On the Road Again

On October 1, 2018 I awoke to cold, light snow largely melting as it hit the ground and the Longing in Lougheed for the days when businesses were not being boarded up.

There was nothing much moving at six in the morning. Nothing much to get up early for as in the days prior to destruction of the Alberta economy. Not much desire to hear more news reports about the Trudeau continued massive give away programs draining the federal coffers into the interests of Islam within the Nation.

It seemed like a good day for pulling the blankets over your head, drifting back into sleep and hoping that when you awake it will all have just been a nightmare, that you once again have to leap out of bed and head for work – just like in the good old days.

Such is the Longing in Lougheed and the reason Trudeau will never see ‘the electoral light of day’ in this once vibrant community.

Down the road they feel Sacrificed in Sedgewick and they are ‘Bumper to Bumper’ in agreement with Lougheed. Trudeau is the cause of their great economic downturn and Trudeau must go.

But go where? For me, it is into the Courts of the Land and behind bars for his treason against our Nation.

The trophy heads mounted in the business I entered reminded me of the days before we faced the present social battlegrounds. Today we have hunters versus the ‘he ate Bambie crew’, the bow hunters versus the high powered one-eye specialists and the guns for everyone versus the guns for no one goons. We have the in-season, out of season, no season and Indigenous specific species regulations seasons.

And we have a mob of tax eating regulations and enforcement officers running around trying to ensure the rest of us do not trample the rest of the ‘wildlife left’ in Parks you now have to reserve a campsite in for as much as a year ahead.

And into this mess we have a great number of immigrants wearing Government uniforms that simply do not comprehend what is the true cultural base of Canada. Not a one of them has ever been on the trap line in 40 below, mushing their dogs and bedding down for the night under the canopy of the stars and shimmering Northern Lights. I have lived this and it is easy for me to comprehend why the First Nations people are fed up with the Government and in particular that of Trudeau.

In facing their battle for negotiating justice the First Nations have to face a mob of Trudeau installed Islamic immigrants. From the Immigration Minister downwards and in every Government Department there are such people lodged and affecting decisions for Canadians; and these people do not have a clue what it means to have lived or to truly live what it genuinely means to be Canadian today. Their understanding and  loyalty is to the ummah and the sharia they enter every nation to ensconce

All this passed through my cranium when I spotted the ‘trophy heads’ in Sedgewick.

  “Kill Him in Killam”

“We should have shot his father and we wouldn’t be dealing with him now. We should have shot him the first time he gave us all the finger in Western Canada.”

The elderly farmer was referring to Fuddle-Duddle Pierre the Paedophile and Mad Maggie. Not a good sentiment I guess, but true and this was the response I got when I questioned him about Baby-T in Killam. It seems to be a fairly ‘rationale response’ toward a man most responsible for Killing the Economy in Canada.

Personally, I do not wish Trudeau to presently become a ‘trophy head’ until after he has faced the Courts of the Land and the jail cell he deserves for his sedition and treason.

The charges he will be facing under the Criminal Code of Canada still entail the death penalty. His duplicitous garnering of Office will not shield him from this. Only a corrupt Legal Administration can protect him in any manner. I pray the penalty will be enforced. You can do whatever you want with the head afterwards.

‘Strangled in Strome’

Every small community on my way to Camrose expressed their dissatisfaction and rancor against Trudeau. It was ominously strong in Strome amid the persons spoken with.

Entering Strome and grabbing my attention this side of the tracks, was the old paint peeling hotel with the massive polished cleanly painted white sign attached to it. Emblazoned in red on it was simply the word COLD.

It was here that the Spirit impinged upon me: “Albertans like their economy hot and their beer cold. Not vice versa.”

It was also from here that I started posting a display of the Truth about Trudeau on every Community Bulletin Board. The headliner is: IT’S TIME TO FLUSH THE TOILET – followed by the DONATE and JAIL HIM NOW flyer and the takeaway two-part packs of CHIEF DEATH WISH and ISLAMIC GENOCIDE. The takeaway packs delineate the Trudeau success in using First Nations to promote Islam worldwide and the damage he is doing to them through it. 


Desperate in Daysland

There is no love for Trudeau here, but there is the death knell of political correctness in the Town Administrator Rod Kripps reminiscent of tales from the Crypt.

In the past two years business has dropped by 50% according to local business men. With such drop there has been concurrent reduction in Municipal tax base revenues. Rest assured there has been no reduction in Kripps Cash.

There is however a wind blowing in Daysland that hypocritical Kripps may find soon freezing him out. The man is not from Daysland, he is a Viking lad and does not even pay into the tax base that pays his wages. As such, business people are stating that he truly does not comprehend the needs of the community. There is a movement afoot that Municipal By-laws and Statutes be amended to demand the office of Administrator be a person from their own community.

The leadership the community requires to take Trudeau and Nutbar Notley to account to restore their prosperity is simply not found in any of the ‘politically correct chauvinistic dinosaurs’.

Securing your own position and salary is not what being a Community Administrator is about Rod. It is about boldly speaking without fear or favor that which best serves the best interests of the people.

The dinosaur is extinct and soon shall be the Rods that should be prodding Trudeau and Nutbar Notley into the political slaughterhouses of the province. 

 Bawlf is No Perverted Trudeau Political Bawdy House

The Municipal Hall in Bawlf is no ‘politically correct bawdy house’.

With every person I spoke to in this community I found strong evidence of their moral convictions based on love of the family. Concurrent there were no blinders on respecting the political actions that were now necessary.

Bawlf was the last small community Trudeau was Boarded Out Of as headed to my destination of Camrose. The propaganda states: “A beautiful downtown combined with an orderly development has helped the city of Camrose earn its reputation as one of the nicest cities scattered across Western Canada.”

Well, spiritually speaking there were things taking place in Camrose that were not the nicest things to be taking place in any Canadian city as you shall see in my next posting. After all, as the scripture states: The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.Psalms 12:8 

Vile men are being exalted in Camrose and we see the dirty fingers of Trudeau once again.


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