INCITING VIOLENCE and hatred toward others shows itself in many fashions, but the stupidity of some legal opinions passed upon it seems moronic at times. Such is the case where a German Court ruled that setting a synagogue on fire was only a  ‘Legit Protest.’

A German regional court ruled that the setting fire to a synagogue was not an anti-Semitic act, but rather was intended to draw “attention to the Gaza conflict.”

A spokesman for Hamburg’s Jewish community, Daniel Killy, said deteriorating security in Germany has led to a highly dangerous situation for Jews.

“No, we are no longer safe here,” Killy told the news outlet on Tuesday. He said the disintegration of state power, excesses of the extreme right-wing, the loss of political credibility, and “the terrible fear of naming Islamism as such” have contributed to an insecure environment for Jews. Hamburg’s Jewish community has nearly 2,500 members.”

And what do we see here in Canada?

Disintegration of state power as illegal migrants enter the nation with impunity at Emerson, in Quebec and across the nation with the RCMP ability to stop the flow hindered in all manners possible.

Excesses of extremist from inside both the left and right wings of the political parties ranging from financial dealings, sexual trysts and to outright media lies draining off any political creditably left.

And as to the fear of naming Islamaphobia for what it truly is? Screamingly obvious.

So, what we have here are the exact same factors that are creating an insecure environment for the Jews of Germany who say “No, we are no longer safe here.”

Imam after Imam are shown to be inciting violence and preaching hatred of the Jews and daily we see Jihad Justin doing all he can to assist them onward.

The ruling of the German Court we read was simply an upholding of one given by a lower court. What does it tell you but this: the absolute moronic stupidity of the lower courts is being reflected in the upper. The situation is the same in Canada.  So, what needs be done is that the avenues to lower courts be utilized in such manner that no matter the idiot(s) ascribed to for verdict they are left no option but common sense which is at the base level of the common law. The legal system in Canada itself is entering a time when it shall be fully judged and both the system itself and the individual participants dealt with accordingly.

 This is the attention that was being sought in Gaza as a HAMAS demonstration was protesting the conflict there. Destroy their bodies and destroy their Synagogues. Burn them all. The German court’s ruling is not permissible in our nation and neither is the sharia law that drives the hatred above.

In Canada, as each life, be it Jewish or otherwise, is lost due to the Trudeau political antics the evidence continues to pile up, and he shall be personally held fully accountable for the blood. And, most certainly so shall every Jew hating proponent and adherent of Islam that continues to spew forth their hatred in in any form.

Now, we must get on with displaying some of the myriad of ways that the Incitement of Violence and Hatred is showing its ugly presence.

This is incitement of violence and disguised hatred toward women:

Canadian Muslims Preach Patriarchy and Wife Beating: In Their Own Words   And the first man shown, Abdi Hersy (Hersi) the Calgary imam was wanted in the U.S. on sex assault charges. It would seem this ‘sex demanding dog’ got confused about where to administer his idea of ‘Islamic deep breathing exercises’. In legal battle, he still is operating as a ‘private practice hate breather’ at my last look. Calgary Imam Abdi Hersy, stripped of refugee status, awaits decisions

Toronto On Sept 9th 2012, the perceived actions of Islam incite a Hindu protest against Islamic fundamentalist genocide, which in turn incites passing Muslims to aggressively confront the Hindu group. > 14:07

But, at least the two opponents kept it verbal. Whereas, this a preview where we are now headed as the advance of sharia gains momentum. They tend to get a lot more active in the land away down under where women glow and men thunder. > RAW: Violent clashes between anti-racism & anti-Islam protesters in Melbourne, Australia   And, just a little south of our border we find what appears to be an emerging scene with our multitude of left and right extreme elements being incited forward. The visible threat of the presence of guns shows up, along with associated ignorance from all sides. > Armed anti-Islam protesters fail to intimidate Phoenix Mosque

I guess we should get back on our side of the border. Get back in Our Country where it is calmer and people less inciteful. But wait, it appears we deranged snowbirds are starting to incite fear into members of the Las Vegas Muslim Community. >

Well, back into our country while it still has the outward appearance of being a democratic and free nation. It looks however that our immigration policies are rapidly changing the familiar paths and we are actually being incited to become even more British in our conduct. > rioting Muslims attack Christian protesters in UK screaming “get out of OUR country”

Who’s country? What is going on in all this incitement?  This cannot be a preview of Canada. We are one united people that openly embrace each other, all serving the same God of peace and love. I think it’s false news, just trying to divide us when I’m told that Muslims are attacking Christians in UK streets screaming “we’re taking over” and “we hate you”.

Well this is Toronto some time back where a Rise Canada team undergoes abusive attacks. > 32:05

Speaking of attacks? I would think that this video could possibly be a clear-cut case of inciting violence and hatred under existing laws > 5:07 Migrant Gets Ass Kicked After He Punches Bus Driver! How To Treat Syrian Refugees…  But hold on a minute. Dependent upon what racial background you emerge from, you might just be branded a racist and end up facing charges yourself. In particular, with the m-103 committee underway ‘Don’t Criticize Islam’ and end up facing Hate Crime Laws > 7:34

But, as the Muslims on the streets of Toronto tell us “who cares about the Canadian laws” > 13:13

Then on the other side of the street we have people like the Soldiers of Odin that have declared commitment to preserving Canadian values >    So, it appears that a few things continue to simmer to date, eh? It might just be we have slid a lot further down the slippery slope and headed for Hate Tribunals for Muslim challenges directed toward Canadian freedom of press have been underway for sometime. > 5:56

And, we have another Muslim student woman casting her fears and tears in the House of Commons: “As a Muslim woman of colour, in a time of overwhelming stigma, I fear of being othered, profiled and killed.”

Srosh Hassana’s 186-word speech about Islamophobia and xenophobia in Canada took her almost three minutes to deliver through her own tears and the thunderous applause that interrupted her sentences.

The Edmonton-area student was one of 338 women brought to the House of Commons in Ottawa for the Daughters of the Vote campaign, which brings women leaders from across Canada to Parliament Hill to encourage political participation.

Meanwhile we have some degree of incitement and hatred taking place through penis jihad in Canada as well as > 8:47 Muslim rape slavery comes to CanadaRebel Media

And, amid all the Islamophobic threats, and “meant to combat a growing sense of fear and helplessness within the Muslim community, feelings that have become common amid the backdrop of Islamophobia both locally in B.C.’s Lower Mainland and worldwide”,  a Vancouver Muslim group organizes a town hall meeting to challenge Islamophobia.

At the same time the fear filled hear ‘do not fear’ as a Toronto imam says Muslims will eventually kill all Jews.   Abdulqani Mursalimam at Masjid Al Hikma mosque in Toronto  explains that it is the destined fate of all Jews.  Continue to full article –>

Make the Comparison of Two Honour Killing Cultures:

There have been at least 12 honour killings in Canada, including teenager Aqsa Parvez in 2007, who was strangled with her own hijab for refusing to wear it.

On October 13, 2015, the Shafia’s Mohammad, Tooba and and son Hamed launched appeal of their first-degree murder conviction for the killing of three daughters and the first wife of Mohammad.  Meanwhile we find the Supreme Court scheduled to hear ‘honour killing’ extradition case for export of persons to India.

What is the comparison and what needs to be criticized?

Both cultures incite the violence of honour killings, but it is only Islam that kills you for non- submission to its beliefs. So, it is > 9:32 Islam that Must Be Criticized All the Times.

And, at all times it is what I intend to do.



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