Canada is certainly going backwards with our Justin the Fool on Parliament Hill.          Paul McCartney – Fool On The Hill Live

f1“CANADA IS BACK” and this is in part what the Fool on the Hill meant when he said it, for Justin Trudeau is intentionally sending $25 million to the United Nations Relief and Work Agency. (UNRWA) This Agency has well-documented ties to Hamas which is simply the Palestinian ‘aid organizational version’ of ISIS. Hamas is identified as a terrorist organization by many others beside the Government of Canada, and our tax dollars should not be supporting such trash.


The claim by the Trudeau Tramps that they are simply staying “Canada neutral” in a renewed effort to help is another dangerous lie, fully evidencing they are once again out of their dope smoking minds.

The Harper Conservatives had to remove the UNRWA from their list of development partners because its ties with Hamas are so close. The organization teaches hatred towards Israel and Jews in UNRWA run schools. It allows Hamas to use its properties, like hospitals and schools, to hide rockets and explosives. Israel will seldom bomb a location with weapons if there are innocent bystanders around, thus the properties are human shields. Using human shields for weapons is clearly immoral and also a war crime. 

The Hamas terrorist organization needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth, not supported in its ongoing efforts to cripple and kill civilians of all ages. The blood of these innocents is clearly on the hands of Justin the Spiritual Jerkoff Trudeau. I know he will answer to God for his horrendous actions. It would also be good to see him hauled in front of the Canadian Courts of Law precedent and jailed for his arrogant cruelty.

f3What can be said in the face of our Canadian insanity? It appears that Christians, Jews, Atheists, Hindus, Philosophers, Neuroscientists, Pseudo-Scientists and secularists of all sorts recognize the TRUTH about financing Islam and Terrorism.   So, why are Trudeau and his tripe so brain dead in their obvious support of Islam? Duh! Eh?

It is time to start a full tilt Trash Trudeau Now campaign!




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