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The young girl was approached by two Syrian migrants who are enrolled at her Canadian high school.

Both attempted to “grind” with the 14-year-old girl before one of the migrant students came up behind her, and aggressively touched her — her body and her breasts — before forcing his hand down her pants, touching her vagina from inside her underwear.

And worse yet, the school tried to cover everything up. They appeared to be too scared of the repercussions for standing up to refugees.

Even the police were aware of the sex assault; however, following a questionable interaction between the young girl and one detective, there is now no sign that charges against the Syrian men will be pressed.

Meanwhile, the 14-year-old girl has missed several weeks worth of school and is seeing a mental health professional to help her cope with the trauma.


2Just another couple fun loving misguided Syrian migrants to thank Justin The Unjust Queer Loving Muslim Fanatic for.


Sign and send Justin Trudeau the message that he does not represent you anymore and demand that he resigns from the office of Prime Minister. Included in the demand is that all Muslim MP’s resign as well, for there is no place for Islam in the Canadian government.          >

This petition, once the signature goal has been reached, will be delivered to the Prime Minister by the national media.   At the discretion of the Canadian public, a federal election may be demanded.

Canadians are standing united in this, a cause which is not negotiable.  The safety and well-being of Canada and its citizens must be the first priority of the federal government.

Thank you.





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