eye on the prime addressee.

From: Kenneth Gran <>
Date: Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 8:51 AM
To: “” <>
Cc: “Klinkenberg, Marty (Edm Journal)” <>
Subject: Islamic Terrorism 

Greetings Cathy McLeod
The security issues of our nation are escalating daily and ‘threat levels’ vary from region to region.  I have recently spoken to this matter through evidenced based upon British Columbia on my web page posting: “The Rats of BC” dated April 14. Please access it and take whatever actions you may then deem essential to stem the tide of Islamic infiltration and violent incursions that threaten us daily.    I would appreciate any counsel you may have.  Thank you for your time.    Phinehas

Klinkenberg, Marty (Edm Journal) <> To  Kenneth Gran  05/09/15 at 11:29 AM       Hi Kenneth.  Please remove me from your email list. Thank you very much.            Marty Klinkenberg    Senior Reporter   Newsroom   P: (780) 429-5340

With his background ‘the Klink’ seems to be an individual you think would be ‘highly investigative’ of anything related to the provinces and Islamic Terrorism. He served as Senior Writer for the Telegraph-Journal from April 2002 – January 2012 (9 years 10 months) and in his words:  “Served in varying capacities at the province-wide daily newspaper in New Brunswick, including business editor, columnist and senior writer. Traveled on assignment to Afghanistan, Haiti, China, and the Dominican Republic, as well as to destinations within Canada and the U.S. From 2007 through 2010, I was the most decorated newspaper journalist in Canada, being nominated for National Newspaper Awards each year and winning on three occasions. The NNAs are the Canadian equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. In addition, in 2012 a motion picture called Still Mine starring James Cromwell was adapted from a series of stories I wrote.”

And he states that as Senior Writer for the Edmonton Journal June 2012 –June 2015 (3 years 1 month): “I wrote about all sorts of issues, but specialize in stories about people, places and developments in northern Alberta. In 2013, I won two second-place finishes in the Society for Features in Journalism Awards, one in integrated storytelling and the other in general features.”

All pretty impressive sounding for a guy that has fled to the safety zone, or perhaps we might say penalty box of journalism for he is now a Sports Reporter for the Globe and Mail and states: “I have a keen interest in Alberta stories, and will spend the next year writing about Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers.” Well, whoopee ding-a-ling-ling! It should not be too hard for you to keep your stick on the ice Marty, as stated in the Dominican Republic parece que ha perdido sus bolas,  that is, if you ever truly had any. Perhaps you should once again try dealing with something a little more relevant to our nation than another batch of Sports Idolatry. Watch out Klink that some Muslim with a suicide vest doesn’t take you into the boards on your way to work or jaunt around the West Edmonton Mall.

As to Cathy McLeod she was the PC-MP for Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo at the time and no one could question her focus on nationalistic matters, although they were a bit mundane upon investigation. You see, I did not know anything ‘personal’ about either one when I linked them together. They were simply a part of a very large ‘Random Sampling’ I was taking to assess the degree of concern about the ‘security issues facing Canada’. Unfortunately on both sides of the fence be it political or media the primary word that best applies is apathetic. The second place is definitely given to the words politically correct.

 I did not have to remove “Senior Party Marty” from my ‘email list’ as I normally toss away all empty shell casings once fired unless I garner some response. Thus, I needed to keep this email to reload and fire now. Unfortunately, I now can never be rid of it as easily as I can be of Marty. Heck, I do not even know who Connor McDavid is and the last time the Edmonton Oilers entered my think tank was when the Great One was leader of the pack. ‘Thank you very much’.

We all know politicians and media sleep in public brothels together. Different mobs simply occupy different rooms in the economic whorehouses of their own desires and designs. And like a pack of prostitutes on payday their morals and values quickly shift to serve the most lucrative john coming through the swinging doors of their lives.  But, I know there still are some good journalists out there; perhaps the Klink truly was a good journalist at one time or maybe just a legend in His own mind?

Unfortunately good journalists are forced to function like soldiers behind enemy lines of intellectual freedom, while ultimately having to stay within the outer limits, the boundaries of the Barons that direct the cash to pay for their personal social perversions and daily needs. They ultimately become as squirrely as the rest of the crew trying to store up enough nuts to make it through to death. You cannot discount such a factor in assessing the reliability of their reports.


The Setting of Snares for Squirrely Critters

By their signs it is normally easy to see where squirrels are denned up together and how they are travelling from it to get to their stored nuts to satisfy their appetites. You can then set up pole for them to follow downward with a series of snares as shown above and walk away. Upon return you will usually find several of what most people consider to be an unpredictable and jumpy varmint hanging by their necks. Coming down the pole, often in a cowardly manner, heading for their goal of ‘my nuts’ they are blind, oblivious to their dead family members as they slip their own head into the next snare not filled. They are either oblivious or simply do not give a damn. In either case, what does it matter for they are finished being a nuisance or able to be made use of in a manner of some genuine benefit. This same principal is easily applied to the jihadist and proponents of sharia. They are just as nutty as squirrels looking to satisfy their own appetites .

MT11Squirrels are categorized as rodents, of the same general family as rats. In North America we are familiar with the common tree squirrels and ground squirrels which live in burrows or tunnel systems. Some of these squirrels hibernate for a great deal of winter, but most will come out from their dens to feed on stored acorns on bright sunny days. We trap these species, eat them and use their pelts for garment purposes; but we do not do the same with rats. We exterminate rats for the disease carrying vermin that they are.

There are a great variety of squirrels worldwide that range in size from the African pygmy squirrel at only five inches (13 centimetres) long from nose to tail; and the Indian giant squirrel which is three feet (almost a meter) in length. While varying in size and appearance they are all still defined as being squirrels. In similar manner Muslims range in size and appearance due to ethnic origins but all are clearly defined as being Islamic and followers of the mad Prophet Muhammad. And Muslims have both the filthy stench of rats and nuttiness of squirrels defined as someone or something acting very strange, odd, eccentric, nervous and irrationally sensitive to their own circumstance.

Muslims in many ways are like squirrels both in appearance and behaviour…many are dressing silly, sounding foolish, displaying a lot of energy like a squirrel looking for nuts, running to and fro, changing their mob minds quickly as they go about rioting in the name of Allah.  Going squirrely ….is dictionary defined as being a person hyper-concerned, mildly crazy, insane, protective and stingy out of fear. And their courtship between males and females is very complex and dramatic, just as is the conflict among males to establish who the top squirrel is in some Muslim neighborhood. These two factors alone make it quite easy to trap the boys in their activities. And their thinking they are secure hiding in their own branches, while paranoid of both their predators and other squirrels makes it actually quite easy to locate them and determine what an appropriate action to take with them subsequent is. To find the source of a sound in the branches of a tree, with leaves fluttering on a windy day all you have to do is look for the familiar shape that is motionless. As well, finding your way into their midst and startling them is another good tactic to see who freezes motionless, who chatters angrily, what pathways they take running to dens for safety and the estimated numbers that must be disposed of. As such I started shooting at them with the following ammo and a sampling of results follows.

On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, Kenneth Gran <> wrote:
Notice:   This web site is of personal importance to followers of Islam and those supporting them.     حذائي هو على رأسك 


MT12 Dumb or dumber…..Haseeb Sadat <>

To Kenneth Gran   02/03/15 at 1:54 PM    cc:

What is this garbage and how did he get our emails?! 

The message was addressed to Haseeb Sadat with cc to a group of his organizational associates. Think about the fact the communication comes back to me along with his associates. Startled or simply stupid he reacted with this response. Such persons have to learn to read well enough to know that Kenneth Gran <  are one and the same. And to raise their paranoia level and vulnerability to commit further error it is quite simple. All I have to do is inform them I do not only get their electronic addresses.

 MT13And this must be dumberrunning along the pathway he has been herded on to while asking an obviously moronic question. Such types are reflective of the jihadi cell. The problem that exists in handling such terrorism is simply moving from constant analysis to taking immediate action against them. Why are people so foolish as to stand and listen to a ‘rattle snake’?      hmad Daraghmeh <>     To Kenneth Gran         Cc:

How did you obtain our emails? 

MT14And a red eyed rodent…. David Dawood Bogart   919 685 7641 …. Is our David a dhimmi dimwit, convert or original sin? It truly does not matter as he has identified which side of the battlefield he runs his support and supplies to.

 Sign Scientist <> To    01/26/15 at 8:52 AM   Stick yourself Kenneth Gran. Stop spamming Muslims with anti-Islamic propaganda and lies. Beat it.

MT15 Is this one truly not smart enough to consult on engineering?….   Ali S Abufares <>   To Kenneth Gran   01/16/15 at 8:32 AM    What does the arabic writing say?  Thank you.

 Ali S. Abufares, PE, MASCE, MAAAEA  ASA Engineering Consultants, Inc.  3717 Wiodview Trace   Indianapolis, IN 46268   (317) 334-1334 Ext. 11   (317) 43-3726 (cell)

 If you cannot sift out simple language encrypting of any sort than what are you smart enough to engineer?  Perhaps kettle bombs, suicide vests and the most stressful structural locations to place them?

MT16And for the aroma of what appears the true Muslim hypocrite… Salima Abdullah <>  To Kenneth Gran   02/08/15 at 11:00 PM     Keep your articles to yourself I’m not interested and they’ll come a day when we’ll all come to know the truth. God bless you.

God bless me? There are a limited number of categories and terrorism threat level designations that must be analyzed to prioritize your actions. At first sorting you will normally place this individual into the category of ‘moderate Muslim’.

MT17But the one who knows it all has already graduated to the position where they believe fully in sharia and the inability of the kafir to affect them in any manner.  Theirs is the mentality of tossing the ‘suicide acorn’, but preferably by some other ‘cross-eyed squirrel’ looking for a whack at his celestial virgins.

Bashir Alghizawi <> To Kenneth Gran  02/03/15 at 11:19 PM    What’s your point Kenny?   Nothing new to me.   Bashir ALghizawi

MT18Then we have the noble ones claiming they simply want to give you their cherished nut.

Ibrahim Abu  shraf <>

To Kenneth Gran   01/15/15 at 10:56 PM    بسم الله ارحمن ارحيم

Kenneth Gran, if you are truthful and sincere in your seeking benefit and wanting good for yourself as well as those for whom you are responsible, then you will make careful consideration of this:    In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The One who bestows Mercy upon whom He wills. Verily all praise, all forms of thanks are due to Allah, The Lord of all that exists. We praise Him. We seek His aid. We seek His forgiveness. We seek refuge with Allah form the evil of our own selves and from sinful behavior in our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides upon righteousness, there is none who can lead him astray. Whomsoever Allah leaves to stray, due to a disease in his heart, there is none who can guide him. I bear witness that there is no one or nothing which has the right to be worshipped in truth, except Allah alone, without any partner. And I also bear witness that Muhammad ibn Abdullah from the tribe of the Quraish is Allah’s slave and His final messenger (peace be upon him).

May Allah guide us all to that which is correct.  Amin.

The ‘if I am truthful and sincere style questioning’ is but another standard Islamic methodology to be found written into the Four Steps of Islamic Conquest. Thus, after careful consideration I have also employed a more blatant confrontational foray with these Islamic belly crawlers and dhimmi rats in general.

MT19 It is a direct harder approach, but rats just cannot resist the cheese, especially if they think they are King Rat. So I started bombarding Muslim imams, lawyers, madrassa, high ranking business men, support organizations and Canadian politicians with the following message.

On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 2:56 PM, Kenneth Gran <> wrote:
Take the web site personal Islamic dogs and you that support them!  “Surmay ye a’raasac”        “Yela’an sabe’a jad lak”  “Air il’e yoshmotak”   “Airy fe dameerak”   “Eyreh be afass seder emmak”   Phinehas

The expressions (English enunciation of the Arabic terms) are supposed to be the top five insults to the Muslim surrounding their beliefs in Allah, the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad.  In English they ultimately translate out to such things as my shoe is on your head and my dick is your mother’s rib. The top insult in written Arabic is حذائي هو على رأسك    which means ‘my shoe is on your head’. Through such format I started to flush more out of the different blackened Islamic toilet bowels into the shriveling light of day.

MT20Lawyers think they are the front lines offensive for sharia.

Mohammad Mahmoudi <>

To   Kenneth Gran  01/16/15 at 2:27 PM    Stay in Canada and don’t come to America.
Mohammad Mahmoudi  The Law Offices of S. Mohammad Mahmoudi, PLLC. 11325 Random Hills Rd. Suite 360   Fairfax, VA 22030   (703) 386-6636

Muslim lawyers believe themselves above our laws, capable of threatening others with impunity and able to manipulate our legal system so we will self-destruct.  Mr. M.M. Silly threatened me with results of my touring his environs to ascertain the easiest means of disposing of him at any time if desired and in manner most appropriate to his ego.

MT21Business men remain the means of supply for terrorism.  On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 2:58 PM, All Care Foot and Ankle wrote:

First message: Who are you?  And almost immediately following as an afterthought: are you making threats?<>

Business types utilize but a few variations on the same means of raising and transferring funds for jihadi activity. They are also very basic in their transport and supply methods of the physical materials required to enact both field battles and ‘lone wolf attacks’. All of this is often buried in paper trails of double registrations, international ownerships of companies, and legally registered tax exempt cultural associations. But this is always handled by individuals or groups of men acting at the basic community levels. It is easiest to determine the ‘who’s who’ in the slimy mess by simply doing business with them and establishing who is actually controlling the cash. And our electronic age of ever increasing information storage and communication certainly simplifies the process here. Ledgers have to balance and there is always a negative purpose entailed by those hiding ownership of transportation methods or repeatedly seeking the services of those that do such. It is not what we term ‘rocket science’ to sort them out even to the level of the likes of Wiki-Assange. And no matter the country of manufacture, counting bullets the size of rockets is truly child’s play. And when rockets disappear from stock to find them all you have to do is look toward the financial accounts of those that desire to deploy them. With computers this is really not a difficult process; it is just a part of ‘standard accounting practices’. But it still takes someone to turn on the machine and get the job underway. And it still takes someone to recognize when the computer reports coming back at you are falsified layered lies. When dealing with Muslims involved in any form of international business you are 100% correct in starting from the premise that you are dealing with liars. The Qur’an rewards them for being such and you are a fool not to ferret out and analyze their business practices from such a basis. Tracking electronic cash is certainly a good form of enabling you to provide some assisted suicide for the jihadi both in and out of the nation. Personally I find it time consuming and boring. It is probably much more effective employing a ‘hands on approach’ to sending our fellas off to camel jockey heaven. What do you think?

It has been documented for a long time that Mosques foster terrorism… so I messaged a few thousand within their administrative structures, insulting them to the greatest degree possible. Such greetings went to the principal actors at Montreal’s infamous terrorist hotbed the Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque.

 MT22 All I shall say at this point is watch the VIRAL VIDEO: “The Truth About Justin Trudeau and the …  and give heed to the knowledge you should have analyzed prior to electing a very dangerous man.  

As well, recognize the fact that the mosques are very technology astute and connected. As stated, from Burnaby to Gander to “ignore growing Muslim fundamentalism and extremism in Canada is at your peril. That’s the message an increasingly vocal number of moderate and secular Canadian Muslims and counterterrorism experts want to send to the United States and the rest of the world.”  Canada’s Growing Jihadi Cancer – The Daily Beast  This report sums up the roots to our present Canadian circumstance, major players and gives an exposure to groups like the Al-huda women’s schools which breed jihadists. In one way or another I rattled the cages of them all from the Masjid Al-Salam and Education Centre of British Columbia to individuals in Newfoundland.

I took a special interest in Islamic Societies and Islamic learning centers knowing them to be radicalization breeding grounds for groups falling under influence of the Muslim Brotherhood or Saudi inspired jihadists. I whacked at ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) on both sides of the border. One Islamic center to the south tried to bless me as Phineras for my efforts.

Islamic Center of East Lansing <> To   01/03/15 at 2:36 AM

Dear Phineras,  We are trying to decipher your message below. Not sure about some of the reference you made below. Regardless, we wish you well and pray to God to be with you.   Islamic Center

MT23And north of the border we went rat-a-tap-tap after such notables as Aly Hindy who is the current Imam of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in TorontoCanada. He is notable for his alleged connections to militant and fundamentalist elements, as well as his defence of Canadians convicted of terrorism.[1][2][3]    Canadians cannot afford to tolerate such garbage in this land!

NUTBut in looking at the escalating rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia I was quickly engulfed in stirring up the Muslim mob in all sectors of oil plagued Alberta. Here I took particular aim at the parties surrounding THE KILLER KID Omar Khadr and the oily clown pictured to the left.

Office of the Mayor <>  To Kenneth Gran  12/05/14 at 11:35

“Thank you for contacting Mayor Nenshi.  We read every email received at the Office of the Mayor and direct them to the right people for response—including Mayor Nenshi. Due to the overwhelming amount of correspondence we receive, you may not receive a response from us for a few days. Please feel free to email us again if you have not heard from us in over a week.

Once again, we appreciate your email and look forward to corresponding with you in the future.”

Pretty good for an auto-response system and in spite of forays fired through other means I was not able to get the Nenshi cretin excited enough to confront me in a personal fashion at any time. Rest assured he shall in the future.

MT24But I got the Muslims quite nervous at Edson Alberta …..

File 20141434241

Elissa REULE <> To 11/13/14 at 11:54 PM     Hello Mr. Gran,  Cst. REULE with the Edson RCMP out of Alberta. I noted an email a community group located in Edson had received from your email address. I do not have a recent phone number for you and I would like to discuss the matter with you. Could you contact me at 780-723-8822 (regular business hours) or 780-723-8800 (after hours and on weekends), or email me back at this email address so we can discuss this.    Thank you,   Cst. REULE

 I never did speak to this person, but eventually did send e-mail communication and she went off somewhere. Perhaps she read my postings about the ‘horsemen’, or was directly notified that from surveillance and personal interviews I was in no manner a threat to national security interests. Both the Horsemen and Canada’s Military know exactly where my allegiances reside.

MT25I do know how to eliminate the threat of Islam, how to activate them in such a manner that they bring about their own exposure and destruction. We now have travelled in time to the point where you will either stand against all Muslim incursions or for them as dhimmi or apathetic hedonists. I hope all this has brought you to correct awareness, but I still remain with the belief that most Canadians fit into the apathetic hedonist category. So I am going to provide you with one final warning to take action that will benefit this nation.

You need to truly understand the evil that embodies Islam, the complete change of nature that comes about when a man falls under the sway of Muslims in any manner. Thus I want you to listen to Richie Havens – Peace Train. This song was written by and performed in 1971 by Cat Stevens speaking about his   “thinking about all the good things to come…that everyone needed to jump on the coming peace train…the peace train that was taking the country…that all hatred would be gone…”  From such a state of mind he was found after conversion to Islam with the new name of Yusuf Islam and calling for the death of Salman Rushdie. Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam Calls For The Murder Of Salman Rushdie – He Now Denies Ever Doing This        YusufislamKillSalman  From a peace loving fella, seeking and needing true love of a hard headed woman, this folk singing ‘space cadet’ was trying to rethink the universe and morphed to another man through the simple steps of Islam.

The man has actually undergone three name changes being born Steven Demetre Georgiou (July 21,1948). The British singer-songwriter was commonly known by his former stage name Cat Stevens (1965-1980).  He blanked out and then from a time subsequent until the present was renamed Yusuf Islam. He now awaits a fourth and final name designation as Eternal Fool. “Pop songs with messages of peace were common in the Vietnam War era, and “Peace Train” was preceded by “Give Peace a Chance” in 1969. Not everyone found Cat Stevens’s peace-themed song convincing, however. Robert Christgau criticized “Peace Train’s” message in his November 1972Newsday review of a concert by Stevens at the New York Philharmonic Hall: “I don’t mind when Johnny Nash sings a charming ditty about how things are getting better, but when Stevens informs the world that we’re all on a peace train, I get annoyed. We’re not, and if Stevens ever stops shaking his head long enough to see clearly for a second, he might realize it.”[3]

Yep! From videos it is very evident why the head shaking was so irritating and abnormal. Steven Demetre Georgiou most certainly shook all common sense out of his own head for existence under sharia is life without Jesus Christ and that life simply remains eternal hell.   

And this is the embraceable Islam of our Justin Trudeau who is  proving himself to be a very squirrely man. Well, “I read about some squirrely guy, who claims, he just doesn’t believe in fightin’.  And I wonder just how long, the rest of us can count on being free.  -Merle Haggard”  Do you want to provide this 83 year old man with such a time estimate? Merle Haggard – Guitarist, Songwriter, Singer –   I can give the estimate, but you probably shall still remain a silly hedonistic Canadian kafir.

“Beware therefore, lest that come upon you, which is spoken of in the prophets; Behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and perish: for I work a work in your days, a work which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you.” (Acts 13:40-41)

MT26“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”  (Gal 4:16)

Only if you remain a dhimmi or a Muslim, for I am a fighter by my trade!