Watch this video > 9:57 and see who goes to Ottawa without love. A range of Islamic outlaws at large are preaching hatred and violence through the Al-Asqua Mosque and Algonquin College.       

In the video, you heard Shiekh Said Rageah of Toronto stating that Prime Minister Harper ‘is the enemy of Islam’. Now, the only time Shia and Sunni are not apostate to one another is when they make temporary alliance to advance sharia in the territory of a common enemy. Such was the case with Said Rageah at the time. He was but a temporary party to an alliance with the Liberal-Muslim Brotherhood strategy that was to blind-side Harper and see Trudeau elected. But, he nor anyone else espousing Islamic beliefs can be permitted to threaten our head of government in such manner for Islam makes it clear that all who are called its enemies shall be exterminated.

You then heard Shiekh Jamoc Hareed from Edmonton leading prayer for Allah to protect all mujahedeen warriors in their jihad around the worldA native of Somalia, Hareed undertook Islamic studies and Shariah law in New Castle, South Africa and Arabic in Yemen. This very unwelcomed guestshown in the photo above, is no stranger to controversy surrounding his radical stance respecting Islam.

He serves as the Imam at Markaz Ul Islam in Edmonton and on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 caused a stir when he recited from the Qur’an during the celebration of the Muslim Festival of Eid-Al-Adha at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton. One report headlines as “Pro jihad Imam recited the Qu’ran at Alberta Legislature”. 

This man is invited to lead prayers and deliver sermons espousing racial hatred at mosques across Canada and abroad. He needs to be chastised to the fullest extent of the law and permanently silenced within Canada. Until this is completed we allow ourselves to be importers and/or exporters of terrorism. As such, neither he or his associates should be permitted any further freedom of entry to Canada, inter-provincial travel or assembly. All Islamic material produced, equipment’s and means for production of the same need be forfeited immediately to the Crown and destroyed. Until this is fully instituted, persons of such associated evil, should they choose to go abroad should be stripped of their passport and allowed exit to the nation they have ticketed themselves for. They should never be permitted return to the nation under any terms or conditions.

And the final very unwelcome video guest was specially imported from BritainWe heard Abu Usama At Thahabi state to kill all apostates who change their religion from the true Islam. The true Islam is only his branch so all other Muslims are entitled to be killed, along with all practitioners of other religious faiths and every form of kafir that exists on the planet.

This man espouses what is clearly genocide under our legal system and those who orchestrate his way in know what he speaks to and hold him in esteem for doing so. There is always pretense made by the facilitators in such instances, when being caught in their duplicity of promoting such values through crying out their innocence due to ignorance of the true facts surrounding the very unwelcome guests. At such times they usually point a strong finger of blame at some underling to them that they thought was responsible’ and sacrifice them to silence the matter as a demonstration of their sincerity that such thing will never occasion again. The greater the education level the louder are the voices and fatter are their pointing fingers as Islam has planted deep roots in our educational system through instructors, administrators and Muslim Student Associations. This showed itself to once again  be the case in our very unwelcomed guest from Britain, for his invitation to speak surfaced through the Muslim Student Association at Algonquin College. 

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) and other Muslim supported ‘student youth groups’ are well documented as tools employed by the Muslim Brotherhood and men such as Rageah and his clan seen in the video.   

Organizations such as Young Muslims and the Muslim Student Association are  active for Islamist terrorist organizations. It was such “youth” that were used for 12 years to ensure that the Toronto Revive the Islamic Spirit Convention took place. You find this out and many other salient facts about Islam in Canada in this very well done propaganda video > 9:20      

And, to display the reality of the maturing of Islamic Jihad Ideology amid Muslim Youth and the Muslim Student Association we lift your eyes to the fat faced female above. She is a member in the > 4:25 Muslim Student Association and the woman tells a professor she wants him dead. –  

She simply cannot get out of answering his repeated question without displaying this fact. AND, YOU DID HEAR CORRECT. She stated that her MSA group were hosting their Annual Hitler Youth Week. This is kind of a reasonable event for them to sponsor I guess. Hitler has been very well documented as having based himself and his actions on the doctrines of Islam.

So, you might just possibly consider the feasibility of the greatness of the youth that were lauded so highly for their role in the Revive the Islamic Spirit Convention, eh? THAT IS, IF YOU DO NOT CONDONE GENOCIDE, for the DOCTRINES OF ISLAM CERTAINLY DO!

Islam with its fundamentalist ideologies has embedded itself in all levels of the Canadian educational system from pre-school to leadership in our universities. It is increasingly become a problematic presence, from corrupt Muslim professors plagiarizing grad student work to others punishing them through suspension for challenging Radical Islamic beliefs.

Canadians are daily become more fed up with the Educational System and Government pandering to Islam and according it special privilege to the expense of non-Muslim students. The manipulations underway through Government channels for Islam are in effect causing the pots to boil over in most sectors of our society. Threatening genocidal terrorism is a specter raising its ugly face on a daily basis.

And the loudest, proudest PRO-SHARIA MUTTERING MAD MAN giving birth to genocidal terrorism is ‘Jihad Justin’ as he is leading the nation now. Calling him a traitor and Jihad Justin is becoming a familiar sound in the public arenas. Canadians perhaps are finally starting to truly fidget at the genuine threat this one-legged Frog is to Freedom of Faith and Free Speech.

As to Faith and freedom of speechAre you truly defending freedom of speech? It appears this state of being is just like pregnancy. You either are or you are not pregnant. There is no state of in between with true freedom of speech, but the abortion of free speech by the Trudeau elements has clearly risen its ugly face.

I do not believe in abortion of any form except that of aborting all aspects of Jihad Justin’s attempts to ensure sharia in this land.

So, stuff this into your Jihad Headband Justin, you son of a Fuddle Duddle and Mad Maggie:  Islam is the only religion that preaches the overthrow of all governments and to do so with violence, Islam stands against the Constitutional Laws of Canada and anyone practicing it must be considered enemies of the state.  And, anyone promoting it is in compliance with them. So, you are definitely Complicit in Treason against Canada you dumbed down Islamic stooge.

Like duh, duh, duh Jihad Justin.  Once again, I will state my belief you lack the intelligence to figure out a pathway now that will not guarantee your personal demise as ‘fool on the hill’. So, stuff your arrogance, silly dances, ‘pot dreams’ and ‘gender neutral budgets’ into your Jihad Headband as well.

If it was not so destructive to Canada I would find it extremely hilarious, invigorating and intriguing to continue watching you orchestrate your own demise Baby Trudeau.

Trudeau, you Mad Muslim Moron, your political demise and the demise of Islam in Canada are events that I pray will soon be.

It is a righteous action with God that this take place. 


 Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?


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