2wLiberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna went from looking like this earlier in the year when she accidentally said she shared “sunny ways” with Conservative MP Ed Fast at the UN climate talks in Paris.

It looks like she is arched back savoring a memory more than a couple of the boys behind her may have enjoyed as well. “giggle-giggle”. Eh!

w2Whatever, she certainly is a girl of ‘Sunny ways – or funny ways?’ for this is our Queen of Climate that you will find after she was WEIGHED IN THE BALANCES Posted on December 31, 2016

“To some you might look like the best of a sad lot McKenna, but you are just another thief stealing from the public purse.  From the expression on your face you look like you were caught in the park with your pants down, eh? Or, does it more appear by the self-pitying look that you still believe you should be able to make expense claims for your tampons?”  giggle-giggle, eh!

And boys, enjoy the memories…after all, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, or is the gander supposed to get publicly goosed first? Whatever, it is your turn next fellas. So just read what is next in this batter’s box below. It will help prepare you for what is coming in 2017.






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