1OTTAWA — A Canada Day tradition is being repurposed tonight to herald the start of Canada’s 150th year.

A massive firework display over Parliament Hill — usually reserved for July 1 — will take place at 8:17 p.m. EST and midnight to mark the beginning of 2017 and a year-long birthday bash across the country.

New Year’s Eve events with a 150th birthday flavour are being held in 19 cities across the country, including St. John’s, N.L., which will be the first to hit the midnight milestone.

“It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation” under Canada’s Heritage Minister Melanie (Let the Cash Flow) Joly, her representative says.

2And from Muhammad’s representative, our dead Uncle Yassar, this pre-recorded message:

It’s also a once in a lifetime opportunity to Mark the day the Multi-Cultural Muslim Way…. You can really repurpose events and jump start Canada’s 150th as the next step of inaugurating sharia boys and girls, eh.

Take your choice of 1 of the 19 cities boys and girls and set off your own fireworks display, eh. But, if you are a novice you can always do a little ‘allah akbar’ yodel in all those places that security isn’t ramped up, eh? Or, you could stab some home alone granny, or perhaps execute a little penis jihad in any small-town park, or better yet…. give it all in memory of the prophet and blow your wad at some pertinent point along the railroad tracks from ‘coast to coast’, eh. Don’t worry Muslim boys and girls for the programs are already funded to deradicalize you, eh. If caught before taking action just tell them you were in fear that the Islamophobiacs were going to get you, eh. If caught after taking action you’ll be loose in time for another shot before the year runs out, eh.

Remember boys and girls…alahooooooooo  akhbarrrrrrrrrrrrr! But don’t forget to end it with an EH, eh! After all, you are supposed to be real Canadians, aren’t you, eh?

So, “alahooooooooo  akhbarrrrrrrrrrrrr! Eh!”

But, boys and girls if you don’t uphold our family honor in such good Islamic tradition…well, old Uncle Yassar, or mom and pop, or perhaps the Imam…. we’re going to have to kill you like a kafir being led to the slaughter, eh.

May the fleas of 1000 camels infest all infidel’s armpits, eh.

Your Uncle, Yassar the Egyptian-Arab Camel Jockey at Large, eh!

 3Well Kafir Canada, sounds pretty sarcastic, eh. But, there is just too much fact to write it off as purely fictional.  So, heads up and pray Islamic intent does not manifest in any Uncle Ahab the Arab Way, eh. The call has gone out from many directions to kill one and all. But Trudeau the Muslim’s Golden Kafir need not fear this year, for he is scheduled for the final execution. Muhammad says ‘never kill the kafir that lays the golden eggs until you have finished your omelette’, eh?

And now thanks to Trudeau we have a lot more Syrian boys and girls ready to start cracking the eggs in Canada.

Recall this warning and stay alert from Coast to Coast tonight and throughout the year.

Islamic State spokesman: “Rely upon Allah, and kill” American …     European, Australian, and Canadian non-Muslims.


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