ff1These brothers by different mothers certainly love one another and embrace Islam as warmly as they do each other.

The dead giveaway on these two Islamic Creeps is not just the endearing embrace and all the political actions they employ to usher in sharia. But, it does entail their body language and how they employ the raising of their index finger.

The Muslim calls the index finger sabbabah, to proclaim there is no god but Allah, a single unique god. The raised index finger is a signal. As the Nazi has a Seig Heil the Islamist has the sabbabah (index finger) and he raises it on photo ops to declare his allegiance to Allah. This is a sign that he believes that Allah is the unique absolute one (not the Trinity) for Allah sent Muslims to destroy the concept of the Trinity which would be three fingers raised as Orthodox Christians do.

ff2 ff3

ff4         ff5

fff6 ff6 ff7

If the finger is not good enough Allah, how about a little prayer to show my allegiance like ISIS, eh?   Love, Justin.


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