The Walmart Test (2) 9/29/18

Walmart Supercentre, 2901 13th Ave, Wainwright 780-8423144

I arrived in Wainwright on September 28, 2018. Preparing for ministry, the evening found me at Walmart where ‘shopping lot John’ was gathering in the carts to get them back in the store. Pointing at the store from across the lot, I asked him if it was OK for me to stand beside the mail box with a slogan  around my neck saying ‘Trudeau Must Go. Now!

He looked at me with an odd expression and said, “I’m in the military, I can’t speak about it.” I said “I’ve been for the Military from Gander through to Naden.” See  My Final Run and The Canadian Military   Posted on September 2, 2016

He got away from me as quickly as his string of carts allowed. I thought he should at least have known the rules surrounding the lot and entry area he was in charge of.

I wondered exactly where he fit in the ranks? Obviously not getting enough pay if he was working an additional job. Perhaps he had to pay for an officer’s mess kit or support a mate that was somewhere at sea.  Periscopes Down Boys  Posted on March 10, 2016

But, I wondered, what would store manageress Trina say about my simply standing silently outside the store with my sign hanging about my neck? Would it be another grinning and whispering Wade scene?

I wondered what would happen if I pushed and filled a grocery cart inside the store with “Trudeau Must Go Now” hanging about my neck? I grabbed a cart, took “Trudeau Must Go Now” and headed in to Customer Service to find out.


Freedom of Attire

No Trina was available to help me, but second in command Annalee (Annalie) was called forward to the Customer Service Desk.

I showed her “Trudeau Must Go Now” and asked her if there was anything wrong with me wearing it while I was shopping in the store.

She stated she had no experience in answering such a question. It was determined she would contact some of ‘her peers’ to provide the Company policy in such a case.

She took a cell-photo of myself and “Trudeau Must Go Now” and headed back to her office to get the ‘joint decree’. We agreed that 20 minutes should be sufficient time for her to address the matter.

Upon her return she stated it was agreed that I should not enter the store dressed in such manner as they considered “Trudeau Must Go Now” as nothing more than a sign and for me to wear it as an action of solicitation. They could not have me shopping in their store while soliciting their customers. She would not identify ‘her Walmart peers’ who aided her in delivering the declaration.

I told her it is my right to wear whatever I desire and that I periodically dressed in such fashion due to my spiritual convictions. I stated I was for certain in no manner soliciting anyone while silently shopping. I went so far as to give her my ministry card and pointed out the web page source whereby ‘she and the peers’ could find clear statements about my religious convictions and actions I take surrounding them.

I admonished her that Walmart was clearly in violation of my Human Rights as defined in statutes found in the Criminal Code of Canada.

I left the store, prayed and reached determination as to how I had to proceed as a born-again follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And, this is what I gotten prepared for what will be The Walmart Test (3) somewhere down the road. The label on the lower left corner of the garment is highly visible in person, but not so in this photo. It reads:

 Walmart, eh?


What I choose to attire myself in, be it cloth, string, plastic, cardboard box, leather apron or my grannies used underwear is still a freedom of choice in Canada.

And whatever I choose to write, print, scribble, label, affix or otherwise attach upon it in any fashion is also a matter of free choice in Canada.

To stand, crawl, walk, hop or run silently in such fashion still remains a matter of free choice in Canada. I may do so as long as my movement or lack of it does not endanger anyone else.

Now, ‘the Walmart peers’ made a presumption about me in stating that I would be ‘soliciting’ if dressed in such manner in their store. Tell me how I am soliciting someone while silently shopping dressed in a manner due my religious convictions? Are the Hutterites soliciting someone by dressing due to their religious convictions? What about the hijab girls and Sikhs that are employed by Walmart? Are they soliciting someone while at work in their religious apparel?

No, I will not be told I am soliciting someone simply because I am giving visible evidence of my religious convictions through my apparel.

Does Walmart think it can discriminate against Christians in such a manner as this?

Here is your legal definition of Solicitation. Read it and see if you would not be offended and feeling violated such as I do.


” Urgent request, plea, or entreaty; enticing, asking. The criminal offense of urging someone to commit an unlawful act.

The term solicitation is used in a variety of legal contexts. A person who asks someone to commit an illegal act has committed the criminal act of solicitation. An employee who agrees in an employment contract not to solicit business after leaving her employer and then mails a letter to customers asking for business may be sued by the former employer for violating the non-solicitation clause of the contract. The letter constitutes a solicitation. However, if the person had placed a newspaper advertisement, this would not have been a solicitation because a solicitation must be addressed to a particular individual.

Many solicitations in everyday life appear to be legal. For example, a telemarketer who tries to sell a legitimate product by calling potential customers is making a solicitation. It may or may not be legal, however, depending on the laws of the states where the telemarketer and the caller reside. If either of the states requires that telemarketers register with the state government, then the legality of the solicitation will depend on whether the telemarketer met this registration requirement. Failure to register may make the telemarketing company liable for civil fines or criminal penalties.

Solicitation laws and regulations govern specific types of organizations and economic activities. For example, charitable organizations must register with state agencies before legally soliciting money.

Criminal solicitation commonly involves crimes such as prostitution and drug dealing, though politicians have been convicted for solicitation of a bribe. The crime of solicitation is completed if one person intentionally entices, advises, incites, orders, or otherwise encourages another to commit a crime. The crime solicited need not actually be committed for solicitation to occur.

When law enforcement agencies seek to curtail prostitution, they use decoy operations. A person who offers to perform a sex act with an undercover officer for money can be arrested for solicitation of prostitution. Police decoys are also used to nab customers. When a person looking to pay for sex approaches a decoy officer and makes, by words or gestures, this request, the person can be arrested for solicitation of prostitution. Similar operations are used to reduce the sale of narcotics.

West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Solicitation the noun: the crime of encouraging or inducing another to commit a crime or join in the commission of a crime. Solicitation may refer to a prostitute’s (or her pimp’s) offer of sexual pleasures for pay.”

WALMART, without prejudice, take note of what I openly speak and publish.

I was not and never will in any manner be soliciting or somehow prostituting myself through visible sign of my Christian beliefs by donning whatever apparel I chose from time to time.

Solicitation was the reason given for me not to be entering your store in Wainwright dressed in the manner I choose to from time to time.

I was led of the Spirit not to enter at such time and to deal with you as now is taking place.

Where do you WALMART get the right to tell me, a free citizen of Canada how to dress when I go out in public? How can you have the audacity to do such and not permit me to enter your store unless dressed in a manner you deem appropriate.

To magnify the matter, how can you do such without being held accountable after I have informed ‘your peers’ that I dress in such fashion from time to time due to my religious convictions?

Walmart, eh?

I demand a public apology WALMART, posted on your web site for worldwide viewing that Canadians do not tolerate such activities as yours be they Corporate or Individuals within your employ.

Walmart, eh?

Now, let us turn to the reality of the Trudeau picture in Wainwright and evidence from the streets of the weirdo Liberals being Wiped Out in Wainwright.


Bus Stops and Benches

Continuing to gauge the reception of Baby-T, I clothed myself in winter attire and “Trudeau Must Go Now”.

I simply took up position at one of the benches in proximity to the Post Office and next to the Royal Bank of Canada downtown. There I set my donation can on the bench along with some handouts.

Next, with “Trudeau Must Go Now” around my neck I took up position at the curb so traffic from both directions had exposure.

Without doubt the headline should read – Wainwright Wipes Out Trudeau!

I stood for an hour as a string of vehicles passed from both directions. There were grins of approval, head nods, thumbs up, honking of horns, shouts of agreement. One person expressed it aptly for us all: HE IS AN IDIOT!

I had retired Military talk to me and express their displeasure with the ‘Fool on the Hill’. One young woman took a picture of the scene and said she was going to post it to the web.

I got the same negative reactions to Trudeau and his policies with every individual I witnessed to during my time in Wainwright.

The people of Alberta love their economy hot and their beer cold. Not vice versa. There is justifiably no forgiveness in this province for how Trudeau has castrated their dreams and impoverished many of them. Hate someone? I think it has far past a hatred. I think they despise him as much or even more than they do Nutbar Notley.

We are going to see the end of both of them and better days for Canada.

So, lets take a break ‘older Canada’ and remember what the Beatles Paul McCarthy had to say about The Fool on The Hill.  Some of it is truly applicable to our Fool Trudeau the Idiot.


The Filipino Forces

In looking for spiritual betterment of the Nation I know the use God is making of the Filipino communities from coast to coast. I look everywhere I go to encourage them onward in this quest for cleansing of the Nation.

From persons spoken to in The Battlefords we have a community of ca. 500 Filipino people and the same circumstance that manifests in all areas where there is no born-again assembly of Spirit led Filipinos manifests itself.

  1. They all light up in agreement that the New President D is the right man for the job at this time.
  2. They all agree that Muslims are the greatest threat we currently face as Christians. They all express joy that ‘we are going to eradicate the threats of Islam’ first from Canada and then carry onward.
  3. They do not know how this objective will be accomplished simply because they are trapped by the equally, if not greater threat to the Christianity of Jesus Christ, the bondage of Roman Catholicism.

Lord of the Nations Church – Wainwright

The difference between the Battlefords and the Filipino Community here is that they are not entrapped by Roman Catholicism. Otherwise their positioning is basically the same:

  1. They all light up in agreement that the New President D is the right man for the job at this time.
  2. They all agree that Muslims are the greatest threat we currently face as Christians. They all express joy that ‘we are going to eradicate the threats of Islam’ first from Canada and then carry onward.
  3. They express the belief that Roman Catholicism is equally, if not a greater threat to the Christianity of Jesus Christ, that the abomination of Islam.

It is these bondage’s that must be broken now and there is only one way to do it: Prayer. Concentrated prayer by born-again, Spirit filled individuals and assemblies.

The Lord of the Nations Church is certainly one capable of carrying out the task of breaking such bondage. The joy, the love of God, the praise and pure exuberance of men, women and children for expressing their hearts dedicated to Jesus defies expression. You need to experience it as I did. You need to hear the pure unfettered Word of God spoken by Pastor Ram as God demands His servants do such in these end times. The prophet Amos knew this demand during his day and so does Pastor Ram.

The Assembly and the Fellowship fired me up, stirred me anew to Get on the Road Again, to rid us of the spiritual abominations Trudeau has tried to stamp upon our Nation and Families.

Pray for this Assembly to quickly receive their permanent home in Wainwright as spoken through prophecy.

Join them any time you desire by contacting:

Pastor Rufino Amiller (Ram) –   c. 587-281-2655                         Lord of the Nations Full Gospel Church, 1305 14 Street, Wainwright Ab T9W 1E8 – ph-587-845-9822

I am out of here.

I will post you more on the Trudeau Temperature Gauge where next led under “On the Road Again”



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