Is Saskatchewan a cross cultural, cross spiritual morally infected unrighteous sexual sewage dump? The answer is yes and it certainly appears to be guilty of the charge of delusional false advertising when the radio ads claim: ‘Saskatchewan, a great place to live’.

It is a great place to live if you want to increase your chances of AIDS and other sexual diseases as Saskatchewan physicians call for state of emergency over HIV epidemic. “At its peak five years ago Saskatchewan had an infection rate of more than 19 people per 100,000 population, 2½ times the national average—by far the highest rate in Canada. While that provincial rate has since fallen to about twice the national average, those numbers don’t address the racial disparity or the potential disaster looming on the horizon, says Wong, an infectious diseases physician, researcher and a clinical director of the HIV provincial leadership team.

The infection rate for Saskatchewan’s non-Aboriginal population is below the national average. Yet, while First Nations and Metis account for about 16 per cent of Saskatchewan’s population, they represented about 80 per cent of all new cases of HIV diagnosed in 2011, Wong told a workshop attended by a few hundred of the 6,000 delegates here. “The incidence rate in our Aboriginal population is about 88 per 100,000 [population], which is 14 times the national average, on par with various African countries.”

The primary cause of the HIV and hepatitis C outbreak is an epidemic of injection-drug use in the urban centres like Regina and Saskatoon, and of injected prescription drugs in rural regions and isolated reserves.

But the blame itself runs deeper, including the legacy of colonialism, residential schools and discrimination, Margaret Poitras, a Cree and CEO of the All Nations Hope AIDS Network, told the panel.” Saskatchewan’s HIV epidemic –                             The Saskatchewan Government Is Refusing to Declare a Public Health Emergency Over the AIDS Epidemic

su2One way or another people like Margaret Poitras always find some way of pointing a finger of blame at the ‘the dirty white boy system’. They cannot admit that there is something inherently wrong in the spiritual basis they are clinging to. They cannot acknowledge that it is their own refusal to change that takes them deeper into the misery that is plaguing First Nations people. Well Mad Margaret, no matter the aspects from the past that you may have right, when you get Jesus Christ wrong you have gotten everything wrong and life is just not going to improve in its viscous cycles for you.

And, this is the same for all people in Saskatchewan who actually mouth the lie ‘Saskatchewan, a great place to live’. Statistics and news reports show the facts to be quite different but a government instituted and ill defined policy of politically correctness reinforces the Indian attitude of blame the white guy government.  And this same mental spiritual stench permeates Provincial and Municipal politics with persons from both levels covering up their unrighteous acts, both for themselves and one another. After all is said and done they are just different breeds of swine from the same family blood line of tax eating pigs.

 su3Pigs are pigs, whether north or south of the border, whether black, white, red yellow or simply green with envy because some other pig has its face stuffed further into the tax payer’s trough. Certainly odious Obama and appalling Trudeau smell exactly the same as they lead hyper-goofs down heinous social avenues to spiritual destruction.

The pair of strutting turkeys are truly leading brain deadened hedonistic societies evolving into a saddened mass of homosexual laden greedy spiritual pigs.

su4 Look at this favored pair of Trudeaus’ Tramps who just got caught trying to pad their claims to tax cash breaks. Look at the dismay in their eyes that they actually were exposed for a thieving pattern they have practiced all their lives. This is Common practice for the pig at the Federal level whether Justin with his nannies and air fares or Pamela Wailing Wallan from a great place to live Saskatchewan.  Top Trudeau aides apologize for moving expenses …

But what difference is there between a Federal tax eating hypocritical thief and a Provincial one? Nothing except the Feds think their trough is bigger, more secure and the slop has to pour through their trough into the Provincial one. Thus we know the fight over the Jurisdictions of the Troughs continues between Fruitcake Feds and Provincial Pukes. But, look again at the faces of this pair of thieving Trudeau Twits and then look around the Province of Saskatchewan at the scummy thieves slotted into office at the lowest level of trough grunting tax eaters we can observe. The Municipal Governments, City Councils and City-Municipal Police Forces are rotten with the same mentality.

su5 ‘Saskatchewan, a great place to live’……. Not when you strip away the lies!

The diabetes epidemic has more than doubled in the past ten years. And, of course it is far worse for the Obese Aboriginals due to ‘the dirty white boy government system’. Reality cries loudly that the problem is hedonistic gluttony to blame for one and all.

Crime levels have risen to a nature and frequency gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. Even farmers trying to bring in the harvest feel they have to arm themselves to get the job done safely.

Saskatchewan Religious Insanity has increased and majority madness rules.  People believe they can control the right to life and death based upon their emotional decisions.

Morons have openly embraced Islam and their propaganda abounds.    

But stands are being taken against Islamic and foreign take-overs in many sectors and this worries many who see their deceptive pathways to implementing sharia in Canada being thwarted.                                                                                        

What all Islamic Assholes need is a complete blood transfusion to eradicate the spread of their deadly spiritual AIDS in Saskatchewan. This would truly make it a great place to live.

 su6And Jesus Christ has become nothing more than Walt Disney style entertainment for many deluded Christians in Saskatchewan. Ventures such as the Bible Theme Park in Moose Jaw are nothing more than attempts to hypocritically cash in on Christ.

And folks, when you have gotten Jesus Christ wrong you have gotten everything wrong.

So now we have come to the crux of where several upcoming postings are going to be taking us and why my focal point of Saskatchewan as a great place to live. We are going to tackle the matters of hate crimes, hate speech and political correctness.  And we are going to look at this from within the Province of Saskatchewan and through events highlighted by my Running Gun Battle with the City of Estevan.

Throughout this we shall be doing an ongoing survey to see what the average Saskatchewan spiritual moron believes a hate crime is? What does a spiritual dipstick think constitutes hate speech? What does a spiritual goofball believe justifies political correctness at the expense of Biblical truth? All of this we shall look at from the basis of existing Legislation to see if I should be charged with a hate crime for speaking the fullness of Biblical Truth.

Do I mock and scorn you mental midgets through my choice of language? Yep! And so does God as the written Word clearly shows. So, if you believe that anything in this current posting qualifies as a hate crime, hate speech or is politically incorrect then fire off a salvo to my e-mail address. HOWEVER, clearly identify yourself if you want your opinion to be considered at all; and if you crawl out of the dark long enough to do so remember your opinion will be made public.

And finally, in particular for you tax eating Saskatchewan mental deficients this is the starting point and most basic definition of a hate crime:  A hate crime is a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence. Now, go back and read this post again for only sheer stupidity could utter that Saskatchewan is a great place to live. Just how sheer have you become in your personal stupidity and why do you remain so you Saskatchewan unrighteous tax eating, tax dependent pigs?

In Christ I Remain       Phinehas




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