To his friends on the B.C. lotus land coast the 41-year-old killer Sebastian Woodroffe was a ‘gentle’ seeker of ‘deeper meaning’, a ‘sweet and loving person’, ‘a gentle spirit who had set out to help people overcome their addictions’, ‘a gentle loving father with a big personality’ and ‘the attentive father of a nine-year-old boy’.

This Comox Valley drug addict was found in a shallow jungle grave after being lynched in Peru for killing a local drug dealing shaman. The victims blood and the residue from the gun he purchased were on his clothing. 

His death by a mob in a grisly lynching was captured live on a cellphone video. The story and video are here >   https://globalnews.ca/news/4174989/sebastian-woodroffe-olivia-arevalo-gun-peru/       >   http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/peru-lynching-bc-man-1.4630622


Deeper Meaning Dildos

Woodroffe first travelled to Peru in 2016 to supposedly find natural healing and plant medicines, but his focus was upon sampling the hallucinogenic concoction ayahuasca. Ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic plant, is a combination of an Amazonian vine and dimethyltryptamine (DMT) that give users psychedelic experiences when combined. Its effects are notorious > Canadian killed Briton during ayahuasca ceremony, Peru police say

Woodroffe was not the first Canadian drug freak to be involved in a murder through being involved in an ayahuasca spiritual drug ceremony. He won’t be the last as Ayahuasca tourism in Peru has surged as a means to “experience plant medicines and explore the true nature of the self.” Ayahuasca, or yage, as an important spiritual and medicinal tool for the superstitious, paganistic Peruvians that employ it. Dozens of jungle retreats offer the traditional indigenous brew to visitors under the supervision of a guide or shaman. It is a Peruvian drug dealers cash cow for self-cantered hedonistic drug addicts from many nations.  Most of them run under the guise of seeking a deeper meaning for their life.

The quest for deeper meaning for their lives is pure crap. They are simply an assorted bag of drug addicts that cannot cope with the reality of life and try to glamorize their existence through all manners of holistic activities. They always claim some secret inner meaning for their activities and are quick to defend their ‘add ball associates’ in scenarios like that of Woodroffe.

Many appear to be hybrids or social morphs of the types that evolved around Charles Mason’s comfy crew.

Three deeper meaning dildos were the quick defenders of the supposed ‘gentle spirit who had set out to help people overcome their addictions’. The trio are a typical cross section that float to the surface in events like this.

Dildo One: Yarrow Willard, a 12-year friend, is a Clinical/Master Herbalist, is the co-owner/formulator at Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary, and director of Wild Rose College of Natural Healing.

“Yarrow is a second-generation Herbalist that has been steeped in the world of plant medicine since birth. He has spent much of his life growing knowledge and experience around reclaiming wellness, vibrant living, and deepening connections with the natural world.  Yarrow is an active content contributor via blogs, articles, social media and over 100 Youtube videos.

He has developed and brought to market a number of successful herbal products and is an influential innovator in the Canadian health food market. 

As a speaker, teacher, entrepreneur and plant medicine advocate, Yarrow is highly engaging, dynamic and entertaining- continually delivering rich and original content. His insights into the modern world stem from a holistic infusion of scientific validation, old world knowledge and a sprinkle of magic. Many of Yarrows offerings are based on health empowering practices with plant medicine, advanced nutrition, sensory perception, natural alignment, and more.”

He said in recent years, Woodroffe worked odd jobs and did some professional diving, while living around Courtenay and Cumberland, at times in an RV.

He is a little bit of a, I’ll call it a shit disturber. One of these people who likes to poke and likes to test the boundaries of people’s beliefs.”

As to the murder Yarrow stated “there is no way this person (Woodroffe) is capable of that.”

This cosmic guru Yarrow Willard definitely has his head buried deeply up the Devils asshole and loving every sniff and sip taken as he burrows even deeper ‘sprinkling a little magic’.

Dildo Two: Entertainer Brodie Lee Dawson, an acquaintance of Woodroffe’s, from Cumberland, B.C. stated: “He was well-loved in the community and he was a sweet and loving person, and this was very out of character for him.”

“Your sensitive heart is now at peace.” Brodie Lee Dawson

Write up, light up and sing us another smoke sponsored life illusion about ‘the attentive father of a nine-year-old boy’. He was attentively attending to his drugs and acquisitions in Peru while the nine-year-old was back somewhere out of mind with whatever comprises the Woodroffe clan.

Dildo Three:  As to Alison Jones, displayed on the videos, she is perhaps the most vehement that Woodroffe was in no manner guilty. She states “Absolutely not something he is capable of in anyway.”

But the events and the body bag show you just another lotus land lush, tree hugging twit with a panty hose ‘one size fits all brain’ Alison Jones.

The Hallucinogenic Grandma

 So, my three musky dildos why can it not register that Olivia Arevalo was shot multiple times by your ‘gentle loving father with a big personality‘. What is the cause of your particular brand of synaptic dysfunctionalism? 

While she was a ‘a beloved elderly shaman’ to members of her remote Amazon Indigenous community, she probably was most beloved for the gringo cash she was drawing in from her recently opened lucrative healing centre. There are claimed thousands of North American tourists flocking to Peru each year to partake in such shaman-led psychoactive ayahuasca ceremonies.

In Ucayali she was believed to have special powers, but this is surely a result of hallucinogenic medicines consumed by one and all. She did not have enough special power to stop Woodroffe from pumping bullets into her and Woodroffe did not have enough special power to stop the vigilante justice that hung him by his snivelling neck.

   Whatever, there remains a good supply of Deeper Meaning Dildos across Canada and a particularly strong infestation in British Columbia and on Vancouver Island.

No matter the poison of choice all remain basically a stupid despicable mob…psycho-masturbating mentally somewhere in their attempts to escape reality.

This Rosalie Gagnon is another ‘Deeper Meaning Dildo’ that stabbed her daughter to death then left her by a dumpster.

Was she also off to meet some ‘Deeper Meaning Attentive Daddy’ for her brand of hallucinogenic medicinal ‘spiritual fix’? >   Rosalie Gagnon: Quebec City mother charged with obstruction,…


To the drug addict crew at all levels of society he is Mr.  Dream Weaver – Gary Wright Lyrics 

Trudeau has guaranteed them their cannabis, medicinal and otherwise, will be legally moving forward by summer.  > Trudeau says pot will be legal this summer, despite calls for…

The video points out a few of the issues around this but the fool is determined to further smoke out the brains of our already spiritually weakened society.

But, I guess his were welcomed words for the Trudeau faithful amid the VANCOUVER ISLAND HERB GATHERING INSTRUCTORS

Take a look at the crew below. They appear innocuous enough, but then Woodroffe probably looked harmless as well, before he walked up and pumped all the bullets into old herb gathering hallucinogenic Grannie in Peru, eh. 

Garliq   –  Blaine Andrusek  –  Mary Boulding  –  Chanchal Cabrera  –  Natalia Correa  –  Jessy Delleman  –  Ryan Drum  –  Michel Duhaime  –   Colleen Emery  –  Sharie Hohn  –  Amanda Howe  –  Anita Kalnay  –  Doug Koyama  –   Alexandra Luppold  –  Marisa Marciano  –  Krista Poulton  – Malcolm Saunders  –  Thierry Vrain  –  Terry Willard  –  Yarrow Willard  –  Angela Willard  –Katolen Yardley              Quite a self-aggrandizing mystical claims crew at best. 

But there are many that believe that legalization of pot should not go forward as planned. http://www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/marijuana-legalization-1.4653600



Just who do you think has the most potential of being our next public ‘big personality’ amid the herb gathering crew?

They are all spiritually and mentally whacked out in one way or another.

It might be best if you see any ‘innocuous ones’ are approaching with a silly grin, that you make fast tracks in the direction you were coming from. But, first make certain the man you see in the mirror is not a delusion of your own creation and you end up the one with the gun. 



The Drug Pusher Trudeau and his supporters are a further ‘Holistic Hell’ spiraling Canada onward to complete societal annihilation.  Purge the Nation of them now.











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