A Doggy Tale       

dm1In the scene from the movie The Matrix,  Lawrence Fishburne (Morpheus) gives Keanu Reeves (Neo) a Hobson’s choice, a chance to learn the truth or reject it. If Keanu takes the “red pill,” he gets to see the truth of how the world really works, or in the words of Fishburne, “you see how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

If Keanu takes the “blue pill,” he wakes up and life goes on as normal, and he remembers nothing of what happened.

Whatever, dog breath, on the Fantasy Island of current millennial mentality, being ‘Red Pilled’ is claimed to be a necessary measure to cure a state of mind enveloping someone who revels in their own ignorance.

However, fur ball, being ‘Red Pilled’ is the definition of a state of mind that simply makes your Cloud of Catch-22 brain waves set like super dried dog dung. You daily swallow the medias Catch-22 Red Pills in your endless search for Truth amid seemingly social chaos. And your gobbling and regurgitating what you are fed remains nothing more than ongoing evidence of your desperate need to remain lodged in your own ignorant opinions. You hunt for what you want to believe, in desperate need to hide from Truth.

Both your ignorant opinions and hackles are probably rising to the fore once again, as I doubt your mental capability to comprehend the reality of either Hobson’s Choice or Catch-22 as I referred to them.

Learning about and accepting the hard truths of life is many times an ugly, scary thing when the Truth is polar opposite to your point of view. It is normal not to want to deal with the discomfort that following truth may eventually demand through actions required by its standards. But we have been given free will by God. And, even if you do not believe in God, you believe that in a democracy you have the freedom of choice to decide for yourself what truth is and to act upon it. So, if you make an asinine decision resulting in negative social actions that make you look like a fool, remember you have done so through your own free will.

Do not carry on giving answers for your wrong opinions, or making excuses for your heinous actions and face up to the fact that events are dictating you change the path you are on.  No matter how painful it may be, your life can only further disintegrate if you do not accept the truth and act upon it. As my Lord has spoken: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32) There is genuine freedom in coming to truly know yourself and progressively changing what shows itself as being blatantly wrong.

So, do you truly think it is possible that a man and a dog are equals?

I am going to introduce you to Robert Malcom Nicholson and the late Chevy Hossay of Calgary to examine this a bit. But before I do let us set the stage for the case of Dog = Man with this song by Spike Jones & His City Slickers – Our Hour (The Puppy Love Song)

dm3 Robert  Nicholson                                      and                                         Chevy Hossay

Looking at this pair they just might be equals given they both have hair on their faces. They both appear to be mouth breathers and both have the same open mouthed smirk like grin. Given the polished noses they may also have been checking out butts together. And, they do have a similar glazed look in their eyes, do they not? But, do you think they both pick their noses, smoke pot and know how to use the remote so they can watch the Sports Channel? And which one has to follow the other one around picking up his shit? And which one gets to go down to the bar, get drunk and pass out or get an impaired driving charge? And who has to pay to license who? Perhaps these two really are not equal?

Well, equality got a brutal wake up call when our Calgary man received a 1 year jail sentence for beating, stabbing and burying Chevy in a fit of some sort. Read the story and for certain this one thing rings clear, they were not singing ‘Our Hour’ or out chasing cats together.

No one in any semblance of sanity would condone the abuse of an animal as reported. But, you have to be absolutely foaming at the mouth, howling at the moon nuts to say a man and a dog are equal physically, socially or spiritually in any manner. To state that an animal, mammal or reptile of any species are equal in status to a man is to take a quantum leap into the great abyss of stupidity.


dm4And, like some cat hissing out of hell, this woman pussy footed her way right out of the abyss of stupidity into the light of day. If she simply had kept her mouth shut no one would have known she is nuts. She certainly is more than just a little bit squirrely to say the least.

This possibly genetically modified humanoid-squirrel-hound dog is known to chatter a lot and she often barks up the wrong trees. Exhibiting signs of a rabid feminist, she is truly howling at the moon.  Heather Anderson, founder of an animal support group called the Daisy Foundation, said Nicholson’s sentence shows some progress in punishing people who abuse animals.

“The bottom line is that people are starting to realize that animals should be our equal and people that do these sorts of things should be prosecuted in the highest,” Anderson said.

dm5Hey, that’s my cub you’re killing dog breath!

In all the battling over equality and rights there is a necessity to ask what gives women like our howler above the right to kill babies within their wombs? Why does a man not have the right to choose what can be done to the life she is simply an incubator for?  Is it not his child?

And, what about a legal system so disjointed that it will prosecute and penalize a mass murderer for hiding the deaths of her unborn, but will not do so simply for killing them?

So, we should consider animals our equal? The Anderson type feminists do not ascribe equality amidst humanity, nor extend humanity to the unborn baby, nor equate the human male as deserving equality with the female. Why do so many animal rights types think a woman has the right to murder the unborn with impunity? Why do they think their ‘sperm donor’ of the day has no right to decision about what he has planted in her womb?

Well ladies, or whatever you may be, the days of the rabid feminist are ending whether you like it or not.  WEIGHED IN THE BALANCES  Posted on December 31, 2016

Well folks, at the risk of throwing the Anderson types into another fit of chasing their own tails I must relate you this. During my early days amid the Muslims of Indonesia I ate so much dog meat that I sometimes still feel like chasing cars. No, I don’t truly feel like chasing cars, that is just my sarcastic sense of humor.

But, I truly did eat more than a modicum of dog. It was eating dog or go hungry amid people that were stuffing their Allah Akbar faces with ‘fillet of fido’ or ‘Bakso Manado’. So, Anderson, you leader of the Animal Righteousness Brigade, if you believe I am a self-confessed cannibal take me to court or shut your fool mouth. After all, given your heart felt beliefs in justice, as a cannibal shouldn’t I ‘be prosecuted in the highest’.

The reality of the Canadian mentality that places concern for animals above that of human beings makes me want to puke.





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