Well, Jay. You struck another home run.

But, I think that between you and Faith you pretty much answered the million-dollar question.

You spoke it and she showed it.

Most people simply do not know fact from the fiction they want to believe in their fantasy world of ‘pussy hats and foul mouthed’ rhetoric.  There is constant leap frogging to lily pads of erroneous conclusion. This appears panacea for their personal delusions of not being the manipulated misfits and morons they are.

Every time the left and too many on the right hear…… “The official, who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press the administration is considering, going to or did……”     the chlamydia crew, boy toy bed wetter’s and pillow biters rise to take the bait. Or, perhaps better stated, they riot from taking the bait.

My father used to tell me: “If you don’t open your mouth, no one will know you are crazy.” Personally, I thought he shot his own mouth off too, too often. Perhaps in my case he was right, eh!

Whatever, Faith certainly got a lot of the boys and girls publicly showing just how out of tune their radio signals truly are.


Way to go Faith ……..someone has to cull the flock…….and these birds to the left just aren’t learning a truly new migration pattern. Unfortunately, it also appears most of the North American right are still circling the same airport, waiting for their permission to land.

From a dead man’s lips:

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Merle Haggard: Okie From Muskogee

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