TT“The Sound Of Silence”….. Both popular and unpopular musical styles comprise the ‘hymns’ of our secular culture. Sometimes the musicians, skilled or unskilled, are reflective of what has happened, or what they believe is happening politically, socially and spiritually important. And every so often God ‘tweaks the conscience of man’ through secular music ‘sound bites’ to stir the mix and get a spiritual being activated a little so he will speak out about the problems of his time. “The ´Sound of Silence´ uses imagery of light and darkness to show how ignorance and apathy destroy people´s ability to communicate on even a simple level. The light symbolizes truth and enlightenment. Both music and lyrics are perfectly fitting.” It was written and performed by Paul Simon, a man that once said “he thanked God for the gifts that he was given and for letting him live the dream that he dreamed when he was 12 years old.”

So, to all the 60’s crew of kafir turkeys still above ground: has the drug induced, dope smoke fungus grown larger and lodged harder in that area between your ears since the 1960’s? It was then Paul Simon had “a vision softly creeping” that “left its seeds” while he was sleeping and the vision was planted in his brain, and still remains “within the sound of silence.” You did not hear the silence message given in the early sixties recording and it was brought back to a very widespread awareness in the Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence – Madison Square Garden, NYC – 2009/10/29&30 concert in 2009.  It was once again returned to a “people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening, and no one dared disturb the sound of silence.”

At the time there should have been a screaming public outcry against Islam in New York City, and no one again dared disturb the sound of silence. And like the song stated I state to you “fools, you do not know silence like a cancer grows”.  And grow it did until the cancerous evil of Islam exploded in the 9/11 twin towers Muslim attack on America in 2001.  Following it the silence of political correctness was broken to some degree, but unless the reality of Islam is now shouted from every free rooftop the jihadi conquest shall carry forward until all free speech is silenced. The last time I know that Paul Simon was used live to call you fools to know you truly remain silent fools if you do not speak out against Islam was at the 9/11Ten Year Memorial in New York City in 2011. Paul Simon’s Touching ‘Sound of Silence’ 9/11 Tribute: Watch 

TT2Here we are five year later and it seems you need another musical format to speak to the cause of the deception you remain under. Whether you value the musical style or not this truly is a crash course on our deception underway…..     K Rino Grand Deception    Don’t end up another decapitated kafir turkey. Recognize the Islamic deception for all it is and break the silence about the curse of Islam perpetuated and spread through the children that it spawns.


 oneBrand 13 is symbolic of the evil imprint of Satan upon what you say, do and think. Ranging from superstition, through obsession to absolute possession it is not a label you want to stitch into the garments of your life. Islam stamps you with this Brand 13 so parents tell your offspring to take a good look at the Muslim person they have moved over for to take a seat in their classroom, bus or at the medical center. Tell them to observe them carefully for many among them are Brand 13 Kids raised by a system that breeds natural born killers.

 twoIn spite of their difference in dress they may perhaps look normal to you, or even attractive, but that is the deception.  These are creatures who come forth from the womb stamped with Brand 13 for evil is the essence of their spirituality, being wicked children of the Devil. Satan is their father and like him they have no inherent ability to speak the fullness of Truth. So know that “the wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.” (Psalms 58:3) They are a species you must come to recognize and know how to deal with.

threeAs you look about you will see others that look very similar. These critters are from amid the sons and daughters of men that descend through steps of satanic deception until they totally succumb and remain under its blackened label. They are only born into the Islamic system and culture of death; they could escape from this except for their personal weakness based on fear. They moan and groan, but in their hearts they have been raised Muslim and so they remain Muslim.

fourIt is easy to recognize the supposed ‘radical fighters’ on the Middle Eastern battlefields. And because Muslim people are fleeing from the midst of the Islamic scrappers many assume they are not radical in their beliefs. Further, people that have been emotionally media duped by scenes of women and children in dire circumstance thus rush to their aide. The fact is that both the fighters and the refugee runners are all adherents of the same Qur’an and Islamic faith. To simply be a Muslim one must desire to see the ascendency of sharia globally and the methods employed are ultimately destructive to Western society in every case. You should not hurry to help these people for you only rush to destroy yourself.

fiveThe recent swamp load of snakes drained from Syria into Canada by our ‘fool on Capitol Hill’ are Muslim and born into radical belief that shall mature here to your destruction. But among them are also fully developed vipers that have used the Canadian Syrian refugee plan to find their way here. You need to face up to such facts and you can thank the Trudeau ship of fools for escalating the headaches of our nation.

We read in the Bible that the apostle Paul received a God-given dream known as the Macedonian Call. In his vision the Macedonians needed spiritual help and by answering the call “the history of the church—and of the world—forever changed”. What is the Macedonian Call? – Home  The Macedonia of Paul’s day entailed the northern and central parts of modern-day Greece. Greece is in a social-economic mess, growing greater by the day. They do not even know how to deal properly with their border defence of Macedonia. And Canada needs to give a “Canadian Call to Macedonia” for they seem the ones best suited to deal with the Syrian Refugee crisis. Make the call Canada, perhaps President  Gjorge Ivanov  will tell you how to start undoing the damage we have just done to ourselves rushing the Syrians in.

sixAfter all Canada:Look at these passports and papers. They are all forged or stolen. We have already seized 9,000 of them. Some so-called refugees are travelling through the whole of Europe with false identities, and Greece is simply stamping their papers so that they continue on their journey. We have to assume that many of these people who were travelling with forged papers want to enter the EU via the refugee route as radical fighters.”    Gjorge Ivanov, President, Macedonian

They have also entered Canada in such manner, so if one of the ‘ethnic profile observable types’ leaves a package or pack behind: immediately vacate the bus. Avoiding the potential boom will be much harder for you daycare bleeding hearts though. The devout Muslim has no problem dropping there kid off to stay with an exploding Atomic Teddy Bear or Burka Barbie Bombshell in tow. Both they and the kid will be rewarded by Allah for ‘fighting the good fight’. IS plants ‘baby doll bombs’ on road to Karbala  The next ‘Syrian child-care issue’ you fools may face has potential of being your last.

Ultimately the only answer with respect to the ever sickening Syrian situation is not to embrace them, but to totally isolate them and house them in North American comfort for the shortest period of time it takes to “return them to sender”. As an escort out let they be accompanied by those who rushed them in and make certain the door closes tightly upon the entire asinine compliment. Sound a bit harsh do I? Well, let me give you a view of the version of the child that the Qur’an, hadith and examples of Muhammad show the child a Muslim is required to raise. The upbringing is done publically in countries under their dominion and in private in the nations where they are waiting to fully institute sharia.

sevenBrainwashing Kids for Jihad     This brief Clarion video report starts with an Australian wake-up mate about how Muslims teach their children to hate instead of love.  Watch  And to see the reality of the international connections and youth range of our terrorists is in a bedtime story for you:  English Teenage Girl Pleads Guilty in Australian Bomb-Plot

 eightNovember 9, 2015   Five Child-Incitement Hot Spots     Islamists employ a strategy of utilizing children to carry forward their jihadi warfare. Children as young as five are being brainwashed and becoming trained killers, learning how to shoot and slaughter through such methods as lynching, beheading and suicide bombings.  Read about how it’s done.   More 

 nineNovember 10, 2015     Winning the Hearts and Minds of Children     “The Islamic State now controls at least seven provinces in Afghanistan, where members inculcate children with their poisonous ideology.

The Taliban has long-employed children to carry out their murderous deeds, from blowing up IED’s to suicide bombings. Children make great spies for the Taliban, gleaning information about the location of Afghan and foreign troops without arousing suspicion.   Afghan children are cynically recruited from poor parents with promises of free food, lodging and education at the Taliban’s madrasas (religious schools). There, they are brainwashed to give their lives fighting against the “infidel,” the “invading foreign forces” that they are told are raping their mothers and sisters. They are brainwashed to believe even their fellow Afghans that the children will take down with them in suicide operations “deserve to die,” since they are “American collaborators.”

Promises of a better “tomorrow” are made to the children. “They offer them visions of paradise, where rivers of milk and honey flowed, in exchange for giving up his life by becoming a suicide bomber” said an official in an interview with the BBC.    More 

 ten  For certain watch this Frontline video…  Children Of ISIS (Full Film) | Frontline    Among the Syrian refugee children are such as the filmed who state…“I am listening, I am obeying.” If not trained in camps, they have been trained in their homes. We have already allowed entry of persons fully lodged in this mental condition. We see through Islam a state of the world spoken to in Matthew 10:21 where “brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death.” It is further described in Luke 21:16 as a time “you will be betrayed even by parents and brothers and relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death.” We are in such chaotic times.

 And now let’s jump over to good old Palestine child rearing, eh? A lot of you knuckleheads are a way too quick to support this bunch in stances against Israel. There is no difference to how they raise their kids than any other Muslim, and you kafirs better soon wake up to this fact of life!

elevenNovember 8, 2015     Palestinian TV Show for Kids Glorifies ‘Hero’ Stabbers     A children’s show on Palestinian TV featuring two young girls as the show’s hosts praises the Palestinian murderers of Jews as our “young heroes who carried out all those great heroic acts.”

Many of the recent acts of terror – including stabbing attacks, car ramming’s and shootings – against Israelis have been committed by teenage perpetrators. Recently a 16-year old shot two teenagers Friday night at one of the holiest Jewish sites – the Cave of the Patriarchs – in Hebron.

Despite video footage to the contrary, the show’s hosts also make the false claim that, “When the settlers see a Palestinian walking down the street, they throw a knife next to him and claim that he was trying to carry out a stabbing operation.”

The television show– ironically called Grownup Kids – is one of the many examples of the incitement of Palestinian media targeted at children, a media that glorifies and condones brutal acts of violence and cultivates a cult of death that has become the signature component of Palestinian terrorism.”

twelveNovember 11, 2015     When Media Is Used To Poison An Entire Generation    The current wave of terror attacks by Palestinians against Israelis has seen younger and younger terrorists perpetrating horrific stabbing attacks. Muslims are proudly posting photos of their toddlers wielding murderous weapons. More 

Palestinian Authority TV Teaches Children The Joys Of Martyrdom  This Palestinian TV music video, shown hundreds of times, features Muhammad Al-Dura, the boy who was killed in a televised crossfire (apparently by Palestinians). Al-Dura calls other children to follow him to paradise. Al-Dura is shown frolicking joyously on the beach, with his kite, and even going to an amusement park. It opens with Al-Dura calling to children: “I am waving to you, not in parting, but to say follow me to paradise.”  Watch 

thirteenSatan has gotten nearly all religions to bed down together in some areas through poisoned multi-cultural interfaith doctrines and programs. And the Islamic kids for certain are crawling in through your ‘bedroom window with Trudeau’ in one form or another. Here is some more of what has been raised to take your bench in the park. We will start out with Justin Trudeau’s good old embraceable Iran.

Iranians Burn Girls’ Dolls without Hijab  Young girls take part in the burning of dolls without the hijab head covering. Young Iranian girls and women must wear full head covering when in public in Iran. A very short video…. Watch 

fourteen July 9, 2015    Iranian City Offers Combat Training Program for Kids   The purpose of the program is ‘to introduce children to the concepts of holy defense, knowledge of the enemy and fighting the Saudis and America.’  Read this short but highly informative article.

Then in Iraq we read July 13, 2015 ‘ISIS Blows Up Baby In Training Class Demo’Dozens of Islamic State recruits watched as the baby was blown up by remote control. The organization booby trapped the baby in front of dozens of armed ISIS men and then detonated it from afar. The rigging of the baby and its detonation was a training exercise of ISIS to teach its people booby-trapping techniques.”

fifteenAnd you can watch August 25, 2015 as a Muslim Tot is Taught to Practice Killing by Beheading a Teddy Bear    He carries out the decapitation alone with only a background voice encouraging him at times.

sixteen And from MEMRI TV you can watch December 3, 2015 as the best of the Islamic State’s “Caliphate Cubs” are rewarded with getting to execute prisoners.     Isis Children Rewarded With Execution   Sent to a madrassa for training, take note of the areas the four winners of the prize of execution come from.

seventeenOn January 4, 2016 you can watch Five ‘Spies’ Killed In Chilling Isis Video Aimed At UK  As an Islamic State video surfaced purporting to show the execution of five British spies. This 10-minute video features a masked man with a British accent who calls the video a message to David Cameron. The video concludes with this young boy saying “we are going to kill the kuffar over there.”

Then from February 11, 2016 you can watch another 8 minute video directed toward the UK featuring the same Muslim child of killer intent:   Small Child Executes ‘UK Spies’ In Latest Islamic State Clip And this time the small child executes three alleged spies using a remote control to detonate explosives. This child was brought back from the UK by his mother to be used in such a manner. What did your mother have you doing at such an age kaffir? Wake up, for this is the core value of Islam.

eighteenAnd onward we go to January 13, 2016 and ‘ISIS Training Yazidi Children As Suicide Bombers’   An Iraqi source told Egyptian news outlet Al-Ahram that Yazidi children are being trained in special camps to be suicide bombers for ISI. The article also contains a video surrounding the sex slavery of the Yazidi.

nineteenOn February 11, 2016 we were given opportunity to peruse    gender equality Islamic style when Girls Carry Out Suicide Bombing; Kill At Least 58 In Nigeria  We know from subsequent reports the attack was carried out by Boko Haram and hit a refugee camp for people fleeing the violence in the region. Three girls were dispatched to do the work of glorifying Allah, but only two pulled the pin. I assume Muhammad is humming the tune ‘two out of three ain’t bad’.

With his moronic understanding and embracing of Islam I guess this is what Trudeau is going to tout about human rights to ‘gender equality’ until you shrug off all concerns about Muslims, eh? As to gender equality on March 16th 2016 “Trudeau tells a N.Y. crowd to ‘ask any woman they know’ about what work remains on gender equality.  I’m going to keep saying loud and clearly that I am a feminist until it is met with a shrug, he said Wednesday. It’s just really, really obvious that we should be standing up for women’s rights and trying to create more equal societies. Like, duh.”   Trudeau tells N.Y. crowd to ‘ask any woman they know  Ask any woman?  Like, duh?  Ask the Muslim girls in Nigeria they know the work that needs to be done to get you to their Islamic view. Ask the suicide sisters in France they know as well? Ask the devout Muslim Syrian girls that just slipped into Canada next door to you. Like duh Justin? They all know that the work that needs to get done is the institution of sharia in the manner that Islam has them enact. Ask any Muslim woman true to the Prophet and Qur’an how she knows she must raise her child. It is exactly as the child rearing practices have been shown you in this writing!

Trudeau, ‘like duh’ clearly designates yourself and you certainly need a swift kick in your progressive Mullah loving scrotum for the damage you are doing to this nation. Perhaps you would like to bring your ‘progressive boxing skills’ into the ‘cage’ with a 73 year old man that would be ecstatic at giving you one.        

twentyOn February 28, 2016 a comprehensive study was published by the Combating Terrorism Center at the United States Military Academy at West Point.   Islamic State Mobilizing Children at Unprecedented Rate  Striking is the fact children and youth in the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) are fighting alongside, rather than in lieu of, adults. Whereas, in other conflicts, children are normally used to replace adult fighters as a last resort, as a way to “rapidly replace battlefield losses,” or in a special operation where the child maybe more effective, ISIS is now using children in much the same ways as adults.

Of the 89 cases studies of children dying while fighting for the Islamic State it was found. 33 % were killed on the battlefield as foot soldiers.  6 % died while working as propagandists embedded within units or brigades.  18 % died during marauding operations in which a group of mostly adult fighters infiltrates and attacks an enemy position using light automatic weapons before killing themselves by detonating suicide belts.  39 % died upon detonating a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) against their target.  4 % committed suicide in mass casualty attacks against civilians.”  In essence 61% of the Brand 13 Kids were prepared to blow your like duh Liberal kafir asses to smithereens in the cause of Allah.

twenty oneConclusions? Like, duh!  This has been a small sampling of what has been taking place and shown through the media displaying Islamic affairs and the nature bred into such a people from the womb to the grave. It was not some gun toting in the field, special camp trained kid talked about on January 18, 2016 when Pakistan Arrests Imam After Boy Cuts Off Own ‘Blaspheming’ Hand   The reports say that he was later released after pressure from other clerics. Play close attention here.

“Imam Shabbir Ahmed told his congregation at his mosque five days ago “those who love the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) always say their prayers,” according to the Pakistani newspaper Dawn. Ahmed then asked, “Who does not love the Prophet?” adding the words, “raise your hand.” The boy, Anwar Ali, raised his hand after misunderstanding the question.

The Iman then roared from the pulpit that the boy was a “blasphemer who was liable to be killed.”  Ali ran straight home, cut off his hand, then returned and presented the severed hand to Imam Ahmed on a plate, police officer Nausher Ahmed said.

His parents and neighbors are reported to have celebrated the boy’s piety and his father said he was proud.  “What I did was in love for Prophet Muhammad” the boy told the press.”

This is just a normal Muslim family, not what you pray may be some freak deviant from Islam that you fear and believe ISIS to be.

You hear a lot of government crap about deradicalization programs. Forget them as the country with the worst record for people going to Syria to fight is Tajikistan and What We in the West Can Learn from Tajik Classrooms is stated March 14, 2016.  “A school in Dushanbe, Tajikistan is hoping to stop the next generation of young people from becoming radicalized by introducing counter-radicalization classes in religious education. In a country where, according to official figures, more than a thousand citizens have traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State, the problem is acute.” and “although experts say the program will have no impact on those currently joining extremist groups, Tajik authorities hope the education will impact the next generation and keep them off the battlefield.”

The next generation, duh echoes the sounds of Trudeau rethinking the universe again. The current generation in Canada and worldwide will be the last generation before sharia is instituted worldwide if it is not halted in Canada now! The Syrian Refugee Program is perhaps the last mistake allowable that can be rectified. Take another look at the group of Conclusion Boys above.

twenty twoNow look at this group of Conclusion Boys and then you make a Conclusion as to who needs deradicalization the most. Is it the Tajikistan troop above or these Syrian refugees gleefully living off the fat of our land? How many of you out of work and single parent families are able to dress your children in such a manner for another free ‘recreation day’ in Canada?  For certain 1 out of the 5 seated ‘new Canadians’ is the “I listen and I obey” type and all five for certain are Muslim and ultimately will ‘cut off their own blaspheming hand”. There is no Islam or Muslim that can be deradicalized from it, for the beliefs that define true Islam are all radical.  Brand 13 Kids are a reality and there still remain ‘lots of kafir to kill over here’.

We might start to rectify the problem by making use of the refurbished military bases that were not suitable accommodation for our incoming rush of refugees. The DND spent $6.4M renovating buildings for refugee housing that went unused. And Defence Minister Old Bad Ass Harjit Sajjan said ‘duh! no problem’ . His written response to questioning was “Renovations would be absorbed by the Defence Department’s existing budget and that the spending would not affect “current operations or current capabilities.” And Immigration Minister Jack Ass John McCallum said ‘duh! No problem’. 

After all he only planned to use the military bases for accommodation as “a last resort.”

twenty threeDo you feel like I have been beating on you pretty hard in these matters? Well, you can rest assured that the beating you are going to take shall be far worse if you do not start making some hard but necessary decisions.

Liberal political fools and stooge appointees are a problem to one and all. So let us start by making use of the money already spent and commence making Canada a Muslim Free Zone. Gather the Syrians back into the military bases, isolate them and escort them all back out to their points of boarding planes when coming here. Whether you like it or not Canada you are involved in a spiritual battle with everything Muslim as birthed from the Qur’an. So read these words carefully: “Beware therefore, lest that come upon you, which is spoken of in the prophets; behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and perish: for I work a work in your days, a work which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you.” (Acts 13:40-41)

The work I have been declaring to you is true and you reading are now being given a final choice as to where you are going to align yourself in the spiritual battle underway. You cannot ‘lie la lie’ to yourself about the Truth I’ve presented and emerge unscathed from this time forward. You are being given 5 minutes and 8 seconds to come to your conclusion. It is the length of time it takes listening to Simon & Garfunkel – The Boxer (with lyrics) Wrong conclusions now and you simply are ‘dead meat’.

twenty four“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”  (Gal 4:16)

Only if you remain a dhimmi or a Muslim, for I am a fighter by my trade!


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