Running Gun Battle Instalment Two

cpl1 “Nobody Talk”

I came back online to find Chief Paul Ladouceur (CPL)does not want anyone involved in Estevan City Administration-Employment to reply to the questions I may put toward them. This followed my last post in this running gun battle when I formally introduced him to a public audience at 9:07 am August 15,2016. I will give you the letter I received from CPL dispatched the same date at 3:02 pm which shall be followed by a complete list of the documented questions I have for the Chief (CPL) pursuant to his actions and those of city employees surrounding the matters underway necessitating Human Rights Complaints on my part.

From Chief Paul Ladouceur (CPL) August 15th: “I have sent you previous emails requesting that you contact me via telephone or provide a contact number for me to contact you at.  I am requesting that you contact me immediately to discuss this issue.  I have directed all city staff not to respond further to your emails at this point in time.  You are not to send any further emails or have further contact with city staff prior to contacting me.” 

 rpp CPL and Mayor Roy Ludwig (MRL) certainly pick up some wrong branding irons, but this posting deals first with CPL as we see from the above it is he that apparently instructs MRL and crew what to do.

But, rest assured CPL that you shall receive this web posted contact first, about ten minutes prior to my sending it onward to one and all. I am not demanding an immediate response as you did of me, for the ten minutes should allow you sufficient time to contact me at the skype number you were given for such purposes. Do you not take time to sufficiently read your mail allowing for assured comprehension?

Whatever, I am posting all matters surrounding events that led up to my first request regarding information from you and all that has transpired subsequent until your communication August 15th above. But, I must ask you this now: What rattled you so bad with my first web page posting that you appear to somehow fear I may acquire in print format answers from MRL City Employees as to the reasons I am forced to lodge Human Rights Grievances against the City of Estevan? Proverbs 28:1 states “the wicked flee when no man pursues: but the righteous are bold as a lion.” I recommend you meditate upon it carefully before you pick up the next branding iron to apply to me. If you feel I am in violation of any Canadian law through e-mail communication requests for information surrounding the conduct of City Employees toward myself, then charge me under the Law and let us take the matter before the Courts. Otherwise, do not bother me in such a manner again for one and all have been given the communication choices of ‘type or skype’ in relationship to myself and these matters underway. Your office does not allow for any special process of exclusion permitting secretive communication between you and I. Rest assured of this CPL, the answers-information I have respectfully requested from both you and MRL source bases will be provided directly to me, or through the Canadian Courts or at the White Throne Judgment of my God.

cpl3  It Is Time for our Estevan Express to Head Down the CPL Tracks

As was posted in part one, I stopped in Estevan at the beginning of July to simply study Windows 10, complete work on my old motorhome and to allow pension funds to recoup a little.  I ended up being banned from the Estevan Rec Centre for a year and the letter following was sent July 25, 2016 starting a Commencement of Request for Information from Nathan Jesse our man banner.

Kenneth A. Gran – July 25,2016      Subject:   The Incident

City of Estevan Leisure Services  Division                                                              Nathan Jesse, Leisure Services Management

Sir;      I quote your letter addressed to me dated July 19.2016:

“Please be advised that after review of the incident on the morning of July 19. 2016 at the Estevan Leisure Center it has been decided that you are now banned from using all Leisure Facilities, properties and grounds effective immediately for one calendar year.”

What is the incident that led to your disparagement of my person and character in such a manner?

The morning of concern I was at the Center for my final visitation before departing town. I took a steam, shaved, showered and then returned my gear to my motorhome parked across the street from Murray Motors. I retrieved my camera and returned to take pictures of the facility.

The receptionist expressed concern that I knew I could not use the pool area further at this time. I guaranteed her I knew the pool rules better than many of the staff. You could go in for a shower etc. but could not access the steam room. I then went onwards and took the last of the clips I wanted of the men’s change area and pool access.

Taking pictures of the condition of the gated off area I was hollered at by someone from within the pool that I could not take pictures. I completed my photography and left.

Departing, I stopped to inform a woman taking pictures through a window that it appeared we were not to be taking pictures. She was taking pictures of the pool, a child and the character that had hollered at me. A conversation ensued that lasted perhaps five minutes and I onwards to the library to cancel my appointment for Windows 10 tutoring. I did so and had just sat down to check my camera before leaving the facilities when up pops three City Police to escort me outside the building.

What was the incident that took place during this brief timeframe that resulted in your actions? What was told you that this 73-year-old man did that necessitated three Estevan City Police persons being dispatched post haste to deal with me?

Without prejudice, Nathan Jesse be advised that unless I am provided with a reasonable response I shall take actions through the SHRC and Law Courts against both yourself and the City of Estevan. I expect the speed of your ‘reasonable response’ to parallel the timeframe of your making your review of the incident that led to our current circumstance.

Kenneth A. Gran    Phinehas Ministry

On July 25,2016 at 8:12 PM I informed CPL of the Jesse communications this date and requested a copy of the file surrounding myself and names of the officers involved July 19,2016. He never responded to these requests.

Greetings Chief Ladouceur   I forward this e-mail string for your information. Further, I am requesting the names of the three officers that were involved in the incident of concern and the file of this matter surrounding myself.  Thank you.  Kenneth Gran – Phinehas

  On July 27,2016 CPL wrote me.

Paul Ladouceur <>  To Kenneth Gran   Jul 27 at 11:37 AM

Mr. Gran,  The police incident number is #2016925047 There is a process in place if you feel you were treated unfairly or inappropriately by police in any way. I have reviewed the incident and find the officers were working within the law.  The police simply attended at the request of Leisure Centre staff as it is under their authority that you were asked to vacate and subsequently banned from the property.

Respectfully,                                                                                                                      Chief Ladouceur

PS….. I have included the contact info for the Saskatchewan Public Complaints Commission should you be in disagreement.  Call the PCC toll-free: -866-256-6194

And My Response to CPL on July28,2016               

Greetings Chief Ladouceur

Thank you for your timely response. The Estevan City Police have in no manner treated me unfairly or inappropriately at any time. Of the persons I personally encountered on separate occasions I found your Officers ‘Big Bird’ and ‘Kid Keaton’ while on the opposite ends of the experiential ladder to both exemplify the finest of ‘police characteristics’. They are men the community can take great pride in just as it can the celebration of your 110 Year Heritage of administering Law, Order and Justice.

However, with respect to the matter at hand due to conduct of Mr. Jesse I must prepare myself to proceed onward in the light of no response coming forth from the man to this point in time. As such I must request again: the names of the three officers sent to the Rec Centre on the morning of the 19th and why three persons were considered necessary to such dispatch? And, I would appreciate a PDF file of all information lodged with your Department surrounding myself.

I do not want to bother you again with this matter I must attend to. However, you will continue to receive cc of all my communications necessary to bring The Incident to its full conclusion. I will not have any police agency impacted by ‘gossip communications in any format surrounding myself’.

Respectfully, Kenneth A. Gran / Phinehas

cp4A lot of respect being mentioned, eh buckaroos? With all due respect CPL, why do you not simply respectfully give me the names and information I need to complete my Witness List for the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission? If you desire send it direct yourself as I am not requesting it again from you, for events give the appearance of your deliberate avoidance of response.

My SHRC file number is 16-17-158. My Intake Consultant is Ken Truong of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.  His phone is 933-8286. His fax is 933-7863. His E-mail is  Deal with him. I must now move this train of information further down the tracks.

On July 29,2016 I Wrote My Second and Final Letter to Nathan Jesse Requesting His Response

Sir         July 25 I requested a ‘reasonable explanation’ for your actions toward me on July 19.  Police Chief Ladouceur has far greater responsibility toward the community than yourself and yet he dealt expediently with the matter. You have not.

Why do you remain unresponsive when you appear the perpetrator of the state of injustice I find myself enmeshed within? Concern for your eternal soul requires I advise you that in all matters you should “keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.” (Psalms 34:13)  Mr. Jesse, an honest answer is the only doorway out of the room you now find yourself in that will allow you to emerge unscathed.  Grasp the fact that “where no wood is, there the fire goes out: so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceases.” (Proverbs 26:20)  Perhaps circumstance has made you the victim of ‘talebearers’ under your administrative authority? The Lord knows and so do I. Do not permit stubbornness, pride of self or fear of potential consequences keep you from giving a simple, reasonable explanation for your actions the morning of July 19.

On July 22 I informed Mayor Ludwig that I would do nothing to embarrass the City of Estevan during the Saskatchewan Summer Games through exposure of your administrative actions as person responsible for Leisure Services Management. As the Mayor is aware the exposure spoken to far exceeds the Incident of July 19.

Without prejudice I must thus now inform you that the timeframe for your response ends with the closing ceremonies of the Saskatchewan Summer Games. Without reasonable explanation being given I shall then proceed onward to the SHRC, other appropriate government agencies and a multitude of media avenues. And, Mayor Ludwig, consider this the ‘heads-up’ I stated I would give you before taking such action should Nathan Jesse carry on in his folly as he is ultimately ‘under your watch’.

And, Nathan Jesse, I do not threaten you in any manner, nor do I coerce you in some fashion to force a response. I am simply stating the pathway of events that are unfolding. You decide that which you desire for yourself in this matter.

In Christ I Remain          Phinehas – Kenneth A. Gran


cpl5 On August 2, 2016 I Commenced a Full Bore CPL Information Hunt that involved Officer Keaton and The Painting Complaint of July 12,2016.

Greetings Chief Ladouceur          It is folly for Mr. Jesse to have once again chosen disdain through his refusal to answer surrounding the Incident of July 19,16. But, “as a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.” (Proverbs 26:11)  Jesse has ‘barked up the wrong tree’  prior and disdained long term pool patrons in similar fashion as he is acting out now. I am preparing witnesses for Court surrounding this as it appears that is the direction he has chosen to head us all toward.

Further, I must complete my preparations for the SHRC and Media Sources before I draw them into this emerging fray. As such, I now request of you:

The police incident report number filed by Officer Keaton on July 12,2016 surrounding ‘a complaint that I was painting on my motorhome in the Rec Center parking lot’. I would like a copy of this file and/or instructions as how to attain the same. I had two visitations the same date by Officer Keaton surrounding the complaint.

For the record, this date I was attaching the Christian admonition to the front of the unit: JESUS-Lord Above All”; and to the rear Repent Canada parallel to the Blood Red Cross that is attached. Further, this was my second season of working on the motorhome in every conceivable type of parking lot from Gander, Newfoundland to Wetaskiwin, Alberta. I never had one complaint prior to this date, but on many occasions was complimented for my efforts.

Keaton Visitation One: Keaton stated there was a complaint I was painting. We discussed variant matters and I said that I found the timing of this complaint interesting given that I had been working on my unit on a daily basis since the start of the month. I stated I would stop painting, work elsewhere and continue to use the rec centre on a daily basis for my personal cleanups and Windows 10 Computer studies.   This appeared to be an amicable solution to Officer Keaton. He departed and I started wrapping up so I could move to where I could work.

 Keaton Visitation Two: I was surprised to see Officer Keaton return but a short time later saying that he had an ‘update for me’. He said they wanted me off the parking lot completely. They did not want me parking there at all and they wanted the lot kept clear for the Summer Games.

This really made me wonder who the they were, but I stated I would comply and ride my bike over when I needed to use the rec center facilities. I also told Officer Keaton I did not think they had any legal right to deny me parking access in the manner they were doing given I was holding a monthly membership. I asked him what his advice was and he said ‘talk to someone about it’. Good advice if you are dealing with someone of rational mindset. Keaton departed knowing full well that I was not about to act in any irrational or emotional manner.

So, here we are again Chief as we plod onward to see this matter to a closure. I am forced to ask this question: what transpired between the 12th and the 19th that required three officers respond to a complaint about me as opposed to sending only Keaton? What was the supposed matter that is shrouded in the ‘Silence of the Hams’ like Mr. Jesse surrounding the Incident? This entire matter is enough to make for another stupid CBC Report is it not?

Thank you for your time and patience.

In Christ I Remain         Phinehas – Kenneth A. Gran

On August 4,2016 I received from CPL: “Please provide a contact number regarding your request or contact me via telephone to discuss.”  But I had already determined by this date that there would be no private conversations with anyone other than The Horsemen of the RCMP. I did not respond.

On August 5,2016 I received: “Can you please contact me regarding your communications towards staff of the Estevan Leisure Services Division.  I am available via telephone at 306-634-4767.  Sgt. Evan Handley, ECP”.  CPL, did you assign him to this task? If so, why? If not, why did he take it upon himself to institute the contact?

 cpl6A great deal has transpired since this and thenobody talks but me directive’ by Chief Paul Ladouceur of August 15, 2016. But he already has enough unanswered questions and information requests to respond to and it is time for the Estevan Info Train to switch to the Mayor Roy Ludwig tracks. This shall come to you as Running Gun Battle Instalment Three.

But, PS…. Respectfully CPL, who is or are the THEY of the Keaton visitation and what is the Incident File Number?  They are required for the Witness List.

 Adios amigos.    Phinehas

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