As stated in Series-4 we are moving onward showing how Adil Charkaoui displayed a public persona through his ‘educational pursuits’ in manners that clearly marked him as a terrorist. For upon his release on bail, one of his first priorities was to increase his efforts toward the indoctrination of youth into the Muslim mindset of the jihadist.

 On Nov. 9, 2007Charkaoui  > lost in an attempt to leave Montreal to speak to an Amnesty International Youth conference . (2007-11-09 / 2007 FC 1163 /DES-3-03)

This is a short but important docket which you can easily read through. Do so and then give careful consideration to the following factors of his efforts toward the indoctrination of youth.

The stated purpose for “this proceeding is a temporary application to revise the conditions of a parole order regarding Mr. Charkaoui filed in the Court on Friday, November 2, 2007, pursuant to the written motions procedure of Rule 369 of the Federal Courts Rules. The motion at the bar seeks to amend preventive condition 9 to authorize Mr. Charkaoui to leave the Island of Montréal to attend the meeting of the youth wing of Amnesty International on Saturday, November 10, 2007, to be held at the Pointe-Levis high school in Levis, so he can address it on the topic: ‘use of security certificates in Canada: Adil Charkaoui’s experience’ and answer questions for a total of 30 minutes.”

Note the following:

His flippant attitude toward our authorities, societal rules and legal conditions imposed and required of him are displayed here and there are several facts to take note of while reading through.

The purpose is to address ‘youth/students/mostly teenagers’ at a high school location on the use of security certificates and his experience.

From the date of his invitation he lets a month pass, then hits them with an application eight days’ precedent to the scheduled event. The Ministers had not been approached for consent to his application to temporarily alter condition 9 of his bail terms, necessary for allowing this requested change.

He gives no explanation for his application except to mention the role of his parents as supervisors and that “the facts alleged in this affidavit are true”.

He was totally aware of the conditions he was under and gives no justification for making his application. Justice Noel stresses this fact and it is pointed out again that exceptions had been made and could be made for such reasons as allowing family trips outside the Island, it stated that the purpose of the preventive conditions was to neutralize the risk to national security, taking into account “his day-to-day needs and obligations”.

Charkaoui has already been granted exceptions which Justice Noel refers to in which ‘all the preventive conditions’ of his release remained, except for the temporary exception created for condition 9 of the original Court order. Take particular note that “Although the Ministers are of the view that the visits to the Granby Zoo and to Parc Safari do not have the same importance as those to which they already agreed (Mr. Charkaoui’s presence at the Supreme Court hearing, etc.), this type of family outing including his relatives is acceptable, taking into consideration the special circumstances of the request.”

Charkaoui was granted exception to condition 9 to travel outside the Montréal area “to, inter alia, spend more time with his family.” “In my humble opinion, considering the request and the limits I am placing on it, there is a balance between the goal of neutralizing the danger to national security and to other persons on the one hand and the day‑to‑day needs and obligations of Mr. Charkaoui on the other.”

“On the other hand, in the application at bar there is nothing to explain how such a trip outside the Island of Montréal (a return journey of some 500 kilometers outside the prescribed area) for several hours is justifiable in terms of Mr. Charkaoui’s day-to-day needs and obligations. Mr. Charkaoui’s motion and affidavit in support of the said motion

However, even more significant is the fact that the procedure does not discuss why alternative solutions to physical presence could not be considered.”

Charkaoui has his bid denied but “the result of this is not to prevent Mr. Charkaoui speaking to any particular group. The preventive conditions were not designed with such a purpose in mind. Since February 2005 Mr. Charkaoui has attended several meetings without the Court stopping him. He can still do so on Saturday, November 10, 2007, by using the appropriate means without leaving the Island of Montréal.

As worded, his application does not allow the Court to assess the situation on the basis of the particular facts of the case at bar and his day-to-day needs and obligationsThe Court cannot make a decision in such circumstances. The Court has no choice but to deny the temporary application as made. The temporary application to amend condition 9 is dismissed.”

Take notethrough all this Charkaoui has inadvertently revealed the first of two flaws in Justice Noels ability to maintain complete judicial neutrality. Noel equates normal Canadian family relationships as being somehow the same as that of the Muslim, which is absolutely erroneous. As such he will ultimately erroneously rule in favor of those factors he believes promotes the family in a healthy relationship. We shall expound fully on this later as ‘Our Two Flaws of Noel: The Sudden Songbird’ 

But Charkaoui can clearly been seen as an agent of student radicalization to the jihad designs of Islam. Controversy has surrounded him in this arena and highlighted itself in 2015 surrounding his activities at the francophone public pre-university and technical Collège de Maisonneuve (Cégep) located in Montreal.

For a time prior to 2015, Charkaoui rented classroom space every Sunday from the Collège de Maisonneuve, a Cegep near the Olympic Stadium, for Muslim indoctrination and studies in the Arab language, which he called l’École des Companions.  He also rented classroom space at the nearby Rosemont College, also a Cegep. It was reported in February 2015 that six of his young students had absconded to Syria, allegedly with intent to join an Islamic terrorist group, either > ISIS or the > Nusra Front. Of these, four students were following his guidance at the de Maisonneuve location, and at least one teenager, Mohammed Rifatt, he knew through the Rosemont location. > Collège de Maisonneuve suspends Adil Charkaoui courses – Montreal…    > Collège de Rosemont severs ties with Adil Charkaoui group

With the release of the news about his radicalized students, Charkaoui was soon threatening to sue both Colleges because they had terminated the arrangements under which he leased the classroom spaces. At a press conference, he deemed it was unacceptable and dishonest for them to enact the termination.

What is unacceptable about terminating his ability to utilize public educational space to promulgate his hatred against our Canadian culture and democratic Western values? The genuine nature of the man was being exposed, and in typical Muslim fashion Adil tried to present himself as being victimized.

Often referred to as the Angriest Man in Montreal, Charkaoui completed exposing himself in public the following week in his controversial interview by > CBC‘s Anne-Marie Dussault. Dressed in a > djellaba, Charkaoui rejected all calls for him to condemn violent jihadism and the Islamist project. Instead he accused occidental (Western) politicians of promoting violence against Muslims everywhere in their degenerate, Islamophobic culture. Charkaoui maintained that ISIS was a creature of the US government, and on his website, he had hyperlinks in praise of Osama bin Laden. Charkaoui also rejected any interference of the wider community in which he lives on his religious rights. One commentator was shocked because of what his position meant in the context of his pursuing the path of a spiritual teacher and teacher of youth.

 Why should there be shock? In August 2013, Charkaoui had defended the right of two foreign Islamic hate-preachers to spread their message in Montreal, even if they held typical Islamic sexist and misogynist views of women in society. Officials cited security concerns and the event was cancelled by the convention center where it was supposed to be held. Charkaoui maintained that it was Islamophobia to ban their visit to Canada. By this time our boy Adil was highly active in pursuing and pounding the Islamaphobia drumbeat so loved by the Muslim Brotherhood and Baby Trudeau crew.

But, even with his true colors shining brightlyon July 24, 2014 Adil Charkaoui became a citizen of Canada. The NB Media Co-op published a write up by The Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui surrounding the event. > Charkaoui became a Canadian citizen after 19 years | NB Media…

The article states, “The Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui considers the government’s decision to grant Canadian citizenship to Charkaoui a final admission by Canada that it was profoundly wrong to have pursued Charkaoui through the fundamentally unjust, racist and Islamophobic “security certificate” process.”

But the claimed ‘unjust, racist and Islamophobic security certificate process’ was not the primary concern of Charkaoui. It was the ability of the security certificates to hinder and dramatically curb the activities of Islamic extremists and terrorists such as himself. This was his driving force from the beginning. It was the key factor behind his ongoing barrage of Court challenges to security certificate use. THIS WAS IN FACT THE CORE MOTIVATION TO ALL HE DID.

We will show through dockets and media reports how his core motivation was manifested to manipulate the educational, political and legal systems; to the degree he was granted both an unwarranted release from custody and an even more unwarranted right to Canadian Citizenship.  The stupidity of these nauseating actions will emerge as we move on in the Series.

And, I believe that God is willing Adil Charkaoui shall ultimately be back behind bars and then removed permanently from the Canadian landscape.


Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?





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