one  two   The Federal Reserve Bank is as necessary as tits on a boar old hog!

“Federal Reserve chair declares independence in vow to fight watering down of central bank powers.

During the campaign, including in one of the debates, Trump blamed the central bank for the economy’s ills. He has complained Yellen has held rates too low and was politically biased. He has revealed a preference for a gold standard and advisers have suggested other ways to take away the bank’s independence.

Trump objects to the Fed’s regulation of financial institutions, saying the rules are hurting growth.

But yesterday, Yellen fought back.”

The author of this standardized leftist ‘junk bond’ style brainwave article is Don Pittis the current senior producer at CBC’s business unit. You need to go back to fighting forest fires in the Arctic islands Don.

three“Hurting growth” is a great under statement. Come on USA, let’s have a real Republican Party Celebration and get rid of this Federal Reserve Bank disaster that permits men like Obama to create a debt for your nation beyond measure. What destroys the States wrecks havoc in Canada and our fool Trudeau now runs in the footsteps of your Obama. Our posturing northern jackass cannot give the cash away fast enough to the enemies of true Democracy and free enterprise.

If you Yankees want sound financial advice and sane measures of national economic policy change then try the father and son team in the photo. John & Josh Rosenstern at Morgan Stanley Consulting Group, 400 Convention Street, Suite 400, Baton Rouge, LA 70802;  tel: (225) 237-3100  toll-free: (800) 666-3960  fax: (225) 237-3105

Or send your televised queries to “Insight” with John

What can be said in the face of our Canadian insanity? It appears that Christians, Jews, Atheists, Hindus, Philosophers, Neuroscientists, Pseudo-Scientists and secularists of all sorts recognize the TRUTH about financing Islam and Terrorism.   So, why are Trudeau and his tripe so brain dead in their obvious support of Islam? Duh! Eh?

It is time to start a full measure Trash Trudeau Now campaign!


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