Activist Judge Must Be Investigated!

Dear Hon. Caroline Mulroney,

I am writing to you regarding the recent Ontario Superior Court decision SH v. DH (ONSC 4506).

In this egregious decision Justice Robert Del Frate wilfully ignored the Assisted Human Reproduction Act and gave judicial sanction to the purchase and ownership o fa living human embryo (a human life at its earliest stages). In fact, Justice Del Frate decreed the monetary value of a human embryo as $2,875 US.

I quote: “(34) Each embryo is therefore worth $2,875 USD.”

It is not only illegal, but it is immoral to base a legal decision on the premise that a human being (at any stage of development) is a piece of property which may be sold, purchased, or owned. This hearkens back to the time of the Residential Schools, where native children were treated like chattel by their government overlords.

If a similar case arose where a quantity of cocaine were in dispute, the judge would (hopefully) never allow the illegal drug to be purchased. But isn’t trafficking in human beings more egregious than trafficking in cocaine?

Justice Del Frate’s judicial activism not only undermines law and order, but it undercuts the public’s respect for the judiciary – and the government.

I am asking you to immediately investigate this ruling for judicial misconduct and pursue disciplinary measures as warranted.





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