About the strangest and most untrue belief you could utter is one titled “Islam a Religion of Peace”, for the Muslim is under direct command to murder and crucify all who stand in the way of Allah or his prophet!

Al-Ma’idah 5:33 -” Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth to cause corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.”

Violence is so ingrained in Islam that it has never really stopped being at war, either with other religions or within itself. Muslims set themselves above all whether they be Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Christians or any other belief. And, in dealing with Muslims their sexuality is meaningless for both sexes eat from the same source of the Qur’an and what comes out of them smells exactly the same. They all drop big stinking piles of lies called surah, hadith and fatwas behind them wherever they go. Their Allah is not God, the father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Jesus they proclaim has nothing to do with the truth spoken by Christians of Messiah and for certain the Holy Spirit of God does not indwell a one of them in actions and deeds. The Muslim Mess Kit simply remains in total a package from Satan “their father of all lies”.

THESE DEVILS ARE IN THE STREETS OF CANADA!  We are going to highlight some of these spiritual psychopaths in THE MORON INTERLUDE SERIES.

Muslim armies have waged aggressive genocidal campaigns since they were first led forth by Muhammad, and for them there is no such thing as a civilian population in a time of war. And today it is still incumbent upon the Muslim to provide the forces of jihad with the material and human fuel required to assure Islam the victory over its enemies. Every Muslim citizen in whatever society they may be indwelling must take upon himself a role in the effort to provide for the battle. The entire domestic umma in Canada from professionals, laborers, students, house wives, to industrialists must stand behind the fighting jihad army, even if they do not directly bear arms.



The violence spoken through the Qur’an has played a key role in very real massacres and genocide that are historically documented and it is this same Qur’an being preached in the mosques  and Muslim gatherings today. This hate propaganda and incitement to violence must be brought to absolute extinction in Canada.

A while back Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse stated he was ‘telling the truth, that Islam was the basis of Muslim Terrorism and mosques were inciting violence.’ You may not like the truth being spoken, or the man speaking it, but it is true. 

Many of you do not like the truth I am speaking either. This is TRUTH: Mosques in Canada are the centers of incitement, preach hatred and are sources for funding terrorist activities.  Have your ears and eyes been opened in any manner to the reality of what truly needs to be done with respect to Islam?

This is the >  Criminal Code of Canada Hate Propaganda – Justice  respecting Public Incitement of Hatred and Violence.

And this brief > Public Incitement of Hatred (Offence) states our Canadian Criminal Law from arrest through to sentencing and forfeiture.

In general > preaching violence in mosques is inciting violence and it is a crime in the USA and Canada. The Middle East Quarterly study on Sharia and Violence in American Mosques shows that they do perpetrate violence and the circumstance is the same in Canada.

So, we shall start by letting you see that for some time even Islamic apostate Canadian imams have raised a cry that radical preaching is taking place from mosques. In watching take note of the specific complaints of the three Imam and do not get snared into thinking that these men arereasonable when it comes to Islam. All three have personal and sectarian issues with other Muslim ‘branches’, but all three believe in the implementation of sharia.   > 8:05  Radical Islam preaching in Canada- part 2

Canada cannot afford to remain Asleep at The Switch as within Mosques Islam is preaching its hatred and violence. So, now we present you with Muslim Moron #1 from Edmonton, Alberta.

Edmonton Mad Muslim Moron: SHABAN SHERIF MADY

This man states he is of the Muslim Brotherhood, he designates himself a terrorist, looking to establish the caliphate and that he supports the jihad warriors in any nation that they raise the flag of Islam. > 8:20 Radical Islam being preached by Shaban Sherif Mady during Friday prayers from Glengarry Hall in Edmonton, Canada-

On Feb 23, 2016 Mady spoke of restoring the “rightly-guided” Islamic Caliphate. >   The radical Canadian Imam Mady stated “Rome Will Be Conquered”.  His reference to conquering Rome mirrors a similar call by Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. “This is my advice to you. If you hold to it you will conquer Rome and own the world, if Allah wills,” Baghdadi preached in an attempt to garner more recruits to ISIS. 

This Mady wants more warriors for jihad anywhere > and he likens Trudeau to a King who helps Muslims.  Justin Trudeau is one of his two main political hero’s.

Justin Trudeau – I call him today the Najashi of the current era. He hosted Muslims, honored them, visited their mosques, greeted them for their holidays, and removed the suspicion that terrorism is related to Islam, honored the Muslims, hosted the refugees.”  And, if the suspicion is removed it is easier for Mady to achieve his goals.

“He is the Najashi of the current era. This is the title of my sermon that will appear on YouTube – Justin Trudeau Najashi of the current era.”

“In Islam there are men, in the world there are men who helped the world with their wisdom, such as Recep Tayyip Erdogan the President of Turkey and Justin Trudeau.”

Salute to Justin Trudeau, O the Najashi of the current era. This man is affable. This amiable man we call him the Najashi of the current era.”

THIS INSANE BASTARD incites people to violence and hatred. He should be imprisoned without trial and sent back to Egypt along with his Najashi Trudeau for his ongoing sedition and treason to Canada.

Mady and Trudeau continue to follow standard Islamic formats to bring about the attempted Islamic Invasion and Conquest within our land. It is a Format of Evil that we must destroy.

It is a righteous action with God that this take place.


Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?







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