The Camrose Colder Shoulders

The Rose City had a bitter cold wind blowing through it during my brief days there.

Camrose truly is a well designed, naturally physically attractive and interactive city. But, I had been here in ‘ministry’ frequently in my past so I systematically went about taking care of my basic needs and purposes for being back.

Unless you have the Spiritual discernment of a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ you will never truly understand the world I live within. Perhaps the Cree Evangelist Jim Felix can clue you in about a place we share, our Secret Place –

Brother Felix knows, as do I, just exactly who is the Way Maker in this World and I pray you come to know this Truth as well.

I pray you do because as Psalms 12:8 states “The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.” and the vilest men are being exalted in Camrose.


Fallen Spirits impinge themselves through people, not always occupying them, just moving through them like a rat scurrying from room to room looking for where they can chew away at the works of God. Dependent upon the nature of the persons heart is the degree to which they get to manifest.

One such Spirit tried to give me bad information at the Camrose Information Center through the older woman present. You learn to ‘recognize such Spirits’.

I was about seeking the Church where the Lord wanted me to spend my nights. The Church that would grant me permission to plug in my electric heater to keep me warm throughout the freezing blackness.

I went through a ‘witness process’ with this Information Person about the hypocrisy that existed in both politics and religion. Finally, holding up her listing of 27 churches in Camrose I asked her opinion of which Church she considered to be the least tolerant in Camrose. She was at first a bit ‘evasive’.

Then I questioned her directly about the Church of God standing across the street, as I had already determined I was going there. Bingo! She/it responded that she/it considered the Church of God to be the least tolerant in the City because they had made an issue out of homosexuality. (A Spirit proponent of sexual perversion exposed itself.)

I thanked her and the younger woman present and left. I never made it to my vehicle without being about faced and sent back in for further confirmation about the Church of God.

I needed to get a t-shirt printed in preparation for Walmart Test #3. I asked for a shop location to do such, and the ‘older woman’ made a ‘special effort’ to locate one for me. It was carefully written down and I next left to go to ‘her wrong address’. (A lying spirit here exposed itself.)

I find this type of activity interesting and look only to see what the Lord is speaking to me through it. Focusing in prayer I went to three similar address locations in proximity to where the desired shop should parallel or lateral to. Following the ‘leading of the Holy Spirit’ I finally walked into a Vision Shop and implored a lady to ‘google up’ the t-shirt shop for me. She stated she did not know where it was, but complied with the request.

Guess what? The shop was two business doors down the street from where she sat.

I thanked her and left, knowing with certainty that the shop I was going to was the one that would complete the Lord’s requirement of me respecting the T-Shirt demanding: Trudeau Must Go. Now! It was the right shop when I walked into Embroidery Concepts and Laser Engraving and the super ladies completed the task in timely fashion.


As to the CHURCH OF GOD?

I remembered I had been to this church in my almost forgotten past and found out that the Pastor had changed since my last visitation.

The Sister manning the Front Lines and I had a powerful time of witness surrounding the worldwide chaos we were facing and the soon return of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Granted permission to plug in secured my ‘accommodation’ and I set out to determine if I could still access the community rec facilities as in the past. It would allow me to shower, employ the internet and have the blessing of a sauna and hot tub from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Unfortunately, the Aquatic facilities were closed for renovations and would not be opened until sometime in 2019. I simply had a warm place to ‘internet’ from to complete necessary ‘reports’ and ministry matters.

 Oh, I also had the Fallen Arches to work from, but the Camrose McDonalds outlets are the only ones I have encountered in Canada from ‘sea to polluted sea’ with no electrical outlets you can access. This necessitates getting to the Library or Rec Centre to recharge or work from. It costs time to accommodate all this as there was no way I could avoid spending a massive amount of time on the computer.

The time factors, the cold, the desire for the heat of a sauna and hunger to get into full dress with Trudeau Must Go Now! weighed upon me, making me want to simply get Camrose done with and out of my life. I recognized that a Spirit was once again trying to push me into action and ‘my brakes went on full force’.

There was no way I was leaving Camrose before I completed my witness reports and demonstrated on the streets.

As well, by this juncture the lights went on bright as I realized the perfect timing of God was what had placed me in Camrose so I could evidence the reality of the Muslim propaganda barrage that was being advanced in the City the next day.

“The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.” Psalms 12:8 

Amid the vilest of men is the Islamic Asshole Tarek Nemr. He was going to be spouting his crap at the Library under the sponsorship of the University of Alberta Augustana Campus, 4901-46 Avenue Camrose, Alberta – Canada T4V 2R3 Phone: 780.679.1100   Email:



Many men, myself included, have documented the reality of the Islamic invasion through our Educational System at all its levels.

The same type of dubious characters occupies these educational stages no matter the location of platform. The Islamic butt kissing clearly has a resounding ‘slurpy, smoochie, smack’ through their ‘Library Promotion Programs’ in Camrose.

Nancy Goebel the Head Librarian at Augustana Campus ( 679-1189) and Deborah Cryderman the Director at the Camrose Public Library ( – (780) 672-4214) are a pair of kafir twits that will be held accountable for their Islamic embracing stupidity. ‘Dashing Debbie’ was scampering around so excitedly preparing for her presentation advertised as – “Dear Refugee: “F*ck off, we’re full” I thought she was going to dribble down her legs and stain the taxpayers carpet she tracks. Contact this pair of twisted sisters and let them know the Trudeau Twitmania they foster is to be terminated.

Also, contact the faces following amid the Top Fools at Augustana Campus at let them know unequivocally that you are fed up with paying for their Collective Insanity and the damage they are causing us. They are responsible for their ‘intellectual’ and/or ‘Islamic’ stupidity and doctrines they espouse. These people do not comprise some format of ‘cultural elite’ to be emulated. They are in reality basically cultural and educational deadbeats that need to be shunned.




Brandon Alkas (        Francois Bastien (



Diego Coraiola (  and his birth line buddy……    Yasser Fahmy  (                                                                        


James Kariuki (                Leslie Lindballe (



Tara Milbrandt (    Craig Wentland (

Craig Wentland is the Chaplain at Augustana. No picture, so I substituted what is probably closest to him in his genetic chain. Perhaps he is ashamed to show his face. If so it would be a good sign, indicating possible repentance for the abominations he is spiritual counsel for.

What this pack of poisonous puppies are so proud to sponsor follows. Try not to wet yourself with excitement when “Tarek will speak about his experience of coming to Canada as a refugee.

While his close community was very supportive, he experienced considerable resentment at times from strangers. His thankful and gracious approach to life will inspire!”

The Islamic Ingrate Tarek can only inspire the intellectually inane to acceptance of his sharia.



I arrived in time to listen to this Islamic Asshole from 2:30 – 3:30 at the Camrose Public Library.

“Tarek Nemr is a human book entitled A Phone Call Away: My Syrian Refugee Journey found at the Augustana Human Library of the University of Alberta.”

This goof makes his emotional Islamic ploy for accept us, we are the same as you, we are the rejected and disrespected followers of Islam that should be given all your nation has. And, we will succeed in all our designs if permitted.

The ‘poor manipulating baby’ gets to a limp brained audience quickly by stating: “In 2011, the Syrian Revolution separated me from my freedom, my school, my family and friends, my home, and my country.”

Call for the ‘Waa Wah Ambulance’ Islamic bastard. You are blatantly the next attempt at being the Muslim ‘wounded bird’ poster boy that we passed through with Omar Khadr. You are currently having a lot of success with your media promotions through and YouTube productions, but this will be soon clipped.

But, these simple facts remain facing us. You are Muslim and you are dragging more of your family members into our Nation with you in February of next year. And, what do true Canadians really have to say about this:   Dear Refugee: “F*ck off, we’re full”

Yah, yes and yep! Canadians are full up and fed up with the bullshit that is spouted by people like you.

Perhaps we will get a petition together with CitizenGo to halt your relative’s dead in their tracks before they ever receive Trudeau’s bonus funds of $50,000,00 bucks each for immigrating as ‘refugees’, after which they can sit on their asses with all benefits provided for two years. All this while First Nations and second nations Canadians are looking for work and trying to find the means to feed and clothe their families.

Forget your ‘story line’, it just does not work with people who know the reality of Islamic beliefs and practices demanded by the Qur’an and Hadith. Only the truly ignorant belly crawl into your camp.

You better get the Islamic Association or the killer Shaban Madi in Edmonton on your case now, for 78% of Canadians do not buy into your Islamic hype nor garbage of the Educational Institutions you nitwits have embedded yourselves in.

Prepare to exit this Nation a lot faster than your snake journey was in coming here. Simply being a practicing follower of Islam means you are guilty of Citizenship Fraud in a myriad of formats under the Statutes of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Ultimately you shall be in handcuffs and deported from Canada Tarek Nemr.


 Get A Chicken and Go”

I left the Tarik Treat disgusted with the humanity that had been fawning on him in the Library and went back to the Rec Center to work the net until nine. I shivered while I warmed the car engine, made my way to the Church of God and shivered while I plugged in the heater and got some cold chicken, apple sauce and crackers from the back.

I read scriptural guidance material while I ate this and gradually stopped the shivers as the little space heater warmed the front interior. The problem was that I always have to get out to store the remaining food once again.

 So once again the shivers while storing and continuing during the battle with getting my shoes off siting in the front bucket seat. Finally, I get victory and hoist myself into the passenger side bed still shivering. Next a few words of apology to God for my ‘attitudes’ during the Battle of the Boots, a request for whatever I perceived as needing forgiveness, some praise of Him and thanking Him once again for the precious blood of my Lord Jesus Christ shed for my redemption at the Cross of Calvary. By this time, I am toast warm in my sleeping bag and no more shivers.

Its hard to believe that I often slept on the trap-line in the 40 below range and never shivered.

The next morning, I arise to shiver as I warm the engine, unplug the heater and head for the Fallen Arches at five or so to suck up coffee and do my internet shift on battery time. When power runs out I pack up, get the free coffee to go, head to the car and shiver as the motor warms, then make my way to the Rec Center for the Battery Charging shift.

Naturally, I have a real good shiver making my way from the lot into the one plug area on the second floor where I work. By 11:00 am my butt is sore and my mouse clicking arm painful and I need a break. I reversed the process and shivered again at the car.

I now go to the downtown area to check out locations where I might best stand with Trudeau Must Go Now! the following day. I estimated it would take me the rest of this day to complete and post what I believed I needed to.

As I drove many thoughts were passing through my mind about potential departure from Camrose when I heard clearly: “Get a Chicken and Go”.

I knew it was the Lord speaking, but I was still operating in my determination to complete all that I thought I needed to in Camrose. So I started for a second or two to question the command I was given.

I immediately checked myself. I picked up a full roast chicken, ate some in the car and headed out. The sun started breaking through the overcast and I made mental notes of what I thought I had to complete in Camrose as I drove away. I headed for Wetaskiwin. I knew He could have me complete whatever He wanted done when I got there there.

Thank you, Jesus. No more shivers in Camrose for now I guess.

I had to pass through two small communities on my way.


Who Needs the Bitterness Trudeau Creates?

The Village of Bittern is more than bitter when it comes to Trudeau and his ineptitudes.

The Community Bulletin Board is vacant and locked down so you cannot even post anything on it. But, there is no need to post anything here for the community itself is one big posted exuded feeling of ‘let me find the fastest way out of here’.

I found this particularly sad as Bittern was a vibrant community with children at play three years ago when I slept in my old motor home mid-day on its main street.

A bit further down the road was ‘gone with the political winds’ Gwynne.

Damn Trudeau and his goons. Damn them all.

Gwynne was just another echo of the laments in the small villages on my way to shiver in Camrose.

IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP CANADA, to fully arise and straighten our National paths. You can do so through the natural process of mans political means.

But to achieve quick successful release from all that is oppressing you in any manner, just listen to God right now and “Pick Up A Chicken and Go” to His outreaching hands.

Wake up Canada.  Awake, Awake….      Awake, Awake / Praise the Lord


Phinehas – “In Christ, Through Christ and By Christ”



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