rm1I am on My Final Run across Canada calling out for Repentance. My start from Gander Newfoundland was somewhat necessarily delayed because I have been compelled to deal with the aberrant spiritual conduct of elements within Estevan Saskatchewan City employment.

However, I am now positioned to draw attention to matters I believe are abusive of our Canadian War Veterans and Active Military. What is taking place I feel is a well orchestrated national political disgrace that Justin Trudeau openly embraces.

And, I believe the examples of Military Support Initiatives being presented following should be a priority of all true Canadians. If you qualify yourself as being one with traditional Canadian values I demand your active support of our military at this crucial time in our history.   Follow your personal leadings into whatever avenue of Military Support you may desire, for there are a multitude of sectors, but not to do so is sheer stupidity. To procrastinate is simply not to defend yourself against elements seeking your social destruction or physical demise. Start today to put some time and money to work in a manner that might just save your own life, that of a family member or a neighbour down the street.

So, examples of Military Support Initiatives follow, after which I personally shall be concentrating upon the Chaplaincy Branch Programs of our Military. It is through the Chaplaincy Branch that the Evil Twins of the Homosexual Agenda and Islamic Incursions have infected our Military. It is also through this doorway we shall see these spiritual diseases driven out as the followers of Jesus Christ level the pathway for the returning King.




This is 9 Wing Gander uniform badge-patch. We shall start from Gander and I will drop in from variant locations as I make my way to Esquimalt. I will continue to point out how I believe you can help our airmen, soldiers, sailors and all first responders to play an even greater role in securing our families and nation.

9 Wing Gander | Royal Canadian Air Force

 rm39 Wing Commander Pierre Hachè

This is one highly intelligent, high tech fellow (Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre Haché)       and the 103 Search and Rescue Squadron under his Wing has flown over 4,000 missions throughout its history — saving close to 2,500 lives.  If you were one of those saved you would not question giving support as I have demanded.

On June 23, Newfoundlander Major Jim Pinhorn became the 103 squadron’s new Commanding Officer. If you truly understood the basic character bred into the ‘Newfie’ dedicated to both home and country, you would be damn glad the man has assumed his position on the Hachè team. From The Gander Beacon: “Over my years here in Gander I’ve watched our people do some extraordinary things…To be given the command of any unit is a privilege, to be given command of a Search and Rescue unit in an honour. But to be given command of this unit, especially as a Newfoundlander, is something truly special,” said Pinhorn. “A good measure of any leader is one of who’s authority is assigned from above but one which is confirmed from below, if in my time as commanding officer I can do that, then I will believe I was successful.”

And, the last people I dealt with prior to departing base I shall speak of before mentioning a couple initiatives, for I believe such persons to constitute the most important part of our military and homeland security. If your home base is not secure then nothing is safe.


I cannot say enough good things about what I observed in the conduct of the Military Police at Gander through my interaction with them. Across Canada make certain you recognize such hat badges and arm patches as below and support them in every manner you can that circumstance may demand.

 rm4Our Gander Men Have Their Heads Up and are a model for our MP’s nationwide. Anything out of the ordinary, the unusual or not quite in the radar for them will be investigated until they are 100% certain there is no threat posed to the Security of the Base and its personnel.

Like I often tell people: “I am the strangest person I have ever met.” (2Corinthians 13:5) Both my vehicle and the manner in which I conduct myself are of quite unusual appearance. Over two days and different encounters they made certain as to exactly who I was and why I was about the base. Like I stated to their faces, thank God for the manner they were conducting themselves, that all police forces should be as alert as they were given the days we are living in and increasing threats we face from within the nation.

rm5Repeated Warning to Islamic Insurgents and General Activist Idiots

Our MP’s are well armed and they are not primarily deployed as a Peace Keeping Mission. They will blow your rotted brains out at the first indication it is what your conduct demands. When these men arise they have already determined before walking out their doors in the morning they are coming home in a body bag before allowing anyone to threaten or destroy the nation they have vowed to defend. So judge yourself accordingly.

Like this song states America Will Always Stand- Randy Travis lyrics But Randy, add more lines to your song for our Canadian soil will always remain the land of the free as vowed by every MP that holsters his gun in the chilly Newfoundland mornings. Once again Gander Men, thanks for defending our country.


The Town of Gander, Gander and Area Chamber of Commerce and Wounded Warriors Canada are partnering with the Canadian National Day of Service Foundation to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of 9/11. We will be hosting 2 events – a Fundraising Gala at the Gander International Airport on September 10 at 7pm and an Ecumenical Service at the Steele Community Centre on Sunday, September 11 at 2pm. For more information or to purchase tickets, please call 651-5927.

Robert Pilon will be our special guest at the 15th Anniversary of 9/11 events we are hosting in partnership with Wounded Warriors and the Gander and Area Chamber of Commerce. Tickets are available for the Fundraising Gala taking place at the Gander International on September 10th for $75.00. Robert will also be performing at the Canadian National Day of Service Ecumenical Service at the Steele Community Centre on Sunday, September 11th at 2:00pm. Tickets for the service are free of charge but must be picked up at the Gander Community Centre Administration Office (2nd Floor) or by calling 651-5931 – Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:00pm.

Captain Squires is an Operational Commander on Base that circumstance moved upon to bring about this event. To my knowledge this is a first anywhere in the nation and an annual fundraiser for our military ill, wounded and all first responders should become the goal of every community in Canada on the commemorative date of 9/11. With the shoddy way our government has provided monetarily for our defenders and their family members the financial assistance is truly needed.  So, “Honour the Fallen, Help the Living”. Contact Wounded Warriors: Home today and find out how you can help and how to send Captain Squires congratulations for kicking this Military Support Initiative into gear.


This is the patch of the men of 103 Squadron Gander. Men wearing this patch put their lives at risk daily for us. On any given day, circumstance can emerge that cries out for their aide and their rescue from the events of life and emergencies that may befall them or their families. This is a scenario that Integrated Personnel Support Units have been designed to alleviate for such military personnel

Support Units like the one at Gander will ensure good use is made of the Annual Gala Event funds you raise. When you create an event, when you support an event your funds will actually go toward the needs of the persons they are raised for. The people working within the Unit already have their base income in place through the military budget that the Canadian tax dollar provides. They won’t be stuffing 60 to 90% of the funds raised into their own pockets in some manner. I met Eli Rowsell the Services Coordinator in charge of the Unit at Gander a couple trips back through encounters at the Base Recreational Facility. Our discussions at that time surrounded matters of our personal spiritual beliefs. With contact renewal this trip I truly recognized the importance of what he was occupied with on the base. The following will bring you up to speed as to what men of Eli’s caliber are doing for whom, where they are doing it from and the people partnered with to get the job done.  START PARTNERING WITH THESE MEN TODAY! Do not hesitate to contact Eli Rowsell for guidance how to do this at (709) 256-1703 extension 1164 

Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) – Canadian Armed Forces

What is the Joint Personnel Support Unit?

 A Unit caring for our own! For those Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel who have a medical condition that limits their full involvement in their trade or occupation, there are important support mechanisms in place, including the existence of a CAF unit that focuses on their needs. The Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) provides personal administrative support and programs to ill or injured CAF members of the Regular and Reserve Force who have a medical condition that precludes them from returning to their normal place of duty for a period of six months or more.

There are eight JPSU regions across Canada. And a total of 24 Integrated Personnel Support Centres (IPSCs) and seven satellite centres make up the Joint Personnel Support Unit. These support centres and their satellite locations provide one-on-one contact and support for serving and former CAF personnel, their families and the families of the fallen.

Through the coordination and facilitation of integrated support services, the support unit and its support centres provide access to available benefits, programs, and family services, allowing ill and injured CAF members and their families to focus on recovery and reintegration.

Contact a Unit to get these questions answered.

What services are available for CAF members through the Joint Personnel Support Unit?What benefits are administered through the JPSU and IPSCs?   What support can a CAF member’s family receive through the Joint Personnel Support Unit?    Do CAF members need to be posted to the Joint Personnel Support Unit to receive support and services from a support centre?    Do CAF members who come to a support centre on a walk-in basis receive the same services as those members posted to the Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU)?   How does a CAF member get posted to the Joint Personnel Support Unit?What is the value of being posted to the Joint Personnel Support Unit?   HOW CAN I PERSONALLY SUPPORT THIS INITIATIVE?

Where are IPSCs located?    Pacific Region (Chilliwack, Comox, Esquimalt, Vancouver) Alberta and Northern Canada Region (Calgary, Cold Lake, Edmonton, Wainwright)      Prairie Region (Moose Jaw, Shilo, Winnipeg)    Eastern Ontario Region (Kingston, North Bay, Ottawa, Petawawa, Trenton)    Southern Ontario Region (Borden, London, Meaford, Toronto)    Quebec Region (Bagotville, St. Jean, Valcartier)   New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Region (Charlottetown, Gagetown, Moncton)   Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador Region (Gander, Greenwood, Halifax, St. John’s, Sydney)

 Your IPSC works with these Partner organizations to serve you better:            Veterans Affairs Canada; Director Military Family Services; SISIP Vocational Rehabilitation; Personnel Support Programs; CAF Health Services; Base and Wing Partners (Personnel Selection Officers, Chaplains etc…)

Additional information on all of the programs, benefits, and services offered or coordinated through the JPSU can be found in The Guide to Benefits, Programs, and Services for Serving and Former Canadian Armed Forces Members and their Families.

The info below appears repetitive but will fill in any informational blanks you may still have. Whatever, I believe the Integrated Personnel Support Centres of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), with its dedicated teams in place to assist CAF members in need, deserves my ensuring you take a serious look at supporting them. So I have extracted another summation of sorts.

“Established in 2009, the Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) provides information, advocacy and referral services for ill and injured Regular Force and Reserve Force members. These services are also available for veterans, their families, families of the deceased and the chain of command. Services are delivered at 24 Integrated Personnel Support Centres (IPSCs) and 9 satellite locations at CAF establishments across the country.

An Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC) provides one-stop service with several service partners working together to provide integrated and member-focused service. Services and service partners in an IPSC include: Veterans Affairs Canada; A Family Liaison Officer (FLO) from the Director of Military Family Services; A representative of the CAF Case Management program; A Return-to-Work (RTW) Coordinator; Outreach Services and a Casualty Tracking Coordinator; A Support Platoon for injured and ill personnel posted to the unit; Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) Peer Support Coordinators (PSCs) and Family Peer Support Coordinators (FPSCs); A Regional Adapted Fitness Specialist; A Designated Assistant (formerly referred to as Assisting Officer); SISIP Financial Services; Advocacy services and The Royal Canadian Legion Command Service Officer.

So, how do you find more information?  Contact any of the parties referred above or simply click here to find the IPSC closest to you. Also, more information on all the programs, benefits and services offered or coordinated through the IPSCs can be found in The Guide to Benefits, Programs, and Services for Serving and Former Canadian Armed Forces Members and their Families.     You can also call toll-free at 1-800-883-6094 for more information.

Find out where you can fit in to Help the IPSU to help within the Military and you help the nation. And buckwheat, when you help the Nation you are helping yourself!



You cannot miss sight of this Goodyear Blimp when it comes into your airspace. Nor, when encountered can you miss sight of Captain Goodyear who took the helm of the Heritage Projects Gander Base on September 1, 2016. Congratulations Big Guy on taking the helm. I know the mandate you are going to institute, that of Protecting Gander’s Military Heritage is exact in its timing and will further draw attention to the importance of Gander Base and men like yourself in this nation.

rm9Protecting Gander’s Military Heritage means you have to exactingly preserve the Truth surrounding 9/11 and the events of those days. I know you will be precise in all ‘on the ground’ Heritage Projects of your oversight and design. If you are called to institute a Heritage Project surrounding 9/11 I am certain you will not hesitate to draw full attention to the fact that it was not Jews, it was not Roman Catholics, it was not agnostics, Hindus, Daoist’s, Taoists, Maoists, Elizabeth May-style Greenies or in general social moronic protesting screamers and drug induced dreamers that wanted to wipe a Christian God based North America from the map. It was Islamic Doctrine of the Koranic Surah alone that singularly triggered the act. It was Islam, they were all Muslims! All Muslims adhere to Islam and jihad whether it be with penis or plane! And this is the cultural historical fact of 9/11 that must be brought to Dress Parade and full attention of one and all. So, what will be the First Hands On Project Captain Goodyear?

I encountered Goodyear in the Rec Facility where I started a conversation finished the following day in his office. I remarked as to his size of stature and the feet he had. He kind of grinned and told me they were 13 and a half. I kind of grinned and stated that I only had a size 13 and a half mouth.

At his office I delivered him the flyer and extra large t-shirt I had bought in Estevan Saskatchewan surrounding the Military Heritage Project taking place there and being dedicated on the Anniversary of 9/11.  Estevan Soldiers’ Tree Monument   The shirt was far too big for me and I did not know where it would be given, but I did know I was going to use it to draw attention somewhere to the need for support of our Military as I am about doing now.

Whatever Heritage Project may be initiated through Captain Goodyear it will be a Military Support Initiative. If you lean in the directions of Goodyear give him some support. Or, start your own Heritage Project that will stand behind the men such as the 9 Wing Gander encompasses. Whatever, Good Going Goodyear in every direction you fly for you are the right man on the job!

9/11 events clearly showed Gander and Newfoundland as being God’s sanctuary of safety for the nations of the world that flew in that day. This pathway of the planes was the only place they could get to. No Gander, no Sanctuary and thus a pretty strategic spot for them, eh? It has become even more strategic since the events of 9/11 for Gander remains the major refueling depot on the pathway of the planes flown by our military. No Gander Base and homeland security is crippled in a manner that may just be enough to let the sleeper cells of Islam fully unleash the carnage of jihad in our streets that will allow them to forcefully enact sharia. And the enactment of sharia is the worldwide goal of all followers of Islam no matter what lies they may employ to conceal the fact until they can take action. Heads up Canada! Islam is very well strategically advanced in this nation.

Oh, if necessary we will physically roust them all eventually, but it certainly is my desire to see the body count kept low. Yep! I believe it truly is in your best interests to fully support our Canadian Military.

In Christ I Shall Remain with My 13 and a Half Mouth


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