“They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them. Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things.”    (Proverbs 28:4-5)  In the light of this scripture where does it leave Mayor Roy Ludwig? From body language we see him employing the same open handed ‘come to me, you can trust me gesture’ that all full of crap politicians like Justin Trudeau like to employ. But this gesture does not mean his eyes have mysteriously turned brown does gf4it? Perhaps his eyes were a solid brown from the beginning?

I do not know what physical color Roy’s eyes are, but I do know what Jesus speaks about a mans spiritual eyes.  “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” (Matthew 6:22-24)  So who do you love MRL?

gb32  The suggestion has been made that this resembles MRL dressed for Gay Pride events. Kind of an embarrassing clip reference to His Honor is it not? Whatever, on July 22,2016 I informed Mayor Ludwig that I would do nothing to embarrass the City of Estevan during the Saskatchewan Summer Games, through exposure of Nathan Jesses’ administrative actions as the person responsible for Leisure Services Management. As the Mayor was made aware the exposure spoken to far exceeds the Incident of July 19.

I also told him that I would give him a heads up as to actions I would be taking as he ultimately would be person of accountability.  I did have to prepare for potentially necessary exposures and thus July 25,2016 at 8:05 pm I sent Greetings to Mayor Ludwig. “I forward this for your information. So far, no response from your man ‘Quick Draw’ Jesse. If I have none by 10:00 am tomorrow I shall start intake procedures with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.”

So MRL be formally informed my SHRC file number is 16-17-158. My Intake Consultant is Ken Truong. Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission Phone: 933-8286 Fax: 933-7863 Email Address:

 gb33Mayor Ludwig, why can I not get an explanation for what I was supposed to have done that resulted in my being banned from your Estevan Rec Complex for one year? Why will no one provide me with answers I started asking for on July 25, 2016? 

Mayor, the City of Estevan knowingly entered me into a monthly membership for July that it could not fulfill. I explicitly stated my intended need for use of the men’s change room, showers and steam room on a daily basis. I also explicitly stated that I would be making no additional use of the building facility other than the library for my intended months stay. I clearly stated I needed to remain in your City and at your facility to complete work on my motorhome and study of Windows 10. I also clearly made known to your Registration Staff my position as a born-again Christian and author. I ascertained the hours of general building operation and specifically the hours of availability of change area and steam room. I knew the shower facilities were available from opening to closure and that I would periodically have to fit my steam room access around times when the pool had scheduled classes requiring steam room access closure to the general public. There was no mention of denial of access due to Special Events of any sort. This presented me with no problem as I am able to structure my own timelines. I paid my money, took out my membership and started into my routine.

The first indication that I had not been fully informed of conditions that would have affected my decision to enroll and remain in Estevan came several days later when I arrived at the Centre to find I could not access the steam room for the duration of a Swim Meet that was being held.  Missing the steam for only a day did not really impose a problem, but it did lead into further discussions with staff surrounding facility operations. It was then I learned I had been somewhat duped for I was informed that there would be a complete ban of general patron use of the men’s change area, showers and steam room during the Summer Games.  This came as a shock and did present me with problems surrounding my ability to fully institute commencement of my Cross Canada Repentance Ministry Tour. But, before I could exit the City my problems were further magnified by your staff in a manner that has resulted in the consumption of my time dealing with the issues now present. I have several articles pushed aside awaiting completion, my studies placed on hold and matters surrounding organizing sources to counter the abuse of our War Veterans and Active Military that have been very greatly delayed. All this because I have been compelled to deal with the aberrant conduct of your staff.

Mayor Ludwig, your contractual agreement with me was fraudulent with non-disclosure from its inception and my right of access to public services clearly violated as the events of banning from the parking lot and then Rec Complex in total have shown. What is your explanation for such treatment of myself? And what do you intend to do to rectify it?


gb34Whatever the case, it is you Roy Ludwig that is the exalted leader of The Two Bozo Brothers by Different Mothers at the Estevan Rec Centre that have splattered feces and placed stumbling blocks for your patrons throughout the year and at your exalted Saskatchewan Summer Games. The definition of a bozo is a stupid, rude, or insignificant person, especially a man. When a character of such ilk garners through whatever means a position of Administrative Authority you can expect problems to eventually surface such as have presented themselves in the current matter of my abuse by the City of Estevan.


 gb35Nathan Jesse, Leisure Services Manager, Estevan Rec Center  tel: (306) 634 – 1880

MRL consider every question that was or is addressed to Nathan Jesse as also addressed to yourself with my expectation of your response as his titular head.

So Jesse, what is the incident that led to your disparagement of my person and character in such a manner?

What was the incident that took place during the brief timeframe of July 19, 2916 that resulted in your actions? What was told you that this 73-year-old man did that necessitated three Estevan City Police persons being dispatched post haste to deal with me?

Jesse, what are the names of the three officers that were involved in responding to the incident of concern and do any of them have a personal relationship with yourself?

Why have you remained unresponsive when you appear the perpetrator of the state of injustice I find myself enmeshed within? Has this circumstance made you the victim of ‘talebearers’ under your administrative authority? Or, has someone in administrative authority superior commanded your silence?

 gb36Nathan Jesse you have a reputation of refusal to answer for your own actions or to hold staff accountable for their abusive actions toward Rec Center Patrons. The incident described following involves a young, morally strong Businessman and long-term patron of the Weights Training Facility. The events in part were also witnessed by local Estevan policemen. The individuals name and contact information are being given to the SHRC and Intake Consultant Ken Truong can determine during his investigations as to who may be entitled to knowledge of his identification. The man himself would have no problem dealing with public identification, but I refuse to add fuel to the fire of gossip that rages amid your crew.

A younger member of your male staff sought the advice of our Disparaged Businessman (DB) as to how he could achieve the same results as DB. DB told him the basics of his programed training, stressing the self-discipline, arduous nature and long-term dedication required to achieve his results. They had sporadic contact, but after a few short weeks your staff member entered the weights training facility and irrationally, verbally attacked DB for some reason lodged in his own mind. Perhaps the individual was reacting to steroids? I do not know. But I do know DB never uses negative chemical training cheaters of any kind. It is not in his nature or moral upbringing to do so.

In the train of events DB then advised your Staff Member outside the Weights Area entry that if he was ever to address him in such a manner again, to treat him with absolutely no basic respect that he would immediately be dealt with physically as the circumstance demanded. I know for certainty that DB would not have struck the man with his fist. It is highly probable that he would simply have picked him up, pulled his pants down as he placed him over his knee and walloped his bare ass in public. This I have done to a slightly older brother-in-law of mine in front of our family members, including his wife, for his ignorance and disrespect. And Jesse, he was not disrespecting me, he was disrespecting his wife who observed this and made no excuses in his defense. DB is far more physically capable of such actions than I and a man that does not state his intent without being fully prepared to follow through.

The younger man never publicly insulted or disparaged DB again, but he was a member of your Rec Centre Tag Team Mouth Offs. His sister, your employee, soon pulled a similar action at the Centre with verbal abuse of DB for speaking so meanly to her brother. And if this was not enough abuse of your patron the moron’s good old mouthy momma, also your employee, soon joined the fray and heaved abuse at DB in behalf of her ignorant calf. DB simply is not the type of man to whop a woman’s’ bare ass in public so he lodged a complaint with you Nathan Jesse. And, as we know Bozo you simply refused to respond to his complaint in any manner. It ultimately was left to simply disappeared as DB considered it too much distraction to his physical discipline and necessary routines.

Jesse, obviously this is not a pattern you can repeat and escape without your bare assed bozo actions taking a full wallop in public view such as they are now. The temptation for you remains to scurry into your burrow and hide until the ‘man speaking so meanly to me goes away’. The only thing that will make me go away Nathan Jesse is an honest response as to the questions presented you surrounding the incident of July 19,2016. So, what is it going to be Mayor Roy? Are you going to do what is right in these matters facing you or not?


mouthy We have a second issue I am bringing to the fore in how your stupidity has impacted me Nathan Jesse. Your actions and Rec Center Gossip Mill has fomented all kinds of rumors and speculating about me adverse to my Ministry function. Once more an individuals name and contact information are being given to the SHRC and Intake Consultant Ken Truong can determine during his investigations as to who may be entitled to knowledge of his identification.

The individual of concern was in close, positively impacting relationship with myself during my Estevan days and we have continued contact to date. Individuals have spoken negative things about myself to him. And even his parents, unaware that he knew me, were speculating about what transpired at the Rec Center. That something had happened because I was taking pictures. And his parents are not Rec Center frequenters, but only occasional special events folks. Does any of this register at all with your meatball mentality?

 gb36-3Now, try this one on for size buckwheat.   It really is irrelevant to me that you have taken actions that appear to castigate me personally. But, what is very relevant to me is your actions are disparaging of the one who hung on the Cross at Calvary. Everyone clearly knows that the Cross mounted on the back of my motorhome is symbolic representation of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is fact he shed his blood on such a Cross planted on Golgotha Hill. It is a fact Jesus did this for the redemption of mankind, not its destruction. Where are you going to be spending eternity Nathan Jesse?

Be warned Jesse, your unrighteous actions toward me are essentially a mockery of Jesus and God as He has spoken to me “he that receives you receives me, and he that receives me receives him that sent me.” And Jesse, “be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.” So, Jesse if you are not a child of the Devil himself “seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:  let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.” “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” (Matthew 10:40; Galatians 6:7; Isaiah 55:6-7;  Hebrews 10:31)

 And, Nathan you are simply another politically correct spiritual nut bar for the Devil without Jesus Christ as truly Lord of your life.

Now Jesse, as Leisure Services Manager you have joint responsibility of seeing that those being serviced are being done so in a facility itself that is being properly serviced. Thus we move on to your Administrative Partner in Estevan Rec Center Patron Wellness, your Bozo Brother by a different mother, the man I have come to think of as Mr. Feces.


gb37  Garnet Balkwill, Facilities Manager, Estevan Rec Center  tel: (306) 634 – 1880

I have given this man a nick name of ‘Mr. Feces’ for that is exactly what was spotting two walls in the toilet of the men’s change room from my arrival until I photographed it for posterity on July 19, 2016.  I assume Roy seen to its removal on July 22 when I informed him of the same.

I photographed the grunge, scum in the showers, rusted metal, broken tiles, holes and heaves in the change area floor surface. The evidence was there upon my arrival and departure. I recall numerous times sitting down to put my socks on with something crawling towards me or fleeing.  But it was the gymnastic event of trying to enter the toilet stall without forcing your bare skin onto the toilet bowl so that you could close the door that was surprise number one. I did not succeed on first attempt. But, I mastered the manoeuver to Olympic standards with a second necessary visitation. Then came surprise now two as seated on the Garnet Balkwill Porcelain Throne I glanced to the left and there at head height was dried spots of shit that certainly had been there for sometime. I made certain I never got caught with my pants down, so to speak, in need of the Balkwill Crappy Crapper ever again.   Perhaps there simply is one cleaner that needs his vision checked, eh? Perhaps it is the man in the photograph who appears to only have one eye fully open and a self-satisfied smirk on his face, eh?

I do not know the condition of the women’s change area as not being a trans-gender or trans-sexual I could not check it out. I do know you certainly do not get such an impression of the facility from the exterior or other commons areas as reality evidenced in the men’s change area. I do not know what MRL did about any of it given his declining revenue base. Perhaps he deemed that money was still better spent repeatedly cleaning the streets and painting curbs and lines for the Summer Games Festivities. After all, I had given him my assurance I would not publicly embarrass him through media during the Summer Games. I kept my word, but the Games are over Roy for you and your two Bozo Brothers.

To wrap up the general standards of the Bozo Two Battalion let me say this. Don’t Shake Hands with The Caucasian Rec Center Boys. These guys are definitely a health hazard around what is supposed to be a health oriented facility that has the audacity to claim to teach health and wellness standards. I have observed these good old boys in both the men’s change area and men’s bathroom closest to the weights training in disgusting display. Some simply hanging onto John Henry as they urinated, others hanging onto John Henry with the right hand and the urinal with the left. There were big fellas going into the handicapped stall in the men’s that never could have gotten into the change area birthing stall. Sounds would emit out of the giant access crapper like someone was giving birth to another Islamic cohort of Justin Trudeau. And guess what? Not a one of them did I observe washing their dirty, germ laden stinking hands before they exited by the door handles of one and all. And now you know why some of you Rec Center Bimbos may have spotted me always opening doors with paper towels.

I guess I could tell you why Weight lifting can be a real cut-up when using the gear maintained under the Balkwill Directives, but I am tired of the Estevan Rec Center stench of hypocrisy.  SO FEAST YOUR EYES ON THE FOLLOWING, the Alpha and Omega of my motorhome and the man addressing you.

OmegaThis is the vehicle that was banned from the Estevan Rec Centre on July 12, 2016 and the man that the Estevan Police Service felt it was necessary to dispatch three of its officers on July 19, 2016 to expunge him from the property? What’s up doc? Facing you is but one sawed off five foot eight, 73-year-old man, with starting to sag breasts and developing a role around his mid-section. MRL, what required a well over six-footer with appearance of about 200 pounds; another around six-footer scowling type; and an ‘Annie get your gun’ to be dispatched to deal with me? I cannot get a comment out of CPL, but perhaps you can as you were somewhat instrumental in his hiring process were you not. Is he somehow less than the stalwart bastion of egalitarian justice that he is supposed to be? Or is he somehow a victim of circumstance that is making him look a little less appetising in decision making process?  Just seems to be an endless number of questions that pop into mind in this matter.

 alpha And, Mayor Roy Ludwig this is the front view and the statement of fact I had just completed transferring a couple of hours’ precedent to the surprise visitation of Officer Keaton and my expulsion from the Rec Center parking area. It is a cleaner, far better looking unit than the one I suggested Officer Keaton check out as it had not moved from the parking spot it was in for three days at least. On his second visitation I inquired of Officer Keaton if there was any problem with the vehicle I had observed, but he had not been dispatched an answer or considered it inappropriate to respond.

Whatever, as repeated to CPL I still require The police incident report number filed by Officer Keaton on July 12,2016 surrounding ‘a complaint that I was painting on my motorhome in the Rec Center parking lot’. I would like a copy of this file and/or instructions as how to attain the same.”  And, I once again address this question through you to CPL as to the contact of myself by EPS Sgt Evan Handley on August 5,2016. “CPL, did you assign him to this task? If so, why? If not, why did he take it upon himself to institute the contact?”

So, respectfully MRL, who is or are the THEY of the Keaton visitation and what is the Incident File Number of this visitation that CPL has not provided? He had no problem providing the Incident Number for his defense of the police events of July 19, 2016, when your “I refuse to respond Nathan Jesse” after his review of that day’s mysterious incident, chose to ban me for a yearSo, if the Chief is not still in command of your tongue, perhaps you could pry it out of him and provide the information for it is required for the Witness List. What is the secrecy problem here? Was there even an Incident Report filed surrounding this painting complaint? 

This ends Running Gun Battle Installment Three for me Mayor as clearly it is my religious creed and sexual orientation that elements within your Estevan City Staff have disparaged and attacked. 

You can respond through e-mail, skype or the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. It is your choice. Mine is to complete the Witness List, factor it off to the SHRC and deal with matters a little less spiritually odious until the God I serve enacts His will.

In Christ I Remain

Phinehas – Kenneth A. Gran


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