I am heading you toward a Hobson’s Choice surrounding our military and the Citizenship Treason that is shown within it due to both Homosexuality and Islam.

A Hobson’s Choice is basically a situation of one choice only…a take it or leave it circumstance.  But, Hobson’s Choice is still a free choice in which one thing only appears to be offered. Because a person may refuse to accept what is offered, there are two options of taking it or taking nothing. In other words, one may “take it or leave it.” The phrase is said to have originated with Thomas Hobson (1544–1631), a livery stable owner in Cambridge, England, who offered rental customers the choice of either taking the horse in his stall nearest the door or taking none at all. This effectively allowed him to control the rotation of his animals and ensure they did not get run down by customers freely selecting the better-looking ones.

In your particular mindset of spiritual misconceptions which appears somehow better to you: Homosexuality or Islam? Both are evil and they are incompatible. If left unhindered they could possibly effectively destroy one another.


So, what is the HOBSON’S CHOICE now facing you? One is that the ‘good name’ of the Canadian Military and Prison Chaplains has become a deceptive blackened branding of Islam and Two a playground for spiritual sexual perverts. The Military has been Branded by Islam for our CANADIAN MILITARY Chaplaincy is wearing an ISIS symbol  as I posted on August 31, 2015. You need to read this posting in its entirety.

You can take a stand against this circumstance or you can walk away leaving Islam to further invade our military and government. Take it or leave it.


TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!    Yes, but in reaching your decision do not accept the defeatist Merriam-Webster definition of catch–22 as being a difficult situation for which there is no easy or possible solution.

You certainly are in a HOBSON’S CHOICE, but you are not in a Catch-22, for there is both a possible and easy solution to the problem. The solution is within the very nature of the elemental cause of the problem itself and laws already existing in Canada enacted to end it.

Do not think you are in a position of some free choice delusion, nor in a choice dilemma between two undesirable options. One of your options is totally desirable, and that is to remove the shame our soldiers have to face and the further invasion of Islam in our land.

However, you may be in a semblance of a ‘false dilemma’ where only two choices are considered, when in fact there are others. But, in our case we still come right back to Hobson’s Choice for all other considerations other than the two are simply stalling shadows of the Catch-22 mentality. And this mentality will result in not taking direct legal actions against Islam that will see blood flow in our streets.


The Complications and immensities of an issue are made to appear insurmountable by the Catch-22 mentality.

Faced with the challenges of a problem, ideas are generated that it is impossible to locate the correct starting point to deal with the issue at hand. Tension is often created through feeling there simply is not sufficient time for all matters to be prepared properly so victory can be attained. Particularly in dealing with Government and Courts, many individuals feel that no matter how hard they strive they will never be fully prepared at mandatory presentation dates. These attitudes do genuinely make a mountain out of a molehill, but we have in many cases generated a set of inherently illogical rules or conditions that reinforce the Catch-22 Mindset.

When you come to a ‘facing the rules junction in seeking justice’ do not fall victim to the Urban Dictionary Catch-22 definition: in which a desired outcome or solution is impossible to attain because of an illogical, unreasonable, or senseless situation created by measures or policies whose effect is often the polar opposite of what was intended. Within our nation there truly are contradictory rules that must be overcome, but in engaging the process of overcoming there always remains a simple solution. You may not always like the solution, but it is there. Keep it all simple and consume your elephant of opposition one mouth full at a time. Do not start at the rectum, start at the trunk on which it feeds and in short order the animal will die of its own accord.


To claim someone is interfering with religious practices in a negative manner by restricting Islam is lunacy of immense proportions. The traditional basis for invalidating laws that prohibit the exercise of an obligatory religious practice is that it confronts the adherents with a HOBSON’S CHOICE between observance of their faith and adherence to the law. In curtailing Islam through protection of Canadian law, you certainly do not place the Muslim in a HOBSON’S CHOICE for the Muslim cannot adhere to Islam in Canada if they have not first violated its Law. Our laws actually demand the prohibition of the practice of Islam for a multitude of reasons.

In Canada, when it comes to your protection of religious and cultural practices that save believers from facing hard choices, you are actually in violation of the law through standing for Islam. Religious and cultural practices are to be protected only when they are central to human identity and hence to human dignity, which is in turn central to equality. The multitude of violations of Human dignity and Human equality by Islam are exactly why all Islamists are wide open to prosecution and eviction from Canada and why you are facing a HOBSON’S CHOICE in bringing them to prosecution at this time.

Do you still feel like you are missing the key to solution of the crisis of Islam? Are you still trying to open doors in your mind that you have closed? It is you that left the key behind some door in your mind. It is the key you still believe you somehow now need to open the door so you can get back into that same room for your preconceived solutions to Islam. And, in that room you believe you will somehow find your peace, your security and your safety of mind.

In frustration, you mutter damn it, this is one big Catch 22.”  NOT SO FOOL Check the backdoor and windows of your mind for it is you that forgot the key to your thoughts justifying Islam to begin with. You thought you had it all figured out. But, what else have you mistakenly assumed mentally secure as you strutted out the door? What did you arrogantly and nobly assume you were correct about before the reality of ISIS and Islam went click upon you worldwide? Why does the HOBSON’S CHOICE now facing you seemingly darken the forlorn cloud of Catch-22 you birthed on your Fantasy Island?  There is no need for any of this in enacting the solution to Islam in Canada, as a God given window has been left wide open for you in our existing legal enactments.

The solution to dealing correctly with Islamists and ending the problems they embody always has been within the very nature of the problem itself and laws already existing in Canada.

“If any man has ears to hear, let him hear.”       Mark 4:23



Not in the world of reality. It is simply a matter of picking up the first shovel full of Canadian law surrounding Citizenship Fraud and tossing it into the rat holes Islam crawled in through initially. It is simply a matter of Canada being the first nation to justifiably enforce its existing laws and become a Muslim free zone. And, I believe that amid the nations of this earth only Canada currently has an established set of laws that makes such action possible. This circumstance, whether you like it or not, is ultimately the only way you end the terrorist threats and Muslim foment from our ‘sea to shining sea’.

For certain, the Federal government should require new immigrants to take an oath of absolute loyalty to Canada and its values, deporting them if they breach it. For certain the Federal government should ensure the Provinces and all other levels of government come into full compliance with the law surrounding such an oath of loyalty. The leadership of any level of government that fails to ensure such compliance should be fully prosecutable under Canadian laws surrounding treason, fined and jailed for a mandatory period of time.

All immigrants must take an oath swearing that they will give their complete allegiance and loyalty to Canada. Too much emphasis has been placed on the rights of newcomers rather than on their obligations to be citizens of Canada. As such, there are also changes necessary for Canada’s official multiculturalism policy. The laxness of the policy effectively encourages immigrants to place the ‘loyalties and enmities’ of their homelands before their duty to Canada. These have been strong contributing factors in encouraging sectarian Muslims to treat our country as a convenient and generous platform from which to engage in their personal feuds here, or to mount support for their favorite conflicts abroad. These people must be expunged from Canada. Canadian politicians and all ‘kaffir groupies’: procrastinate any further and you do so to your own peril. You are simply another kaffir waiting to have your throat slit.


It is a righteous action with God that this take place.



Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?



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