In Series-5 we shall further delineate how the ‘religious perks and fringe benefits’ certainly appear to stimulate Jihad Justin onward in matters of politics.

Such perks and fringe benefits stimulated Poppa Pedophile and Mad Maggie so Baby T may simply be the unwitting victim of a genetic trait. Perhaps this can be mysteriously removed through DNA modification technology to spark a flicker of sanity in the eyes of our > Fool On The Hill

Trudeau led Islamism still remains by far the greatest challenge facing Canadians to truly becoming a spiritually healthy nation.



The potential of ‘religious perks and fringe benefits’ certainly appear to stimulate Jihad Justin onward in matters of religion.

“While speaking to Catholic youth who were about to receive the late Pope John Paul II Justin Trudeau urged the youth present to reject ‘old men with old ideas’.”

It appears the new Pontiff is considering the advice once given, as Trudeau was planting seeds of transition to his way of thinking and spiritual beliefs evidenced at this time. But he never clearly told the amassed Catholic faithful in any format what men and what new ideas should come to occupy their spiritual existence.

On August 20, 2015 Breitbart tried a filling in synopsis of the issue of the Trudeau Spiritual Drivers stating > Justin Trudeau Flirts with Islamic Fundamentalism – This was clearly a wrong wording for Justin Trudeau was not in a state of flirtation. He clearly let the world know he stood for women wearing Muslim face coverings and opposed calling honor killings ‘Barbaric’.

There are two videos in the link. The second is the one in which “Trudeau has described himself as lucky to be the member of Parliament of a region he says is among those with the highest numbers of Muslims in Quebec.” This is his address January 28, 2013 to the Calgary Akram Jomma Centre and the one in which he brags about all the mosques he runs to.  

Take note it was stated that the Muslim Council of Calgary ‘has become by far the most powerful Muslim organization in North America’. This might help you sort out and understand why the unknown Muslim Buffoon Naheed Nenshi in 2010 was able to establish himself as Calgary Mayor. The advocates of sharia not only need money to kill, they also need it to advance their political ends.

By 3013, in his own riding and elsewhere Trudeau was in a full-blown sharia love affair. Along with his to be M-103 girl Iqra Khalid he was singing a Never-Ending Song of Love for their Islam and his sharia.  >


Thus, by the time of the August 2015 Breitbart Synopsis he was fully out of the closet and comfortably attired in his new spiritual garb. For as far back as July of 2013 we see the now > Canadian PM Trudeau Praying At a Mosque With Muslims and giving a speech.

A video released from the Pakistan Canada Association confirmed that the current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, visited a mosque on July 24th, 2013 where he dressed in Islamic garb, prayed alongside fellow Muslims following Islamic prayer rituals, and then stood before the congregation and gave a speech in praise of Islam. A video from CJI news also confirmed Trudeau prayed alongside Muslims at the mosque. I have included transcript of his short speech following a commentary.

Wearing a Shalwar-Kameez, a traditional Pakistani Islamic full-body garment, Trudeau is seen speaking to the Muslim congregation while standing in front of the minbar, the pulpit in the mosque where the imam (prayer leader) stands to deliver sermons. In his short speech, Trudeau thanked the Muslim members of the congregation twice for allowing him to pray with them.


 Assalamu Alaikum

You give a wonderful honor for including me in your prayer tonight. It is an opportunity for me to share some immersions of this moment of reflection as we commit ourselves to life of compassion and charity and I want also to greet, to send greetings to the sisters upstairs to brother downstairs and to all who welcomed me at your holy place.

For me, this moment of Ramadan is a time to reflect on the values of empathy, generosity and compassion, charity and also discipline. They are not just Muslim values but Canadian values.

And we are, all of us in this country incredibly lucky to be the one place around the world the managed to define itself as strong not in spite of our differences but well because of them.

We come here much like the Muslim community. Canadians have origins in every corner of the world, and we are defined as a country by shared values, by shared hopes and dreams grounded in respect for each other openness and willingness, and willingness mostly to work together to build a better future for ourselves, yes, but mostly for our children and in this moment you allowed me to share with you tonight.

I’m reminded once again of the strength and of the unity of the Muslim Canadian community as a young mom mentioned, we’re are facing a world of changes, of challenges, and when we look at the various citizens’ groups around the country, whether we look at Occupy or Idle No More in the Aboriginal communities, the Arab Spring and citizens’ uprising around the world, there is a call upon citizens and by citizens to stand up and demand more of our leaders, of our neighbors, and yes even of ourselves.

And I know one thing that if we are successfully face down and overcome the very many challenges that the twenty first century holds for us, not just as British Columbians, not just as Canadians, not just as Muslims, but as human beings.

If we are able to look beyond certain differences between us of different colour, of origin, of language or even of religion and understand that the hopes and dreams define us all together.

And I’m humbled by your openness towards me, and I’m certainly hopeful that in the coming months and years we continue to earn that support and trust that you have demonstrated by including me and allowing me to pray along side with you tonight.

Thank you very much for your welcome tonight and I wish you a blessed holy month of Ramadan.”

A week later, > Jihad Justin wrote a post for the Canadian Liberal Party in which he mentioned his visit to the mosque and praised Islam and Ramadan for embodying “the principles upon which Canada is founded.”


At every opportunity Jihad Justin frequented mosques from coast to coast and availed himself of ‘group prayer’. We see this taking place on Aug 11, 2015 where it is prayer time again with > Justin Trudeau in our Saskatchewan of today.  

It states that “After arriving in Regina yesterday, he attended prayers at a Regina mosque. The event was closed to the media.”

As you will see when we look at his ‘after the election activities’ there were many of his events that were underway with Muslims that were ‘closed to the media’. We shall carry on with these in Series-6. 


Remove Trudeau from office and prosecute him for treason against our Nation

It is a righteous action that this take place.




Galatians 4:16    Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?


The Trudeau Family Ramadan

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