barbara_kayBarbara Kay is an award-winning columnist, author, pundit and now Rebel contributor. Barbara reports on the controversial motion being presented to the Canadian government: Motion M103 urges Parliament to create special laws against “Islamophobia” — without even defining the word.

Watch through the link >   and read her article at  Barbara Kay: How long until my honest criticism of Islamism…

Jews are far more likely to be victims of hate crimes in Canada than Muslims. But a motion called M-103 is coming before Parliament on February 16 to urge special consideration regarding “Islamophobia” without defining the word.

M-103 could lead to curtailments of freedom of speech deemed hateful towards Muslims, but also, critically, towards Islam itself. Blasphemy laws conceived according to Sharia law have been adopted in a number of western countries.

It could happen here.  If you believe in freedom of speech, especially the freedom to offend, then please sign the petition fighting against this motion at




boom The Qur’an Is Hate Propaganda as posted on February 10, 2017        Note: This is Sector One: Citizenship Treason, 1 of 5 sectors of The Qur’an Is Hate Propaganda. The Sectors will be ultimately amalgamated into one document and presented to the Courts as body of information showing necessity for legal prosecution of Islam and Islamists within Canada.   It could take up to 24 hours to analyze Sector One.

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