On this tour a special man of God set the tone for a prayer meeting I attended by laying us a basis for entry through speaking of several passages of scripture.

I wish to lay basis for this report through the following hymns of praise. You will have to click on them individually.

  Jerusalem’s Cry by Randy Travis     Jesus Now More Than Ever      Message To Jesus – Jim Felix                                              



 I was greatly impacted by the fact REVIVAL is underway in Regina through the SOUTHSIDE PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLY being led by Pastor Robert and Carolyn Thompson at >  41 Birchwood Rd Whitmore Park, Regina SK    S4S 5N3   You can   or call him at 306-584-1442. 24-7 this man of God is prepared to succor you.   

With the announcement that he was leading the Church into 100 Hours of Prayer + during August the Holy Spirit told me I was to deliver this message into Churches in the city of Saskatoon. The result is in this report.

Church Visitations and contacts were made in variant manners. But, in too many cases it appeared the Jesus they followed had gone to summer camp, leaving no clear means of being able to contact them if help was needed.

Amid my contacts were New Beginnings Assembly, The Rock Church, The City Center Church, Grace Fellowship Warman, Indo-Canadian Christian Worship Service, The Prince of Peace Messianic Congregation, Fairhaven Bible Chapel, Fellowship Baptist Church, Open Door Baptist Church, Riverview Community Church (Methodist), Westside Pentecostal Church, Louise Street Community Church of the Nazarene, ELIM Church, Victory Church and Saskatoon New Life Community Fellowship,

In the same Spirit as Paul I went up by revelation, and communicated unto them that gospel which I preach among the Gentiles, but privately to them which were of reputation, lest by any means I should run, or had run, in vain.(Galatians 2:2) 

But, I must confess that God reminded me from the offset of The Water of Mirabah – Numbers 20: 7-13. That I was never to use His gracious miracles pushed by anger or simply to assert my own authority in some manner. I must rebuke some in this report. While I was repeatedly tested in this matter I can face Our Lord with a clear conscience.

In such light I speak to Churches Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.(2 Timothy 3:5)  

Indo-Canadian Christian Worship Service    If you do not get ‘fresh manna from the Spirit’ do not simply download a sermon from the web and pass it off as somehow being your own or meant for the Assembly being fed. You were spoken to about this in private after assembly and now in public for all to hear.

ELIM CHURCH 419 Slimmon RoadI saw no visible changes in the ‘prayer’ being offered nor the results since my last visitation. You still see yourselves as ‘a big time church of God’. And yet you remain a people plagued with cancers, tumors, spinal deformity, brain injuries, strokes, dementia, depressions and infestations of demonic possessions. You have degenerated to the point where now your Lead Pastor is hiding out at home in mental distress that may or may not have already extended to the physical diseases that I visioned poised to be poured over his head.

You need to learn to truly thank God before you ask for anything more. All the works you glory in are not of a genuine heart desiring Glory Only to Him.

Thank Him Right Now that He has left a few genuine Prayer Warriors in your midst. As an Assembly you need to follow them and Fall on your faces in Prayers of Repentance and Praise. I pray you do, but the mountain of self-righteous pride may be too high for you climb over.

Fairhaven Bible Chapel 3503 Fairlight Drive  

Brothers, you are a blessing in many ways but are “still leaving a doorway of excuse open”, finding all manners of reasons that the Lord will not or might not heal through you, when a sheep calls you in accordance with His Word.



I witnessed all over TOON TOWN during my short tenure and had divine appointments with men such as Officer Jason with the Saskatoon City Police and Security Tyler with his 30 years experience at the University Hospital.

I witnessed to women in private about not criticizing their husband in public, the Church or household in manners that is spoken against clearly by God if they truly desired fullness of blessing in their lives.

I was led to a “Timothy” who needed to hear his position as Church Janitor actually qualified him as probably being the most spirit filled man in assembly. Jesus also was ‘the least esteemed among men’.

I acquired a new brother in the Lord in a parking lot. Jarad from Tanzania and I embraced and thanked God for His uniting us, for his employment, for his entire family and especially his youngest son named ‘Happy’.

I can list a multitude more, but am ending this with the Dynamic Duo of Divine Appointments for me.

Bill Saltman is a powerful man of God “that rules well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)” (1 Timothy 3:4-5) 

Bill was led of the Lord to accompany me on many jaunts to act as a witness to others and to witness the Lord in action during our Toon Town days together.

One thing about Bill is his readiness to witness to God’s Glory. Try him at 306-850-4639


And this is my nephew Daryl ‘Newman’ Gran and his bride Hilda.

In their lives they are a walking miracle of witness that is now coming to full maturity. Newman has had a major truck accident with brain trauma, stage 4 melanoma, major motorcycle accident with multiple upper and lower body injuries and colon cancer. Hilda has stood through it all to the Glory of God.

And now he is walking away from it all in complete faith and healing to the Glory of God.

Let him testify to it himself as there is nothing he likes better than talking about God to His glory.   c- 477-4227

In everything they have passed through in their life together Newman and Hilda can truly lay claim to these lyrics.  Through it all Selah “Lyrics”  They are ‘one flesh’.


And now we move forward in more of this SASKABOOM!

The persons following and their Assemblies are truly spiritually united of the Lord with their Regina Brother Robert Thompson and his flock.

They are focal points of the explosion of the Holy Spirit that is now enveloping Saskatoon and blessing us all.  


This is Pastor Boc Laurico Lucivar and family from the Saskatoon New Life Community Fellowship

A man divinely appointed of God you can reach him at   or (306) 514-2641. Or you can listen to him speak about Winning Every Argument >

Pastor Boc has a ‘divine appointment with the Filipino Church groups’ from Coast to Coast. He is heralding a spiritual call to the Philippine Christian warriors to cleanse our land of Gods enemies embedded in Islam, Communism and Roman Catholicism. These are the same three vultures he saw so clearly picking at the bodies of Born Again Believers in his land of origin.

Small in stature, but a giant of faith in the eyes of God, hold this Brother and all Pilipino Assemblies up in prayer for rapid victorious advance of the Kingdom of God.     

PastorTom Weppler at Victory Church – 2802 Rusholme Road, Saskatoon, SK. towers above most men physically and leads individuals that are every bit as sensitive to the Holy Spirit as he and his wife Laurie.  306.653.6888 or you can reach them individually at

Whatever, Pastors Tom and Laurie Weppler are not just another pair of pretty Church faces.   Tom & Laurie Weppler started their journeys in Saskatchewan but it has since taken them far and wide!  They have served as an integral piece in a nationwide camp ministry, they were key pillars in VCI’s Victory House Baja, Mexico (VCI mission house) in rebuilding, refreshing, and reviving this ministry, and most recently were working with Streets Alive Mission in Lethbridge, Alberta. Everything this dynamic couple does is fueled by their passion to love Jesus and love people like Jesus does and daily strive to reach, teach, and mobilize everyone they meet with that same passion. 

They truly know what it means to be excited in the presence of the Lord for they indwell it.

Tom is the first living example I have encountered of what is best described as a ‘finisher’ in prophetic utterance. The Spirit speaks words through him in Prophetic Prayer that are statements of events already underway, events already in process of being finished. There is no option of alternate choices or pointing toward some future circumstance that may enact events. His words are a Finisher Enactment of a pathway of Gods will which has become one of no variables.

All signs, wonders and miracles are going to follow this Assemblage like a flock of Prairie Chickens looking to where they can sow their eggs. There will be know doubt inside or outside the Church that only a supernatural God, our Lord Jesus Christ could have enacted such miracles. Let the light of your faith, trust and belief in God join with theirs in becoming a Lighthouse Beacon to usher souls into the safety of the strong tower that He is.

God Bless You That Have Been Given the Ears To Hear

And to you remaining I pray He turns the Holy Ghost Fire up hot enough to melt the wax in your obstinate minds.

Our God Will Be Glorified:  > GOD’S GONNA MOVE JIM FELIX      








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