The facts about cannabis and many other drugs have been known for a very long time. The ever going on going ‘blah blah blah’ started for me 47 years ago.

The reality of cannabis legalization is ALSO already well known. The current thrust about more exposure to yesterdays news is nothing more than the ‘new blah, blah, blah’ of occupancy that will allow the snake of ‘political correctness and sidetracking syndrome’ to choke the life out of a sane moral society.

The only way to kill this snake is to cut its head off, not to talk about doing it.

Watch this video: and make it the last bit of ‘information mental massage exercise’ you suck up before you get directly into the streets and stop Trudeau Dead.

Demand prosecution of the Trudeau and his Ministerial Rat Pack for facilitating Treason and Sedition under Sections 46, 59 and 61 of the Criminal Code of Canada. They are separate offences that ‘intertwine’ but remain fully prosecutable concerning the persons in question. For example, Section 46 covers “high treason ” and “treason ” in one of the sub sections about those who fight against Canada, regardless if a state of war exists, or not. This section is fully applicable for the facilitating of terrorism such as the general actions of the Khadr family of terrorists, the direct actions of Omar Khadr, the legal proponents for such persons and the heinous facilitation and protection by Justin and his crew of returning jihadi warriors. This is not to mention the facilitation through the finance of terrorism by the Trudeau government that is well documented public evidence for all to purvey.

The office of Prime Minister and every other Minister in no manner protects them, or annuls them for facing up to such charges. There is nothing under Section 60(d) that makes their actions in part or total exempt from such prosecution.

There are other Sections under the Canadian Criminal Code that are even more damning of these people. But this is sufficient to start a series of Relevant Petitions to the Canadian National Security and Identity.

As noble as I find your work and you know I support you David Cooke. I simply do no recommend more majoring in the minors of petitions by CitizenGo as displayed at Vancouver. Establish the DEMAND FOR TRUDEAU PROSECUTION. No more Political Correctness. It is time to take the demand fully into the streets. Even the Dope Smoking Doobie Brothers knew the reality of this Pathway some 42 years ago. The problem is that the Dope Industry caught the message and ‘politically correct blah, blah people simply did not then and still appear generally not to grasp this reality. We need to fully catch this message now or suffer the results in social political disasters we will never emerge from intact Nationally.

It is now time to cut the head fully off the Trudeau snake and bury him intact for a minimum of the next 14 years. The legal means of dealing with him should be rapidly accessed before some fool mistakenly makes a martyr of him for the pack of perverted dope smoking fools that largely comprise his loyal followers.


Somewhere in the mountains I pulled aside and prayed for the Lord to bury Trudeau and his political garbage in an avalanche of opposition from Coast to Coast.

I posted my discontent at the ‘Avalanche Warning Site’ for persons about to head into ‘back country’, cooked and ate in the sunshine and I thanked God. I then headed onward for the Vancouver Art Gallery thinking we were about to get some ‘serious protest action’ that was desperately needed in the Nation.



Leaving a Sunday Hope at 6:30 pm on the 14th I had lots of time before the scheduled Vancouver Vocal Pot Performance.

I did a Walmart Special stopover in Chilliwack with food and sleep. Subsequently I started an early 15th nocturnal drive through the University of the Fraser Valley and Trinity Western University. None of it had any appeal for me.

I felt it best I should get into Vancouver early, situate myself to where we would perform and then retreat for a couple days some distance for re-entry on the 17th. I truly despise inner city Vancouver with its screamingly hedonistic lifestyle and concurrent human damages.

I stopped at the highway rest stop before Langley, recalled the perverts I had to deal with the last time through here. Ate some more, cleaned some dishes, returned to the van, secured the doors and went to sleep.

I awoke about 3:30 am and wandered into Langley by a backdoor route I thought sounded familiar. I wanted to find a McDucks and carry on internet conversation. There were virtually no vehicles around and none anywhere near me as I drove about thirty kilometers per hour looking at streets and shopping centers for the familiar in any manner.

About 4:00 am on went the flashing lights and sirens as I was pulled over for driving too slowly.

Slow Saskatchewan plates are very suspicious to the Langley RCMP. At least mine were.

Identification and explanations for my presence were demanded. I spoke to the meeting on the 17th, my intent to renew myself in the area precedent and my purposes due my role as a continuously travelling ‘Christian Evangelist’ and author since 1995.

Polished and Persevering jump-started me to how long I intended to be in British Columbia and if I was a Political Activist.

I knew that Clean Cut On the Job already had the answer to the second query from his visits to the car computer banks. It was out of Muslim RCMP elements embedded in the greater Vancouver area that they had tried to get me charged with ‘hate crimes’ because of speaking the Truth of Islam in Canada. All they tried was to no avail. Perhaps this information had initiated this particular stop in the night. I do not know and I truly did not give a damn one way or the other.

(Romans 8:28) We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

I replied ‘perhaps about three weeks dependent on meetings and results’ to his time probe. To the second I stated “Everyone is a political activist nowadays who is a genuine follower of Jesus Christ”.

There was nothing legally he could do to detain me in any manner without looking like a fool. All vehicle documents were legally verifiable and in order. I got his directions to the closest McDucks and drove off ‘at about thirty kilometers per hour looking at street’ names. I did not want to miss the turns he had spoken of and there was no one else coming behind or from the front. I could not be a traffic hazard for driving too slowly as you might be in normal daytime greater Vancouver commute conditions. And what is normal in greater Vancouver is largely entering living Hell to me.

From the time of leaving daylight McDucks in Langley on the 15th until the steps of the Art Gallery on the 17th Satan tried to plague my mind with possible reasons and non-reasons for not even showing my face in Gallery Public.

I was under constant pressure to ‘just get out of this living Hell called greater Vancouver’ as I investigated pathways to and the parking locations near the Gregarious Gallery Pot Event. I was finished late on the 16th and returned very congested to my oasis of Tim Horton’s from the night before.

Also, the Cambie Community Center, basically a Punjab, Chinese and Hijab Special Services center at the Tax Payers Expense, had become my showering facility and alternate internet station.

At the height of spiritual pressuring on the 16th I had determined “I WILL NOT BE PUSHED” and asked the Holy Spirit to settle the matter through the night with finality. Awakening I heard clearly “I AM GOING TO THE STEPS”.  I simply followed at complete peace in the matter. Thus, I was front, side and center at the Vancouver Pot Heads Protest early and alert.


What I got was just another ‘cloud of second-hand information smoke’.

Let there be no pretense that such people as these shown to the left were anywhere about Vancouver Art Gallery on the 17th as appears to be implied.

These people were no where among the claimed – “Wonderful and courageous Canadians who braved the wind, the cold, and the taunts of several angry potheads. These are the real heroes in the culture war – ordinary folks who were willing to sacrifice a little time and a little comfort for the sake of others” – They were no where near the Vancouver Art Gallery and Cultural Arena specifically decorated with First Nations Cultural Heritage.  How did First Nations get ‘left out’ when on the great “Wednesday, October 17th – cannabis legalization day in Canada – we stood up together for our youth, our communities, and the very air we breathe. Our message was simple: Cannabis is harmful – and it stinks!”

The First Nation absence was deafening in the ‘blah, blah, blah’ at Robson Street Square. British Columbia remains an area of greatest concern to lack of settlement of issues foremost to First Nations. And these unsettled issues are destroying our society far beyond smelling funny and ‘air born eye irritations’ among the Two Footed Media Facsimiles of Robson square.

The humanistic platitude that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is not even a good ‘satirical comment’ to make in such an issue as this unless it is the last attempt provided to get someone to ‘double think’ a mental crack they may have accidentally lodged in.

David Cooke, the message raised on the 17th was simply lifted up under the wrong banner and in a manner that truly made it ineffective and, in many ways, defective or delaying to the ‘healing required by a bleeding and broken cultural vessel’ called Canada.

Management of your event truly should have been under such men as Darius Ferris of Matawa First Nations. They would lead you to a victory only God can lead this Nation to. You can read about what these men were doing in August > Matawa First Nations Management 30th Annual General Meeting

And even better listen to Darius Ferris tell you who was in Robson Square that morning fully prepared to lead us to absolute victory under the right banner. I do not cry out because of the lack of First Nations Political Presence on the 17th, even though I think such absence is an insult to them. What I am screaming loudly about is the absence of their Spiritual Leadership that should have been there.   >



Citizen Salesmanship

“CitizenGO is a community of active citizens that seeks to defend life, the family and fundamental rights worldwide. To find out more about CitizenGO click here or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.”

This man David Cooke is the Canadian Campaign Manager of CitizenGo and believed a sincere dedicated Christian to the best of my understanding. You can reach him through:  +1 519-602-7132 

I believe David is fully deserving of your support and functions within a worthy organization which I personally support in part, but not fully in priorities currently being manifested. I believe that the American Arms of CitizenGo have generally become the embrace of their opposition and nothing more than ‘Guns for Hire’. They are basically political, social, economic mercenaries just as “The Boss” has shown himself to clearly be an opponent that has emerged to be the enemy of all that is ‘righteous under God’ today. Listen up >   and wake up people, the music should get the pulse racing even if you hate the Truth I speak.

Time to ‘double think’ David because the American Arms you used to embrace Robson Square were no different than those of The Boss and simply “Guns for Hire”.

David, you truly believe that on Wednesday you were the “watchmen” for Canada doing a real service for our country and God. You jumped onto a bandwagon claiming the effectiveness you believe was taking place through your petition to the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB).  The INCB issued a issued a new statement on Wednesday denouncing Canada’s Cannabis Act, and apparently had committed to bring up this matter at their 123rd session, scheduled for October 30th to November 16th, 2018.

David, you stated: “It is our hope that we can bring added international pressure – through the INCB, other international anti-drug groups, and the UN as a whole – to demand that Canada revoke (or at least severely restrict) legalization.”

It is a ‘good hope’ David, but I pray you do not hold your breath waiting for results that change the reality of the Canadian landscape. Your petition gained some signatures following the 17th, but generally people at all societal governmental levels basically do not give a damn.

As to your true opposition, David? They know full well your petitions surrounding them had no effect upon them precedent to the 17th and will not antecedent as they remain Godless in understanding, but not in ability to judge results.

Unless you ‘double think’ and God intervenes in some manner to fine tune your effort priorities you will simply carry forward ‘Dancing in the Dark’.

But do not think I suggest you Repent, do an abrupt about face and halt all your petitions. After all, you are in the ‘business of petitions’ and drawing attention to ‘many righteous social causes’ are you not?

And, far be it from me to ever suggest a restriction of some sort upon genuine free enterprise in Canada. And God, especially forbid I should ever suggest restriction of Christian Free Enterprise if it truly reflects Biblical demands, eh?

What I do know however is that the same Oldie Goldie Moldy Lucrative Economic Standards that have been drifted into can not be employed in the current times. One simply CANNOT FUNCTION IN THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS DISPLAYED AT THE VANCOUVER ART GALLERY….and achieve a victory over the Advances of Trudeau’s Islamic Agendas, Pot Headed Perversions and Economic Insanity that pervades the Nation.

Your Invitation Was Given to Vancouver to “Join Our Anti-Cannabis Rally to protest the legalization of “recreational” cannabis (marijuana) in Canada. Wednesday, October 17th is the date when Justin Trudeau’s ill-conceived and irresponsible Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) comes into full force. We want to let him know that we care about our youth and communities – we don’t want to see them ruined by this illicit narcotic. Location: Robson Street (by the Vancouver Art Gallery steps between Howe and Hornby) 11:30 AM to 1 PM.

It was the day following the event that I was informed how to contact the organizers Pamela and Tanya. One lady feared identifying herself to me and the second did not want me posting any pictures showing her face.

The theme and expected dress “will be a grey day for our country – and “grey” will be our theme at the demonstrations. Bring grey balloons and wear grey clothes to show your concern about our nation “going up in smoke“.

Complying with dress but absent of balloons I dutifully showed up, but not in a manner desired by your Event Organizers.

Well, David, ‘I am grey but I do not suffer the hearing impairment of being gay’. So, being ‘on site and in full sight’ the reality of the Art Gallery Gig appeared just another ‘blah blah blah’ to me. I will show you why, but you are going to have to digest my full posting to possibly emerge free and sane in the ongoing Canadian pattern of political insanity and political incorrectness.

First note that distant lonely figure on the base of the Art Gallery steps with a few grey balloons. Familiar to you but not to me David.

I went to speak with her because I needed to know who I had come to support. I did not know if the person was friend or foe at the time. In the process I found her very fearful to identify who she was.

(Matthew 10:25-31)  It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household? Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops. And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.

We will soon deal with such matters as fear and some 17th Our Agenda Only Maniacs found at the Vancouver Art Gallery under The Sounds of Distant Drums.


But FIRST, from a Sea of Anti-Cannabis Rally Reports we give you the GREAT VANCOUVER POT PROTEST video of Mike Bell from Post Media. Later I will give you some perspective of my photographing Mike and other folks. So, with our Nations Ottawa clearly having gone up in smoke let us take a look at this ‘Pot Rally Report.

In this video observe these facts.

Look closely, you will spot me all over the place. To the left, to the right, up top and even during the initial set up time shown with his ‘sellers’ blurb’. But never once will you see me fully on screen or being ‘interviewed’ in spite of my making myself an ‘in your face public performance’.

I even went so far as paralleling myself on the steps with the ‘Balloon Loons’ you hear and provided an amplified megaphoned sound bite to overwhelm the “Organized Speaker” causing them to falter momentarily. I periodically demanded with a roar ANSWER HIM or ANSWER HIS QUESTION at times when speakers were being ‘verbally assaulted’ by Anil Sthankiya the Managing Editor of Pot.TV and David Malmo a long time Vancouver Pot Activist. I was not and am not a supporter of either person. I was deliberately testing the situation and seeing what reactions I might stir up amid the ‘Smoking Balloons Crew’, the Daffy Dopers, No Stars General Public and Mush-it Media.  To a large degree it was the reactions of the claimed ‘prejudiced media’ that interested me the most.

While Malmo was ranting and being photo-journaled by the major players present, I even descended the steps to stand with him and hold the megaphone so he could match the organizers volume. I deliberately made a spectacle out of it all to see what might be the results on the scene and with eventual newscasts. Why? Because, for sometime we have faced recurrent claims about the Mush-it Media bias, fake news and ‘political agendas’ being advanced through them. One strong claimant of such charges is Ezra Levant of the Rebel.  In my questioning of the Media present none of them identified themselves as Rebels?  And not one Media Rep, even with my clearly identifying myself as an International Christian Missionary, providing them with ‘business cards’ and some quickie facts questioned why I had created all the hub-bub that looked like I was in support of what I was obviously in opposition to. My opposition was clearly evidenced on my “too political Trudeau shirt”. No one wanted to hear what a ‘clearly crazy Christian’ might have to say. And, no one from the Event Organizers wanted me seen because of my ‘too political stance”. Now, go back to the Mike Bell – Post Media Report and listen very carefully once again. Find other reports and listen to them. I never heard one Event Organized Speaker clearly espouse being based in Christian Values as followers of my Lord Jesus Christ.

David, you had better ‘think twice’ about claiming these people, your ‘Gone up in Smoke Vancouver Crew to be the ‘watchmen’, as spoken to in Ezekiel. This was your claim to me: “Take a look at this media coverage of our partner’s rally in Vancouver: When I think about what we accomplished on Wednesday, I am reminded of these words from Ezekiel:

“I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me… if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul… if you warn the righteous man that the righteous should not sin, and he does not sin, he shall surely live because he took warning; also you will have delivered your soul.” – Ezekiel 3:17-21. 

We helped warn people on Wednesday – we were “watchmen” for Canada – doing a real service to our country, and also to GodAnd I am including not only those who came out, but also all of YOU who prayed for us, supported us from afar, and signed our petition!” 

This simply was not the case in Vancouver David. No one warned anyone about the Spiritual Consequences of their actions, only the ‘dancing in the dark’ physical and social facts or results of pot consuming actions. There was no ‘real service’ done to the ‘and also God’ you refer to. In stating your ordering of service to ‘and God’, my Lord was an after thought tagged on to your claimed service to country.

Again you ‘had better think twice’ David. God in no manner is ever to be given ‘second billing’ to man. It is in effect a Denial of His Holiness and Sovereignty to do so. A very precarious perch in Robson Square or any place upon the earth because “Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.”(Matthew 10:32-33)  

And, David, no one does service to God in promoting their own livelihood, projecting fears commanded not to be held and never acknowledging that what will be accomplished victoriously in any truly ‘righteous activity’ will be as spoken through the prophet in Zechariah 4:6. It certainly will not be done “by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.

It was not His Spirit evidenced in your Balloon Bash of the 17th as hard as this fact may be to swallow. Your event was under the dominion of ‘politically correct self-motivated social organizers’. You were in the Embrace of Economic Mercenary American Arms wheelers and dealers.

It is time to give a clear call and get fully into the Spiritual Battle underway in this Nation “for if the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” (I Corinthians 14:8)

(Galatians 4:16) Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

I am not His or Your Enemy David so I am going to proceed onward with my report.


We need no more clouds of video information. The message surrounding pot is air clearing simple. But, here it is in one final big mouth swallowing lump in case you ‘cough, ahem, pardon me’ missed it due to some ‘medical Maryiwanna remained stoned politically correctness embedded in Canada’.

Simple Facts -The Trudeau government expects to gain the pot head vote and has already sacrificed the youth and every other age range for it.  There is no true revenue boost in the ‘pot industry’ except for those involved directly in the industry. Legalized cannabis puts us in direct violation of three UN anti-drug treaties and no political or economic body truly gives a damn that can change this. People of all ages are buying, grow-opting, pot shopping, using, growing, ruining and sharing the ‘herb’ with legal impunity. The stench of pot smoke lingers in communities, parks, streets, apartment complexes, nursing homes, shopping centers, yards, hospitals, grandma’s undies drawer, police uniforms, Fido’s Fur and baby’s bassinette. The stench drives up monetary costs through resulting increase in mental illness, traffic accidents, workplace injuries and fatalities due to the impairments associated with THC consumption.



THEY ARE HIS POLICIES that have increased legal problems dealing with a stoned, stinking, increased road carnage, smoke choking, corrupt patronage dope supply system designed to create additional Canadian political chaos and camouflage the more threatening Trudeau Legislation enabling destruction of the Canadian family structure and implementation of Islamic sharia as the governing force within the Nation.

One long run-on reason to Damn Trudeau and Damn His Seditious Policies.

We do not need ‘Second Hand Smoke Performances’ like the Vancouver 17th Displayed. We need Trudeau directly held accountable and jailed.



Wednesday, October 17thPOT HEADS CANADA OFFICIAL KICK IN – Protest from 11:30 AM to 1 PM on the Vancouver Art Gallery steps between Howe and Hornby on Robson Street.

Just Another Day in Paradise?

Whether-wise it certainly was if you know what fall-winter means in all other areas of Canada. The sun was bright and starting to chase the over night chill over the horizon when I entered the Art Gallery Square.

But it wasn’t Paradise for the early morning whores and bottom of the social barrel women I spotted entering unto Robson Street to protest. >

What can you do with a Government that will not alleviate such conditions?

You could simply have another mind-numbing smoke? Suck up another designer coffee or Smirnoff’s or perhaps hammer back three or four more slices of pizza? Seems like ‘logic dictated’ it best to just ignore the real cause of the disease and simply discuss old symptoms.

I guess smoke, coffee, vodka and multi-layered cheese pizza would all be suitable companions for reading another “thirty-year-old news paper” like we did in Robson Square, eh?


A Brightening Sales Day, eh?

‘Better think twice’ about your priorities.

The ‘pot purveyors’ cloud their greedy materialistic money grabbing intents in a ‘cloud of noble conjectures about the beneficial herb’.

If you want to end their garbage where do you best tote the pile off to and dump it? Don’t just talk about it. Once and for all DUMP TRUDEAU in JAIL and you ultimately take all this garbage to the refuse bins with him and his cronies.

This Truly Is Free Enterprise, eh?

You don’t need a vendor license to market these products in Robson Square. Why not?

No license, no need to pay taxation is there? The people I spoke with were operating tax free. Some for as much as nine years because they simply could not find employment that would meet their basic standard of living requirements.

Such action appears to be what it takes for them to eke out a living under a Governmental structure that does not apply rules, regulations and laws equally to all its citizens. One can forgive mistakes in a Government that can result in such a circumstance and goes on to see that the problematic areas are rectified.

But, when the deliberate misapplication of laws by a Government that deliberately applies laws unequally to its citizens is comprehended there is no forgiveness. The matter of intent is the governing factor and the Intents of the Trudeau Government for deliberate destruction of the social layering of our Nation in behalf of Islamic Interests demands the prosecution of both Trudeau and all his co-conspirators.


When I approached Pamela McColl, she stood alone with some papers in hand and four grey balloons floating along side her. There were some people about, but none of the performance gear was yet in place.

I was carrying my megaphone, Trudeau Must Go Now shirt, water and some hand out materials in a plastic motorcycle embossed tote. I had my hoody on and looked the same as you saw me in the picture preceding, just without the Trudeau Shirt.  

She virtually refused to identify herself to me, and I had to go through an emotional explanation process with her that I was here to protest the dopers. I upbraided her slightly for being so secretive while doing so. With trembling lips, she stated “I’ve had death threats” as excuse for her conduct with me. I clearly knew her conduct was solely due to a Spirit of Fear and let her know everyone will get death threats if serving Christ in these times, and that such threats were of no avail if truly called by Him to be where the source was they were being threatened from. I said however, that if you were a Self-called Career Christian and went into the Nations and locations that He sent me you would be dead meat.

I stated I had simply come to help make a statement to the Nation about getting rid of our current Government under Trudeau.

About this time your second organizer Timid Tanya materialized and asked if I was there to help them hold signs. I never did get this woman ‘clearly identified by birth name’. But she ultimately proved to be just another ‘fear filled Christian fuzzy-wuzzy thinker’.

Whatever, by the time ‘talk back trembling lips, shaky legs don’t just stand there’ was called on to speak she was able to do so. Surrounded by her familiar back-ups she must have felt secure, but she was manifesting no ‘security in Christ’ when addressing me. Then again, she might have felt a little less secure with the group surrounding if she had known I was now peering at her from behind her back above the Infomercial Banner background she fronted.

By the way, the woman I know as ‘fuzzy-wuzzy Tanya’ is holding the banner in the same picture with far less than joyful delight of being one of your “real heroes in the culture war – ordinary folks who were willing to sacrifice a little time and a little comfort for the sake of others”.



Timid Tanya can be seen again in this picture caught when I was photographing the photographers.

When Timid had asked me if I was there to help them ‘hold signs’ I stated, “I won’t be holding any signs as I Am A Sign, it’s in the bag, you will understand when I put it on.”

I moved a few steps up and started to get items out of my bag when I was interrupted by Timid Tanya asking Mumbles McColl to help hang a banner. She left the ends in the hands of McColl and backed down the steps.

I was in no mood to help these two do anything with signs after my initial discussions. I did not consider them to be the ‘dynamic duo of Christian Protests’ by this time.  Traces of pity and disgust surrounding them were still filling the nostrils of my mind. But, immediately it impacted me that not to help Mumbles would be a contradiction of my words that I had come to ‘help’.

I grabbed one end of the banner and Mumbles and I hung it on the fence running up the stairs. To my surprise it stated Say No to Trudeau. What? I thought perhaps I was somehow misreading the ever-enlarging group of Pot Protesters now preparing the stage.

Unfortunately, I was not. They proved to be increasingly more Spiritually Ass Backwards as the event progressed on.

 BUTSigns Stated Things Could Have Been Better

This is the banner that Mumbles and I hung. The one Timid held is still on the steps and our ‘Busy Beavers’ and Embracing American Arms are at work.

Now, I gave Timid Tanya name changes to “Fuzzy-Wuzzy Tanya” because of her state of mind and she certainly displayed she was incapable of thinking clearly given her Spiritual Condition.

I went down to her while Mumbles was speaking and took two full face photos of her which she immediately demanded I should not publish. I told her I would publish anything I wanted and that this was still a free country. I stuck my face quite close to her and said ‘Nobody here will tell me what I can and cannot do’. The fear visibly increased in her and I decreased my location on the steps because the entire troop had truly proven Spiritually Ass Backwards by this time.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Tanya certainly was not in contact with the Holy Spirit, our Teacher, our Comforter and Guide. As Jesus stated in John 14:26-27 > “The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Peace? No fear? Not troubled? Think about the state poor Tanya is/was in and pray for her healing and release to Indwell Christ. She was being photographed by all forms of Media for public consumption and yet freaked with a couple clicks by me. This spiritually disturbed person supposedly was “doing a real service to our country, and also to God.”

It simply is not so and again David, and it is perhaps time for you once again to ‘think twice’, to ‘double think’ about your Vancouver Pot Parade.



If you look down the line of the Crowing Clownish and under the balloons you will see the sign that Mumbles and I hung has been turned around ‘ass backwards’ so it cannot be read.

After clicking the Say No Trudeau sign I had returned to my bag along side it, bent over and was about to don my Trudeau Must Go Now shirt.

Not a good place to try to dress in public as I was once again interrupted. This time a skinny blue suited officious individual told Mumbles and Tanya: “We cannot have this showing here.”

That was enough for me. I moved way up the steps to get dressed in the now, Thank God, hot fall sunshine. During this time someone had followed the directives of American ARMS Commander Luke Niforatos and turned the sign around so it could not be read.


During set up I had observed people piling signs on the left of the ‘performance area’ as seen in this photo.

During performance I was all over their ‘stage’ and I saw that the stash of signs was turned so they could not be read.

Having the ‘Bad Banner Face To The Fence’ in mind I wanted to see what was not fit to be read by those that were being fed the diet of sanitized information suitable to the Event Organizers. I turned them around as David Malmo was haranguing a speaker and found The Hidden and The Forbidden.


                      Hidden                                                  Forbidden     


Someone in your crew had obviously wanted to take a much stronger stance than the Event Organizers. May God Bless them. Seek them out and employ them, eh?

Naturally I clicked the signs and then decided to give David Malmo some power assist with my megaphone. We shared this “Answer Him” – “Answer His Question” with you much earlier.

We are now going to expose the American Arms Dealers, the hirelings I found devoid of genuine concern for the sheep whether the bleaters are straight or stoned.

 “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, sees the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep, and flees: and the wolf catches them, and scatter the sheep. The hireling flees, because he is an hireling, and cares not for the sheep.(John 10:11-13)  



This is what the Event Organizers, the American Arms Dealers, the Hirelings Kevin Sabet and Luke Niforatos wanted us to be Embraced with.

Why did they want such a ‘clean cut infomercial’ platform and backdrop?

All you have to do is examine the Men in Blue Suits to know why and to understand the reasons I tried to make certain they did not get their desires.


KEVIN SABET and His ‘Uncle’ SAM Organization

This is the Sabet Propaganda Central –

Familiarize yourself with this to your hearts content and then read on as we shall tell you why this hireling is best crowned Mr. Former”.

The title Mr. Former better suites him than SAM President and CEO as it brings into the Light of Truth what he was and remains today.

But we must first present you with events surrounding his ‘right hand man and chief of hirelings Luke Niforatos.



This is Mr. Hand in Your Face LUKE NIFORATOS. He is the one demanding ‘Media Privacy, Secreted Concealed Conversations and No Media Coverage’ in the Mike Bell video.

He functions under the Crown of ‘Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Adviser’ for SAM so when this boy tells you secrecy is required you better pay attention. And, when this Rhinestone Cowboy tells someone to remove themselves from an area they had better hop to it, eh? He is Mr. Security for Mr. Former and expects to be obeyed without question just as whomever did and jumped to it, turning the banner around that Mumbles and I had hung.

Whatever, but moments after I had donned my Trudeau Must Go shirt Mr. Security spotted me and came rushing up saying ‘You can’t do this here. WHAT? ‘You can’t stand here. WHY? Not used to having his authority questioned he blurted out: “YOUR TOO POLITICAL”

But, he immediately knew he had run into the wrong Canadian Beaver to tell where he was not to chew bark in my country or in any other country to be honest. I do not tolerate this type of person anywhere on the face of Gods Green Earth.

I verbally lambasted the skinny dork for his audacity and he knew from the fury on my face and look in my eyes that unequivocally he would not be dictating anything to me, that the right of free speech was mine and the steps I intended to make myself visible on were public space and that he in no manner would function on it as if it was ‘his turf’ and dictate controls over any Free Democratic Canadian Citizen.

He immediately retreated and never bothered me again no matter what I did. I know he reported to Mr. Former like the ‘dutiful right-hand hireling he is’ and I also know Mr. Former never bothered me no matter how I disrupted his desired ‘sermon from Mount Art Gallery’.

Was Mr. Former simply another ‘physically gutless individual’, a person incapable of coming forward when any person clearly ‘draws a line in the sand for them’ and the persons very presence continues to scream a challenge in their face?

I think he is, but I personally do not give a damn. The major reason he kept his mouth shut was because he did not want it to threaten his pocket book.

Their financial well being is primary with this pair of hypocrites. Take the thin wimp Luke Niforatos as he self-describes himself in the Company Biography. Luke “believes in empowering others to fight for truth”. Crap of the first degree. His recorded actions show he believes in restricting free speech, free right of assembly, free access to public space, the necessity of secret and private conversations in public forums and the secreting of and restricting of political statements that disturb the potential of ‘fund raising’ through Sanitized Infomercial Drug Information Programs.

Luke knows you cannot be ‘political or should I say too political’ and not affect your fund raising for the SAM Company. Governments and ‘other companies’ provide economic resources for the events Lippy Luke Organizes and Presents under SAM. This ‘Cool Hand Luke Puke’ knows how to try to keep it cool enough not to affect his own pay cheque.  Before and after putting on the collar and leash handed him by Mr. Former one of the ‘bragging specialties in Luke’s biography’ is that “he has and does specialize in fund raising”.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.(Matthew 6:24)  

It is simply ‘money honey’ for Lippy Luke. The Canadian Dollar was the driving force for this hypocrite trying to control the steps and presentation at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

It is time to ‘double think again’ David. Who arranged for these hirelings to be on your stage?

Now, let us get on with the Cash Gathering Antics and Character References of your Mr. Former, eh?



Divers weights, and divers’ measures, both of them are alike abomination to the LORD. Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.(Proverbs 20:10-11)  

All this mans major claims for paying attention to him now are due to something he ascribes as being former actions of great note worthiness. In particular he likes to claim status for being “a former drug control policy adviser”. Thus, he is best titled Mr. Former as his present actions label him as being basically a self-centered greedy opportunist. It does not appear he has ever been anything but this.

Slick knows that ‘drug control’ is a ‘hot button issue’ and being made more so by the antics and anxiety of all levels of society. He knows that tapping into such anxiety properly can be a very lucrative career pathway and he has known and acted upon this for a very long time.

Mr. Former remains a very smart rat and still knows how to get to the cheese and carry it back home again.

The simple facts stated in his biographies should throw up ‘warning flags’ for any Christian or possibly even Heathens of the worst degree. After examining his biographies, to consider ever employing this character or being in association with him seems lunacy to me.

Can two walk together, except they be agreed?(Amos 3:3)  

As the expression tells us, all you have to do is read between the lines. But, I guess that means one has to take the time to read, eh? Reading is not a valued way to spend time for modern sound and video addicted mentalities. Such minds need a quicker info-fix. One that does not tax their brain too much. We are going to attempt to hurdle this brain barrier now and give it the ‘old college try’ just for you.

Thus, we are presenting you Kevin Sabet, Mr. Former drug control policy adviser and you should be asking by now, what does it all mean? What kind of infomercial is this anyway?

Biography One

“Author, consultant, adviser to three U.S. presidential administrations, and assistant professor, Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D., has studied, researched, written about, and implemented drug policy for almost 20 years. He has worked in the Clinton (2000), Bush (2002-2003) Administrations, and in 2011 he stepped down after serving more than two years as the senior adviser to President Obama’s drug control director, having been the only drug policy staffer to have ever served as a political appointee in both a Democrat and Republican administration.”

Biography Two

Kevin Abraham Sabet (born February 20, 1979) is a former three-time White House Office of National Drug Control Policy advisor, having been the only person appointed to that office by both a Republican (Administration of George W. Bush) and Democrat (Obama Administration and Clinton Administration). He is also an the Director of the Drug Policy Institute, and a courtesy assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Florida.

 A man that is a heretic after the first and second admonition reject; knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sins, being condemned of himself.(Titus 3:10-11)  

 Religious heresy is a foul corrupting of the Biblical worship of God and corrupted worship of God in any format is normally accompanied by violence against other human beings.

  1. What positive results has Slicks former drug policy control advice evidenced or possibly implemented through ‘wars on drugs’ and the rest of the ‘drug control hub bub’ of the Clinton, Bush and Obama crews truly provided us?

Obvious is it not?

The mess is just as great today if not greater and genuine solutions to terminate what are perceived as problematic issues through the ‘pot industry’ are no closer. Why would you want to follow this man’s advice, policies and leadership based upon results of former performances with evidence no better than this?

Nothing Slick advised, spoke or possibly saw implemented has reduced the power of drug trafficking organizations in the Americas. Nor has Slick reduced the demand for drugs or offset the damages caused to the health and moral well being of the citizens of our nation or any nation in the Americas.

All three Administrations implemented drug policies that only created additional problems and created a ‘sea of on going blah, blah, blah’.  They actuated expenditure of vast amounts of money for the ‘info gurus and policy advisers such as Mr. Former to establish their career pathways and fill their personal economic cesspools as desired. For quite some time Mr. Former was considered to be ‘leader of the pack’ amid the ‘info gurus’ and ‘political back door influence peddlers. At best these people have always possessed the reputation of being a very ‘rabid pack’ of sometimes highly politically useful manipulators driven by self-serving interests. These interests have repeatedly proven themselves to be mainly non-Biblical and evil in bent, as evil has definition as anything that separates one from God.

We are not to join hands with ‘evil persons’ and in fact are commanded to the polar opposite of the Lords Spiritual Universe.

 “Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.” (Psalms 34:21)

 “Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserves the souls of his saints; he delivers them out of the hand of the wicked.” (Psalms 97:10)

The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.” (Proverbs 8:13)

Slick lost his Guru Crown for a variety of reasons given the Washington ever changing pecking order. But, being a family formed economic opportunist he created SAM. For certain Slick was not about to have his ‘personal cash flow’ interfered with by a compendium of Washington faggots, maggots, Muslims, Christians, heathens, Hindus, Democrats, political sewer rats, Republicans and members of the Great Unwashed Dope Smoking, Drug Ingesting General Public.

With the Stench of Pot Strong in his nostrils for so many years it did not take a genius to see that here appeared to be his Main Money Maker through all potential social and government pocket books. It had all the appearances of a ‘cash tap’ that would never be turned off. It has proven so thus far and Mr. Former does every thing possible to make certain no one’s hand comes near his tap either side of the US-Canadian border lines of Insanity.

The man has proven very intelligent, carnally smart and Spiritually Stupid.

  1. “He is the only drug policy staffer to have ever served as a political appointee in both a Democrat and Republican administration.”

This man has been political in all his activities since day one and yet his Stage Stooge Lippy Luke states I am too political in my stance against the reality of Trudeau. They simply cannot allow potential disturbance of funding sources that pay their fees. Hypocrites at best, they simply purport to espouse high ideals and moral positioning against societal ills.

Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.(Titus 1:15-16)   

For certain Mr. Former is very unique among recognizable Spiritual Reprobates. He is the singular person to ever have ever served as a political appointee in polar opposite Political Administrations of Republican and Democrats in the United States. He brags about it.

Think about it.

He does not give a damn who he works for as long as his pay cheque is endorsed. It is his personal cash flow that is of primary importance, not the issues nor the people affected by what he does or states to keep the ‘cash register ringing’. This is the character of the man that appeared center stage as Event Organizer.

One might rightfully ask ‘who was this creep really working for other than himself’? Why was he employed to be there at all?

Why have the Embracing Arms of SAM? Why the presence of Slick and Lippy Luke?

I believe we were given clear warning about such men as these grievous wolves.

Wherefore I take you to record this day, that I am pure from the blood of all men. For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God. Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood. For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears. (Acts 20:26-31)  

With guidance of the Holy Spirit all this came from reading his biographies and a few clicks on the Internet. But there were  many tears long before and since your event David.


For certain the lid was kept on any True Opposition to Trudeau and his despicable drug policies through the Sabet Infomercial Session in Robson Square and the Mush-it Media results of the same. I believe however David, I did get my hand on ‘The Pot Parade Scam’ long enough and in such fashion to get your attention.

I also believe this report has been enough to jump-start many truly Concerned Christians into more concerted policies of Direct Action in beheading the Trudeau Political Snakes.




End Trudeau Lunacy

Trudeau needs to be Abruptly Halted in His Policy Matters surrounding Anti-Semitism, Drugs, Sexuality, Funding of Terrorists and Manipulating of Political Protests


So, there you go David Cooke. There you are!

I said I would give you a ‘heads up” surrounding your Vancouver Event. I have done it and this leaves us with only one more point to cover. One of a highly personal nature I guess, but then after all we have just passed through I do not believe we should hold ‘secret conversations’, eh?

You told me David ……. “if you warn the righteous man that the righteous should not sin, and he does not sin, he shall surely live because he took warning; also, you will have delivered your soul.” – Ezekiel 3:17-21. 

All we have passed through I believe is clear warning for you not to employ such persons as were representing you in Robson Square. David, I feel confidant in this matter that I have thus ‘delivered my own soul’.

Are you the righteous man you are held up to be? I must assume you are, but God will judge in the matter of your righteousness not I.

I will however judge myself in relationship to what you do in claimed service of my King Jesus. I believe you should do the same in relationship and speaking to me.

In Christ Eternal with His Endless Love



Again, enjoy the Smoke Free Truth: