Another Trudeau Style Champion of Hell Bites the Dust

A former Manitoba MLA and attorney general who introduced the province’s Human Rights Code and championed the inclusion of sexual orientation as a protected status in that code has died.

Roland Penner died late Thursday at the age of 93, said his daughter Anna , due to complications after he broke his ankle.


The man with the Botox Lip was a communist. As such, during times of global political unrest he was monitored by Canadian Legal forces for his leanings and faced possibly internment in a prison camp in the event of a national security threat.

His mother and father Jacob Penner, had a hand in founding the Communist Party of Canada. He followed in the footsteps of his parents, becoming a leading communist in the province, running for federal election under the communist Labor-Progressive Party banner in the early 1950s and later joined the New Democrats.

Penner was always actively involved in left-wing politics, spending his undergraduate days immersed in campus political and cultural activities, including being a prominent member of the Debating Society, organizing numerous political meetings on and off-campus, writing prodigiously for the student newspaper and several communist publications, while pursuing his first love, progressive theater.

He was a Communist Political Activist born and bred and it was from this mind as an NDP MLA Attorney General, Roland introduced human rights legislation in Manitoba.  The Communist Mindset in its basic mode is one that denies God and looks to tyrannical enforcement policies of man to secure the rule of order in society as they believe it should be.

The Manitoba Human Rights Code came into force in 1987 and in it Penner championed the inclusion of sexual orientation as a prohibited ground of discrimination. Twenty one years later we see sexual orientation remains a primary source of Canadian political turmoil viewed under what we call identity politics strongly championed by the Liberals. And identity politics under Trudeau design fosters a godless Communist Mindset like that of Roland Penner.

There  is poetic justice that he died May 31, 2018 from complications due to a broken ankle. Why? Because he never walked in accord with God in any manner and it prevented him from walking in the Winnipeg Parade of Perversion on July 17, 2018.

He was praised by political sexual perverts and spiritualists alike at the Winnipeg Pride parade this year.  Manitoba politicians, past and present, honour Roland Penner at…

“His contributions to Manitoba’s Human Rights Code were a “huge step” for the province, said Jim Rondeau, former NDP MLA for Assiniboia and Manitoba’s first openly gay MLA and a former teacher.

Penner’s work was instrumental in allowing those in the gay community to come out of the closet, said Rondeau. Roland Penner set it up so that people could be who they are.”

He set it up so a lot of sick perverted people could openly evolve the sexual havoc in society that destroys families and the moral fabric of a nation. Unless this political movement is corrected the anarchists buried within it shall roam the streets with guns in hand and the blood shall flow. Queen Another One Bites The Dust Lyrics

When you paste the label Human Rights on an issue, people for a variety of reasons assume that somehow what is being ‘championed’ has a basis of justice or good governance to it and this simply is not so. Such is the case of Roland Penner, a man that should be pitied for his aberrant beliefs and practices, not praised.

Canada needs a Moral-Spiritual Brain Washing to clear itself of the poison of the LGBTQ agendas.




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