Hey Canada

There is a very serious threat to the family looming on the horizon in Canada. Within a matter of months, Bill S-206 could come up for a vote in the Senate. Bill S-206 is a “Nanny State Bill”. It is designed to force us to parent the way the government wants us to parent – in compliance with far-left ideology. Under Bill S-206, common, everyday, time-tested parenting practices will be banned and criminalized. As many as 82% of parents will be affected!

Have you heard of Bill S-206? If you are a parent or guardian, you need to know about this totalitarian Bill and sign our petition! (If you have already signed it, you need to share it!)

Here at CitizenGO Canada, we have been working over the summer with our partner, Keep 43 Committee of Canada, to get the word out on this dangerous piece of legislation. This Bill will result in the following parental actions being labelled as criminal assault. If you are a parent, ask yourself, ‘Have I ever done any of these things?’

  • picking up and moving your child to another room
  • removing toys or objects from your child’s grasp
  • stopping your child from leaving his room or leaving his house
  • restraining your child against his will
  • enforcing behaviour with a spank

Believe it or not, all of these things will be treated as physical abuse under Bill S-206. If a doctor, a teacher, a friend or family member catches you doing any of these things – or hears about you doing these things second hand, there will be a “duty to report” you as abusing your child. As a parent, you may be charged by police, and your son or daughter may be removed from your home by social services.

This is NO JOKE. This is a clear and present danger to the Canadian family!

We are continuing to work on our strategy to combat this woeful Bill when Senators return to Parliament Hill this month. Firstly, we are seeking out Senators who will stand up for parents and families. Secondly, we are looking for qualified experts who can help speak to the importance of traditional parenting techniques. Keep 43 Committee of Canada has already compiled research and statistics to show how similar legislation has proved a disaster in Sweden. (Check it out here: “Sweden: The Canary in the Coal Mine“.)

In the meantime, we want to see tens of thousands of concerned Canadians sign our petition so we can make the biggest impact possible when the time comes – and the time could come as soon as this fall!

Please join me in signing this petition and spreading the word far and wide! Also, remember to pray for our country and its leaders (especially our Senate). They need God’s wisdom and direction so they can make the best decisions in support of our Canadian parents, families, and youth! As the Bible exhorts, “Do not withhold correction from a child.”

Yours for the Family,

David Cooke & the Entire CitizenGO Team

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