There are a fairly wide body of laws being brought to bear on hate crime, bias activity and bias activity crime in Canada. Unfortunately, the enforcement of these laws and the administration of justice through them is hampered in many legal jurisdictions because there are no clear cut definitions applicable to all levels of policing authority from coast to coast. This makes it difficult in many jurisdictions to have law enforcement investigate complaints, lay charges and even harder to have perpetrators prosecuted, despite what various provincial, territorial and federal government agencies may boast to the contrary. This is clearly evidenced in the following Federal Government Reports  Disproportionate Harm: Hate Crime in Canada – Justice                 FINDINGS – Disproportionate Harm: Hate Crime in Canada

 Hate crime laws generally fall into these categories: (1) Laws defining specific bias-motivated acts as distinct crimes; (2) Criminal penalty-enhancement laws; (3) Laws creating a distinct civil cause of action for hate crimes; and (4) Laws requiring administrative agencies to collect hate crime statistics.

“Every occurrence is classified using the following hate/bias categories contained within the hate/bias crime definition of the Criminal Code of Canada:  race, national or ethnic origin, age, language, sex, disability, sexual orientation, religion, colour or any other similar factor.

Comments and/or actions of a suspect during an incident can be significant in determining the suspect’s motive and bias; however, it is sometimes difficult to classify an occurrence with complete accuracy.  Additional criteria used to assist in classifying occurrences include:  the victim’s perception of the incident, culturally significant dates, symbols, history of the community and current world events.

Sometimes the suspect misperceives the victim’s background.  This may occur in some incidents involving visible minorities, where the suspect can be completely unaware of the victim’s actual background and wrongly assumes that the victim belongs to a particular group.  Due to this fact, the victim becomes a target based on the suspect’s misperception.

While it is recognized that every individual has multiple aspects to their identity, more than one of which could be cause for an offender to target them, it is the practice to classify a hate/bias occurrence based on the best-known information that exists relevant to the offender’s perception of the victim.”

Victims may be reluctant to report hate/bias crimes for such reasons as: (1) The victim may not recognize that the crime was motivated by bias or hate. (2) There may be fear of retaliation. (3) There may be uncertainty or lack of trust in the criminal justice system’s response. (4) The victim may fear his/her sexual orientation may be exposed to family members, employers or the general public. (5) Many fear embarrassment, humiliation and the stigma that often occasions from being victimized.

The fact there is No True Uniformity in Hate Crime laws is being manipulated by Islamists to further chaos in the Canadian political, legal and cultural milieu. They utilize events such as the Colten Boushie legal fiasco to foment division between Indigenous Canadians and other ethnic components. It is a standard tactic of Islam to weaken a nation through creating conditions that turn sectors of society against one another. 

It is such methodology that Justin Trudeau’s Crew of Rabid Islamists continue to employ,  ensuring that Blood Shall Flow In Canada as posted on February 11, 2018   And, it is his rotted garbage that must be totally eradicated from the Canadian political venue. It is a righteous action with God that this take place.


Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?


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