Images, words and sarcastic content necessary to fully elucidate the gravity of this topical sector and the necessity of its immediate rectification.




Born in Morocco in 1973, he moved to Montreal with his parents and sister in 1995. He is a MA graduate from the > University of Montreal , is married and has three children being raised to his personal brand of evil.

Two statements from within the multiple court documents we examined clearly define this man for what he thinks himself to be.

HE CONSIDERS HIMSELF TO BE A SPECIAL CLASS OF CHARACTER, above established Canadian law and able to dictate the rights of others to enforce it. Read his reality in the following docket.

(2006-06-06 / 2006 FCA 206 / A-105-05) >  Charkaoui loses an appeal bid to get a judge to censure CSIS’

“It will be recalled, as my colleague notes, that the appellant argues that the judge who is determining the reasonableness of the security certificate may examine only the evidence that the Ministers cited at the time they signed the certificate.

As my colleague rightly noted, this position is not only absurd, it is contrary to the clear language of section 80 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, S.C. 2001, c. 27, which defines the role of the judge, and to the language of section 78 pertaining to the admissibility of new evidence.

But in the same breath — and my colleague explicitly noted this — the appellant argues that he himself could introduce new exculpatory evidence while, on the other hand, the Ministers could not offer new incriminating evidence even if such evidence is recent, did not exist at the time the certificate was signed and establishes beyond any doubt the merits of the security certificate issued in regard to the appellant.

Contrary to what the appellant seems to think, as his position bespeaks it, procedural fairness is not a one-way street or a street that is exclusively reserved for him.

FURTHER, HE BASICALLY BRAGS THAT NO MATTER what conditions he is placed under he is unstoppable should he be a terrorist.  >   Charkaoui Re – (2007 FC / 1037 / 2007-10-10)

Once again, Mr. Charkaoui believes that the time has come to cancel the preventive conditions attached to his release because they are not necessary to meet the objectives of the Act or the Court.

Mr. Charkaoui is requesting that all these preventive conditions be abolished. During his testimony, Mr. Charkaoui offered his opinion, without specifically being asked, that the preventive conditions as established would not have prevented him from committing a terrorist act.”

This intelligent, but EGOTISTICAL BOZO, teaches the Arabic-language, is somewhat a karate adept and considered by some a competent backwoodsman. I hope we get to go ‘camping together’ soon, for he shall never find his way out from the place I will lead him to.

He claims and styles himself to be a Sheik and an Imam. But then, he claims many things while refusing to account for many events that brand him as a hard core Islamic terrorist. In 1998 Charkaoui flew to Pakistan on the pretext of studying religion for a book he hoped to write. By this time, he was a known associate of the hard-line Montreal Muslims who were being spotted in the insurgent areas of Bosnia, the Sudan and Afghanistan.

And by May of 2003, under a > security certificate, he was arrested. Being “held as an alleged terrorist and facing deportation since 2003, the Moroccan immigrant has been fighting one of Canada’s most powerful and sweeping anti-terrorism laws. In a six-year battle of legal attrition, he outlasted dozens of spies, border guards, and government lawyers who aligned against him, scuttling their bid to keep him in thrall, and winning back his liberties one by one.” 

“Winning back his liberties one by one” is a very grandiose colorful lie surrounding the truth about this man as shown in this Series.

In September 2009 the restrictions on this animals’ ability to walk among us with increasing impunity were taken off by Federal judge Daniele Tremblay-Lamer: “There will be an order all conditions be revoked immediately” was her Lame Brain ruling.

Many fools have glamorized and romanticized what took place during this period as a David and Goliath story, equating Charkaoui’s actions to the righteousness of Israel’s King David slaying the giant Goliath.

Nothing could be further from the truth as there is nothing righteous in this lying, evasive Islamic dog. And to equate our government as being the enemy of righteousness that needs destruction by such a ‘giant killer’ as Chattering Charkaoui feeds right into Islamic jihad propaganda and brain cells of the squirrely left and right-wing morons. This ‘bull shit backwoodsman’ is not on a path of ‘social justice’, transiting to become another ‘first’ amid the American folk heroes as was the ‘backwoodsman’ Daniel Boone. The only pathways this man was exploring were those that would enable the ensconcing of sharia. This is very obvious, but yet we read the duh statement as quoted:

Put aside the public-security implications, and the R. v. Charkaoui case becomes an almost irresistible David and Goliath story. Mr. Charkaoui has changed the way the country’s spies do business – lending his name to jurisprudence that has compelled the Canadian Security Intelligence Service out of the shadows and into courtrooms, making sure to bring secret notes, recordings, and explanations of its methods in tow.

This summer, CSIS said it has had enough. Having already come out on the losing end of two Supreme Court Charkaoui rulings, the spy service felt that pursuing its case would be more damaging to national security than ending it even though it has branded Mr. Charkaoui a high-level threat.” 

Through a series of events he was able to succeed in side stepping immediate justice and manipulate the Canadian political-legal system to where he went from facing deportation to being granted Canadian Citizenship in July of 2014 as Justin Trudeau was full bore wooing the Islamic devout.

The corruption and reality of these events will be exposed fully in this ANGRIEST MAN SERIES.

And, referencing corruption we find ADIL CHARKAOUI went from branded suspected terrorist to Canadian Citizen because of people making such statements as: “Whether Mr. Charkaoui ever was a terrorist is a question Canadian courts may never resolve.”  

This is Not So in our case at hand for throughout the multiple Court dockets, hearings, appeals and filings of the R v Charkaoui issue clear evidence was filed establishing as common knowledge the proof of charges brought against him.

At the time of concern this proof could not be utilized past an action of CSIS necessary to protect the entirety of our National Security in relationship to security certificates through their partial withdrawal from the fray.

CSIS did not withdraw because of any degree of innocence on the part of Charkaoui, but it allowed for his ‘out of jail passage’.  And this left the Ministers ‘high and dry’, apparently without sufficient evidence left and legally admissible for them to enter in support of their issue of the original security certificate.

But, what allowed him out is also what has determined his clear passage back in, for the evidence is now on file as public knowledge through all the Court documents during the proceedings that took place. This evidence now available through docket records can now be used without further threatening of National Security by Islamists, intent upon attacking the system through the doorway of CSIS and legislative interpretations by judges capable of human error or damnable complicity.

And, truthfully it does not matter which is the case respecting judges, but human error is the more desirable as new Canadian legal precedent is being established under the basics of Canadian Common Law v. Canadian Common Knowledge Law.

The documented proof shows it to be Common Knowledge that Adil Charkaoui is an Islamic terrorist bent on jihad and his methods of enacting it. And, like all other ‘short-horned’ Islamic jihad bulls’ the documented facts remain that he caused himself to be branded a high-level security threat through his actions and statements, both precedent and subsequent to his security certificate detention.



The person making the duh statement quoted above has probably been influenced by Dr. Sherene H. Razack, the fool grinning at you above. She has been a faculty member at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at University of Toronto for the past 24 years. She was a Full Professor in the Department of Social Justice Education. 

According to Social Justice Education Chair, Professor Abigail Bakan, “Her work has had a profound impact on scholarship and policy – changing the way we understand race, gender and citizenship in Canada and globally.”

She has focused on education for social change. Her work has particularly addressed sexual and racial violence, and the role such violence plays in maintaining white supremacist, patriarchal and capitalist social orders.

Both Bakan and Razack need their post-menopausal heads examined. And so do you if you put up with the tripe espoused out of their ilk. Abigail Bakan glorifies Razak and Abigail Bakan is a ruddy anti-Semite and a Marxist.  In a protest held in Toronto on July 29, 2006, Bakan criticized the Government of Prime Minister > Stephen Harper for supporting “Israel’s illegal action against the Lebanese and Palestinian people.”  During the Israeli-Hezbollah war in 2006 there was a demonstration against Israel on Bloor St. in Toronto in which there were 10,000 Arab supporters carrying Hezbollah flags and banners calling for “Death to the Jews”. Through the Universities it was persons like Bakan and company that fomented Islamic jihad terror tactics and the cries for annihilation of Israel in our streets.

As seen in a debate held at York University on May 11, 2009, Abigail Bakan and Ryerson University professor Alan Sears spoke in support of a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. Alan Sears is an activist in a variety of social justice organizations. His activist writing is published in the New Socialist webzine, the Bullet, Briarpatch and other places. One of his specialties is activating students to positions of protest.Disagreements continue to spark over BDS vote at Ryerson University.  > Honorary degree sparks protests at Ryerson – Toronto – CBC News

And we know about the present ‘protests’ taking place at both the University of Toronto and Ryerson surrounding ‘hate speech and Islamophobia’. These protests are special interest driven, well funded and orchestrated.

As to Sharene Razack, she is currently a Professor Emerita at the University of Toronto.

Emerita is the title given to a woman that has retired or has been honorably discharged from active professional duty but still retaining the title of one’s office or position. This West Indian Muslim original sinner is also the founding member of Researchers and Academics of Colour for Equality.

She is a prolific author and frequently discusses and denounces “race thinking,” a term she coined to refer to the ways in which white people deny people of color “a common humanity.” The bulk of Razack’s work is rooted in the idea that Canada is a white-settler society that impedes on the land, bodies, and rights of > Indigenous peoples, and that dehumanizes and enacts violence on > minority groups.

You can listen to her justify attacking the white colonial system through using the law. > 5:21 Dr. Sherene Razack’s – YouTube

 As well, a two-part journal conversation titled > Think Before You Act – Upping the Anti took place with her in September 2008 and July 2009.  It will show you how this person thinks one needs to act like a two-headed serpent if they are to achieve their goals of societal transformation.

When Questioned: “Activists have sometimes used Canadian law as a resource in their fight against oppression and expulsion. What are the possibilities and dangers of using law to address the oppression of Muslims and other racialized communities?”

She Answered: “Aboriginal scholar Robert Williams said that “if you are denied a seat on the bus then you don’t really have a choice but to fight for a seat.” This doesn’t mean that we should fight only in law. If we do that, we will fail. The results we want to see will come about because there’s some kind of noise outside the courtroom. A legal strategy is never a legal strategy all by itself – it’s always connected to what’s happening outside.”

And what she is connected to most strongly gained its exposure as being the Islamic terrorism exhibited through Hamas. “In early August 2002, Razack, as the director of OISE’s Centre for Integrative Anti-racism Studies at the time, wrote a letter about the > Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In it she denounced > Israeli “atrocities beyond belief” enacted on the > Palestinian people during the > Battle of Jenin, and the ongoing Israeli military occupation of Palestine. The letter and a Pro-Palestine petition it introduced were emailed to the University of Toronto’s student body and faculty. The letter was signed by 15 professors from the U of T, and 22 professors not affiliated with the university.

Simon Rosenblum, a spokesman for the Canadian Jewish Congress, called the letter “a prejudicial, inflammatory and highly biased view of the Israeli-Palestine conflict that pays no attention to Israel’s attempts to achieve peace nor Israel’s legitimate need for self-defence.” > B’nai Birth Canada took issue with the letter’s content’s because it created “a poisoned environment for Jewish students at U of T.” According to the organisation, the letter created an atmosphere in which Jewish students, associated to Israel because of their religion, were subject to > anti-Semitic attitudes. The University of Toronto defended Razack, as Jane Stirling, a spokeswoman for the university, declared to the press that “faculty at a university must be able to voice unpopular or controversial ideas.” Another spokeswoman echoed this idea, re-affirming that the “U of T does not muzzle its community when it comes to political discourse.”  The link to the letter and the petition were removed from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) website in late August 2002.”

So, what strategy would Raunchy Razak be EMPLOYING OR ADVISING PEOPLE TO FOLLOW when we read the statementWhether Mr. Charkaoui ever was a terrorist is a question Canadian courts may never resolve.”

To what degree did media reports by Colin Freeze as published in The Globe and Mail fit into the designs of the Islamic terrorist Adil Charkaoui at this time?

To what degree was her strategy a matter employed by Adil Charkaoui?

We will move onward to answering these questions in THE ANGRIEST MAN SERIES – 2

It is a righteous action with God that I do.


Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?




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