We are going to deal with The Smear Campaign Issue involving our terrorist buddies Adil Charkaoui and Sifian Abdelrazik.


So, take a good look at these two bozos. They appear to be having a conversation about some matter having gone wrong. Rest assured, many events are in the process of dramatically altering their greatest Islamic expectations of establishing full blown sharia in Canada.



There is a pattern displayed in the Muslim path to cash through the Court system and the lawyers involved with them will bend every law and twist verbal ineptitude’s to whatever degree is necessary to get their hands on the cash bags lodged in government coffers.

The case of Omar Khadr is but one of many trips to the trough by legal pigs that care nothing about the ultimate damage caused society. Islamic insurgents know this and cooperate with one another in all formats of deception to see it comes about. It suits their purposes to see it does, just as the discredited attempt in April of 2007 by Ressam to withdraw evidence against Charkaoui has shown us.

Do you recall that CSIS had expressed concern about Charkaoui in his association with Abou Sifian Abdelrazik?  This Sudanese Canadian in the fall of 2009 sued the Canadian government for C$24-million, and C$3-million more for Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon’s, “misfeasance in public office.” 

Abdelrazik alleged federal officials conspired to have him jailed and interrogated in the Sudan and refused to repatriate him to Canada once he was freed.

In the fall on Oct 14, 2009 his buddy > Charkaoui was considering a lawsuit against Ottawa  and announced a celebration party for all his friends and supporters. This was likely a good venue to discuss ongoing strategy and lawsuits.

I draw your attention to one statement of great importance in this report: “A member of Charkaoui’s legal team called the decision a legally important one, because it cements in practice the notion that decisions on national security could be left to a judge’s discretion.

And this to some degree elucidates our current legal malaise that decisions on national security are being left to a judge’s discretion.

And this statement is in itself deceptive as it cemented nothing, it only placed us in the position of temporarily having to deal with the decisions reached in the crumbling mortar of minds like Lame Brain Lamer and Simple Simon Noel.

But at the time the social loonies of all sorts and Islamists now launched into the courts with a fury as if they had a legal precedent inviolate. This ‘inviolate illusion’ and all that has resulted shall be torn from the pages of legal jurisprudence and tossed in the trash can where it belongs.

National Security is too important an issue to be left to a singular judge’s discretion when their incompetence and political leanings scream out their bias. Thus, you will ultimately see a more equitable and just rendering in the Appellant Court dockets than the singular renderings as has proven in the case of Adil Charkaoui and his Islamist buddies.

When Charkaoui first announced he was considering suing our government, he had long prior determined that was his pathway, and twenty-four million as their base figure of entry seems to be one of the buddy elements, eh?

On February 22, 2010 Charkaoui opened a $24.5 million lawsuit against the Canadian government. Past federal ministers Denis Coderre and Wayne EasterDiane Finley and Stockwell Day were named in the suit.

In August of 2010 Sifian Abdelrazik was granted the right to sue our federal government.

This transpired through the Federal Court after a lot of legal parlance and orchestrated public pressures had taken place. 

The pressure on and manipulation of government is most easily activated through the great spiritually unwashed Canadian public. By getting such elements to back you through a façade of justice you can gain and maintain the controls of the people you employ until you can finally crush the lot in the twin beds of deception and stupidity in which they sleep.

 Manipulation is the name of the game underway in June 2007 and August 2011 when CSIS documents containing information regarding the activities of Charkaoui were leaked to Montreal’s French-language newspaper La Presse.

Recall that it was in April 2007 that Ressam failed in his effort to recant his evidence against Charkaoui.

Shortly after this Montreal’s La Presse reported in 2007 it was given a leaked CSIS transcript of a 2000 phone telephone conversation in which Sifian Abdelrazik and Adil Charkaoui conspired to use a bomb hidden in a key chain to blow up an airline flight between Montreal and Paris.

By July of 2007 the RCMP were occupied with investigating the sources of ‘the leak’. Charkaoui acknowledged he knew the man but insists they never talked of plots. But, Mary Foster, his spokeswoman for the Coalition backing him was adamant ‘the leak’ didn’t happen by accident.

We want to know who leaked it, who confirmed the authenticity of the secret document and why. At the same time, this is not the first time that dirty tricks have been played. That is why we are now calling for a public inquiry into the actions of CSIS in Charkaoui’s file,” she said on Wednesday.

Certainly, ‘the leak’ did not happen by accident Mouth Mary. But, the leak came just as you Charkaoui dhimmi were preparing for his second hearing before the Supreme Court of Canada, on the grounds that CSIS destroyed evidence in his file. The hearing was scheduled for January 2008.

The leak’ reinforced your Coalition image building against both CSIS and the RCMP. You increased the volume of your howl for a public inquiry into the actions by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service in the case and demanded a review and withdrawal of the security certificate issued against your Adil Asshole.

Contrary Mary, there will be exposure of who leaked and confirmed the document for La Presse for this was not the first time that your Coalition and Islamist dirty tricks were orchestrated from within both Federal and Provincial government offices. ‘The leak’ was deliberately designed to weaken the Government in the long-term and to reinforce you and the elements you sleep with.

 It was Horsemen that started riding down your trail in this particular ‘leak matter’ in 2007 and elements within them have never abandoned the saddle. The Horsemen are not the watered-down distortion of the RCMP that Islam,Ralph Goodale and your ilk believe the RCMP to now be. They are an element within the National Policing Service that fully adheres to the righteousness of the Core Values upon which both the RCMP and this Nation of Canada were founded. The poisonous roots of Islam will ultimately be torn both legally and violently out of the Canadian governmental structure at all levels of enactment. It was and now is just a matter of time and the days have greatly shortened.

Now, note: > the ‘propaganda machine’ claimed in 2008 that the allegations in the leaked document were unsubstantiated. (Noel: 2008-01-18  FC 61  DES-3-03) The claim is partially true as some of the information in the document was and some was not yet substantiated due to judicial procedure and timing. However, through the Coalition, many statements were made for public consumption in such manner as to allude that the Charkaoui-Abdelrazik plot was found to be untruthful in Federal Court, that it never occasioned. To create such illusion is duplicitous. Here is a bit from the docket, you examine the rest.

“9. The Court is of the opinion that its first objective is to give Mr. Charkaoui as much information as possible so that he is able to answer the allegations made against him in the certificate. While mindful of its duty to ensure the confidentiality of information affecting national security or the safety of any person, the Court held that it was in the interests of justice to disclose a summary of information to Mr. Charkaoui. The Court drafted a summary and disclosed it orally to Mr. Charkaoui’s counsel on July 16, 2007. Through his counsel, Mr. Charkaoui asked that the summary not be made publicgiven the motion to quash the proceeding for abuse of process, and because publication could compound the harm done to him by the La Presse article.”

Why not make the summary information public knowledge? The simple fact is that it sealed the case against Charkaoui as a terrorist that needed to be held under a security certificate and ongoing detention.

“10. It is in the interests of justice and of Mr. Charkaoui that a summary of additional evidence be filed on the public record of this proceeding. The Federal Court took note of the allegations made against Mr. Charkaoui in the newspaper La Presse on June 22, 2007. The Court confirms the existence of the document mentioned in the newspaper articles. In July 2007, the Court was not in a position to confirm the authenticity of the document. Since then, the Court has taken cognizance of the document, which was submitted by the reporter Bellavance. This document was not part of the secret documentation submitted to the Court in May 2003. However, the information revealed in the June 2007 newspaper articles was. The Federal Court confirms that is has unproven information in its possession that correspond in large part to the information related in the La Presse article concerning Mr. Charkaoui. According to this information, at a June 2000 meeting in the presence of two individuals, Mr. Charkaoui discussed hijacking a commercial airliner for an attack. This information is already included, in a general way, in the public summary of information dated May 20, 2003, at paragraph 35. The Court notes that the information in its possession was not assessed in terms of the reasonableness of the certificate. To date, this information remains unproven. The Court also confirms that it has unproven information alleging that Mr. Charkaoui traveled to Afghanistan in early 1998 to receive military and theological training at the Khalden camp.”

Take note: The information is unproven, simply because it must be proven through examination of the security certificate. There is nowhere Noel states the information is not true. And, it is Charkaoui that doe not want the summary information to become public knowledge. Charkaoui feared full examination of his security certificate. He only wanted it quashed and ‘the leak’ abetted him in his designs as it did all his Islamist confederates.

So, on February 22, 2010 Adil sued the Big Bad government for damages to his reputation and continued in his efforts to be regarded the unjustified victim of ‘the war on terror’. The benefits gained in his propaganda war underway in 2007 were to be tried once again as a legal tactical move.

So, a gasp of dismay is to be elicited once again amid the ‘great unwashed’. How could someone once again be leaking on our Mr. Innocence in every circumstance he appears to have been caught involved in? So, once again >  On August 11, 2011 the Charkaoui Terror Plot allegations resurface and he claims they set back efforts to clear his good name. He claims it another deliberate, ‘disgusting’ CSIS leak designed to destroy him..

In the article Charkaoui’s supporterssay an inquiry is needed to understand how and why secret CSIS documents about Charkaoui keep getting leaked.

We want a public inquiry into who is responsible for this leak and what the motivations were behind it, the Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui said in a news release Wednesday.

There are certain … indications that lead us to believe that high ranking officials may have been directly involved in this leak.

A coalition spokeswoman declined to provide precise details about what led it to conclude that high-ranking officials leaked the document. But she promised to release more information in the weeks ahead.

We’re deciding in what context (it) should be made public,” said the coalition’s Mary Foster.


Take note: > The allegations were essentially the same as those leaked in 2007 and the propaganda value appeared to be similar in all these Criminal Leaks.

 To my knowledge neither CSIS, nor the RCMP have ever made the results of these investigations public. So, Mouthy Mary, what were the certain indications you had indicating what high-ranking government officials were directly involved in the Criminal Leaks? A lot of time has passed and you must have completed your findings by now. You can probably answer the question in open court at some point in the near future.

The onus is being placed upon you and the Charkaoui camp to disclose the secret evidence, the certain indicators to establish the veracity of any of your defamation claims. Your drone-on drumbeat of defamation chanting will not work again Monotonous Mary. Try playing a different instrument, eh? 

On May 7, 2013 we once again saw you people trying to resurrect the specter of poor Adil’s defamation through > Charkaoui supporters expressing outraged by specious attacks upon him. | NB Media…  

But, Mary the supposed defamation needed to elicit the outrage, took place through the media stating such things as “On August 4, 2000, RCMP officers following [Charkaoui] witnessed him buying goods with an accomplice in Ottawa with a credit card that had been declared lost or stolen, for a total of $9000, including laptop computers bought at two different stores. [Charkaoui] and his accomplice seemed quite concerned about not being seen together.” (Macleans)

His supporters were outraged, with Mary Foster claiming his reputation was repeatedly being attacked and demanded public inquiry.”

You went a long way back in time to generate the rage, eh Mary? You are definitely guilty of this manipulated propaganda rage reaction. This does I believe fall under the title of incitement which should give you some degree of justifiable legal malaise, eh?

And, for your further concern we see as well that in 2013 Charkaoui continued defaming himself and providing more evidence of his terrorist activity.

He established the Quebec Collective Against Islamophobia, an advocacy rights group in 2013, in which as its President he presented himself as the Defender of unpopular causes. In August 2013, Charkaoui defended the right of two foreign Islamic hate-preachers to spread their message in Montreal, even if they held sexist and misogynist views of women in society. Citing security concerns, the event was cancelled by the convention center where it was supposed to be held. Charkaoui maintained that it was Islamophobia to ban their visit to Canada.

“An interview of Charkaoui by CBC’s Anne-Marie Dussault sparked quite a bit of controversy the following week. Dressed in a djellaba, Charkaoui presented himself as a victim and rejected calls for him to condemn violent jihadism and the Islamist project. Instead he accused occidental (Western) politicians of promoting violence against Muslims everywhere in their degenerate, Islamophobic culture. Charkaoui maintained that ISIS was a creature of the US government, and on his web-site he used hyperlinks to praise of Osama bin Laden. He also rejects any interference of the wider community in which he lives on his religious rights; he finds this argument to be nefarious. One commentator was shocked because of what his position meant in the context of his pedagogical pursuits.”

So, the Conservative government was guilty of defaming his name, eh? Such is not necessary as ‘he does the job well enough on his own’. Charkaoui gained a reputation as an Islamic extremist within local communities where his presence was felt. And, being adept at manipulating the media, his presence was felt throughout La Belle Province. As a result, he did experience attempted personal attacks.  On May 20, 2014 a > man with sword was stopped by stun gun outside his Assahaba Islamic Community Centre in Rosemont -.

But these attacks were simply more fuel for the fire of anti-Islamaphobia and the m-103 assembly of Justine Trudeau faggots, maggots and Islamic embracing queers let loose in Canada.

But, dhimmi dimwits, in spite of being the agency of his own defamation and becoming a focal point for a general spiritual-political unrest in Quebec he was granted Canadian citizenship in July 2014. 

This was given to a man that was >  publicly known as the angriest man in Montreal –   Read this article in its entirety. I hope it helps to take your rose colored Charkaoui glasses off.  Whatever, things just seem to keep reappearing, some of which are now beginning to haunt poor and always Islamic Styled Innocent Adil.

Charkaoui was 22 years old and a die-hard Islamic devil when he immigrated to Canada. He was neither a child nor born in this country. If you have learned you’re A-B-C’s boys and girls, then by now you have a clear understanding that A is for Asshole, B is for Bullshit and C is for Charkaoui.

But then again, perhaps you are a very slow learner and need demand answers to these questions:

Why was this manipulating terrorist even permitted to have the privilege of taking the Canadian Citizenship test? He could have been legally blocked. Who orchestrated the events allowing this travesty?

Did Adil Charkaoui get an out of court settlement with the Canadian government over his legal suit against it?

Did Adil Charkaoui get an in-court settlement with the Canadian government?

As to the money and being the eraser of defamation. Rest assured whatever passes through the hands of Charkaoui and Abdelrazik has the ultimate end of funding the violence necessary to ensconce sharia in Western Society. We will show you more regarding them later in the Series.


Meanwhile, why the deafening silence? Better get some ear plugs for it should not remain silent much longer. As shown prior through our docket examinations all the evidence is on file for the case against Charkaoui as a Muslim terrorist.

Prepare to rid the nation of him now.


It is a righteous action with God that you do so.



Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?





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