As stated in Series – 5 the Core Motivation of Adil Charkaoui was the ability of the security certificates to hinder and dramatically curb the activities of Islamic extremists and terrorists such as himself. He desperately needed to find the means to put security certificates to an end to advance sharia. All his efforts to manipulate the educational, political and legal systems were designed to bring this about. This Core Motivation shows through the dockets and media reports we examine in this Series.

The Scary Mary Group The Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui

 In  May 2003 Charkaoui was arrested under asecurity certificate which was co-signed by then Solicitor General > Wayne Easter and then Immigration Minister > Denis Coderre  who was elected Mayor of Montreal in 2013, some ten years later.

Charkaoui was detained without charge or trial in Rivière des prairies Detention Centre. The Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui was formed in a matter of a few days subsequent to his arrest with the group fighting for their favorite fool under the guise of Human Rights and Equal Rights violations.

The Coalition campaign for his release was largely ‘championed’ by Mouthy Mary Foster. She and Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui were an integral part in forward movement of Adil Charkaoui’s desires to advance sharia in our nation. 

One of the first places Mouthy Mary showed herself to be a Spokesperson for Charkaoui was at the initial Public Safety and National Security Committee established by the Conservative Government to investigate all the thorny issues surrounding ‘security certificates’ and detention.  For members of the Committee on Citizenship and Immigration there was a priority upon security certificates and conditions of detention and possible necessary reforms. > House of Commons Committees – CIMM (39-1) – Evidence – Number 024

However, Smiling Bill Komarnicki to our left, seemed taken back when the initial parliamentary committee was bluntly informed that Scary Mary and Crew had no desire to have security certificates amended. Their intent was to see them completely abolished as desired by Adil and other radical Islamists.

Komarnicki – Conservative Caucus: “Am I reading this right, that the Coalition for Justice for Adil Charkaoui is actually asking that the security certificate process be abolished altogether?”

Scary Mary“Yes, we’ve taken that position. As I said, central to us is that there’s an equality of treatment between citizens and non-citizens. Whatever the model it comes up with that meets that I think is left to experts who work on legal issues. But whatever that looks like, it needs to separate national security concerns specifically around non-citizens as opposed to citizens. There should be an equal treatment on the basis of fundamental human rights between citizens and non-citizens. That is our position.” 

Mary Foster is one of the key persons presenting information to the Committee that you need pay attention to. > Ms. Mary Foster (Member, Coalition for Justice for Adil Charkaoui)  She lays claim that her group fully represents the community. “I would characterize our group and the network surrounding it as the community response to the security certificate process.”

Note: Herself and her group would have to be referring largely to the Islamic community and parts of ethnic minority groups for they certainly did not represent the broader Canadian community.

In her opinion: “The core of the question that we believe needs to be addressed is the issue of equality. The security certificate process is being applied only to people without legal status and full citizenship in Canada–permanent residents, refugees, and people who are applying for refugee status. This constitutes a situation of discrimination where people, on the basis of their legal status, are being subject to violations of their fundamental human rights to life, liberty, and security of the person.”

Note: But, everyone has both a defined legal and citizenship standing in Canada. Thus, the legal status is applicable to one and all, for the laws of Canada apply to one and all. The individual citizenship standing is directly related to the degree to which a person has qualified themselves either through birth or immigration -citizenship procedures. The persons to whom the use of security certificates is most prevalent are from the known and well documented groupings of refugees and immigrants that have manifested the greatest security threat. There was no inequality of application, the certificates were being applied where the perceived reasonable grounds of believing the greatest threat was emanating from. It is from the area of application that over 90% of the violent terrorist activity has taken place.

Mary claims “the security certificate review process fails to meet international standards for a fair trial.”

Note: The reality is that ‘security certificates’ are not part of the court or trial proceedings that an individual may have to undergo in any criminal case where they are accused of violating our national security laws. Security certificates are simply a tool employed by law enforcement agencies to gather potential evidence where there is “reasonable grounds to believe” that evidence suitable for Criminal Court presentation and successful prosecution is available. All individuals must be held, for whatever length of time is necessary to ensure National Security is intact while gathering of evidence that is “beyond reasonable doubt”. The matter of length of incarceration is a very low price to be paid by the individual no matter what facet of our society they may be residing within.

Standards of evidence are all the same. Legislation to modify or provide adequate safeguards where there appears to be too much room for error on the part of the Canadian intelligence services is easily ascertained and passed into law. But, to be manipulated into the removal of security certificates from the legal investigative system of Canada by special interest groups such as Scary Mary and Islamists like Charkaoui and the Muslim Brotherhood must be immediately rectified.

The purpose of the investigative tool of the security certificate must not be thwarted by misapplication of methods employed by any individual involved in its process. Nor, are the agencies of Government responsible for any perceived ‘rogue process actions’ of individuals that may be applying their personal perceived process for use of this mandated tool. When ascertained this may have transpired such persons must immediately be removed from position that allows continuance and disciplined appropriately.

However, the information garnered in any ‘rogue process application’ cannot be excluded in the process of determining the Criminal culpability of individuals that may be targeted in National Security investigations. It must remain visible to the parties within the CSIS, the RCMP and Judiciary necessary to ensure all matters surrounding national security are fully complied with.

The information of concern should not be made public knowledge precedent to decision for prosecution through Criminal or Immigration legal process. But, if it does become public knowledge through ‘media muddles’ it in no way invalidates the information concerned. It does in fact, when media published and entered into Dockets that such has transpired, make said information now fully admissible at the bar to determine the legal ruling that shall befall any respondent to investigation through application of security certificates. How the information was sourced does affect its reliability, but not its admissibility for consideration. The matter of its degree of veracity is thus left to other information sources that confirm or annul it. In our case of concern, we are focusing upon information that places Adil Charkaoui in terrorist activity both inside and outside the nation.

Alex Neve

It is the ‘incidental or should we say accidental media publication’ becoming public record through Docket entry that makes the bullet of such evidence fire worthy and explosive in the Canadian legal process surrounding Charkaoui. And it was through his own Docket applications that the terrorist Adil Charkaoui effectively shot himself in the scrotum. It is this factor he prayed would go unnoticed with the ruling by Lame Brain Lamer for his release as he slithered onward in the darkness, hoping to completely obliterate security certificates as a tool that could ensure his jihadi destruction. But, he kept as many sticks still burning in his smoke screen of deception already underway. He believed he had effectively tied himself into all the ‘tinderbox Islamic issues’ of his day as if he was a central character in them all.

He did it with the torture boys’ claimants, he did it with the we are unfairly held to long boys and he did it with the we are going to sue your ass off for not looking after MY RIGHTS boys.

And through such activity Charkaoui confused the simple truths surrounding himself and the Core Motivation for all his actions.

Thus, as far back at the First Committee Hearing with Mouthy Mary we also hear Grinning Alex Neve, shown above, the Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada’s English branch trying to equate the use of Security Certificates as to the condoning of torture. The fool states: “Canada’s position is a setback in the crucial global struggle to eradicate torture, a concern that has become of increasing concern, I would say, to Canadians in the wake of cases such as that of Maher Arar.

The fool Neve carries on: “Last month there was an important ruling from the Federal Court in the case of Mahmoud Jaballah, in which the judge very importantly affirmed and recognized the importance of the absolute ban on torture and took a decision that, given that there is a serious risk that he would face torture if returned to Egypt, his deportation cannot go ahead.

That is what sharply brings the human rights concerns into focus: no deportation to torture. So, what is to happen? Detention without charge or trial simply still cannot be an option.” 

Note: The potential risk of torture can be a weighting factor in determining conditions of necessity precedent to completion of extradition proceedings.  But detention without charges, precedent to either trial or release as necessary through a mandatory Legal enactment of no admissible evidence, truly has no relevance to torture or the possible risk of the same. It is common sense to have an absolute ban on torture and not to permit its institution whenever possible. It is also Canadian common sense and supposedly Canadian Common law that are at the basis of such thinking.

So, how does any of thehe will be tortured boogie-man fit the Charkaoui scenario? If he and his entire clan were deported back to Morocco, the land of his birth, there would not be a one of them tortured for any ‘publicly known’ reason. The ‘fear of being tortured card’ was just one more Charkaoui deception raised to confuse facts and elicit emotional decisions in his favor.

When and where was Adil Charkaoui ever tortured? It certainly did not happen before, during or after the necessary “security certificate” intervention in his affairs. But we know we time traveled through a process of Court Cases and public demonstrations until we suddenly saw Charkaoui released on bail. The ‘disruptive song bird‘ had suddenly got to fly the coop.

And guess what? Even while flying the coop he had his case tied in with the release of Mohamad Harkat by Mouthy Mary at her Testimony to the Committee after his release on bail. She immediately hits the drum beat of bad intelligence agencies, bad security certificates and bad conditions of release as being one and the same. She is absolutely wrong in equating the three.

Charkaoui and Harkat may have some items similar or in common but their bail, detention and handling conditions were not on the same playing field. Charkaoui’s ‘jihadi drive’ is perhaps not strong enough to survive the pathway that Harkat has, but such is conjecture. > Content / Mohamed Harkat / About – Justice for Mohamed Harkat

 But, as Contrary Mary says: “Tolerating abuse and error on the part of intelligence agencies under this security certificate process serves the security of no one–on the contrary. Without a fair trial, the imprisonment and detention we’re talking about today is arbitrary. The same can be said of the conditions under which Mr. Charkaoui and Mr. Harkat have been released. If there is no fair trial, the loss of liberty they are subjected to is an arbitrary one. Mr. Charkaoui was released in February 2005 under conditions that Amnesty International has described as among the most restrictive ever imposed in Canada–and Mr. Harkat more so.

I believe that the committee will be given an opportunity to meet with Mr. Charkaoui on November 23 in Montreal. He will be able to describe in more detail the ways in which these conditions have impeded his and his family’s right to work, enjoy leisure time, and freely practise their religion.

Note: It was only Charkaoui’s self-initiated activities that brought about claimed ‘bail conditions that impeded his and his family’s right to work, enjoy leisure time, and freely practice their religion’. Do not lose sight of this simple fact.

Mouthy Mary continued: “Detention under a security certificate is arbitrary and indefinite. It’s being done under threat of being sent to a place where people risk torture or death. In the case of Mr. Charkaoui, in August 2003 it was assessed that if he were deported he would be at risk of torture, threat to life, and cruel and unusual punishment. This creates a situation that I can personally tell you is torture for him and his family every day.”

Note: Where and when was the claimed assessment of Charkaoui facing potential deportation ‘as being a matter of his facing of torture’, threat to life, and cruel and unusual punishment made.? Who made it and where is this legally validated?

“Detention under a security certificate is arbitrary and indefinite” said Mouthy Mary, and that Mouthy Mary is exactly what is necessary in dealing with National Security and persona like Adil Charkaoui. I pray such necessity soon is extended to the likes of yourself and other kafir of treasonous bent. 

Mary also inserts the idea that Charkaoui and clan have been tortured from the onset by institution of the security certificates, further salting her dish with the flavor that security certificates entail both potential and a real torture of families.

Our examination of the Dockets in Series-7 starting under title of The Sudden Songbird and Our Flaws of Noel shall toss such Mouthy Mary innuendos and nebulous claims in the trash can where they belong.

I believe that Adil Charkaoui shall ultimately be back behind bars, removed permanently from the Canadian landscape and enjoying the trash can of the Middle East and North Africa with his family intact. It is where they all belong.



Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?




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