As stated in Series – 13 “I do not know if the Crown understood all this at the time they were protecting the National Security interests through withdrawal to shelter our spy agency. But, CSIS can issue a sigh of relief knowing that Adil and Animals will be herded behind bars by the RCMP and out of the nation permanent at some time in the future.”

With his release Charkaoui, like Esther the Wonder Pig, almost immediately let out a sequence of joyous oinks to his confidants: And now…we are going for the money honey!    

We carry on now with our Docket examinations and disclosures as to why and how this was supposed to come about.



Immediately following absolute discharge our Muslim Mutt headed for his bowel of golden bones. Charkaoui asked the Canadian government for a letter of apology, Canadian citizenship, and compensation for lost income and legal fees incurred as a result of his years in court fighting the security certificate.

Ultimately Charkaoui sued the government for $24.5 million and on 12 March 2010 claimed” …it’s not about the money ….it’s about my tattered reputation.

“Charkaoui said Friday he intends to sue for $24.5 million to restore his tattered reputation after failing to get an apology from Ottawa.

He said the civil suit, filed in Quebec Superior Court on Feb. 22, is not about the money.

“I’m doing it to clear my name, this is very important for me,” Charkaoui told The Canadian Press in a telephone interview between teaching classes.

He said he sent a letter asking for an apology, Canadian citizenship and compensation for lost income and legal fees after a federal judge quashed a security certificate against him.

The response he says he received was that the government was just doing its job.

‘I wanted to forget this whole nightmare, but they didn’t even accept to even present an apology.’—Adil Charkaoui

“To me it meant ‘Go to hell’,” Charkaoui said. “This is about accountability. I want to restore my name, and they made a mistake and destroyed my life in Canada and outside Canada, and they have to pay for what they did.”

And, how did Ottawa damage the reputation of a lying, manipulating terrorist that the entered documents have shown him to be. Just because most people then were or now remain oblivious to the truth due to temporary lack of access to it

And, why should Ottawa, or individuals within the government that were party to the fullness of truth surrounding Charkaoui have to apologize for supposedly damaging his reputation and thus make themselves a partner in his lies?  They did not have to lie to protect National Security, they were just positioned to believe that they could not expose the fullness of truth without violating their personal oaths of allegiance to the Government of Canada and its laws.

 It is only elements within the press, general public and dhimmi that believed Charkaoui was a justifiable actions man. But, the timing of events and circumstance were such that Adil Asshole was able to defecate on the general Canadian society with each cramp he felt in his political intestines of Islam.

Both lawyers and the monetary provision for them has been used by Charkaoui as a legal tactic and a time stalling mechanism from the start of his ‘political campaign’ from prison.

He had a small pack of pro-bono boneheads whose attempts to get cash through the courts was to no avail. But he ultimately was able to garner the services of such cash grabbers as Johanne Doyan and Julius Grey.

Read this example, June 23, 2004 when > Charkaoui lost a bid to recover $20,000 in legal costs . (Justice Noel: 2004-06-23 FC 900 DES-3-03)

“In his memorandum, Mr. Charkaoui implicitly argues that he has a right not only to representation, but also to the counsel of his choice. [21] Mr. Charkaoui wishes to be represented by the lawyers Doyon and Grey, who require payment in advance and a higher fee scale than that paid by the legal aid.”


Note: By this time Noel had dropped down nine judgments in the matters tagged into this application for free money. But, who paid the supposed cash in advance troops to this point in time? 

Noel brought attention to this fact: “I have no evidence to explain how Mr. Charkaoui has been able to discharge his obligations to his lawyers for a year.”: but we see Noel did not pursue this.

At the time Charkaoui was simply going about manipulating stays in the proceedings against him. Were Doyan, Grey and their forerunners willing participants in his duplicity or were they blinded by Charkaoui through their emotional idealism?

> A case example of his manipulation for avoidance of security certificate examination at this time is the November 9, 2004 docket. (Noel:2004-11-09 FC 1562 DES-3-03) with Charkaoui looking for another stay of proceedings.

“[1] This is another motion to suspend the schedule, which provides, inter alia, for a one-week hearing (beginning November 22, 2004) to review the reasonableness of the certificate establishing inadmissibility and a further week (beginning December 13, 2004) for the analysis of the lawfulness of the decision of the Minister’s delegate in relation to the application for protection (protection report) in accordance with section 80 of the IRPA.

[2] More specifically, Mr. Charkaoui is seeking (1) a temporary stay of the proceeding under section 24 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the Charter) accompanied by an order requiring the federal government to provide him with a paid attorney who can represent him. (2) An amendment of the schedule and (3) A judgment for provision for costs (evaluated at more than $60,000) to cover the fees and disbursements to be incurred for his representation.”

Note: Adil was able to offset security certificate examination at this time and the time buying measure proved to be the replacement of his counsel of record Johanne Doyan, due to poor Adil having to turn to legal aid for his defence. While outwardly it might appear that Johanne Doyan was simply demanding more then Muslim terms of endearment when she informed Mr. Charkaoui of her intention to withdraw from the case on October 7, 2004, the timing was well calculated. So, we have the exit of Dodgy Doyan and enter our new champion of Islamic Underdogs, Ms. Larochelle of the legal firm Des Longchamps, Bourassa et Trudeau stepping in to provide him with free legal services.

To ensure Charkaoui had the benefit of legal services through legal aid, Ms. Larochelle needed some time in which to prepare for the scheduled hearings on the reasonableness of the certificate.

So, the Court granted the necessary latitude and the schedule hearing dates were changed to address the reasonableness of the certificate, an address that Charkaoui certainly was trying to stall at this time. And one he achieved through the lawyer exchange process.

The forgoing is but one example of the type of tactics and measures employed by Charkaoui. With respect to his damaged reputation we shall look at the claims of deliberate unrighteous attempts to destroy our poor innocent Adil in the two segments left in this Series. These movements prove a bit disastrous for Adil and his cohorts. 

But, with the Canadian taxpayer now footing the bill via ‘legal aid syndrome’, Noel no longer had to address the money issues of you cannot afford us Doyan and Grey. But, these three ‘Legal Beagles’ were woven into the fabric of ‘infringed upon rights’ and ‘Islamic Cash Grabsto a degree that is far less than savory.

To give a bit of an example, you will find that Simon Noel has become like a broken record when it comes to the violation of terrorist rights that demand his protection. Do you remember the Fateh Kamel Terrorist Cell spoken to and all the documentation surrounding the man as a proven terrorist? Well, we find that even after his convictions for terrorist related activity our Simon Noel in March of 2008 ruled that Fateh Kamel’s rights to a Canadian Passport were infringed upon through his being denied the document. The Crown appealed and Noel was overturned. How could Noel make such a ruling in the face of documented evidence through both Dockets and media? Perhaps he simply got side tracked while on a trip to the Montreal Zoo with Charkaoui and family, eh?

As to ‘you can’t afford us’, they too are still hovering about for in January 2009 we find Johanne Doyon arguing in behalf of Fateh Kamel that his rights were violated in the matter of the passport issue.

Why are our legal groupies all still somewhere on the scene?  Perhaps they might simply be after a big slice of the 27 Million-dollar Abdelrazik Dollar Mania pie that was being baked up? We shall factor some of these matters in for you next when we deal with The Smear Campaign Issue involving our terrorist buddies Charkaoui and Abdelrazik.


As shown prior through our docket examinations all necessary evidence is on file establishing the case against Charkaoui as a Muslim terrorist.

Please prepare to rid the nation of him now.

It is a righteous action with God that you do so.




Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?




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