The following characters represent some of the reasons Canada is in a despicable moral condition. A veritable goof troop of the Political Elite, they in reality comprise a stench in the nostrils of God and a vein of treason to good governance of our Canadian Land.

How many can you identify? How many would you recognize on a crowded street? Rest assured the stench of their approaching spiritual presence will remind you of this Nutty Brigade collage if you should happen upon one.

It truly does not matter if you can name them or not. Just tell them to get their Hell out of your way, that you are allergic to nuts. The fact is these people are not only squirrley, but most are truly rats in disguises provided by Justin Trudeau.

Two are not his directly appointed stooges, but this does not matter as they all smell the same.







The first person to Identify the sordid group by their names will receive a copy of my book: THINWAH.



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