As I stated in Series – 3, I know for a certitude that the sooner The Respondent’s Life in Canada comes to an absolute termination the better it shall be for our Nation.



 Of his sojourns out of country, Charkaoui made a trip to Morocco and upon returning had an enhanced status amid the Montreal terror mosque community. And this reputation was even more glamorized amid his jihad gangster associates after his visit to Pakistan-Afghanistan.

But this ‘special status’ was also enough to bring him into the focus to some degree of both the RCMP and CSIS. When pulled over on what he thought was a routine traffic stop in 2003, Charkaoui was taken into custody by 10 officers representing a variety of Federal Agencies. Yet within days of his arrest, Charkaoui launched a public-relations offensive I like to title: ‘If you can’t baffle them with brains, then baffle them with Charkaoui Bull Shit.

It’s always just suspicions,” he told TVA in telephone interview from prison. “It’s the new form of McCarthyism. It’s a witch hunt. If there’s proof, show it.”

If there’s proof, show it.” became the mantra Charkaoui espoused for his legal team and associates. He knew the conditions under which CSIS functioned and needed to find a route through the legal morass to eradication of the security certificates with their built-in secrecy provisions.

Almost immediately his goof troop flooded the courts with motions invoking his Charter Rights as they chipped away at the security certificate’s legal enactments. The crying out for ‘release and bail’ was not forefront with Charkaoui, it was but a smokescreen as he maneuvered about. He could have been released under bail with the first attempt if he had provided reasonable explanation for the time-frames as requested. He ultimately did so much later, at the time conditions were right for him to take such a measure. This all evidences itself through the Docket information and will be displayed as to its occasioning.

So, with arrest Charkaoui now simply carried onward with his implementation of educational goals’ as a means for achieving his jihad intentsThe matter of Adil Charkaoui and his manipulative use of student associations’ shows up a pattern that predates his initial detention and arrest.

This is exemplified in the information provided to Justice Noel by Kamal Benkirane, (Behhirane) a native of Morocco and permanent resident in Canada since April 1, 2001 and a university colleague of Charkaoui.  Benkirane told the Court that Charkaoui telephoned him from prison to ask him to get students at the university to sign petitions emphasizing their disagreement with his arrest. Without inquiring further about the scope and truthfulness of the allegations against Charkaoui, Benkirane agreed to help him and to circulate the petitions.

Such was his status as a student activist at that time. Perhaps Charkaoui was simply implementing ‘singing lessons’ from the Sheer, Bakan, Razak University Trio or vise-versa. Whatever the situation, Charkaoui was intent on launching his sharia showboat with every legal oar in the water he could envision.

The matter of Charkaoui and the Educational System provides but another window on the world-wide move of Islam to penetrate the Western democracies and destroy them from within. There was nothing ‘famous Amos’ or brilliant in the tactics employed by Charkaoui, he was simply enacting basic Islamic jihad math. From preschool to university the Islamic thrust to destruct through education has displayed itself worldwide and in Canada it shows up the educational mess we see prevalent. A brief glimpse at the current situation will elucidate both the secularist demands of Islam and the corruption of Muslims within our educational system where > political correctness has truly gone crazy-The P.C. Police

Hell bent for sharia as Canada appears to be you better give serious attention to the state of these nations shown in > before and after Sharia Law: A cautionary tale. As you’ll see, the contrast of then and now is stunning, and tragicSlowly, the line moves then one day – maybe a few years from now, maybe a few decades, you look out the window and say, What the hell happened to my country?”

Well, in Canada or Europe we have the same political party linked to such changing conditions as you just video witnessed. Former Canadian Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is the president of Central European University (CEU) in Hungary that is erupting in protests due to its links with George Soros. >

The Islamic networking and ties within the educational system are insidious. It does not matter whether you are watching protests at Ryerson University or you watch > Muslim students in London talk about “Israel Apartheid Week,” in support of Hamas. It is the same Muslim induced insanity behind it all.

More than one individual needs a jolting to the reality of the Islamic insanity that had this young Arabic speaking man from New York actively supporting terrorism. He painfully reports that worldwide >  the students for Justice in Palestine support terrorism.

The manipulation of the educational system and student associations by people with terrorist intents is the familiar jihad pathway for men like Adil Charkaoui.

I have dealt at length prior as to the Corruption of the Educational System by people taught to do so through their rotted Islamic beliefs. So, simply give some thought to the > University of Regina engineering professor found guilty of plagiarizing his student’s workIslam and Ethics simply do not sleep in the same bed.

Anti-Muslim threats are being fabricated as shown by > this Muslim professor at Indiana state university.    Azhar Hussain has been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and harassment, for making false claims of Anti-Muslim threats against himself and reporting a made-up attack. So, what makes you think the ‘hate mail’ received by Motion 103 girl Iqra Khalid was not fabricated in part or complete parcel?

So, anyone with common sense can grasp why we are currently viewing such visible educational disarray about our nation. In > Toronto we have a Muslim professor stating there is “nothing radical” about wanting Sharia and a caliphate.

And young children are being told God only loves Muslims in the Peel School District > 3:22

Islam and Ethics never sleep in the same bed.

  It is obvious that the fight over Islamic prayers in public schools is dividing Canadians. Brampton, Ontario Mayor Linda Jeffrey >  calls criticism of Muslim prayers in school ‘Hate Speech’. She is dismissing critics who object to Muslim students having Friday prayer sessions in public schools.

And the complete Muslim Mississauga school mess underway can be video linked here >

And you will find humor on McGill University campus being expressed as ‘Punch a Zionist’ Jerusalem Post

And as a source for terrorists the students and universities need to be fully examined as > Former Calgary man Farah Mohamed Shirdon is 1 of 2 Canadians added to U.S. terrorist list.

So, in his quest for more Muslim special status Charkaoui had fertile ground to plow in the Canadian Educational System. And he was adept at turning over every spade of dirt that he could foresee.

As to Our College Boy CharkaouiHe was a terrorist from the beginning and will remain so until we bring him to an abrupt end.  We know that before his arrest in 2003 Charkaoui prayed at several mosques as he was cementing his relationships and reputation with the Montreal area hard core terrorists. At the same time, he was also ingraining himself within the ‘Educational System’.


Before and after Charkaoui managed a bail release the same Charkaoui drum beat carried on. He was constantly looking for the pathway to removal of security certificates.      

Even while he was simply on Bail Release he was pushing this agenda to the limit through letting the Liberals know there was a new kid on the block.

Not long after his release, Charkaoui unsuccessfully tried to help Bloc Quebecois candidate Apraham Niziblian defeat Coderre in the Canadian 2006 federal election, saying “It’s not a question of being anti-Coderre. We are citizens before anything, we have the right to have political ideas and to have choice. Gone is the time when the Liberals could take the ethnic vote for granted.” > Bloc targeting ethnic vote – Canada – CBC News For certain Charkaoui did not know that his boy was a closet queer who would only emerge many years later as such.

He knew him as Apraham (Apo) Niziblian, a student-at-law at McGill University in Montreal and Government Affairs Director at Armenian National Committee of America. >  Coming Out: On Being Gay in the ARF  Charkaoui is quite vehemently opposed to homosexuality as espoused in Qur’an and hadith.

Whatever, we will be looking at Adil’s’ public politics and numerous dockets and documents surrounding these matters.  But, I have drawn your attention to this now because of Denis Coderre.  He was the Immigration Minister that signed the security certificate authorizing Charkaoui’s arrest and detention and thus a marked enemy of ‘the angriest man in Montreal’.

We shall move on with showing how he displayed a public persona through his ‘educational pursuits’ that clearly marked him as a terrorist. For upon his release on bail, one of his first priorities was to increase his efforts toward the indoctrination of youth into the Muslim mindset of the jihadist. Look to this follow up in Series-5.

Charkaoui and his ilk need immediate removal from Canada.”



Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?


Only if you are a Muslim jihadi like Charkaoui.



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